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Does anyone have a class action suit against Virgin Mobile? Or does anyone know how to file one and join me in one? I am so stressed out over trying to deal with their customer service/and supervisors and they are the rudest people I have ever dealt with. Better yet, does anyone work for them? I need a way to contact a corporate officer, i have been hung up on twice asking for a number after 6 phone calls, at least 40 min long each.once I was told that the supervisor was the highest c/s person there, (Rudy) so after i got him on the line i threatened to record him so he hung up. They just want you to give up... WRONG, They wont even give you an employee number or last name of the employees you speak with so you can keep written records, I wonder how many Marks, Jessicas, Josephs, Jennels, Rudys... etc... they have??? They are liars and I want all my records/pulled the times of contact, who i spoke with, the outcomes, etc. Can anyone advise me? please e-mail me my phone number is wrong above... thanks, DEE.

  • Virgin Mobile USA's response · Mar 12, 2009

    Hi, I'm with Virgin Mobile USA, Denisse. We're very sorry for your experience and would like to put you directly in touch with a customer care executive. Please send an email to [email protected] with your VM phone number and contact information and put COMPLAINTSBOARD in the subject line. We're not perfect but we will never stop trying. Jayne

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Al
    Allen Smith Jun 01, 2007

    The Virgin Mobile Top off Idea is a set up. I ordered a $50.00 card to cover the monthly plan of $34 a month and 9.99 penny Text. The only reason I signed up was for the Text plan. That was on 5-19-07 My phone was turned off on 5-31-07 because they said I signed up for the 18cents a min. plan. I talked to a Valery the floor supervisor out of the New Mexico office and she was so rude to me that I'm going to file a formal complaint to get her fired. Seems that there's a rip off scam going on here doesn't it.

    AjS OC California.

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  • Pa
    pam derosier Jul 25, 2007

    I'm very appalled with virgin mobile. Not only did i loose over a lot of money i also lost pictures of my dad who passed away in january because of a defective phone. They told me there wasn't anything they could do about it but they said they were sorry and they understood. I just met my dad a year before he died. They wouldn't even reimburse the money i lost wen they sent me the first defective replacement phone. I just wonder if they think its ok to burn people. I felt i should of at least been credited my monthly phone charges. I've had the same number for almost three years. It wasn't my fault there phones were defective. They must really think its ok to rip people off.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Iris Comrie Aug 18, 2007

    Virgin Mobile totally ripped me off as well. Their customer service wasn't helpful at all. They are not in business to help you out. They are in business to rip people off.

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  • Valerie Dec 27, 2007

    I ordered a ringtone in September and a game in October. My phone could not download either. I had been calling, emailing and text messaging Virgin Mobile about this from the beginning. It took my persistence and nearly four months for this to be resolved. Not only that, my last phone call to them which lasted 34 minutes consisted mostly of me waiting on hold and being asked by two different representatives if I was willing to accept "about $5" instead of what I paid.

    I insisted on a full refund, which I did receive. I subsequently filed a formal complaint about their customer service.

    The second time I phoned their company to get my phone activation corrected (the first attempt was unsuccessful) I was assisted by an incredibly nasty and downright insulting representative. She was snide and very short with me, to the point I was rather dumbfounded as well as offended. At the end of our conversation I requested to participate in their customer service survey, which was offered at the start of the phone call. The rep turned vicious and snapped "Definitely!" and then actually hung up on me.

    While I have spoken with some courteous and efficient people at Virgin Mobile over the months, which I did mention in my complaint, the hassle and negligence I have come to associate with this company is not worth putting up with.

    I'm getting a new phone and going with MetroPCS.

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  • Gh
    Ghansham sharma Apr 01, 2008

    I have taken a virgin broadband connection. But it does not work
    good. I have taken that connection on 26/03/08. But the modem shows only one tower. Please increase our range and cheak .

