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Verizon Wirelessrip-off!

Back in April 2008, I signed up for a "free 30-day trial" of Verizon broadband to use strictly for internet access, which I was told was available in my area. I received the equipment and within a day discovered that I'm just outside the coverage area for broadband and so this solution would not work for me for internet access.

I promptly returned the equipment the same week (well within the 30 free trial) along with a signed letter requesting that they close the account. I did it that way because it is impossible to get a human being at Verizon on the phone and they don't include a "close my account" option in their phone menu.

I continued getting bills for the account, progressively higher each month. I talked to them on the phone no less than 3 times, explained that I verified with the post office that the equipment was delivered to them on 04/22/08, well within the 30 day free trial (they "lost" it). They continued to rack up charges, continued to send me bills and relentlessly called multiple times every day.

I wrote yet ANOTHER letter, explaining in detail all that had transpired and included copies of my first letter to them AND a copy of the receipt from the post office proving the date the package was delivered to them. I explained that they were trying to charge me for a SERVICE THEY COULD NOT PROVIDE, and that if they didn't clear the balance off my account and close it immediately, I would file formal complaints with both the BBB and MPSC.

These idiots are not only still sending me bills (to the tune of $322 now), but I just learned they have reported it to the credit agencies, which is going to royally screw me, as I am attempting to refinance my home!


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    Rebecca Jun 08, 2009

    I signed on for the $59.99 mobil broadband with Verizon wireless. The sales rep told my daughter and me that it was virtually "impossible" to exceed the 5GB allowance each month. Guess what, instead of paying $59.99 per month, I am getting bills to the tune of $550 per month. One month my laptop was in the shop for 3 weeks and somehow, according to Verizon, I went over the 5GB allowance. WTF??

    Additionally their bills are pages long and too voluminous to understand. They are major rip offs.

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    chrismanceras Jun 11, 2009

    I am going through what you are going through. I am currently being overcharged. I dont even download anything. I use my ip phone which the customer service representative says takes up lots of data and when I ask her how much data is being used up per minute when I use my IP phone she says she does not know, but yet they know how much they are charging me. I just dont see how me calling for 5 minutes is taking up so much data! And yet verizon cant explain how much data is being used whenever i use my Ip phone. And one more thing I was never warned by verizon that this service cant be used for IP phone service. And look they are already saying I have used up 2000 mb of data on 25 Jun 09 and its only the 10th of june 2009!! So there must be something going on here.

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    jhertz9148 Jul 07, 2009

    i sugeest the unlimited plan i think its 100.00? you can easily go over the 5gb plan i use my laptop all the time i hope this helps

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    Rebecca Oct 21, 2009

    According to Verizon for the mobil broadband there is not such thing as "unlimited". I finally gave up when they sent me a bill for $2, 300. Verizon is just like all the other US companies, they are too large for their own good and you get a different story depending on whom you speak with. There is no reason why they should charge such an outrageous amount. I switched to verizon internet at home and we have our wireless on our laptops thru the home edition and pay $19.95 per month.
    When verizon and others first came out with the mobile broadband they wasn't any excess usage charge. Once Verizon saw that the mobile broadband was going to be a hot item they started limited your's like the early days of cell phones, remember when it was .45 per min. same thing with the mobile broadband. Verizon and all huge congomerants suck these days. there is no such thing as customer service. they do have good commercials but it's all BS.

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