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I am not sure where to start:, i received my phone bill in December 2017 & it was for £500 for 2 weeks i nearly died of heart attack. Called and advised Virgin Media that i have never used £1.50 dialling number from my home phone and I have not accrued this huge bill, they cancelled all my services ( home telephone, broadband & TV) and sent 2 engineers out on 2 occasions. The engineer told me that there is something very wrong and i need to call V/M and inform them. So i was back on the phone informing them that there was something wrong but they did not believe me. They asked me to write to their complaint office which i did. they then refused to acknoledget his problem, then i wrote to CISAS (ofcom)they were of no use. VIRGIN MEIDA IS CRAP - they are now sending me baillifs letter and threatening me to pay a bill of £1100 in full - i am so cheesed off...


  • V
      Jul 05, 2007
    Virgin Media - Poor quality service!
    United Kingdom

    Virgin media should not be trading as their service is virtually no existent, they recently worked on my neighbors property and managed to break my broad band connection. A shared line! After many phone calls, and much time listening to the horrible on hold music, I am sure it is a deterrent, arrangements were made for them to gain access to the property, for which they did not turn up to, costing me loss of earnings, when they did finally turn up, it turned out that the fault was totally outside the property. I am still waiting for compensation. In frustration I have turned to another supplier which turned out to be both cheaper, and faster. I look forward to VM last day of trading, it is a shame that Sir Richard does not kick this lot into touch, and kick A. for all the naive greedy managers for suggesting talking on this dead duck.

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      Jul 18, 2007
    Virgin Media - Very bad service
    United Kingdom

    Our cable television broke over two seeks ago. We rang up and was told that there would be no engineer around our area (Cambridge) for another 2 weeks. They said it would be fixed 16th July. Nobody came.

    We rang last night. After waiting to get through for 20 minutes, were told computers were down.
    Rand again told to ring back at Midnight as they were very busy. I have since found out that they are closed at midnight. We rang back again at 10.00 pm after 15 minutes, the phone was answered by yet another Indian gentleman and was told he would put us through to someone who could help, yet again another 10 minutes on the phone waiting. Finally another Indian man told us that our Post code did not exist and he couldn't help us!!!

    What sort of service is this?? I can find no other access for complaining to them other than 151 number, at least its free so will have to sit and wait when I get home yet again. Perhaps I had better give my notice in writing.

    Plus they still expect us to pay for a service we are not receiving.

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  • J
      Jul 21, 2007
    Virgin Media - I would never recommend Virgin Media to anyone!
    United Kingdom

    Well what to say about Virgin Media. They are the largest pile of crap it has ever been my misfortune to encounter. I moved house on the 24.06.07, notified them as you do asked to take my phone number with me, and was told that would not be a problem.

    Well we agreed a date for them to install, 09.07.07, I phoned them on the Thursday to confirm they were still coming out, and was then told I was booked in not for the 9th but for the 10th. Not a happy bunny then, but I agreed. Home from work on the 9th called them to confirm they were coming to me the next day, and was then told I was not booked in till the 27.07.07, well I had a few words to say about that (not printable) he finally got a new date for me which was the 11.07.07, not bad. Well took yet another day off work, waited in the tech came, installed my services, TV, Broadband & Phone, he then came back to me and asked if this was my phone number, when I told him no, I had asked for my existing number to come with me, he could not find my number. So another date had to be arranged, 21.07.07. There was a knock at the door, when I answered it the tech was standing there, and he told me he could not fix the problem, he would have to refer it to the network dept, as it looks like it was a network issue. Well at 9.40 I phone Virgin, only to be told that the problem had been passed on to the network dept and they had a 24hr period in which to respond. This is one not very happy bunny, and I would never recommend Virgin even if my life depended on it.

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      Aug 09, 2007
    Virgin Media - Telephone service
    United Kingdom

    My telephone failed on 4th July and after 36 days Virgin Media engineers have failed to repair it and can not or will not give a time as to when repairs will be made. Earlier rewiring (pull through) work was considered incompetently performed after their first attempt back on 14 July. I have so far probably expended nearly 80 pounds on mobile phone charges just dealing with their customer service department alone.

    I urge those thinking of changing to virgin media telecommunications not to transfer as the service if anything goes wrong is absolutely dreadful.

    This is a company that does not know the meaning of customer care.

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      Sep 25, 2007
    Virgin Media - No telephone line for 4 months
    United Kingdom

    16th May, Southern Electric cut my telephone line. This was done by them putting in new lamp posts. I tried asking Southern Electric to reattach me, over 2 days, but was finally told I have to get in contact with my telephone company, Virgin Media.

    I did phone them via my mobile and they sent me a young man a week later, who advised me he could do nothing as the line was not cut on my land. Made a date for the 29th May for engineers to come and correct this.

    Said date arrived, 3 - 4 young men turned up said they should of been told that line was cut, so they didn't have a T junction, and off they went.

    Now at this time all the roads were still dug up due to Southern Electric. Best time to mend it? No.

    I tried writing 1st to Portland St. Got a reply of a standard letter, usually 10 days to correct, but 15 days now, as very busy.

    15 days passed. Nothing!

    I believe I have spoken to every customer care worker. I have written off so many letters, that I have quite a collection of SORRY YOU ARE UNHAPPY letters, from a gentleman who does not work for Virgin Media, in a department that does not excist in VIRGIN MEDIA. But it all came on Virgin Media letter head.

    My GP wrote a letter to Virgin Media, stating that I am a vulnerable person. Nothing. My CPN tried her luck with VIRGIN MEDIA. Again, nothing.

    I had to make many calls to VIRGIN MEDIA, now with the construction company, via my mobile phone. They kept telling me they had to get council permission to dig up the newly laid pavement.