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  • Ja
    jarl Apr 04, 2008

    *** VIRGIN MOBILE***
    i bought virgin mobile prepaid cellphone at wallmart also card worth 50.oo dollars, then when my card is run off i go to the virgin online website . Theirs a good deal plan to choices... so purchased online 1000 minutes worth almost 29.99dollars, of course when i purchased by using my master card.
    In fast few weeks i received online statement from my bank i was so shock thats very rediculos amount almost 1000.00 dollars cost deducted to my checking account.
    I called phone company they told me no company inform regarding my excess minutes ... they given me every call 5.95 .. even calling for there customer support. they charge...so please be aware of that phone company...

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  • Ro
    Robin Apr 07, 2008

    Virgin Mobile is THE worst phone company I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. I have had my daughter's phone with them for sometime and I will no longer use them...and I wish I could tell everyone I know not to use them. The customer service is the absolute worst!! Poor english and not at all helpful. I have spent almost 5, yes literally 5, hours on the phone with customer service to get my service restored and it is still off. I have been disconnected, lied to and given the run around until I can't stand it any longer!! I can't believe they are still in business operating like this. I have had no service for over a month, can't get it back on and can't get my money back. Their customer service is no service at all and are worthless!! I wouldn't recommend them to my own worst enemy!!! Stay away!!

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  • De
    debbie terrance Apr 10, 2008

    Brand new activated CC was given to Virgin Mobile charges was applied that was not authorized... they say they they will put you on 18 cents pay as you go but put you on 20 cent plan cheap phones - and then simone which is automated answering service is the worse. You can not understand her she does not understand you and Virgin Mobile puts you on hold while extremely loud music plays -worse company to do any business with.

    I feel sorry for the workers who have to follow company policy's over worked under payed!

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  • Gh
    Ghansham sharma Apr 20, 2008

    I have bought a virgin broadband at home. I brought it on 26/03/08. I have already complating 1 time before but no change in it. so, i want to complaint that sometimes it dissconect when we use it and it has totol 5 towers but, it shows only 1-2 towers please chaek our range.

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  • Do
    Donald N May 14, 2008

    Beware of Virgin Mobile. For their no-contract phones which you have to activate at least every 3 months with a top-off card, you often end up being cheated of time because of the way they add activation time. Time is added to the date of when you use the card rather than starting from the expiration date of the last card. For example, what happened to me was that I bought 2 cards hoping to add 6 months. But when I added them over 2 days, all that happened was that I got 3 months beyond the date I used the 2nd card rather than 3 months beyond the expiration date of the first. I felt ripped off. The only way to maximize activation time is to wait to the last minute before adding the next card which is very risky to me. "Tracfone", which does cost a little more, at least will add time after the current expiration date. Be aware of this before you buy their phone.

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  • Ca
    Carri M Aug 06, 2008

    Last month I set my daughter up with an unlimited texting plan thru VM. Two days prior to the new month starting, my daughter checked her balance, which was $19 and change. I 'topped up' another $10. The day the plan rolled over, VM started charging her for each text. By the time we caught it, she had gone thru a significant amount of her balance. She called to get the problem fixed and after going thru their joke of a menu system was finally told by someone that doesn't speak English as a first language to take the battery out of her phone, call VM back and then hang up. When this didn't work, I called. Went thru the same stupid menu system and finally talked to a guy that said the phone had to be reprogrammed, but she would have to call from the phone itself. So then SHE called back and was told that she had run through her account balance and would have to top off another $20! She was also told that she had to CALL to tell them she wanted to continue with her unlimited texting plan each month. HUH????

    At this point I was beyond pissed and called again. Once again spoke to someone (from where? freaking India???) and was told that my daughter's balance was way below the amount needed. I kept trying to explain that yes, I was sure it was, because THEY HAD BEEN CHARGING THE ACCOUNT INCORRECTLY FOR TWO DAYS. But her English wasn't good enough, or maybe the 'I just don't give a crap' mentality had kicked in, I don't know.

