Village Inn Restaurantsmanager aisha ewald at the village inn in ankeny, iowa


Our family has frequented the Village Inn in Ankeny Iowa weekly since it opened.

We have enjoyed the menu variety, good quality, and friendliness of the staff. Turn over has been high the last several years, but that's the way things go sometimes.

Our complaint was the way a manager named Aisha Ewald handled our order that we have made WEEKLY since the introduction of your Early Bird Special. Since it began, the explanation of the special was one of the 4 entrees, one side, and either a salad, soup or piece of pie. We were encouraged through the years that this was a great deal because we could order any pie we wanted, not just the double crusted fruit pie that your normal Wednesday special offers. However, Aisha informed us and rather rudely at that, that we were only allowed the fruit pies no matter what we had been told through the years. We politely told her we would not frequent Villag Inn again. With the numerous fine restaurants in the Ankeny area, why would we frequent one with such poor customer service? After Aisha heard this, she sent our server to tell us we would be able to have the pie we had originally requested. She never apologized nor did she speak to us herself.

Our original statement stands. Both IHOP and Perkins are closer to our home than Village Inn. That is where we will be taking our business.

Thank you for your time,
David and Cheryl Pittman

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