    Rang council, no they didn't. They gave me the number of an old Telewest construction company that I could ring. Company weren't happy when I rang. But I thought they were suddenly getting their fingers out, when an Area Manager (subsequently dismissed), turned up promising the world. Again, NOTHING.

    We employed a solicitor. Guess what, NOTHING.

    But I watched people sneak along, do various things.But still no telephone line.

    Eventually I found one of my extension lines to the house broken. So I made arrangements for another engineer to come along. He did so. Fixed the line but said he could do nothing about puting me back on line. While he was here, I rang Virgin Media, again on my mobile, to say WHY AM I STILL WITH OUT A PHONE? The engineer left. But 5 mins later he was knocking on our door, saying he had to wait for his boss. He turned out to be one of the people that had been here before, and he put me back on line. GREAT? No.

    With all my mobile costs, my husband paying for internet connection, that he was unable to connect with. My husband works for the LAS and when they have needed to connect him because of terrorist troubles, there was no phone. Because when there are problems such as this, mobile phones are diconnected. He has to keep up with information making sure he is updated with all subjects and protacoles, with his work. He had to go into work on his days off to use their computer.

    I was promised that I wouldn't have to pay for a phone line for a year, when I was only 3 months without a phone. But the day after connection, I got my 1st phone bill in 4 months.

    I was also promised at least £1:50 for every day I was off line. What have I received? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

    Am I really meant to be happy with the service I've received? One whopping big fat NO!

    But I'm sure now that all this is drawn to your attention, you will be so much quicker re-imbursing me for the lousy treatment I've had.

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      Oct 07, 2007

    Hi i managed to find the phone number for customer complaints
    these people stick with you until your complaint is sorted out.
    try [protected] good luck Ive been without my broardband service for three months so Iknow how you feel.

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      Oct 16, 2007
    Virgin Media - I would never recommend Virgin Media to anyone!
    United Kingdom

    My husband rang Virgin Media in mid July 07 to cancel the broadband, phone line and satellite as we was moving and in out new area where we couldn't have Virgin Media. We got told that an engineer would come out and take the satellite box and broadband connection out which he did, we also checked with him that the cut off date was 3rd August 07 the day we moved into our new house, he assured us it was. In mid August my husband checked his account only to find out that Virgin Media had taken £83.00 out of his account. When he rang Virgin to find out why they had done this they informed him that he hadn't paid his bill for that month, Virgin hadn't canceled his account with them so they continued to take money. He spoke to them on several occasions reference this.When he spoke to a customer care adviser they informed him that he would cancel the account and send a cheque for the money that they had taken. In September my husband rang Virgin again as they had sent another bill that he was too pay, when he spoke to a customer care adviser then she didn't speak a word of English and he had to spell everything to her, when checking on his record she found out that the a cheque should of been sent and said she would action it later!! When he rang in Oct 07 he spoke to someone who informed him that the cheque was sent to his old address, he was also informed that as he use to pay by debit card it would have to be put back on his card rather than a cheque being sent, the customer care adviser did this while my husband was on the phone so i hope that this problem is now rectified.

    It has taken 3 months, 6 phone calls and a number of unhelpful people to finally get this problem sorted.

    I would never recommend Virgin Media to anyone!!!

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      Nov 11, 2007
    Virgin Media - Unable to Setup Virgin, then taking my money.
    United Kingdom

    I was under the impression Vrigin media would be a good buy. I thought £30 for phone, tv and boradband is to good to be true. And I was right. After spending 20 minutes on the phone trying to sort out if my flat could get virgin media, paying the installation fee I was told I could have virgin media, I would need to sign a contract and then it would be installed.

    The man turned up and I read and signed the contract, he looked round the flat and said that virgin will be installed and gave me a date and time. Along came this date and time, 8th September between 1-5 pm. I took the afternoon of work to sit in and wait for the installation man to come along. When no one turned up by 4 I called Vrigin to be told my installation had been cancelled by there area manager, I haven't been told why. I have receieved my installation fee back, but still over a month later im waiting for a call to be told why the installation was cancelled and I was not informed. I was told that the money would be sent back to me and NO DIRECT DEBIT would be set-up. The fact that I never got told that installaton was not taking place is not the main reason of my complaint though, although I was annoyed and took the afternoon of work I got my money back and I thought I would not waste any more money with Vrigin.

    But checked my account a month after this fiasco, and low and behold they have taking a payment. I have paid for services I never received, because they cancelled the service and I have not been able to get hold of someone yet to complain to or have it explained to me, or to say sorry to.

    I have since cancelled this direct debit at the bank, said that none are to be set up with virgin, and am going to claim my money back through the direct debit guarantee.

    I have a feeling this will not be the last I here from virgin as they seem determined to get my money when I do not have there service, never have and from this instance never will have there service. Although it isn't so cheap I have never had any problem with SKY and have always been happy when I have calle dup about any problem that has occured, it has been sorted swiftly and more to the point they aren't taking money for services they are not providing.

    I feel this incident probably isn't isolated and that it has occured many times over the country. Virgin are a shoddy operation which will never have my custom or my families and friends custom ever.

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      Nov 13, 2007
    Virgin Media - Broadband from Virgin - avoid!
    Virgin Media
    United Kingdom

    Swapped ISP from AOL to Virgin Media. I cannot tell you how much I regret that decision. The connection is so slow and is lagging so much that even simple web browsing is impossible!! I have seen dial-up connections working better than my broadband connection. And they do not seem to be in hurry to reply to my emails. They did reply to my first complaint quickly saying that it takes up to 15 days for the connection to stabilize and all and working. But we are running towards the end of the month since my transfer and nothing has changed. So wrote to them an email but no reply. Called they 0870 number and was politely told I should call their technical service that, surprise surprise, has premium 09 number. ### them, I'd rather be calling bloody AOL help line where no one seems to be speaking english one could understand than be charged premium rate. I'm going to cancel direct debit and they can kiss my a** rather than taking 50 quid cancellation fee.