    So, yes, I am cancelling the account, and I would caution anyone who is considering using this service to rethink that decision. They have all these little hidden fees that they charge (including checking your balance), and if you ever plan to call one of their 'experts', plan on camping out on the phone for a significant period of time because they make it almost impossible to get thru to a live person. I am currently filing a complaint with my Attorney General.

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  • Ra
    rashad Aug 17, 2008

    i agree this is the worst mobile phone company i have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. virgin are a bunch of thieves. they entice you to buy top up cards claiming that once you top up you get a cheaper rate..what they dont tell you is that this rate does not apply unless you call a customer representative..i lost 15 dollars in three days in this manner..and they refused to up tha rate unless i went and bought another top up card..amazing.

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  • Jo
    john green Aug 17, 2008

    virginmobile turned off my phone for nothing and kept my minutes and my cash. They want to charge my top up card AND my credit card. I am going to stand out in front of their office tomorrow with a sign and tell all that they are a lying, rude, thieving crappy, company. PLEASE tell me the agencies that I could contact I am going to complain to everyone I can. I want my money back. thanks. Lemme

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  • Da
    David Sep 05, 2008

    Lick your wounds and move on. Eventually these companies will suffer and disappear like a f*rt in the wind. I also had bad experiences with Virgin Mobile. I am going to eat the money spent and watch as they eventually go under.

    Case in point... Sprint Mobile. I dropped them real fast after lousy customer service and multiple problems with service. Now, they are suffering financially.

    Virgin Mobiles time will come...

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  • De
    Denise Wilson Sep 11, 2008

    I am being totally ripped off by virgin mobile right now. I go to acct. activity and it shows that the amount of calls do not add up to what they are taking from me.
    If you want to start a class action lawsuit against them. Count me in. I am so pissed right now I could spit fire.
    I think the reason we are getting ripped off is because it is pre-paid and they don't think that we will question where the money is going and why it goes so fast. I have spent a grip of money on this phone and I plan on getting it back. Every last cent. Why?? Because I've been with them for over 5 years and that my friend adds up to a bunch of money. MY MONEY!!

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  • Dg
    DGrant Sep 29, 2008

    I just got my 10 yr old a virgin cell phone (pay as you go & top up). I can access the website and monitor calls etc. but have noticed that the available balance does not add up to the number of calls she makes. Their accounting is away off. I have tried calling numerous times, been given credit, only for the same thing to happen right after. They are unknowledgable and unhelpful. I get disconnected numerous times, and it takes so long to talk to a live service rep. It is so frustrating. I want to return the phone and get my money refunded but, since I got it via web, they will not give me an address to return the phone to. I am european and have used Virgin Atlantic to fly often, NEVER AGAIN.. this company is the worst I have ever dealt with. It is a nightmare.. PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY VIRGIN PHONES, DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST... BEWARE OF VIRGIN MOBIL.. THIEVES.

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  • Xe
    Xebes Oct 06, 2008

    yeah this all total BS right now they addeed new options for internet 1.50 a day/1mb(used to be a dollar mind you) 5 dollars for 5 mb, 10 for 20 mb 0r 20 for 50 and unlimited virgin xl, i take the 5 cause it was all i could afford at the time, since then i got a 20 dollar top up and have been waiting for my internet to expire so i can upgrade to a better pack, i wait and waint and wait then i notice my internet is replenishing itself that draws a flag right there, then i get upwards of about 5 dollars taken from my account and now i look their taking a 150 from me without even asking if i want to keep using the internet or me autherizing them to do so so far i've been bilked for at least 12 bucks of my money. if this ever goes though i will so gladly join you who knows how much money they have stolen from people over the years.

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  • St
    steven maxey Oct 25, 2008

    how do i put money on my phone with creditcard

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  • Jw
    J Wong Nov 06, 2008

    Anyone who has a complaint with Virgin Mobile should file a complaint with the FCC. Just Google FCC and you can get all the information you need to file.

