Verizon DSLextremely bad customer service!


We purchased Verizon DSL and paid up front to have the service hooked up. When the day came to download and get the service running after many, many hours on the phone with a service tech the service was still not connected. We did get told that we would have a service ticket activated to have someone come out and help us. Well it has been two or three weeks later and yet no sign of anyone. So I called today and I was told that the note from the original service tech was incomplete so the "ticket" was cancelled. I asked her how this was our fault and what did that do to get the situation rectified and she just said "sorry". I then asked her why if I made an agreement for a bill of approximately $40.00 a month why was I charged a second time for $97.00 and she said "that department was closed". I asked to speak to her supervisor and I was told "they are busy" . I have come to two conclusions that one Verizon DSL has EXTREMELY bad customer service and two you will pay more for that EXTREMELY bad customer service and still not have service hooked up. In her defense she did say we could "Try" to trouble shoot and see if they could get me hooked up now. I asked her if she was crazy and said no we went to someone that could hook us up in a timely manner and with out the high costs and EXTREMELY bad customer service. The only problem I have now is getting my money back for a service that was NEVER provided.

Single Mom
Manchester, NH


  • Valerie Dec 08, 2006

    Verizon customer service agents are very nice, always apologize and always mentioned they cannot guarantee the order been placed, and always request money need to be guarantee paid on time.

    Verizon customer service agents can miss type the address from APT 1 to suite 2 or drop out the APT 1.

    Verizon customer service desk refuses to take the responsibility to correct mistakes they made, however they apologized.

    Verizon service center supervisor mis-read the information, can cancel order without customer knowledge, however, she apologized.

    In 2 weeks time, tons of apologies but end with DSL still not up and running.

    Why is Verizon still around????

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  • Valerie Dec 12, 2006

    I have had Verizon DSL for a little over a year and I can honestly say that it has worked for about 3 months total (not consecutively) within a 14 month time frame.

    I have spent more time on the phone with customer service that I have actually been able to use the DSL.

    The customer service aspect is absolutely horrendous and every time I called, according to customer service, they could not see anything wrong with the service and it was fine.

    Evidently I just like to sit on hold forever just to talk to someone at Verizon because I need to talk to someone. Or so they think.

    Also there is never a problem with the DSL service, it's always something that the consumer does that makes the service inoperable it's never Verizon's lousy product that is causing the issue.

    Iv'e heard some classic answers from customer service representatives. Anything from It's the filters that are faulty to it's an internal problem within my house or usually according to them the service is working fine even though the internet light on the modem is red and the DSL light is always blinking and never steady and I am unable to log on at all.

    Ocasionally when it does somehow miracuolously work for an hour or so, the speed is actually worse than dial up so what's the point.

    I have had three so-called trouble tickets opened where service techs came out to inspect the line and according to all of the service tickets that were opened the service was working fine. (still can't log in.

    The last time my service has worked was on November 5th and it only lasted two days and has not worked since even after repeated calls/trouble tickets and countless hours of wasted time on my behalf with customer service.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid a lot of unnecessary wasted time and frustration, find a different company for high speed internet.

    Verizon ought to be ashamed of themselves for peddling this half baked product before it was ready for market rollout.

    P.S. After the 19.99 a month for a year offer expires it goes to 37.99 for an unusable product.

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  • Lu
    Lumpy Dec 13, 2006

    I have stumbled across your site in my query to file a formal complaint against Verizon DSL services. As this seems like a great avenue to help others avoid a mistake, I am going to share my complaint.

    Since getting Verizon DSL a year ago, I have spent over 15 hours of my time on the phone being re-routed around the world by a company that seems to have no one available to handle negative complaints about their service.

    I have also had to give up my free time on days off, to wait for a technician to come, only to find out one was not needed.

    Verizon DSL speeds do not live up to their advertised speeds. The service when you are on it about 25% of the time is not true DSL speed, and is fraught with slow loading web pages. At other times, Verizon DSL fails to be accessible by the people that pay for its services, and when you call technical support, the only thing you usually get are insincere apologies, but not quick resolution to your problems.

    On 12/12/06, for a reason unknown to anyone at Verizon DSL, I again lost my ability to access the internet. When I called Verizon, after 30 minutes, talking with 5 people I didn't want to talk with, being rerouted to representatives who didn't even speak the English language, I finally reached a supervisor who confirmed that the problem was not on my end but a trouble ticket would be placed. After 5 hours, I called Verizon again wanting to know when this problem would be resolved, was rerouted 6 more times, and ended up knowing as much as I knew from the first time I called Verizon, which was nothing other than they have 24-48 hours to address as issue, and that I can be without internet service for that time. Yet, each month I get a bill charging me a price for a service, which I have to pay whether they give that service or not.

    I also get the frustration of knowing that Verizon support is just as frustrating as their service.

    Verizon has gotten too big to care about delivering a service, and from dealing with their support staff, it is very obvious that they could care if their customers are satisfied.

    Thanks for taking the information.