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  •   Nov 22, 2007
    Virgin Media - Inability to enter my Mail Box
    Virgin Media
    United Kingdom

    Customer Services Manager,

    I am thoroughly disappointed with your level of service afforded to me !

    Your Service Personnel does not appreciate the urgency of the situation when a Fee-Paying Customer complaints that he cannot, on repeated attempts, enter the web-page to gain access to his own e-mails on 31st October 2017. The situation was initially kept in abeyance until, on 11 November 2017, a totally irrelevant and inappropriate answer was sent to by e-mail with little understanding of the problem!

    I AM STILL NOT ABLE TO ENTER MY MAIL BOX FROM VIRGIN MEDIA WEB-SITE !! This is in spite of several attempts at inserting verified e-mail address, Username and Password at the designated boxes.


    Thanking you,

    Dr. D. Mukherjee

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      Dec 10, 2007
    Virgin Media - dismal service
    United Kingdom

    As usual virgin media continue to drag down the standards provided to former telewest customers. Allegedly, their 25p a minute number for support has changed as of today December 10th, but several pages on their website still contain the old number which is not recognised when you call it. An the new number? Unavailable. Brilliant.
    I have just moved house, broadband at old address disconnected and new broadband connection due to go live 5 days later. In the meantime, virgin suspends my email account. I am self employed and use it for work. Can I speak to anyone about it? No. Why suspend my email account in the first place?
    Bye bye virgin, hello tiscali I think.

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      Dec 24, 2007
    Virgin Media - Appalling service!
    Virgin media
    United Kingdom

    Since i have started with virgin media i have had nothing but problems. Firstly my bills have always been wrong from day one. I have called virgin media customer services over 30 times and on most of the occasions have received wrong information or extremely unhelpful or rude agents. Also i have since been told they have started me on a new contract which i know nothing about. No one seems to want to help me and that includes the managers that i have also spoke with. They keep promising this will be sorted.

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  • I
      Jan 20, 2008
    Virgin Media - everything
    vigin media
    United Kingdom


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  • N
      Jan 22, 2008

    I have to say that I have never come across such incompetent people in my life, talk about doing their job for them...without the's almost laughable...if it wasn't i'm possitive that I would break down in tears...I myself am going through a tug-of-war with virgin Media at this very time & needless to say as soon as I get it resolved I will be cancelling their services and returning back to BT or my case if I don't get any answers this time I have been advised to see a solicitor over the matter..Virgin Media are thieves who refuse to take responsibility for their errors!!!!

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      Mar 19, 2008
    Virgin Media - Service
    Scotland, Lothian
    United Kingdom

    Please dont EVER sign up to Virgin Media. We used to have Telewest and they were great. Never any problems. As soon as VM took over the proverbial hit the fan. Inconsistent service to say the least. During normal TV - constant flickering / picture breakup. Regular V+ box crashes. Their V+ recording is UNCAPABLE of recording a full programme. I even went in to the settings to setup recording 5 mins pre and 5 mins after each programme. Still unable to record a full programme. Annoying during football even more annoying during well watched series.

    Also have the displeasure of "enjoying" their 20mg broadband. 20mg my a*se. I am a developer by trade so know how to setup a PC for optimum performance. NO WAY do they ever provide 20mg bandwidth. I live in an EH8 postcode - central Edinburgh - an optimal cabled area. I can coonect to VPN's at my work at over 20mg's so they are talking pish - yet you ring them and all you get is "Youre PC is clearly not capable". Hmmfh! Your f'ing charges are more like uncapable! I certainly dont mind paying if they were providing what youre paying for - dont bloody lie to me!! NEVER EVER able to provide 20mg.

    Lastly - Im moving house tomorrow. I took enormous joy in cancelling my VM 28 days ago! (Bear in mind if you dont cancel 30 days in advance you get screwed for another month by them). Trust me though that call was joyous - but polite! Cannae grief the poor under paid minions that have the unfortunate job of taking our [censored]e - oh for a direct line to the beardy one! Rang them tonight asking for call forwarding as Im expecting deliveries at the new house but as yet have no number for new gaff - and I quote - "Sorry sir - you have cancelled your subsription to Virign Phone - you need to have at least a months contract to allow call forwarding".

    You know what - if it took me a month of having to listen to their f'ing hold music, I'd still be happy to cancel. Can't bloody wait. Get rid of them useless, unreliable, unusable ce four nen tees.

    Rant over. DONT DO IT!!!

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  • J
      Apr 21, 2008
    Virgin Media - custmer support is a joke, a bad one
    31, kilcattan street, splott
    Wales, South Glamorgan
    United Kingdom

    i have been appauled at virgin media lately for capping there users without informing them prior to these capping limits coming into effect.
    firstly it was for four hours a day, then 8 hours, now 24 hours a day with terrible limits set for the speed the supply.

    this week took there disregard to customers to a new level.

    i attempted to login to the virgin media website with my usual details...this account is invalid, was the response.
    so i mailed customer service.

    there response was: if you have forgotton your details use the password reset page.

    so i did...guess what...account invalid.

    so i sent another mail.

    i was then informed that my username was now too short due to the recent upgrades and they would send me the replacement details in the post (once again they had not bothered to inform me of any changes).

    i recieved my new details and found that they had changed my username to an understandably longer name and new password was in fact taken from another email account that i use for junk emails.
    the password is one used on every random webpage i sign up with on a temporary basis and therefore very unsecure.