    I had a problem with Virgin Mobile a couple of months ago. I sent many emails and faxes. I made many phone calls. And I got no results at all. I warned them repeatedly that I would file a complaint with the FCC. I guess they didn't believe me. Well, I did it and I got results. The FCC did follow up and my account was credited for the $60 that Virgin Mobile owed me. I was worried that since it was such a small amount that the FCC would blow me off and ignore my complaint, but they came through. And I notice that it is a lot harder for Virgin Mobile to blow off the FCC like they do to their customers.

    It takes very little effort to file a complaint. You can print off a form from the FCC website or you can even send the complaint online. Virgin Mobile doesn't want to deal with us, so let them deal with the FCC.

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  • Ja
    james Nov 10, 2008

    also realising that if you make a short call an then send about 15 messags to the same person over an hour the messeges dont get charged. second if you really wanted to you could change to boost etc. freedom of speech and actions means that if you really wanted to piss someone off you can but just stop giving everyone else the ###.

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  • Al
    Alice Feb 25, 2009

    On 2/12/09 I put money on my grandkids phones. Virgin Mobile received the money the same day. They suspended the 2 of the 6 kids phones on 2/13.

    On 2/16/09 is when I made my first phne call to Virgin Mobile.2/17/09 I have faxed copies of my bank statement and credit card statement along with the front and back of my cards and information on each phone.I have called them on the 19, 20, 21, each time we go through the same thing I have to fax the information to them. I explain but either they don't understand or they are playing with me.

    On 2/21/09 I faxed them a note saying I wanted to speak with someone who can understand English. I called again 2/22 again, this AM 2/23 I refaxed them everything again. Now this evening I was hung up on. And the kids still don't have their phones.

    They will not give me the billing office number or even tell me where they are located. We have used Virgin Mobile for years with good service . This is outrageous I am on oxygen 24 hrs a day my nerves are shot. This AM they wanted my bank to call them I said why. You will look like and idiot we never get to talk to the same person.

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  • De
    Denisse Mar 12, 2009

    On 3-4-09 I very clearly, in writing, withdrew my previous permission for Virgin Mobile to withdraw any funds from my checking account, or to use my VISA debit card to appropriate any funds for 'payments'.

    To be safe I sent a follow-up e-mail to Virgin Mobile's customer service effective the same day.

    On 3-5-09 I noted that Virgin Mobile had used my VISA without my permission and against my will to misappropriate another month's payment . Doing so caused me to be charged a $30 service fee from my bank, in addition to Virgin Mobile forcibly misusing my debit card to take funds which they knew they had specifically been instructed not to take.

    On 3-5-09 I received a very flippant and glib e-mail from someone named Tina at Virgin Mobile stating that they had received correspondence from me the previous day but couldn't understand it.My directions which I put in writing twice could not have been any more clear.

    I responded that I consider using my debit card to obtain funds for themselves, after my specific written directions not to, to be a criminal matter.Virgin Mobile still did not return any funds to my account or make any effort to remedy the matter.

    Don't trust them with auto pay. They have a history of abusing debit card and bank account numbers to rip off customers' checking accounts.

    Additionally, I was quite concerned to learn that Virgin Mobile USA are a division of U.S. Sprint.

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  • Di
    Dixon Apr 01, 2009

    Virgin Mobile claims that I still have an account active with them, even though I jumped through all the hoops to cancel it. I have contacted the 'call center' numerous times about this problem and no one was willing or able to do anything about it. They have been charging my credit card for over a year now($17.05) every month. I have been told may different stories about why the issue can't be resolved: I didn't know my phone number, I didn't know my pin number, they had no record of the account etc.etc.. Why would I still know the phone number and pin number of an account I canceled a year ago.

    I was even told by the head of the call center 'Robert' or something, that he had no contact information for anyone higher up on the food chain than him. I find this ludicrous, that in today's age of telecommunications and world wide information that he could not give me the phone number of his superior. I was also told that it was my responsibility to stop the charges by canceling my credit card! How is it my responsibility to fix their mistake!

