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poor customer service

I have been trying all day and this evening to reschedule an appointment at Reading salon. The number doesn't...

Unethical, dishonest company. Deducting sessions from me without telling me!

Below is the letter I have sent to VG Medi Spa, Manchester. UK.
Im sure a lot of people have had problems with this company as this website suggests. Will keep you all updated, if they give me my session back ... not hoping for a miracle like!

I had an appointment for my laser hair removal on the dates 5th April 12.45 & 7th May 12pm

I was seen to by the therapist Dee, who had previously done my laser previous sessions before.
She commenced with the laser, on my face & my bikini & PA.
However, throughout chatting, Dee stopped half way up my left leg, after already had finishing my right leg. She proceeded to say that she wasn't have meant to laser my legs.
I did respond in the therapy room, that I'm not sure what procedure I have paid for, and to check.
Dee said it should be fine & she proceeded to finish the back of my legs.

I would like to make it clear that Dee at this particular moment in time, did not check the system to see what treatments I had paid for & what I was scheduled to have lasered.
Only after the treatment had finished and walked to reception, Dee had spoken with the receptionist and proceeded to tell me that the payment for the treatment for legs had to be taken.

I asked Dee why this was, and she commenced to say that my legs were not to have been lasered.
I work in the health profession field as a nurse. First and foremost, one thing we always adhere by is check and pause. This was a similar situation to what Dee was in.
I was told by Dee, whilst the receptionist sat by the desk that this payment needed to be made. Unfortunately, this time round, Dee wasn't the most pleasant & the tone of her voice definitely was more abrupt.
I left the salon feeling bullied into making a payment for something that I really should not have been coerced into in the first place.

Unfortunately, this isn't my job to check this, and there was no reason at the time, or this time for me to dishonest, as I wasn't the one holding the laser gun.

My 4th session of laser then followed on to the 7th May. Again, I had Dee for my session.
After treatment, Dee produced a list of treatments VG Medi spa offered at discounted in house rates. (Please see attached picture below).
Here was marked that I had 2 x sessions for bikini and PA. But only 1 x session for face, when I had only ever attended the clinic for both areas at the same time.

When questioned, Dee did not only explain, but abruptly said that my appointment undertaken on the 5th April, (for the mistake of her lasering my legs) was now deducted from my final 6x sessions of my face - now only leaving me with 5x sessions.

I understand that sales are large financial market in the beauty industry, but Dee was pushy and what I also found extremely rude, was the fact that the "discount offers" leaflet was shoved under my nose, with no say so.
Dare I say, the leaflet was almost to cover Dee's back in the fact that a mistake was made on her behalf on the 5th April, and with a paper copy, she was able to cover her back. It was a good job; I actually took the time to quickly read the paperwork presented to me.

Also may I add, whilst at the reception desk, Dee had walked back into the treatment room and brought out the iPad for me to sign for my leg session. Which I did sign, might I add. This was signed in good faith on my behalf - that the treatments I had paid for, where the ones I should have received. May, I re-iterate the words, treatment that I should, have received.
In my opinion to deduct the session for me that I had paid for, was a very underhanded approach and also extremely amateurish - as it was displayed to me on a discount offers leaflet by Dee, without any information that 1 x session was being deducted.

Unfortunately, this issue isn't my problem, yet I have spent time out of my day to write this email to complain about the staff and service I have received from VG Medi Spa. This is a training issue with staff, that they are not only not checking treatments which clients have paid for, but they are not cross checking it with patients - which is dishonest practice.

All documentation was signed by myself, in good faith and honestly that the treatments I had paid for, should have been the treatments that I received. Any additional treatments were not a fault of my own and under the care, and diligence of the therapist Dee, who regrettably did not check and in turn - hadn't carried out her job in the correct manner.

  • Ja
    Jayne02 Jul 05, 2019

    Please keep us posted, demand a full refund and then take them to small claims! Shocking business practice!

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fungal nail laser treatment

I've purchased a discounted packages of 6 treatment for my son's fungal nail infection for £300. I'm not...

laser hair removal

I purchased a voucher for 6 sessions of laser hair removal on the underarm through groupon back on 10th november 2018 and am still yet to have my first treatment almost 4 months later.

My appointments keep being cancelled, with my first one being cancelled as I was sat in the waiting room of the vg medispa. After this happened twice, I called and asked for a refund to which I was offered 2 complimentary sessions as compensation for the inconvenience, which I accepted. However two more times later my appointment has been cancelled and I am still yet to have my first treatment. I have called multiple times asking for a refund and was told to email customercare at vg medispa, which I did. I have now emailed twice asking for a refund and almost 3 weeks later I have still not had a response.

This service is utterly disgraceful and I want a refund for my £49 asap.

laser hair removal

It is with regret that I am corresponding in this manner, unfortunately I have received an unacceptable level...

