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Verizon Wirelessbilling

Verizon service is not good enough. Verizon charged me wrong on my bill when I upgraded my phone, upto over $280.00 which I should only paid around $90. I had called them so many times ( 9 times) from February till the March 12nd. Every time I called, it lasted approximately 1 hour because I had to wait for them to review my account, did adjustment, etc. However, I still had to make so many phone calls (9 times). The 10th time I call I was talking for over 2 hours, and people kept transfering me to other rep. ( I talked to 9 people withing that 2 hours.) I had to explain the issue so many times. Even I paid the right amount that Verizon asked me to pay every time, they still considered that I made a late payment . (I always pay 1 week before the due day)
As a loyal customer, this time I am extremely unhappy with their service. It costs me lots time to solve one simple issue. Verizon should pay me back for all the time I spent for this issue.


  • La
    laertius Apr 05, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently ported my telephone number from Verizon to another provider within the billing cycle, yet was charged for service by Verizon for the full cycle ... in this case, 19 days of service that they did not provide (my new provider did). In response to an FCC complaint on the matter, Verizon Wireless responded that their terms and conditions allow them to do this. The amount of money was not much, but when multiplied by the number of customers who leave their service every year, it no doubt provides VZW with tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars in revenue for services that they did not even provide. Caveat emptor when dealing with a company that would engage in such a shady and despicable practice. And if you are porting your number away from them, you might as well wait until the end of your billing cycle, so they are not getting away with gouging you for service provided by your new company.

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  • Dl
    DL82 Apr 14, 2013

    We have been with Verizon Wireless for years, but we recently changed our plan and they charged us for this month and next month, yet we will still be getting a bill for next month. How does work? Unfortunately we now have a new 2 contract, but as soon as its done we will be changing our provider. Not only did we pay for a new phone, but double our bill. I don't have an extra $600+ to spend for this ridiculous policy. Shame on your Verizon. You use to be a good service obviously money is more important then keeping your customer. We have friends and family who have Verizon and will also be most likely changing their provider for the same reason.

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  • Dl
    Dladams Nov 18, 2012

    I have been a verizon customer for 10 years. Recently i needed to downgrade service in order to save money. I mistakenly took the 10 dollar a month text plan off of my daughters cell plan. Realizing the mistake after a few days, I put the plan back in place for her, but what I thought was unlimited text was actually 1000 txt plan. There were overages galore. I got an 800 dollar cell phone bill. So I called them. I asked them what could be done to fix this situation, the offered to (of course) increase my monthly plan 30 dollars so that I would have unlimited and they could back date it, but it really would not touch my huge bill. I asked to speak with someone else. The person in "customer loyalty" seemed confused as to why I was questioning my bill and refused to help me. I have since switched carriers. They are now still billing me for 800 dollars. I need to lower this amount I can not afford it and am sick over what to do. I feel the way they billed me was unfair. They claimed we used 8000 txt messages that month, which I don't think is humanly possible. Please help.

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  • In
    Inbeat Jun 27, 2012

    Just received another bill from verizon for phone, internet, and tv due 7/31/12 already have a bill for the same service due 7/2/12 it is now 6/27/12. I called verizon service and was told this is the way it will be and blamed the FCC for it, I asked what bill do I pay and was told pay the $174.76 now and the subtract the $ 174 bill from the $346.28 due 7/31/12 and it should be ok, SHOULD BE OK? I asked if this was going to happen again and he said yes. No, it won't calling Cox in the morning.
    PS They wanted me to up grade my land line phone (we have very bad cell phone reception) to the new faster and inproved system, but I will now have to dial the area code for every call I make, I truly believe verizon is going backwards.

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  • D0
    D00 Jan 01, 2012

    Verzon biiling games! They suck

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  • Br
    brucedz Nov 07, 2011

    tried for over six hours to transfer 3 lines to one account for billing and management. Each day, each tech person (8 altogether that I spoke with) assures me it is done-but never is! Incompetence all the way up the chain - no one will take personal responsibility, calls back when promised, disconnected calls, etc. If my contracts were up I would leave Verizon -no company could be worse.