    so, annoyed i tried using them to login...account invalid.

    so i mailed virgin again stating the problem once again in full detail.

    there response was...we are sorry you have forgotton your password we are unable to help you through mail...please phone our premium helpline.

    i have not mentioned here the numerous mails they ignored and the several duplicate responses.

    it seems obvious to me that the support service is nothing more than a money making scam.

    as it stands i am locked out of my virgin account and with no details that work in order to rectify the problem.
    as i understand it i also cannot cancell my broadband service as i would need the correct details to do so.
    so i am now stuck paying for an unusable service.

    all i can say is great job mr.branson, i had high hopes when virgin took over ntl but i have been constantly dismayed by the treatment i and many others have recieved.

    i am currently in search of a solution to this problem and am mailing virgin daily until i get a decent response from them.

    to be honest ive had enough of virgin media and as soon as i get the oppertunity i am leaving them for another isp.

    the way they treat loyal customers is disgusting.

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  • A
      Jul 20, 2008

    I could not agree more! In February 2017 I ordered Virgin broadband which was supposed to be installed within 10 days. When I called to inquire the engineer's visit the person informed me that actually it will be around 3 weeks or more as there is no engineer available in my area. I am sharing a house with friends who are studying and need to use the internet frequently. I discussed it with them and we decided to cancel the order and switch to BT ( internet in 3 days). At this point I thought that everything was right. As you read in Virgin terms and conditions you can cancel the service up to two weeks after the INSTALLATION. I cancelled few days after ordering so nothing ever was installed, I have never received a router, there was no engineer, I have not used a single byte of Virgin broadband but to my surprise my account WAS DEBITED £18 for NOTHING!!! I was happy to cancel the direct debit ( I even received the letter from Virgin media asking why - WHAT A MESS!!!) but initial payment was already taken. It was a theft as I paid for something I never used. I started calling Virgin media and bank ( spending around 45 min to get through).
    Virging media advised me that I should fill in Indemnity Claim and money will be transferred within few days back into my account. When I called the bank they did not know about the form, wanted the details of the Virgin media customer advisor. I called Virgin media but they said they cannot provide any personal details or extension numbers. Eventually I went to bank in person on 22nd of MAY 2017 where the customer service person called Virgin media on my behalf ( not to mention that he could not find Indemnity Claim in the bank intranet either!!! but at least tried to be helpful). I occurred that filling the form does not result in a few days' waiting time. In this case I agreed with the Virgin media customer service person that I will be sent a cheque within 28 DAYS. She used this language from customer service courses that makes me sick "Yes, I agree. Yes, it was not correct. I am really sorry (REALLY?). It will be sorted shortly (WILL IT?), etc". IT IS 20th of JULY (TWO MONTHS!!!) and I have not seen my money...It has been FIVE MONTHS. Now I know how they make a profit. Stealing. Many people give up all the hassle of chasing £18 but I will not. Just because I do not like to be ripped off. NEVER SIGN A DIRECT DEBIT WITH VIRGIN! I would be grateful for any customer rights association/ombudsman details.

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  • A
      Jul 20, 2008

    I could not agree more! In February 2017 I ordered Virgin broadband which was supposed to be installed within 10 days. When I called to inquire the engineer's visit the person informed me that actually it will be around 3 weeks or more as there is no engineer available in my area. I am sharing a house with friends who are studying and need to use the internet frequently. I discussed it with them and we decided to cancel the order and switch to BT ( internet in 3 days). At this point I thought that everything was right. As you read in Virgin terms and conditions you can cancel the service up to two weeks after the INSTALLATION. I cancelled few days after ordering so nothing ever was installed, I have never received a router, there was no engineer, I have not used a single byte of Virgin broadband but to my surprise my account WAS DEBITED £18 for NOTHING!!! I was happy to cancel the direct debit ( I even received the letter from Virgin media asking why - WHAT A MESS!!!) but initial payment was already taken. It was a theft as I paid for something I never used. I started calling Virgin media and bank ( spending around 45 min to get through).
    Virging media advised me that I should fill in Indemnity Claim and money will be transferred within few days back into my account. When I called the bank they did not know about the form, wanted the details of the Virgin media customer advisor. I called Virgin media but they said they cannot provide any personal details or extension numbers. Eventually I went to bank in person on 22nd of MAY 2017 where the customer service person called Virgin media on my behalf ( not to mention that he could not find Indemnity Claim in the bank intranet either!!! but at least tried to be helpful). I occurred that filling the form does not result in a few days' waiting time. In this case I agreed with the Virgin media customer service person that I will be sent a cheque within 28 DAYS. She used this language from customer service courses that makes me sick "Yes, I agree. Yes, it was not correct. I am really sorry (REALLY?). It will be sorted shortly (WILL IT?), etc". IT IS 20th of JULY (TWO MONTHS!!!) and I have not seen my money...It has been FIVE MONTHS. Now I know how they make a profit. Stealing. Many people give up all the hassle of chasing £18 but I will not. Just because I do not like to be ripped off. NEVER SIGN A DIRECT DEBIT WITH VIRGIN!

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  • P
      Aug 01, 2008
    Virgin Media - Lies and contacting
    Belfast City
    Northern Ireland, County Antrim
    United Kingdom

    All Virgin Media customers probably already know this but they clearly lie about their 'traffic management'. Traffic management is when you are in the top 5% who downloading an unusually large amount of data and Virgin will slow your internet connection. At first I thought it okay because I don't really download that much but there are days where they throttle my connection even though I've barely even downloaded anything or used the internet. On the page it states that the traffic management only affects the 5% downloading an unusually large amount.
    I find it hard to believe that surfing YouTube and listening to online streaming radio for 3 hours puts in the 5% top downloaders in the entire nationwide base of Virgin Media broadband subscribers. To top it all off it's been about 10 hours now and I'm STILL being throttled even though it clearly states that the throttling will only last for 5 hours.
    I'm just trying to download a show from BBC iplayer, the first thing I've downloaded from there ever - thats when I noticed that my connection was extremely slow. I know the fault is not on BBCs side because I took multiple speed tests and they're registering at 1000kbps even though I'm paying for a 10000kbps connection!

