Pure Medical Spa Complaints & Reviews

Pure Medical Spa / Fraxel & microneedling

Jan 30, 2017

I went to Pure Medical Spa to rejuvenate my skin and ended up scarred. The first procedureIi had was the Fraxel. After the procedure my face was burnt and full of puss-filled blisters. New wrinkles appeared after my skin finally healed. I was told that I must have received a "REALLY GOOD...

Pure Medical Spa / The server was horrible, a nightmare

Dec 30, 2016

This company should be shut down all they do is take people money with no results, I went to Pure Med Spa Seven months ago to get Botox I paid for but never got, I paid $3.500 dollars phaxell to clear of the dark spots still there, all I got from that was burn skin and pain, I took 6...

Pure Medical Spa / Terrible (fraudulent) business practices

May 10, 2016

My nightmare with Pure Med Spa has been going on for almost a year. I went in last June with a Groupon for a certain service. The "consultant" told me I was not a candidate for that service, and suggested I have the lipo done instead. She quoted me a price of $6000, told me they offered...

Pure Medical Spa / Laser Hair Removal

Apr 26, 2016

Terrible service! Never go there. Being a health spa the technicians do not read the notes as to what settings on the machine hurt the patient etc. I was sold an unlimited package (upto 12 treatments) and the spa pushed out my scheduled appointment and ended up not finishing the treatment...

Pure Medical Spa / Avoid like the plague

Aug 31, 2012

I had paid for laser hair remova of 500.00$ for 8 treatments. only received one treatment. I called to schedule the next and no answer. I went to the mall to find out what was going on and there was nothing but a note on the front from sherrifs dept to not tresspass. So they will leave...

Pure Medical Spa / Never told me that they were closing they have my money


I have had hair removal at Pure med spa and facial I have had no problems the safe was very perfesional. Once that was done they asked if I every had botex done and told them no. The said they they can do injections and fills around my face forhead, eye area and mouth for $800, I I said I...

Pure Medical Spa / Down Right Dishonest


I went into the local Wesfield Mall, pretty large mall, to the Brite Smile store. Brite Smile use to be Pure Med Spas and still holds the same name online. I got a free consultation for a photo facial package. The consultant told me that my skin tone was too dark and the photofacial...

Pure Medical Spa / Charged for service and they closed without refund


I paid for 6 treatment of Laser hair removal They closed their doors without notice or even a phone call. I tried and left numerous messages, emailed through web site and nothing. I feel like a fool falling for it

Pure Medical Spa / Take Your Money


Hi, I had paid for laser hair remova of 500.00$ for 8 treatments. only received one treatment. I called to schedule the next and no answer. I went to the mall to find out what was going on and there was nothing but a note on the front from sherrifs dept to not tresspass. So they will leave...

Pure Medical Spa / Paid in full and company disappeared


I walked passed the pure med spa location at valley fair 2 days ago only to find out they were no longer there. After my discovery I tried to call other locations and their corporate offices but the numbers have been disconnected. I purchased a laser hair removal package and paid in full...

Pure Medical Spa / Services never rec'd - Money Stolen


I too have been a victim of the Orland Park IL Pure Med Spa after being told the end of December I had to pay ahead of time before my appt. a month later to receive dysport. And I paid the $280 requested with a debit bank card. When I showed up for my appt. the office was SHUT DOWN, and a...

Pure Medical Spa / Company closed!


The only reason I found out that this place had closed was because I was shopping at Valley Fair and noticed that all the lights were off and the doors were closed at the facility. I went up to the door and they had some kind of police report on the window. So I Googled it and came to find...

Pure Medical Spa / Paid for treatment - company disappeared


I called them today to get my already paid for $300 photo facial. No answer. It looks like they disappeared without honoring or refunding anyone's money. Super. ###. yes - i will file any class action suit. im calling my credit card company and trying to see if i can get the charge...

Pure Medical Spa / No Refund of $5,000


I purchased a laser hair removal package which I have been using throughout 2009. I had an appointment today and the doors were closed. The door had a Police note to leave the premises. I have no idea who to call, where to go, and how to get the money back that I paid upfront for a service...

Pure Medical Spa / Refusing to honor credit


The Pure Med Spa in Walnut Creek, CA offered a sale on Dysport injections so I purchased $900 in units in October. They cancelled an appointment I had made for February because they "had not yet received their shipment" and suggested I reschedule at a later time. Recently, I called several...

Pure Medical Spa / I went to my appt, and they were closed


After paying in full ($1500.00) for six laser hair removal treatments, I showed up for my second appointment with Pure Med Spa Laser Hair Removal in the Redondo Beach Galleria only to find they were closed and the telephone disconnected. The mall information desk said the mall manager...

Pure Medical Spa / Can't Get Another Appointment


I have called Pure Med Spa three times in the last three days asking them to call me back for an appointment. I have yet to hear from them. Based on the comments I have read about this place I may never hear from them. I am half way through with my lasar treatment ($579) and fear that I...