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  • Yu
    yurma Jan 04, 2007

    I just want to add that same happened to me. But I found on the Internet Verizon hidden phone numbers that you can call and get resolutions better and faster. Here is the link

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  • Al
    Albanet Jan 10, 2007

    Date: January 9th, 2007

    On December 19, 2006, I ordered dry loop DSL from Verizon. The DSL kit was delivered on December 20, 2006 and they informed me via automated response that my service will be ready on December 27, 2006. On that date the service was not delivered.

    I called Verizon customer service and they told me that DSL service readiness was rescheduled for January 8, 2007 due to wiring issues. On January 8th, 2007 the delivery status of my DSL from Verizon remained in pending status with no explanation where the problem resides. Today, on January 9th, 2007 I called Verizon customer service and complained about my DSL service and asked them to provide me with details as to why my DSL service fails to be delivered. No answers from Verizon –but rather ‘we are experiencing problem with hardware equipment’. On January 10, 2007, I called Verizon DSL customer service and my DSL service remains in pending status. When I asked them to talk to the VP of that department concerning this issue their response was: “there is no VP at this department”. I feel like going to a restaurant order the food and have the waitress coming back saying: “sorry, I took your order but we do not have the stove to cook your meal –please wait until we purchase new equipment/hardware”!!!

    Verizon is selling DSL service and taking orders but they cannot deliver DSL service. It is of high concern to me to see Verizon a century old established company to operate on this mode. At the end, I would like FCC to review this case with Verizon and provide me with Broadband service required about a month ago.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 02, 2007

    Verizon Sucks, PERIOD.

    I tried several months ago to get DSL service, for 7 years I have waited for service and now when I go to the verizon website and enter my number I get "congratulations, DSL service is available on this number".

    Or is it?

    I got my confirmation, a few days later I got my modem and start date, 10 days later I get an e-mail saying, sorry, DSL service is not available to your number! So I send the junk back and wait, a couple of days pass and I check my number on there site again, this time its not available. So several months pass and I happened to check my phone bill online and it told me again I could get DSL, I called one of there pushy sales reps who told me to go for it! so I did, I got my confirmation e-mail again, I got my equipment again and 6 days later I got the "DSL IS NOT AVAILABLE" e-mail.

    Why do they play head games with people, I am not that far outside of a BIG university town of more then 23,000 students, guess where the DSL/FIOS is... So I pay the same amount as anyone in town for my phone service, in 7 years I know they have had 2 major upgrades, one to DSL and the other to FIOS, I still sit with a Dial Up connection, but verizon wants to offer me dial up, is that an insult or what?

    Verizon like most other corporations needs to be broken up and made smaller, its obvious they cannot or will not talk or listen to there customers, even 3rd world countries have DSL.

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  • Te
    terri germ Feb 05, 2008

    I am currently still on hold trying after one hour attempting to speak with customer service about billing charges. I can not beleive this, and this is what they call customer service. I am cancelling all services with verizion today

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  • Ci
    cindy smith Feb 14, 2008

    Verizon needs to be shut down, fined and made to reimburse all customers everything they ever paid. Would like to start class-action law-suit against them, turn them into BBB and PSC. They can't continue to keep getting away with it. They only allow dial-up where I live tho I went thru the same thing by a pushy , rude rep., telling me DSL is available, only to stay here all day and find a no-show by them, and get told they never offered me DSL!! GRRR. LIARS!!

    Why/ how do they get away with it?

    Most of the reps don't even speak or hear English clearly, they get rude and some get pretty obnoxious, I figure the rude ones know they are not being recorded. I have spent hours, then days on their phone-cube,
    only to get no place with them. ALL their services suck. Billing sux as well cuz they delayed billing, so I always have an extra $5.00 late fee. How many thousands get that so they make big profits from fees like that , which are their fault.???? ARRRGGGGGGHHH.
    I have to redial and redial and redial many times, just to get a connection better than 12.6 kbps. usually winding up with 24kbps. The few times I get 26.4kbps or a couple times a whopping 28.8kbps.. only to have limited access ( ? local- only, huh?) and cannot get ON THE INTERNET at all, HUH?
    I hope an attorney willing to take on companies such as this sees our complaints and gets a class action lawsuit going against them. Companies such as them are one reason this country has so many companies getting richer and individuals being sent to the poorhouse... my goodness, they need to be stopped.

    VERIZON needs to be pushed out of business, maybe by a nationwide boycott,eh?

    Cindy ( EXTREMELY disgusted with verizon!!!

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  • Ge
    Gerald P. Guerra May 29, 2008

    verizon dsl service is poor. verizon had an outgage where I live a couple of weeks ago, it totally messed up my verizon dsl and getting online. plus on verizon news room & opinion polls, the polls come already answered. verizon needs to send someone to my house to fix the mess they made me on verizon.

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  • Je
    Jerry May 29, 2008

    Verizon dsl service is very poor! They had an outgage in my area a couple of weeks ago, it totally messed up mu verizon dsl. Have a hard time getting online and it messed up verizon news room & opinoin poll. Verizon should send someone to my home to get this mess straightened out.

