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Sorbet facial hair removal cream kit

As we are in lockdown I decided to try the sorbet facial hair removal cream kit .
And it was such a disappointment and terrible experience.
I have used facial cream removers before and I have followed the instructions and had the product on for the minimum amount of time and the product burnt my upper lip area and now I have a permanent scar .The protecting balm was used as per the instructions and still it burnt me so bad.
Cannot believe what must be in this product to cause such quick and severe damage .

Makeup Service

Hi. I paid R350 for a full face of makeup at Sorbet Dunkeld. Although my makeup artist was a lovely woman, I was extremely dissatisfied with my makeup. I specified the look I wanted, even asking for alterations throughout the process as well as after, but I find that at a point like this, It is not a matter of opinion, it is tacky and unacceptable. I have gotten my nails done many times at Sorbet and have never been disappointed, so I realize this is likely not up to the standard that Sorbet always provides. Please contact me at catherine.north.[protected] for any further details or images. Thanks

Makeup Service

acrylic and polygel nails

I am extremely disappointed that you can pay so much for acrylic and/ poly gel nails & within a week they start chipping or completely popping off.
I will never go back to Sorbet.
I have tried 3 different salons in the Northern suburbs of JHB over the past 6 weeks & the quality is exceptionally bad. Every time they offer to re-do my nails free of charge, but it never lasts past just one week & acrylic is supposed to stay on for at least 3 weeks!
Strangely enough I never experienced this problem at the Greenstone branches, but the salons in the Northern suburbs is not up to the same standards.

biosculpture nails and bad service for follow up

Two weeks ago, I went in for a set of biosculpture nails. I was pleased with the outcome, but the next week 3...


I had a mini manicure at Sorbet Norwood last friday 24 January 2002. By the next morning three nails had...


I don't understand why this Sorbet will take 8am appointments when none of the therapists are here...

unprofessional service; unsatisfactory quality of treatment

I have emailed the Parkhurst Sorbet branch, and received no response since. The following is the email sent...

sorbet dry bar mall of the south

I booked a pedicure for myself and my mum on the 3rd January 2020 at 4pm.
My mum and I were on time, we entered the Dry Bar and stood at cashier area for more than 5 minutes before we were acknowledged and greeted.
We were then shown to our chairs but before we sat down we were told to select our nail polish color first.
The lady (no name tag), started with my feet, no introduction either. She didn't soak my feet and started working on me. My mum waited another 5 Minutes before someone started with her.
We were not offered any drinks.
Our feet were only soaked after nails were cleaned and feet were filed. The massage didn't not even last 2 mins for each foot.
Work was substandard.
Because we aren't regulars none of the staff were friendly.


I did my nails at sorbet on the 23rd, I showed them a pic that they said that they can do, so I trusted their...

Sorbet Group

deep clean facial environment

Good day I am now sooo disappointed. When I walked out of the beauty shop I cried. I booked for a deep...

enquiries and general service

I have been trying to call Sorbet Hout Bay since 4:30pm yesterday 19th Dec.The calls are NEVER answered and unable to leave a message because of a full inbox.Contacted Customer service and was transferred to a cellphone with 1 of the consultants at Hout Bay by the name of Bulelwa. She promised to call me back but it is now 6 hours later...with no call from Bulelwa.Have contacted customer services again and was told they wpuld send an email to call me. Have also been calling the listed Hout Bay number again and it's been engaged and then no answer...the customer service sucks and there is clearly no sense of urgency regarding my query.


Nightmare experience... My first experience with Sorbet, birthday present from my sister. Made booking, when arriving, the booking was not correct after I confirmed booking. (only pedi booked and not mani) very rude service, had to reschedule my whole day and cancel my plans. I was not properly informed of specials and available treatments. Not a happy customer at all... And this being my first which should of been special as it was intended as to be a treat for birthday, turning out to just be a nightmare. May I please recommend that customers are properly informed when being helped as well as the sms notification should also briefly specify what the booking is i.e. 12/12/2019 at 11:00 for pedi & mani at sorbet shop. Hope to hear from you and that this could eliminate the frastration and super bad experience I had with sorbet for all future customers. Kind regards Natasja [protected]

ugly nails

Was my first time doing nails, so went to visit centurion mall to pamper myself for my birthday not knowing...

bad quality acrylic on hands and gelish on feet

Spent 3 hours to get ugly nails on 25/11. I am sitting with the ugliest treatment on my hands. My feet are...

chipped nails after pedicure

I really enjoy sorbet pedicures, the ladies are always lovely and the treatments are a treat. I was just...

service and product

After attending a appointment for a Medipedipaint this morning at 9 o'clock I'm now having to remove my nail...