    Today I received an e-mail from the company saying that they were unsuccessful in charging my credit card! GOOD! At least since my card is full they can no longer STEAL my money! This company is pretty good at defrauding their customers, but their service is horrible which is why i canceled my account in the first place.

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  • Pe
    peter reilly-harvey May 15, 2009

    you have been taking money out of my A/C for the last 4 months and i would like to know why i have not ordered anything or downloaded anything from any website by taking this money you have caused me to be charged for not having enough to pay the money that you are taking if you would like proof of this i will give you it i would like you to return this money to my A/C AS SOON AS POSSABLE AS I AM NOW IN DEBT TO THE BANK I will give you 7 days to return the money if it is not returned then i will have to ask the bank to retuurn it and leave it in there hands i hope that i dont have to take this up with WINDOWS as it can destroy your credability as a safe site i dont know how my bank details were obtained but if you do then i would like you to tell me how you obtained them i am a 60+pensioner i cant afford to pay for the cost of living just now let alone you taking money for something i know nothing about? i hope that you can sort this problem as soon asa possable<br />
    yours sincerly<br />
    peter r harvey

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  • Be
    beachbrat May 20, 2009

    tried to port my number on 5/11/09, it came back "failed", was told it would take 24-72 hours to port. on 5/15/09, i called in to see status since it wasn't working. was told it failed, didn't know why, and no one had done anything about it from 5/11-5/15, until I called in. No one tried calling me and verifying my information. Have found out that they are not allowed to call out, my case has been escalated numerous times, have spoken with so many supervisors. It is now 5/20/09, still do not have my number ported, and original # now turned off, I'm not paying for 2 months of services with 2 diff companies. Raised enough hell for them to turn on another VM phone I had so I would at least have a way for my teenage daughter to contact me. This was my only phone, no home phone. Left stranded. Filed complaint with FCC. It shouldnt take 9 days to port a number... or attempt to. Its still not ported yet.

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  • Ni
    Nicoleh73 Jun 10, 2009

    I agree 100% with all of you. I can't wait for this company to go under. I have a pay-as-you-go plan, thinking it would save me money-Ha! I've spent more money with them than anyone. They're text plans are bs too. I payed $14.99 for 1000 texts, and before you know it, it was saying that I ran out of texts. Buyer beware!

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  • El
    Elmer Jul 29, 2009

    I had a pre-paid play for for $34.99 + tax with Virgin Mobile. My bill was due on the 15th of each month. This Month (August) my phone stopped working due to a dead battery. If you do not "top up" then your phone is temporarily disconnected until you pay for your plan again. I was never on any automatic debit payment plan. I would have to pay either online or from my phone. This was the 2nd phone I had replaced with virgin mobile and usually while their service was good, I thought I'd be better off going to a different provider (T-mobile) for an actual plan. I checked my checking account on line and I saw a charge from Virgin Mobile for $44.44. I called customer service and they tell meit the charge was for my monthly plan. I advised that them that I didn't do any automatic debit and they now that I am no longer with them as T-mobile allowed me to keep my same # from Virgin Mobile which Virgin Mobile has to authorize. They tell me that since I am no longer a customer and my account is inactive they can't tell if I used minutes. I told them the bill was due on 15th, they debited my account on the 18th and I switch to T-Mobile on 8/19. They told me there was nothing they can do and now they charged me for service I am not even using. Total Rip-off!

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  • Pr
    princess_milz Aug 04, 2009

    this is by far the WORST EVER MOBILE COMPANY! i have only had my phone for 2 months and it is rubbish. Firstly virgin didnt send me an email tellin me my phone bill would be coming out and then wen i found out they told me i would be cut off even though it was there fault not sendin me an email. Secondly. This time they did email me so i made sure there was money in my bank for my bill to come out. Virgin haven't taken out the money and are now tellin me there is a problem with my account and to carry on using my phone i must ring them so i did and there system was bein updated so they couldn't do anything about it. And the story goes on very rude to me over phone. I am so annoyed. Virgin is the WORST network!