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  • Di
    Dimitri Jordan Oct 20, 2011

    Verizon cut my service off as I did make a payment in the amount of $110.00 dollars and was told that I would be charge a $15.00 reconnect fee. I need somebody help. Verizon wireless treats it customer like dogs. Do we have any rights in the USA againt company like Verizon.I called them and was told nothing pay or no service point blank.And then they hung up on me.

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  • My Aug 30, 2011

    Heath your probably not being charged for ignored unanswered calls, and Peter you have a weird unhelpful answer but thanks anyway.

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  • My Aug 26, 2011

    Verizon charging for unauthorized SMS Text messages and ignored/unanswered calls +1 .45 all calls happen to be during peak hours and are from odd unknown numbers that shouldn't even have my cell number. Also harassing calls for payment when only days late daily recorded messages during peak hours. Awful Financial Department reps are not customer friendly. Been with verizon a long time but they could care less and I'm sick of being treated like crap and paying all the extra charges for my grief!

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  • Qu
    Quintila Duran Apr 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am writing you this complaint because i was with Verizon service for more than 2 years and had lots of problems with them so i decided to stop my service with Verizon. i disconnected my service before my last billing cycle was up my billing started at February 25 and ends march 26, 2011 i stop my service march 11, 2011 and i was not told that i would still have to pay the full month i think that is a ripoff i am not saying i do not want to pay my bill i do but i only agree to pay until march 11, 2011 any other company only charges you until you last-day that you use the phone only i will not give money away for free. paying for days one does not use a phone it is a ripoff i talk to a supervisor perverse and the supervisor told me that if i would of told him the day i disconnected my service he would have fixed the problem how am i supposed to know that i does not mater i talk to someone i told them i wanted to disconnect my service i just want to be charge the correct price for the days i used my phone service and i will pay my bill please email me at [email protected] and i will tell you my account number thank you so much.

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  • Sc
    Scott Gilmour Feb 08, 2011

    I've had it with Verizon. For months now I've tried to resolve a billing/credit issue to no avail. The verizon folks I speak with effectively "lie", telling me that they will get something resolved and the resolution doesn't happen. Today was the final straw. After several attempts and a ridiculous amount of time trying to resolve an approximate $200 overcharge becuase "they" incorrectly set up my plan, I'm calling it quits. I'll take my $350 per month elsewhere. I can't remember when Verizon actually provided me with a correct billing.

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  • Se
    Sesamestick04 Dec 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called to cancel my service in July 2010, because I lost my job & couldn't afford to pay wireless service.
    The representative fast talked me into putting my account on hold explaining I had earned money so if I chose to continue my services at a later date I could use that money towards a new phone or etc... Months went by
    & I didn't know it but Verizon activated my wireless service. Next thing I know I receive a bill for $101.34.
    I called Verizon spoke with a rep., who told me yes we put your account on hold but you were suppose to call
    us in 3months if you no longer wanted the service. I explained I had no idea, I have no recollection of being told the account would automatically re-activate & I never used my computer. I told her to check my account she would clearly see I never used the service because I didn't know! I understand they hear heartfelt stories all the time but between loosing my job March 2009, I was also taking my mom for her radiation / chemo treatments from [protected]. She passed Nov 2010. I asked if there is ever any acception to delete these charges seeing I never used any minutes, etc.. I was Xferd & told by another rep that they would take off fifty some dollars, not sure of exact amount but I received another bill which didn't reflect that. I feel that I in good faith did not understand they would active my account and the charges should be dropped.

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  • Le
    Lelax Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last month I made four (4) cell phone calls outgoing and six (6) incoming. No data, no aircard, all local in US, on droid smartphone. Charges? $84 and change. Calling plan charges are listed at $25 and change. Verizon web site and billing info pages gives no option to view the itemized charges. Further, I have being paying at this rate for more than one year.

    These charges seem excessive for just 4 calls. Perhaps I need a new calling plan? or better yet, drop Verizon in favor of a less expensive alternative. Does anyone know of a better phone service in California? I know Time Warner cable offers home phone service. And for mobile calls I can switch to Skype and just carry my net book for wifi access. That should bring the cost down to $25 per month instead of $84. Any suggestions? Please post.