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6 sessions of laser and 3 sessions of cellulite

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peel treatment

I had a peel treatment a few months ago. The therapist was running late and when ready for me decided to tell...

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laser treatment bikini area purchased through groupon

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rude unprofessional company

I paid £300 for six sessions of Laser Hair removal, the were very helpful to take the money, but rude and...


I have been trying to contact them for almost 2 months regarding my refund and left numerous messages (as noone ever answers) and sent emails, yet I still haven't heard back. The Fitzrovia branch never answer the phone nor do they respond to emails. Really bad customer service, this is not how paying customers should be treated. Beware of purchasing any treatment here and don't be tempted by the low prices/discounts offered.

  • El
    Elli Kelly Aug 24, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rude staff, i want a refund of 300 pounds, i havent started my treatment yet, how do i get refund, cause customer care are not repling to my emails. Please help.

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  • An
    A Nguyen Oct 17, 2018

    Same here, I've been trying to get my refund for 3 months now but still getting nowhere. What can we do?

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  • Ja
    Jayne02 Dec 15, 2018

    Has anyone had any luck with getting a refund?

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  • Ch
    CheatedCustomer1213 Jan 02, 2019

    Me too, I'm still waiting for the refund since October, I don't know what to do..

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  • Ad
    adele87 Jan 28, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    write letters and ask for refunds one send it to the manager of the vg medispa you went for the treatment and one send it to the berkeley square address, after you have done and still nothing contact consumer rights and they will help. im in same boat with you but im sure that consumer advisers right will help .
    hope this helps

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  • Em
    Emily firth Aug 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have paid for a few sessions (£379) I have only received one sessions (sept 2018) every time I go to book a session they cancel on me or there “completely full” now I try calling them and there isn’t any way to contact them every number seems to be cut off including there “shops” or main office

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unethical unprofessional uncaring service!

Appauling service. I was told my appointment for a derma roll would take 1 1/2 hrs. 1/2 for the numbing cream...

mole removal

Good morning, Below is a copy of what i sent to 'Loretta' the manager at Fitrovia on Friday 20th May; Good...

vgmedispa face lift

I bought 3 of this deal for myself and daughter. By mistake the wrong wowcher code was given so the woman called Julia based in Manchester tried to accuse my daughter of some kind of deceit. When I phoned them to explain and make the booking I was told that the deals I had bought did not have 90% off it was in fact only £30 off. I spoke to a vile ill mannered woman called Debbie who behaved like she wanted a fight. I told her I was reporting her to Wowcher and their Head Office. However on reading reviews its clear this is not a reputable company at all.

what a terrible place!

Is there anyone who worked for VGMediSpa? I just want to know how you were treated by your management.
I visited it five times and each time I attended five different people.
The staff is rude to people and to each other because they had no time to know each other better because of their crazy turnover.
Definitely, I will not visit this strange place again where everyone hates each other and is very unprofessional.

“nightmare customer service”

UPD: Still NOTHING!!! I have been to their Richmond brunch 3 times already. I have contacted their head office. I have send 10 or more e-mails to attract attention. NOTHING!!! I have nothing else left but to report them. Treating me like a $#*! for my own money!!!

Since 24th June I am trying to contact them in order to sort something out.
I have called more than 20 times and sent more than 30 e-mails. Silence!!! Total silence!!!
I've been to their office in Richmond and they keep saying that they don't have an access to a customer service.
Such a disappointment!!!

customer service & treatment.

This company is a crook company. Lacking in customer service. Atrocious and despicable customer service provided here.

If I could give this company no stars I would. Not only do they lack how to give basic customer care and customer service, but the treatments they are supposed to provide are needless to say not at all very effective.

Upon booking an appointment with them (The richmond branch) the long journey made me arrive later than expected to the appointment. Instead of doing the decent thing in actually rescheduling my appointment or simply providing the service for me in what time they could since it is a fairly quick process (Less than 20 minutes generally), I receive a backlash of the incredibly rude receptionist dressed in a headscarf who was both rude, arrogant and lacked basic customer service skills. After simply asking to be rescheduled or be seen, the supposed 'manager' (What kind of a company employs such an incompetent lady as manager anyway bewilders me!) was rude, ignored me repeatedly despite speaking to her, provided no viable solution for my scheduled appointment and inexplicably told me leave the premises. Not only that but she also raised her voice at me, spoke down to me in a very degrading manner, and was incredibly incredibly unprofessional. Whoever hired her did a very bad job, i'll tell you that.
Also fake smiling at a customer is not good customer service, simply smiling in such a forced fake way does not in any way constitute to good customer service.
Note to higher management: whoever that asian lady dressed in a headscarf was, you need to rehire yourself a new receptionist, and a manager. Another customer further down and many others have also complained about the incredibly lacking customer service provided here. You seriously need to hire the right people to be representing your clinic. Further to this, I have also been to the percy street clinic and the customer service and bad receptionists are no different to any of your branches.
The alma pixel treatment I had received at the percy street clinic left me burnt, red and swore for days. The lady suggested it would be effective for stretch marks but there was no notable difference in the area at all, just days of pain and burn to deal with. Also after having a consultation with another specialist she explained to me that whoever suggested this treatment to me was incredibly unskilled as they would have been using a very low pulse in the laser due to my skin having some melanin. This laser treatment is only ideal mostly for caucasian clients.