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  • Ev
    Evlerni Aug 04, 2009

    I agree, this is a poorly run company, and I currently have an open dispute with the BBB against them for their actions, including false advertisement of services ( I have gone 3 months with no access to my voice mail system at all) and service "slamming" (change or alteration of service plans without permission). Both of these are against the law, so I am imagining they will get into some troubles over it, but unfortunately I doubt they will go into any serious financial troubles for a long time to come. This company is far too large, and they use such tactics as financial backing for large summer concert events and festivals to sucker more people into signing up, so it will take a larger loss on their part before they will start suffering financial loss

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  • Fo
    fourty4fingers Aug 06, 2009

    virgin mobile are a holes they suck! a rip off. they charged my credit card with an auto top up. i did not have auto top up turned on. they refuse to give me a refund. i just filed a complaint with visa bbb & fcc.

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  • Pu
    Pupsqueak Oct 28, 2009

    I hate them too. They have no product knowledge and lie. The service sucks and I can't stand Alex the computer voice. Did you ever get any results from any of you complaints to the better business bureau?

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  • Pu
    Pupsqueak Oct 28, 2009

    I hate Virgin Mobile. They take advantage of people who do not have good credit when they do not have any credability.

    I feel completely lied to and ripped. Every time I call my blood pressure goes up 50 points.

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  • Jo
    Johnkong Nov 10, 2009

    In Sep 2008 I took a combined deal from Virgin Media, TV, home phone, broadband and a *FREE* mobile. The package was advertised on a flyer that I received unsolicited through my door. I took the deal as it seemed to satisfy my needs at the time. When the installation engineer arrived, there was no mobile and he informed me the mobile deal was supplied from Virgin Mobile, a seperate company from Virgin Media, and that I had to call them to arrange delivery. I did so but was told it cost 10.00 a month + calls. Since I work abroad, I needed a roaming contract and was told it would work OK.

    I had to install the router myself as the engineer hadnt a clue, he left a CD for the broadband with basic installation instructions. Luckily I work in IT and sorted it in about an hour. Not impressed.

    The phone eventually arrived, but the roaming could not be activated until 6 months into the deal. I cancelled the 10.00 a month DD and asked Virgin Mobile to cancel the contract as it wasnt suitable for me at all, since I only took the phone on the understanding it would work abroad. There didnt seem to be a problem with this.

    Nothing. For 3 months nothing. In Dec 2008, they took 90.00 from my bank account and when I queried this, they said since I had cancelled the contract, they were taking the remaining months monthly debits. I complained, several times on the phone to various departments none of whom knew anything about my case. I was just passed piller to post.

    I contacted by bank who managed to retrieve the 90.00 from Virgin Mobile. In March 2009, I received a letter and recorded delivery package to return the unused phone with SIM, packaging etc. I sent the lot back to Virgin Mobile at MY expense, and a further demand for over 100.00 quid duly arrived from them!. I called them again, they had no record of the phone being returned but said they would check their 'computer system', where lo and behold, after a 20 minute wait, they find the phone HAD arrived, but hadnt been checked in. They said they would send a letter confirming receipt of the phone, which arrived a few weeks later. Done deal I thought.

    In May 2009, I start getting letters from a Debt Collection agency for the original 90.00 + costs totalling 119.37. Completely pissed off now, I just emailed Virgin Mobile again (19 May) but cant chase this up till I am next back home at the end of June 2009.

    This tale of woe is ongoing, I'll post again when a resolution is in sight. Needless to say, come the end of the initial 12 month contract with Mr Virgin Media, I will cancel his lot as well and go back to SKY.