    To top it all, I tried to send Virgin an enquiry about this nonsense and it asked me to put in my:

    - Full name, full address, post code
    - Virgin account number ( I was with NTL when the switch happened so I never recieved a Virgin account number)
    - Date of my last bill, the amount I paid for that bill, the METHOD I used to pay that bill.
    - Phone number, email address
    - To perform 3 trace routes(!?) on and include the results(!!!)

    ALL this just for ONE enquiry, its an absolute disgrac and extremely user-unfriendly. Its like they're trying to dissuade their customers of emailing them when they see the amount of rubbish they have to type in.

    I sent them an email about 2 weeks ago and still no response (even though they promise a response in 48 hours - more lies).

    I was seriously considering switching ISP when I heard about their stance on net neutrality but all this nonsense means I'm definitely switching - the least they can do is not lie to their customers.

    Can't wait to leave this circus they all an ISP,

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  • R
      Aug 22, 2008
    Virgin Media - Virgin Media Stole money from my Bank A/c
    Virgin Media Ltd
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    Virgin Media has the worst All round Customer Service in the world. I think even the stone age man can do better than what Virgin Media Management is doing. My story will confirm this statement.

    I come back on Friday evening and Check my Bank A/c to find out that VirginMedia has taken a payment of £173.00 from my bank A/c. Naturally I was shocked, dead worried, I hadnt received any bills for such an amount. My bill are never more than £15 every month.

    So I call them, I give my details and than get trransferred to the right Department where I give my details again only to be transferred again and After giving my details about a dozen times to this guyHe had to transfer me to somone else because his system was down beacuse of which he could not log on and like always I yet again get transferred to the right person, finally I was actually through to the right person person.

    I told the right person my Predicament, He assured me that he would be able to help me. For some reason that did not give me any confidence. He than put me on hold for like the longest 5 minutes of my life. I thought he had forgotten me and gone off for a cigarette break. He did come back and tells me that the money had been taken erroneously from my A/c. Ok. Why dont I remeber hearing any apologies hmmm. Good news My money will be refunded. I feel like I have won a lottery. Bad news. It will be 2 weeks. 2 weeks. Ok. It really would have been alright but I havent got as much money as Virgin Media Management to be able to stay away from that much money for 2 weeks. However this guy tells me I have to wait for 2 weeks. I say to him that I would like to make a complaint what's the procedure for it. I get told that the only way to make a copmplaint is to write to the head office via post and there is no other way. I could not believe this Guy so I searched their website and found out there are 3 ways to make a complaint ie through telephone, trhough email, through post. So I called at the given tel no again and I get through to this guy. i give him my deatils again and telling him all I have been trough he says he cannot take my complaint as I get my service via a BT line and not Cable So like always, I get transferred to another perosn again. who tells me that I cannot make a complaint and the only way to make a complaint is by writing to head office. I could not believe it. what kind of a company that deals with Public in scuh great quantity does not have a Complaints procedure. however I asked for his Full name but he would not give me his name.

    Fed up and after having wasted 45 Mins and awful lot of money. i decided to complaint via email and if they dont come back to me within 48 hrs to write to management and if they dont come back to me in 2 weeks get of this SHIII service.

    Is it fair, that I go through so much trouble for somebody else's mistake.?

    Is it fair for me to pay for the telephone call to rectify somebody else's error?

    Is it fair, for me to lose interest on that money no matter how negligible?

    Is it fair, for companies to so exploit their customers trust in such a negligent manner?

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  • E
      Aug 27, 2008

    Am still struggling to get my service, been paying for the last 5 months for them to sort out my internet connection and they keep sending idiot engineers that ask me about the action plan and what needs to be done !!
    My case been with 5 managers and still ongoing hoping to get it sorted or get refund
    One of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with in my life

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  • N
      Sep 11, 2008
    Virgin Media - owed £ 100
    England, Derbyshire
    United Kingdom

    I am a Virgin Media customer; recently I changed address, and as I was moving from one billing area to another I was told that I would have to end my contract and start another. I was keeping the same package, so it was arranged that I would pay the remainder of the contract at the old billing area, and when I started paying in the new billing area the ammount would be refunded; as I was not leaving and taking my custom elsewhere. This has not happened, they have taken the money and they have not refunded it. The ammount that was taken did not show on my e-bill and they also did not send a printed bill for this money, the ammount was found upon checking bank statements. Complaints have been made by phone and form, but after two months the money has not shown up.

    I am telling people this so they do not fall victim to these people, as soon as my contract ends I will move to another internet provider.

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  • V
      Sep 15, 2008
    Virgin Media - broadband online deal
    virgin media
    England, Tyne and Wear
    United Kingdom

    Recently virgin had a online deal for broadband only(10MB) for £16 per month on a twelve month contract rising to £24 per month after 12months. £30 installation charge minus £10 for online order. This offer specified online that it would expire on the 31st July 2017. I signed up on the 21st July 2017, the soonest available installation date they gave me was the 1st august. You're probably already guessing what happens next. Yep, my first bill came in and i was charged at the current rate £18 per month and this is only for the first six months of the twelve month contract rising to £24 per month after that. I have rang them, e-mailed them and wrote to them, specifying that i signed up online to the deal prior to the 1st august. no joy. Imagine purchasing a DVD, for example, then when you receive it in the post the company informs you that they have put their prices up and you must pay more. its ###ing ludicrous.