Sorbet Group

[Resolved] manicure with attitude

I normally go to Sorbet Valley View and in all honesty I get great service but this time the nail technician...

lash extension removal

I'm a loyal sorbet customer specifically the one in Paulshof. I went in for a Hollywood wax as well as a lash...


Good day,

I would like to formally lay a complaint with the way my eyelashes were installed:

The ladies accommodated me on the last minute, I will commend them for that.

The lady who installed my lashes is from Espson down Sorbet, had my eyes shut for longer than 1:30, I informed her that my left eye is getting strained and could she please lift the it up a bit so that I can open my eye. She said I needed to wait as the glue was still getting dry.

She processed to finish and packed away all her items, while my eye was still shut and in excruciating pain.

When I left the salon, she didn't give what she promised on how to take care of my eyelashes she didn't do that. They have all now fallen off, unprovoked.

My eyes where red for 3 days and needed to used eye drops as I needed to go to a function the Saturday.

I must say I'm very disappointed and will never recommend anybody to come through the store.

My eyes even today still feels a bit of strain when I wake up in the morning.

Really you need to train your people well, if they will handling such sensitive areas of the face.

Date: Thursday 24 October, time was 4:30pm

nails and eyebrow wax

I had my nails done yesterday at 10 o'clock at your Sorbet Greenacres branch I am very disappointed in how my...

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gel nails

I did my nails at dainfern and the next day i had bubbles and the nails chipped.. so i decided to try another...

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pedicure with attitude.

I made an appointment for a pedicure and manicure at the Constantia branch of Sorbet They wanted to do it...

gelish toes and hands

I had my hands and toes done, i only paid for my hands as my i was disappointed with my toes after having...

I am complaining about the lack hospitality with which I was addressed

I entered the store to purchase a face moisturizer and was rudely told that the store is closed by what I'm...

air flow and old products

The shop inside Cradlestone mall is particularly small with no ventilation! I went in for an express mani and...

very unfriendly and rude receptionist

The receptionist that sits at the front at Sorbet Lonehill has no idea how to treat customers and is very...


Good day I went to Sorbet in Vaal Mall to do eyebrow and lash tint, upon arrival I was introduced to Pam and...

Sorbet Vaal Mall

gelish nails done poorly

This is my second time I have done gelish nails at Sorbet and each time was very disappointing. The first...

nail treatment

Sorbet Hayfields -a week gone by and owner still has not contacted me. Issues with tips falling of for at...

service and unclear payment

To whom it may concern, i would like to request a refund for treatment done on the 30th May i had an...

Sorbet Group

unhappy with my gelish nails; rushed service

27/04/2019 Eastgate sorbet; Appointment was at 16:00 I have to say that in the 1 year that I've been getting...

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Good day.
My cousin and I visited the Hillcrest store for pedicures. Everything was fine at first and then suddenly all went downhill. My cousins technician kept making a mess of her gelish and she asked her really nicely to please fix 2 toes. After that the technicians attitude was appalling! I asked my lady to please file my feet a lot . She completely ignored me. She didn't even remove the skin around my toes or cuticles. 1 day later my feet look like they hadn't even had a pedi and we booked the power hour! Power hour of painting toes more like it! Needless to say all this for R500.00 (including the previous gelish soaked off) what a rip off! I'm fuming! Sorbet you need to come to the party on this one as I don't think I will be returning if you keep on disappointing! My feet need a pedi after the pedi!!!


veaudry flat iron

Goodday I took my 2 daughters to the sorbet dry bar Mitchell's plain on Saturday 16 March at 1pm n 3pm...

Sorbet Group

overbookings & lack of customer care

I made an appointment last Friday at Sorbet Douglasdale for 4 people at 14.00pm for pedicures . We got there...

totally unprofessional treatment by therapist

Good day, Therapist Memory was very poor. She treated me roughly during treatment, no greeting nothing...

nail bar

Hi. I got a treatment done at Sorbet Camps Bay on Friday, February 8th. I was getting a fill done. The lady...

Sorbet Group

reception girls attitude

On Saturday 02/02/19 my friend had booked us a quickie mani. The appointment was for 9:00am, we were 20min...

wastes my time like it means nothing to them

Sorbet town square makes my appointments and almost always cancels or tries to rechdule them like I have...

poor customer service

Good day I am very disappointed in the service received from Sorbet on the 25 January 2019. I called Sorbet...

mani and pedi

After making booking via phone, and on arrival at the frontdesk, the receptionist was unsure that I had...

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