Go to this clinic at your own risk. This is not a place I would recommend to anyone! I am also a frequent customer for treatments (Being a beauty junkie myself) and I can definitely tell the good clinics from the crappy over-expensive lacking clinics and spa services out there. This is of the latter.
It just goes to show the importance of having quality employees to represent your services. Myself and many of the other customers who have provided highly negative reviews are the most truthful and most accurate, any positive reviews are absolutely fake as I can assure the service here is not even worthy of leaving a review.

Further to this, the company have a ridiculous policy of cancelling out your entire treatment if you arrive late. That is not good customer policy and as many others have also stated will really make you lose out on potentially valuable clients.
Adding to what I have just said, all the technicians in both the percy street clinic and the richmond (As others have stated) undoubtedly try to push you into purchasing extra sessions, they indirectly try to force clients to purchase sessions, by using very heavy sales techniques each session you go to to make you purchase extra sessions. It puts you off ever coming back.

It is no wonder that this company has all negative 1star reviews, another good reason to have checked the reviews and google reviews prior to attending. I can undoubtedly say I will not be returning here ever again, and I would strongly recommend others to not waste their money with this ridiculous excuse of a clinic.

my refund

Hi I sent the email below and was contacted by Karen customer service London a couple of days later she was very helpful and said she would have the refund processed . She said she would also find out what product s or treatments I could have free as compensation and would call me the next day . She hasn't called back I've not received my refund dispite I've send 10 emails to her since and calling every day I have had no response from her at all . I am very stressed and not impressed with the service recieved.

On 23 May 2017 at 18:02, baljit kaur wrote:
Hi I paid £275 for 5 sessions of carboxy injections in you Birmingham Branch on Friday 31 st Jully 2015 soon after this I was told the Machine had got damaged in transit from your Leeds Branch to Birmingham I waited and every few months tried to book an apptt but was told different versions of how you would be purchasing a new machine. Iv waited along time to find out Birmingham will no longer be doing this treatment anmore due to non purchase of a new machine. If i new this earlierI I would of asked to have this money reduced from a treatment I later paid for of £774.00 on 21.09 2015 for voluma and juv 2 0.5 mills. I feel i have been rather messed about and asked Birmingham branch for a refudn who have told me to email yourselves for my refund please can you advice on this ASAP.

Regards Baljit

service and treatment

I had an appointment book in at your Richmond branch for 5th April 2017 I am told first time entering the clinic you cannot be late to appointments if unable to attend ring 48hours before to change or you will be charged witch I full understand but yet on 3 occasions now during my 6sessions I have made my travel all the way to Richmond witch takes me an hour's drive to get there and no one be at the clinic this time there was only builders in the premises who told me that they were closed but yet I had no e-mail no phone call to tell me this after my drive so that's 1hour of my time not to mention the cost of petrol and parking I am just livid that a company like yours has no customer service at all. I always get e-mails with little reminders about my appointments so why would this time be any different does your company wothold there own policey by giving customers £50 back when your colleagues are no shows or when the clinic is closed and they fail to tell there clients? No they said on the phone they had a wrong number for me but that has never been an issue before now and do believe I am due some kind of compensation for my troubles it's only been 6 sessions so for me to have so much upset already is unexceptable and the treatment to be fair is not that good they rush you in then rush you out and always badger you to buy more session witch is not comforting at all but if a shambles of you ask me I would like to know what's going to be done about this please

my session was cancelled

I booked my first session at the end of April and recently I was contacted by someone from VGMediSpa and told that my session was cancelled!
They said that everything was already booked and if I still was interested in their service they had time only in late May!
They treated me with a total disrespect and that wasn't a nice thing to do.
When I made a session booking I was counting on that, but because of them being unprofessional I had to reschedule everything!
I will not use their service in the future, they are highly unprofessional and need to do something about that. I will find another and more reputable company.

laser soprano

I bought 6 sporano laser sessions with VGmedispa because they say I can have my first session in April. They book my patch test on the 11th and my first session on the 13th. Both has been cancel and they don't give me any other sessions until the end of may, when will be too late to have a treatment before Summer.

OF coruse they don't want to give me a refund, or any other solutions