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  • D
      Nov 05, 2008

    I agree with your coments 100%
    I have had identical problems with usage policies that where not explained to me when i decided to go with virgin,
    Like yourself I do not down load lots of films and music ect but occasionally it is nice to be able to do this. and I have been restricted twice now in about 4 months without warning. especially at peak times when you need that extra download speed just to open up some of the web pages to read them. And it takes forever.
    It is disgracefull by virgin to say that there service is unlimited when in fact they restrict your usage from day one. I pay the XL Package of £37.00 and i may as well have bought the £10 package instead, Virgin are taking our money under false pretences,
    I have complained to virgin going through all the complaints form as our friend has done and i too have heard nothing back from them.
    I and my wife use virgin mobile too and we were in fact going to use the virgin tv package too but now we have agreed to move over to another service provider with everything and leave Virgin media completely. maybe if enough of us do this Virgin will get the message to stop lying to its customers using the small print as a desguise.

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  • D
      Nov 20, 2008
    Virgin Media - Inappropriate Customer Service
    Virgin Media
    Scotland, Strathclyde
    United Kingdom

    I have recently phoned Virgin Media about their pricing differences between new customers and existing customers. However this staff member from their "Retention Department" kept on telling my self to "hold on a minute" in order to let her explain, she frequently did not want me to finish my sentence so that she can start explaining. Is this really appropriate, she could have at least said please or wait till Im finish rather than interrupting.

    I do appreciate it is not her fault about the pricing. However, I feel as though she is treating me like a 10 year kid because she said "im not going to argue over these silly points" with all the words in the english dictionary, she could have chosen more appropriate words. She is basically trying to say that I'm silly. I said I am going to cancel the subscription and she seem to didn't care at all because she said she can do it now and also referred me to the virgin website. Looks like Richard Branson's Virgin ethos of "good customer service" isn't living up to it standards, as staff aren't able to address customers properly. I wasn't being abusive nor nasty, Virgin can always check back on their call records. I suppose this is only a minor problem but I don't appreciate being treated like a kid.

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  • A
      Nov 28, 2008

    i have had enough of them also but im not going to get another i.s.p and a stupid bill by british telecom for excessive line rentals if i did. iM STUCK AND BEING ROBBED AT SAME TIME.

    The thing that is so annoying is in the posts below for me.

    1)Every time i ring they think im indian and put me to a call centre where they can help saying there nothing they can do for me.

    2)if i dont pay by direct debit i have to pay a extra 5 pounds on top: sorry its my bank account why do i need to pay extra for the privillge? or 35 pounds if the direct debit fails to bank!? thats not fair to customers.
    3) i cannot download even a pdf document in the time it takes, on my mates connections he gets his in seconds i have to wait five mins (2mb my ### more like 2kbs a second)

    4) there quick to remind me my bill for internet is needed but even quicker to add money to my account like a 10 pound pentilty fee if i dont pay: most times they said they have refunded me this charge but just to see my bill higher the next month? even if i pay on time and the e-billing on website always logs me off or wont connect to pay them?

    5 they said when i joned i would have a virgin media addy but im stuck with flipping ntlworld address. so annoying

    6) no notice for capping! grrr why am i paying for a connection of 24 pounds when i should be 18 quid and for that price without line rental inc. i cud be shafted for a 8mb adsl connection with b.t

    any one know how i can get these problems resloved then email me at current addy


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  • M
      Feb 16, 2009
    Virgin Media - Old Bill dating back to NTL/2003
    England, Northamptonshire
    United Kingdom

    Back in 2017, I had an account with NTL. Due to their appalling and chaotic billing and collection system (including deducting monthly payments twice, losing payments, crediting my payments to someone elses account etc. etc.) I decided to close my account with them and move to Sky. I duly wrote to them giving the required 30 days notice.

    Imagine my suprise (not) when I received letters saying that no monthly payment had been received and requesting immediate payment. I contacted NTL who told me that they had no record of my letter and that they would sort matters out and close the account as requested. Lo and behold, another month went by and another letter arrived asking for payment, threatning disconnection (a bit late for that) and placng the 'debt' in the hands of a collection agency. Despite numerous phone calls and being passed from pillar to post, this error on the part of NTL was never sorted out, I have had conversations with a debt collection agency who accepted that I was no longer a customer of NTL and that there was no point in them taking the matter forward.

    To hammer this point home, I have had no contact with any debt recovery firm on this matter since that time. If this was a legitimate claim then surely they would have carried on pursuing the debt?

    Fast forward 6 years and I am interested in getting my TV service from the Virgin Media Group. But hang on; what's this? There's a debt of £70.87 still showing against my address. The very helpful chap in the Virgin shop in Northmpton called 3 times in the space of 15 minutes as he kept getting cut off. He was told to tell me to call the laughingly named 'help-line' number and to ask for collections. I duly called the number (twice - got cut off the first time). The person I spoke to, who had all the customer service skills of Pol Pot, wasn't interested in solving the problem and that if I wasn't going to pay the outstanding debt then there was nothing she could (or would) do.

    I would have to write to head office as they were the only people who could do anything. There is no phone number I could call to speak to anyone on (maybe they should try getting a line installed by Talk Talk who offer free UK calls 24/7 unlike VM).

    As far as I can tell after 6 happy and blissfull years of not having to deal with this company, it seems to me that the accounts and customer service side of the Virgin Media business is just the same people who were in accounts and customer service with NTL. Their reputation as a bunch of dunderheads who couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery is very well deserved. I have a feeling that I am destined to continue my relaionship with Mr Murdock.