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  • C6
    C64 Nov 17, 2009

    I use a pay as you go plan and it always expires before I'm able to top it up. Most recently it expired with $12.70 left, but within the past year I have had it lapse about 6 or 8 times and the biggest loss was $62.00, give or take a dollar. In 2009 I lost about $120 total because of time expiring a day or two before payday. I used to avoid problems like that by getting a $5 top up card, but they discontinued that option and whenever I spoke to one of the gum chewing teenagers who work at the VM booths at the mall, they claim that Virgin Mobile never had $5 top up cards to begin with.

    I originally had an LG150 and it was recalled for excessive amounts of radiation. I was told the ringers and wallpapers that I paid for/downloaded would be stored in MY LOCKER to be downloaded for free again to the replacement phone. I get my replacement phone in the mail and the battery is 2/3 the lifespan of the other, my downloads could not be recovered and I lost a handful of ringers and 2-3 games that I paid 5 and 10 for each. On top of telling me that I would be able to keep my downloads, they said in writing and over the phone that I will also recieve $10 credit on my account for the hassle. I never did receive a $10 credit, and on my 4th and final phonecall I was told the $10 credit would compensate any lost downloads, but the credit never activated itself.


    Welcome to the wonderful world of fascism. Corporate conglomerates entertain us, keep us preoccupied, and keep government on a tight leash, while the rest of us get sucked into the corporate vortex of deception when a company appears to be doing us a favor, while in reality it is gouging us for every penny while we submit to their overpriced service fads that we don't even need. It's no secret either that text messages are carried through excess bandwidth and are minuscule to store on their corporate servers. In a nutshell, text messages are relayed through smaller waves of transmission that are a byproduct of the main voice signals. This has been admitted, it came out around the same time those AT&T whistleblowers spoke out against wiretapping, data-mining, and eavesdropping of citizens. We all know AT&T's history, as well as IBM who developed the system to numerically code the jews who were arrested and then sent off to work camps, it's in the history books.

    Virgin are no angels, look who run/represent the company. They are all well-known orwellian eugenicists who have motives much higher than nickle and diming customers. They are a 9/11 profiteers, and have openly flushed money into military contracts since the inception of the mobile division, which is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover the fact that they openly work with The Pentagon.

    Welcome to 1984.

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  • I am on the 6.99 a month plan with Virgin Mobile, and two weeks ago I bought a $30.00 prepaid card which was (supposed to) give me 400 minutes. I didn't notice a 100 minute increase on my phone so I looked at the fine print on the card I bought. The card said that
    the extra 100 minutes will be added AFTER I buy another $30.00 card within the next 30 days. I thought ok.. so two weeks later I bought another $30.00 card thinking I was (finally) going to get those extra minutes... nope!! Both cards promised an extra 100 air-time minutes and now instead of being cheated out of 100 minutes I have been scammed for 200 minutes. I have had other problems with them in the past where I swore I had used fewer minutes than they were charging me for. One day I made 1 four minute call and 2 short text messages and I noticed I was charged 10.00 for those 3 events. I am trying to find the right avenue to take to file a complaint against them with the FCC. All complaints that I have sent to Virgin Mobile have been responded by automated emails and I have been unable to talk to anyone who can fix this.

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  • De
    De Bunkster Dec 31, 2009