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  • Wo
    Wompa May 31, 2010

    short version please

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  • Em
    Emirii May 21, 2010

    Let me first say I am very disappointed with my "Verizon Wireless" account. Registering with you guys a year ago at a Circut City, the man that helped me set up my account and mostly everything up until January of 2010 have been wonderful. But a few months ago, I got fed up with my Motorola Q, which was junk. Dealing with a crappy phone for almost 1 year later I called to see if I could get 1 year pricing on a Droid for both my phones, because frankly these phones were piece of junk. And this is where it all began.

    I asked if I could get 1 year pricing on a new phone because i was only a week away from 1 year upgrade, the lady over the phone informed me that both the phones were still under warranty, and I could go to my local store and get an exchange just in case both our phones just "happen" to have the exact same problems (freezing, unreliable calls, "pixel screen"). Well, I took the phones to my local super Verizon store and they said there was nothing they could do with the phone because they were so old. Well, I was obviously frustrated, I called the Verizon support line back and got another employee, and they told me the same thing. Luckily the man who helped me on this was able to speak to the store manager and see what they could do, he comes back and tells me - oops! One hitch. They now can’t give me a new phone because the motorola Q is no longer being produced! So I ask if they can give me a different phone, and they said that they would be able to give me an HTC equivalent, which was fine with me as long it wasn’t a Q. So I go back to the store and what do I get? "Sorry, we can't do that". I called the Verizon support back AGAIN and the man finally talks to the manager and was able to give me 1 year pricing on a new phone (My EnV Touch).

    However, another hitch. My 2nd line, which I got THE SAME DAY as my first one, is not “upgradable” yet. That doesn’t make much sense does it Verizon? They would not give me 1 year pricing even though I was willing to spend another 200$ on the phone I had just shelled out for. Fed up, I sent in for a warranty replacement on my 2nd phone because that was “all they could do for me” sense they didn’t have a Motorola Q there, even though I was promised a HTC replacement over the phone from THE STORE. I waited 2 days and I received my new Motorola Q in the mail and sent the other one back. No problems there, but the phone still did the same old thing as my last (Freezed, pixilated, shut down randomly) Just as I had predicted. I went back to the store, and finally reasoned with them to give me another EnV Touch. I shelled out 200$ for that and was on my way.

    Two days later I received my new EnV Touch and a replacement mailer package to mail my old Motorola Q back.

    On the package there was instructions and a shipping label with a tracking number on it. I wrote down that number “[protected]” and sent it to a shipping reciprocal on January 27th, 2010. On February’s billing cycle, My bill was unusually high. I noticed there was an “equipment charge” for 79.99$ on there. I am wondering how they calculated it so fast, seeing as I sent it at the end of the month on January. I called the Verizon Support at *611 and got ahold of someone that informed me that they had not received my package in the warehouse. I understood the matter and the service informed me they would send out a request to look up the package to the warehouse by mail, as they had no form of phone contact to the warehouse and that it would take a week or so to get back at me. Satisfied with the service, I was to call back in a week.

    After the phone call during my daily commute I noticed that the facility that I had deposited the box was physically missing. Concerned I contacted Fedex directly about it. They had no Idea where the box went and they had no intentions of doing a recovery on the packages. This was very concerning considering not just MY valuables were in it, but other people’s too, which they are now lost possibly forever. A week passed and with my new information, called again. The lady I spoke with said that the mail got lost “rarely” and I should try back later. But I was not going to let her go so soon. I requested to speak with a supervisor, but she hesitated and kept “talking me out of it” until I explained that the box was physically not there, and that the tracking number was never registered. After I did get ahold of a so called “supervisor” she informed me that there was nothing they could do about the fee, and that it was the warehouses job to return the fee, and that they could not contact the warehouse directly and I would just have to wait for a response. She sent another form out to the warehouse for a search of the package. I knew good and well that the package would not be there, I just wanted the credit.

    I waited approximately another two weeks and called back. This time I spoke with a man and he informed me that the warehouse still has not responded. Knowing already, I requested to have the 79.99$ credited my account. Fedex not being responsible with their mail is in no way my fault. I have done my research with Fedex and Verizon, how they have a “compact” that if Fedex loses any of Verizon’s property, they have to pay for it. Now the box being physically disappeared is enough proof of Fedex’s responsibility for my package. This person tried to tell me that it was my fault the package was lost “if I even sent it in in the first place”. I was very frustrate at this commented proceeded to tell him what I knew, he choked up over it and said that “he knew that” and “that’s what I was trying to tell you”. After that, I spoke with another supervisor who actually understood that the box was gone, and that it was Fedex’s obligation to pay. She sent out a third letter to warehouse and said that she would contact me in a week whether or not there was any news on my account. I took her word trusting she wasn’t just saying this to get off of the 45 minute phone call and hung up.