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  • M
      Mar 11, 2009

    I have posted this elsewhere but given the comments here post to let people know that I have taken legal action against Virgin Media in the Scottish courts.

    A long term customer with Telewest, my troubles began once VM took them over. After careful scrutiny, unilateral restriction of services is not allowed in my contract with VM. They cannot "throttle", "restrict" or "manage" my bandwidth at any time, for any reason, unless they show just cause, i.e. that they have notified me that I have done something wrong and shown why. It is the same for everyone.

    As a developer of Internet services, with technically capable professional friends providing feedback about anything I am unsure of (very little), I have no doubt about my claim. Nor do Virgin Media, for they have admitted their practices. In spite of that, and receiving writs during last autumn, and although having internal and external legal professionals working for them, they had failed to lodge defences when the case first called on 4th March. The court gave them three weeks to provide me with defences.

    The outcome of this case may have significant impact on reimbursement by Virgin Media for services contracted but not received.

    I shall report progress. Meantime, I am interested in hearing from anyone who has taken logs of their service, and the times they experienced throttling.

    There's obviously a lot of dissatisfaction about throttling. Curiously, no person has taken action in court before now. Perhaps this case will equalise the contractual relationship between VM and their customers. It's good for VM too, for with BT about to compete on even terms with their own cable network taking the "bully" out of the bullies will gain them a better client base.

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  • J
      May 26, 2009
    Virgin Media - Virgin make life hell.
    Virgin Media
    Wales, West Glamorgan
    United Kingdom

    Virgin media are one of the worst companies i have ever dealt with. some friends and i recently rented a property together for university accommodation and signed up for their largest internet service - 20mb and have for the past year only received a 3mb average. when split between 5 people in the house this connection is clearly not sufficient. we have spoken to them nearly every week and told them everything that is happening, but they just dont care. their answer is always 'oh weve just reset your connection you will have to wait 24 hours for it to work.' if you have to do that everytime there is a problem then you are forever waiting...

    a 3mb connection really isnt on considering the cost that we pay for a 20mb connection

    dont ever go with virgin media they just dont care about customers.

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  • E
      Jun 02, 2009
    United States

    I have a virgin media phone and broadband for over a year. no problems since i hada a call free tv as u are a valued customer i said no no no as i have SKY they still sent and i asked them i dont need it they said its free (free view) i said i dont want it they said open it connect it and downgrade it from XL TV to free view thats the only way and u know wot i was paying 21 pounds for broadband and phone line after this so called free tv it went to 44 pounds as its XL TV and i complained about 15 times i have 5-6 recordings lasted more then hours each and they changed it to 29 pounds than finally 21 but now what i am bound into another 12 months contract while i made them clear i am planing to relocate in 3 months time and at new address there are no virgin media services so i will be paying for no service how unfair the system is and belive me BY GOD the customer services lie to you about anything they say you something and the very next guy tells you no there isnt any such thing mentioned on your account.

    i am still fighting i intend to write one last written formal complaint than i will take it to FSA or court if i have to,

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  • Z
      Aug 06, 2009
    Virgin Media - customer service
    the east company
    16 burb close
    leamington spa
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom


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  • T
      Sep 17, 2009
    Virgin Media - Awful service and everything else
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom


    Mr Jonathan Webb is managing Director

    Virgin Media Headquarters
    Bartley Wood Business Park
    Bartley Way
    RG27 9UP

    I had so many problems with virgin so I am so angry with them and write him few weeks ago letter myself.. so will se what with he will come back. But I am sure if we all put our complains together so he can see himself how bad things are!!!

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  • B
      Oct 21, 2009
    Virgin Media - Simply disgusting
    Virgin Media
    United States

    I have been being billed by virgin media since August last year even though I told them to disconnect me as I had switched to Sky. They did disconnect my services but continued to charge me for these services monthly. I have just rang again to complain and have been told that there is nothing they can do and I have to pay them?The debt for the bill has also gone to a dect collection agency who are harassing me by ringing me at work! The most disgusting and absolutely unbelievable thing about this is that 'TABS' the rep that I spoke to (well thats the name he gave me and refused to give me his surname.He said it was virgin media's policy that staff don't give there names out over the phone! Although he did tell me when I last rang to complain I spoke to Debbie Heslop?) Anyway, he said that if I had returned to them for my services before 22/01/09 I would have been credited the amount due on my bill as I hadn't actually received any services?!!

    I changed to Sky because of the awful service I had from Virgin when I was with them, but have suffered an awful lot worse treatment since!! I'm a single mum and do not need the hassle especially this time of year when money's tight anyway.

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  • G
      Oct 23, 2009
    Virgin Media - Stay away
    Virgin Media
    United States

    Unfortunately I am still a Virgin Media customer since September 2017. We (me and my flatmates) applied for Virgin media broadband services in September last year. We have been sent the initial package containing the modem and the rest of the set up equipment. When ordering this over the phone, the Virgin media sales person has advised me that the set up is very easy and it's not necessary to book a technician for that but if I want to he can send a technician to set it up for us at a cost of £30.00. I agreed that if it is really that simple to set up, we won't need a technician. The initial payment was meant to be £75.00 which was the first month charge of £37.50 and an extra month payment in advance, so when we would disconnect we wouldn't have to pay for the last month. I was advised that when we set up the wireless modem and connection we have to phone up Virgin and activate our account and I wouldn't be charged at any time if the account wasn't activated and the first payment would be taken a month from the activation date.