    In May of this year I started with the lowest initial prepaid Virgin Mobile Card for twenty dollars. I have regularly been topping up my balance prior to the thirty day expiration in order for the remaining minutes to carry over. I began to suspect "minute shrinkage" after the second topping up in July but did not pay close attention to the situation. In December 4th I topped up the account by purchasing the $30 card which gives you 400 minutes. With my roll over 78 minutes added I would have close to eight hours in airtime available. Given the fact that I do not use the phone on a daily basis and that 90% of my calls are 2 minutes or less I was astounded to see a message from Virgin on Dec. 23rd telling me that my minutes were running very low and to top off the account immediately. ( My own estimate for actual time used up to that point was an hour and forty-seven minutes; leaving me with a balance of over 5 hours.) On the 24th in the midst of a telephone conversation with a friend the call was dropped. Two attempts to redial the person connected me to Virgin's robot voice "Alex", an ingenious method for Virgin to show their contempt for their customers. Yes, "Alex" is well suited to mollify the dumbed down consumer population who accept all of the garbage that is heaped on them on a daily basis, but of no help to a rational individual. Against my better judgement I called Virgin Mobile Customer Service in an attempt to resolve this issue. Had I read the comments above I certainly would not have engaged in such a fruitless activity. The one guaranteed result, is as pointed out - your blood pressure will go through the roof. This is exactly what corporate thieves like this company want. They want you to do a quick cost benefit analysis to realize that you can't win. Does any person today have hours to waste while being lead around in circles? They don't care since a majority will just continue the service because on paper "it's a great deal."
    The original complainant suggested a class action suit. Sounds like a great idea but historically we know what happens in cases like this. Usually a settlement is made when the company, admitting no wrong doing, agrees to pay the plaintiffs' lawyers millions while the consumer gets a $20 Gift Card to be used for future purchases with the company. It is a cost of doing business.
    I know that there are people out there who will say that the government should get more involved in the situation. Government is part of the problem because they love all of the taxes that are generated by the tele-com conglamorates.
    Welcome to the Brave New Caveat Emptor World.

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  • Nf
    nfdhdkdmdf Feb 09, 2010

    they steal money and lie to you about everything

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  • Pa
    paul mckenzie May 13, 2010

    i join virgin mobile about 3 weeks ago and the way i have been treated is awful this is what happened we where told we would be charged £5 delivery charge for the mobile that was fine but they charged me twice and when i rang up they said they had no records of charging me twice, and they wanted proof so they said i was not telling truth so i sent them my bank statment they rang me a few days later no sorry they just said they would put another month credit on for me with the money they owed me .i was told i had 4 month free about a week later £10.30 came out of my account i had to pay bank charges cause of this coming out i spoke to virgin mobile and they said i pay for 1st month then the next 4 month are free this is not what i was told i was so mad i canceled my direct debit. and the next thing was i got a letter telling me they where blocking my account unless i paid my bill i rang them and they told me i owed £1 i said u want to block my account for £1 i paid this bill and set up the direct debit 2 days later my phone was blocked the reason they blocked it was the person i spoke to didnt re set up direct debit i had to go with out a phone for a few days because someone didnt do there job right . when my phone contract ends i will not be with virgin mobile again

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  • Ch
    Chris- Vancouver Canada Jun 23, 2010

    Vancouver Canada

    Hi there,
    I just received the remain of my last bill from Virgin mobile for about 30 dollars. They sent me a letter dated june 10 that I got it 2 days ago (june 21, 2010). I was not allowed to pay everything on the spot when I canceled my contract with Virgin and my bill was still wrong at that time. So the store can take money for a new phone or contract but cannot get the money for contract canceling. By the way I cancel my contract due to mistakes done by Virgin on my bill problems (overcharges) that were not fixed one week after my call (for that call I was waiting 45 min, yes; the longest time I ever waited on phone).
    I made the call today and I was told that my 31 dollars bill was passed to a collection agency. Nice job Virgin. This is the worst service provider I dealt with in my entire life, and I have been living in many countries. If you want to waste your money, better burn them. It is more fun than dealing with Virgin.

    Best regards,
    Cristian G

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  • Jl
    Jlunt73 Jun 28, 2010

    I was getting wrong numbers all the time so I wen't online to change my number wich was fine but since then I'm not able to get access to the web. I called them they had me take battery out and turn it back on bla bla bla didn't work. they told me that they were going to investigate the issue and I was informed I would have a answer in 24-72 hours ha ha ha . So today I called and asked to speak with supervisor. after 20 flipping minutes on hold I got to speak with a human lol. Well I had to go through al the b.s again. Other than they wanted to change my number again I said sure. they told me it would help. Yeah B.S it helped still no web. I have a no contract service Im sorry but if your paying for unlimited text and web Damn it you should get it.

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