    A week rolled around… two weeks rolled around… 5 weeks rolled around. Where was the supervisor’s phone call? None. My late fee was waived so I knew they were “working on it” but that 79.99$ was still on my bill, for a 10$ phone. I called once again and a man answered. He told me that in fact, no forms have ever been sent out from my account. My blood pressure rose to an all time high with this news. Either he was new and didn’t know how to check, or none of the past employees have actually helped me. After explaining my situation, again, he sent out a letter (again) to the warehouse, and supposedly “fedex headquarters”. I am seeing a trend. It just keeps getting better. I keep getting lied too, and all too just get me off the phone faster.

    Verizon, how long are you going to give me the run around for? 180 days so that I cannot dispute the charge anymore and you get your 79.99$ you stole from a hard working college student who was never late on her payments, who spent extra money on overpriced phones and 10$ a month extra on that phone? I say, I will never, EVER get your service again. I’d rather go without. And I will tell all of my family, friends, co-workers, and my whole website user base over multiple forums, that Verizon rips people off, lies over support, does not keep promises, and sells defective merchandise.

    I started my service in February 2009

    After a few months, I noticed my two identical phones were not working properly anymore

    I dealt with it til early January 2010 and decided to contact support and ask what my options were

    I was offered things over the phone that were promised to me over the phone, but the store person would not honor
    My first phone I was able to completely replace with 1 year pricing, they told me my second phone was SOL because its upgrade date was far away, even though I got the phones at the exact same time.

    They told me that they would have to give me a new phone on my second phone if I returned the defective one more than twice.

    I proceeded to return each phone i received til they gave me a new phone, which I eventually bought the same phone I bought for my 1st line.

    I sent in the return package of my last phone after receiving my new phone.

    Verizon never got the package and billed me for 79.99$, after discovering this I called them immediately
    1st call informed me to wait a few more weeks and call back, and I did
    2nd call said that fedex never got the tracking number, I called fexed personally but they were no help. Supposedly sent out a "form" for request of search for the package in the warehouse|
    I went to investigate the facility that I dropped off my package, and the reciprocal was completely gone
    Probably a call here and there in between, but the same runaround conversation took place.

    3rd call I stated that the whole drop box was gone, and the number was never registered. She sent another "form" for finding the package to the package and told me to wait a few weeks. Spoke to supervisor and gave me same information even after explaining that I wanted my money credited today, she would not.

    4th call I decided to wait extra long for them to "find" my missing package. I waited a whole month and a few days. The man stated that there was never any "forms" sent out and that he would be the first to do it. He even sent one to Fedex "again" and I explained that this would do no good, as this was the 5th call I had made about this issue, and that I had been lied to because each of them told me something different as to why they can't refund me the money.

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  • Tu
    tuliptwinkle Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a blackberry phone with unlimited talk/text and data usage. I am being charged $119.99 per month. Verizon lowered their price on this package to $89.99 per month. I pay through my phone and was not aware of this until I opened my paper statement. This has been going on for several months or longer. I contacted customer service and was told that Verizon does not automatically lower the customers fees when they lower charges. The customer must place an order for this. They credited my account $60 for two months, I would like for them to go back and credit my account $30 for each month this has been going on. Verizon has ripped me off. I was looking into upgrading my phone because I have the new every two program. My credit is presently $100. I am now told my credit will change to $30-$50 after this renewal because I am completing it after February 15, 2009. How am I supposed to upgrade before my 2 years is up? I would be penalized for this. I have been with Verizon for a long time and this is how I am treated!

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  • Ve
    Verizon Suckes Feb 17, 2010

    Verizon Wireless File A Complaint with the FCC, Federal Communications Commission or BBB, Better Business Bureau direct online filing against Verizon Wireless at EZ easy quick file for Verizon Wireless.

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