Verizon Wireless Is Racist And A Lousy Companyracism & injustice


Verizon Wireless, unknown to many; for years have been actively encouraging Racist Policies in their business, and discriminating against black men from gaining employment & or advancing to better positions!!

References: Protesters say Verizon Wireless is racist and the company is ...A vigorous protest against Verizon Wireless was launched on 9/27/10 with an angry mob chanting against a person whose name sounds like "Mike Alexander ...
.New Verizon Wireless Commercial Racist? | News and Now
Verizon has recently released a commercial that introduces us to an Italian Family called the Coloreo's that has been deemed as racist towards Italians. I will say ... - Cached

New Verizon Wireless Commercials Racist?
[Jan 22, 2009] Best Answer: I think we all conform to our respective stereotypes more than we like to admit... and that includes Italian Americans. ~ by budlight... ( 5 comments )

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