    When we received the initial package, we set the modem up and with a laptop at hand I phoned Virgin to activate our account. Unfortunately the initial activation wasn't successful so I was passed to IT department who tried to solve the problem but their conclusion was that the modem was faulty and they would send a technician to have a look at it. This technician arrived at our house but unfortunately on a wrong date and not the one that was scheduled so we missed his visit. When I phoned Virgin again to try and resolve the problem they said they will send us a new modem so we can try to set it up again. Modem arrived and the same problem occurred. This carried on and after a month we received a bill of £110.00 which was charged from my account. Even though I was assured that we will not be charged anything until the broadband account is activated which has by the way never happened until now.

    I immediately cancelled my direct debit and when I phoned Virgin to get my money back they said they will credit me by providing the internet for free for the first two months. This has never happened because since then we have been sent 5 faulty modems with faults that have never been rectified. We had a number of different technicians coming to our house to resolve the issue which has never been resolved. I was charged £110.00 which I never got back and more bills followed after that but because I cancelled my direct debit, money didn't go out of my account anymore which is great on one side as I didn't lose more money but on the other hand it has now affected my credit check, as Virgin has passed the unpaid bills to credit control. They also blocked our broadband account so I am unable to disconnect it unless I pay another £83.00.

    I find this absolutely ridiculous considering I never ever had internet connection in my house and I was told I wouldn't be charged if they cannot provide the services which is also stated in their terms & conditions. I had to go through so much hassle with Virgin I would warn anyone who is thinking of signing up with them as it is a big trap and laugh in your face. As their compensation for the £110.00, I was offered a £10.00 refund but they couldn't do anything else. Every time I spoke to Virgin I had to use my mobile so my phone bills were sky high over £100.00 each month and by now I probably wasted around £500.00 on trying to sort this out.

    All I want now is a compensation for this disgraceful behaviour of a giant media provider who gives you false promises. I want £500.00 back as compensation and I want to disconnect from Virgin Media and hopefully never ever hear of them again.

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  • A
      Nov 03, 2009
    Virgin Media - paying for a service that have not fully supplied
    England, Devon
    United Kingdom

    i have been having trouble with the virgin broadband since having it installed in january 2017 we were first on 10mb and was never getting correct speed so we upgraded to 20mb still no difference by this time we had calledvirgin media at least 15 times a day as regaurds to the broadband issues only to be told it was my equipment that was effecting my broadband and was advised to upgrade my motherboard and advised yet again to upgrade to 50mb broadband as we would have no problem as it is on a different type of server so like a fool we upgraded to the 50mb and low and behold what happened we had the same problem and have it from jan 09 and its now nov 09 and when i tried to talk to them i was told that there is anything more they can do and if i tried leaving i would be in breach of contract any one got any ideas or have had simmilar problems please write to me on [protected]

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  • A
      Nov 03, 2009

    I agree, We've recently signed up to their 20mb service and were having similar problems. At first the service was ok, giving average speeds of 14mb, (apparently most companies quote the maximum speed, not the average) but after about 2 weeks, it went down to an average of 1mb. This wet on for about 3 weeks until they fixed up and got it back to normal. Being as naive as I am I thought that was the end of it, I couldn't have been more wrong.

    Yesterday virgin decided to cut off our broadband without warning, this has happened to everyone I know with virgin broadband on our street so its clearly not our fault.

    Adding salt to the wound, a friend of mine who lives about half a mile away had her virgin broadband cut off without warning last week for about 6 days. Like you, there are five of us here and I'm a multimedia student - which means high-speed internet is a necessity not a luxury.

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  • J
      Nov 06, 2009

    I sympathize. I have just gone through 2.5 months of hell trying to get Virginmedia to set up a phone and broadband for me. Their phone help-line is the worst I have ever come across and I have never got through to anyone useful without at least half an hour of nonsense. Their email helpline is just answered with cut-and-paste excuses for why they can't tell you anything and referring you to their phone helpline.

    This morning I have finally given up and tried to cancel the request for their services by email. Will they take any notice or just tell me I have to ring up? Who knows!

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  • D
      Nov 26, 2009

    i have my pc guard password written down, forgot it so got it out note book won, t accept it now. i no one thing i won, t be phoning the technical support a pound a minute!!!

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  • P
      Feb 01, 2010
    Virgin Media - Can't be bothered!
    Virgin Media
    Martlesham Heath
    England, East Anglia
    United Kingdom

    Today, February 1st 2017 at 09.00 hours I was able to get my Analogue Television to work on all 4 stations without any problems.

    By lunchtime the service was cut off and I was not able to tune my new Sony T.V to any station.

    I had to investigate this and by 20.00 hours, I assumed that our local Transmitter at Sudbury was having some work done, but having contacted the helpline, I was aware there had been no problems.

    I live in a block of flats, and so I spoke to two other tenents, who also had no Television signal.

    I then after some further investigations and phone calls, was informed that Virgin Media had withdrawn the service and we would no longer be able to receive our television signal!!!

    This information came from a Virgin Media Manager based in Colchester.

    Is this the way Virgin Media carry out there business.? No consultation or warning to give us the options to do something about it?

    The last count it has nowaffected 60 people, all of whom had no idea this was going to happen. We all thought it was a local Transmitter problem!

    It is disgusting and Richard Branson, can go fly a kite, as he has no idea how his vast empire is making more and more people hate the name Virgin...what can we do about it...nothing is all we are told!

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  • S
      Aug 27, 2010

    I knew that i had made a mistake within 20 mins i had the phone broadband and tv if i had been able to get hold of sky i would of gone back that day the TV service is a joke and also when you go on about the TV they harp on about their broadband i said look i am on there for 10 mins a day if that i am women and not interested in gadgets. They are more expensive than sky and at half the quality...THEY ARE RUBBISH AND THINK VERY HIGH ABOUT THEIR SERVICE OR LACK OF IT TALK ABOUT DELUSSIONAL !!! They added calls to make me stay but didnt tell me that it would extend my contract by 6 mths what a rip off

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