Verizon Fios TVcan't get the digital adapters


Verizon converted their FIOS cable TV to all digital a month ago. We need digital adapters to get their cable tv on the tv's without a set top box. They offered the adapters for free and we ordered them 2 months before the conversion. Since the 1st order we have ordered them 3 more times and have not yet received the adapters. The order keeps "disappearing". The problem seems to stem from the fact that we don't have a phone line through them. I am about ready to go back to Brighthouse!


  • Da
    daw Oct 12, 2008

    We have had the same experience. Have ordered the converter 6 times over the past 60 days. Still no converter.

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  • Mr
    Mr.Magoo Oct 30, 2009

    Why is it as soon as something is changed on broadcast TV (SD to HD, Analog to Digital) the cable companies are allowed to corner a market, charge a monthly fee for HD reception, adapters for digital for basic cable (Verizon Fios) and instalation charges. They want to provide a service and pick our pockets too. Why is it if my TV is HD Digital and all signals are digital and most are HD, I have to pay a monthly fee for an adapter and a box spacific to the provider to recieve digital and HD? What's next, adapters from each oil company to put gas in my vehicle? If I don't pay the monthly charge for that NO GAS!!!

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