Visionworksbait & switch


On 12/18/11 visited store on Winchester Rd to select prescription sunglasses.
Selected a Nike frame priced at $189.00. We were quoted another $189.00 for the polarized lenses which was accepted.
When the prescription for the glasses was given to the sales clerk, she noticed the prescription had expired on 12/17/11.
Since it was Sunday, we told the sales clerk we would have the doctors office fax over an approval for the prescription since the next eye examine was not scheduled for two more years (3 year interval).
The sales clerk said she would hold the frames for three days. We told her we would be back on Monday, 12/19/11.
The doctors office failed to fax the authorization on Monday; but with follow-up on our part did fax the authorization on Tuesday, 12/20/11.
Went in on Wednesday to have the fitting and initiate the purchase. The sales clerk said the store had re-priced their entire inventory on Monday (or Sunday night) and the same frames were now $249.00; a 32% increase in price!
The glasses were to held for us for 3 days; the sales clerk said they were put back in inventory because of the price increase.
We could not convince the clerk that we were due the $189.00 price. We left without giving Visionworks our business.

Richard Rogers

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