Pure Medical Spa / Closed Locations Fraud Prepay Services


I purchased teeth whitening (pre pay) and received no services and now all SO CA locations are closed, website is down and no messages when you call individual locations. Please let us know how to file creditor claim for bankrupt company

Pure Medical Spa / STORE CLOSED DOWN


My daughter wanted to have facial hair lasered and I purchased a six treatment package from Pure Med Spa in the Promenade Mall, Temecula, CA, naturally paying in full for the treatments. My daughter had her first two treatments, with the third treatment scheduled. When she went to Pure Med...



My husband went to the Galleria Mall location to purchase a laser hair removal package for me for a gift, because I was always complaining about my femstache. He said the guy was really rude and said it was $300.00 for 1 session. He knew 1 session would not be sufficient so a girl who...

Pure Medical Spa / shotty procedure


i don't even know if anyone is still reading these posts because as i can see, many of these complaints have been posted a year or more ago. anyways, i almost cried reading these posts because until today, this is the first time i am seeing such a long list of people that have been...

Pure Medical Spa / Not paying employees


I am a recent former employee of Pure and I want to warn any prospective client of the dangers of investing your money with them. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT prepay for ANY services with them. Not even a Groupon. They are one step from filing for bankruptcy, AGAIN. I very much enjoyed working...

Pure Medical Spa / Took my money and closed down


I am very dissapointed in PURE MED SPA, I paid 2, 700.00 dollars in Sacramento CA. I trusted the place because it was in Downtown plaza mall, the staff was real friendly while trying to sell the packet to me but it all turned around. They basicly discounted it like half the amount of what...

Pure Medical Spa / Unprofessional and Unkowledgable Service


Michelle at Pure Med Spa just lost a customer for being repeatedly rude on the phone and now essentially hanging up on me when I asked to reschedule an appointment for an earlier time. One or two 'off' days are unstandable but three tells me Pure does not want my business so I am...

Pure Medical Spa / unethical business practices


This company is unethical and probably illegal. I understand no refund policies, but when salespeople recommend inappropriate products, and an MD isn't the one who sees you, and then you have adverse side effects ethical companies would stop treatment and refund (yes, I know...

brite smile aka brite smile / lip enhancement



Pure Medical Spa / Laser Hair Removal


I went in to Pure med Spa for laser hair removal, because I done research on the pricing of other places and since it was in the summer it was cheaper then most other places for Laser Hair removal in San Diego. Well after paying like 2, 000 dollars for 6 treatments most of my hair just...

Pure Medical Spa / Liars and No Refunds for Products they Don't Have


Company sold me a gift certificate for a product they can no longer provide and have lied to me for over 2 months. They refuse to refund the amount of the gift certificate. If you are interested in filing a class action law suit, please contact me at [protected].

Pure Medical Spa / refund


I purchased a package from Pure Med Spa that includes three 1540 fractional laser treatments. I found out the following day that this laser was not safe and did not live up to its advertising hype which Pure Med Spa claims. I was also told by the owner and nurse of another spa that thi...

Pure Medical Spa / Bad customer svc


This compnay is a fraud. They have gone through 8 managers in the last year alone. The managers will sell you packages and then the regional manager who is really stupid and unqualified (his name is JT) will take all the services awaya nd will refuse to refund anything. It is a company...

Pure Medical Spa / Malpractice/Negligents 90% Facial Burned


I received a fractional laser treatment for age spot of around my face in April 2007 until my last visit in October 2007 that the nurse was negligent, no remorse nor the doctor that reprensented the corporation did not show any concern what had happen and that over a 14 months ago, and my...

Pure Medical Spa / poor customer service


I just got done with a year of laser hair removal treatments at Pure Med Spa. I am incredibly unsatisfied with this spa and the results. I wish I would have listened to my gut and gone to a more reputable place for this procedure. The employees were usually nice enough and seemed to want...

Pure Medical Spa / Ripped me Off $1000.00


Ripp-Off paid for services and was not given treatment. After rescheduling me several times for an appointment, Pure Med Spa determined that i wasn't a candidate for their services and told me i was due a refund that i never got. I need HELP!!! Please somebody contact me at [protected]

Pure Medical Spa / No refund policy


Beware, they will charge you $75.00 just to make an appointment and if you change your mind they will not give you a refund. Even if you give them plenty of notice, they said they are "unable" to process a refund in their store (funny, they can sure charge you plenty). After being...

Pure Medical Spa / My face was burned in a laser treatment


I received a fractional laser treatment (similar to Fraxel) of my lower face in February 2008, over three months ago, and my face is still red from the burns I received! I asked a lot of questions before the treatment, and I was told by both the nurse and the manager that my downtime would...

Pure Medical Spa / Beware of them

Beware of their "consultants". These are 20 something girls that really don't have proper knowledge to quote you on procedures. They billed me 9 days before my procedure and of course no refunds. When I went in for my procedure (botox and restylane) nearly everything I was told by the...