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  • Go
    gonna complain Jun 20, 2008

    Verizon has some serious issues, I found some info at about them also.

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  • Go
    gonna complain Jun 20, 2008

    I forgot to add this.. has lists of phone numbers and e-mails to verizons CEO's

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  • Je
    Jesse Rentfrow Sep 04, 2008

    I ordered Verizon because I was fed up with Comcast. Needles to say Verizon's customer service problems dwarf Comcast’s. I had an appointment for connection, which was scheduled between 9-5; which is 8 hours. The installer never showed up. Thsi was a wasted day for me. I called them to cpmplain and they transfered me to a phone sex hotline (I couldn't make this up if I tried). I then called back and they needed my new number to look up my account information. Well me being a new customer I couldn't remember my number, because I hadn’t used it yet. It seems like companies would have the capabilities to look me up by name, social sec, ect.

    I told the lady this and she got very rude with me saying that that it’s not their fault that I forgot my number. As you can imagine, I was quite amused at their incompetence by this time. I asked the lady if I could speak to her manager and the manager was rude and reiterated what the other lady had said. This just made me a little more irritated, because they were trying to rationalize their own employee’s stupidity by blaming me for not remembering the number. As a last resort, I asked this person if there was any one else I could speak to and she said no. I can’t believe I was talking to the CEO of VerizonJ I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. Just to let you know I stuck with Comcast, because they were the only other service offered. I hope Verizon goes under and the employees that I spoke with become homeless, suicidal addicts.

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Nov 21, 2008

    In July 2008, I changed from Verizon to Comcast, I called Verizon to cancel my service, despite the cancelation I still received a bill for August, so I wrote them a letter, In september I was still billed, they did not cancel my service but they billed for August and September as well, I send another letter to them, I received a bill in October, they canceled my service but still billed for August and September. In November I got a call from a collection agency, they put me on hold for 45 min to tell me that Verizon wants their money or they will put this in my credit history. Verizon does have terrible business practices. Some day they will want to be bailed out by the government for banckrupsy

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  • He
    Hezaa Jan 27, 2009

    I am currently battling Verizon over a cancellation they promised me last year. I am fighting to get my money back, and to make sure I do not get billed again!

    I am looking into filing a class action lawsuit against them.

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  • Ed
    Edmond Blais Feb 16, 2010

    I just spoke with a women named Heather in the Andover office. I purchased the insurance protection with Verizon for the tv's in my home. After making arrangements to have a service company remove the tv to see if it could be repaired if not replaced. When the service person arrived he said he could not take the tv off the wall because it is liabiltiy so
    my husband and I helped. I called the repair company 5 days later and they said Verizon has yet to approve the needed parts. The whole process took about 3 weeks. I just called and spoke to Heather for a reasonable adjustment. She started off very sweet then offered me 15.99 for the non use of the box in the bedroom. When I disagreed with her she brought up different situations. Then she starting yelling at me. I ultimately terminated the call because she had me so upset I could not continue the conversation.. Customer service is one of the lousiest I have ever experienced in my entire life..

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  • Bl
    blackdiscompose Mar 19, 2010

    There are a lot of things that affect the work has agents and the customers do not understand. In my reply to:
    Single Mom
    Manchester, NH
    First of all, u can't pay "up front" to have the service hooked up, because it is a NEW service. Every new service has something called a SERVICE READY DATE or known as SRD. Verizon can ONLY start charging the customer once the SRD is ACTIVE or COMPLETE.
    Second of all, why on earth were you on the phone with Tech support or the way you call it "Service Tech?" for "many, many" hours, if the Sales Dept. provided you with the SRD? This information is provided to every customer by a Sales rep. everytime a new account is open. By the way ALL the SALES reps are located in the US. Getting back to what i was saying, AFTER a tkt is opened by an agent from tech support, it is escalated to DISPATCH or MCO..both of these depts. are from other countries found in the middle east or somewhere over there..they are very stubborn and rude people including to the agents that work for Verizon. When the agents call them or chat with them, they dont provide the information that the agents needs to answer the customer's questions. Agents can only say "Sorry, sorry and sorry", like idiots because they are told to say that in training. I .agree, it is very stupid, but that all comes from corporation.
    Now something else that bother's me is that they told you "that department was closed", that can only make me think that you were calling on the wrong hours or days. So i guess, that was YOUR fault, not theirs!
    EVERY call gets monitored by Verizon, so I can assure that NO agent is allowed to deny the supervisor for whatever reason and even if they did, they probably offered you a callback. I think ANY agent would be pleased to give the call to the supervisor, especially if the customer is an ###!
    With all this I have come with 2 conclusions, that Customer's don't really understand that sometimes they dont think of the agents. They think of themselves and regardless if that agent has to go through a lot, they arent going to understand it because some agent go beyond what their dept. does. Customers dont understand that agents get paid less and Verizon Corporation demands more than what they are paying for. Customers do not understand that maybe, just maybe that agent that is helping u at that moment is going through a rough time too and cant miss work or his salary is going to get affected. Customers do not understand that even though they are paying for a service, is not ALL up to the tech support dept. to answer ALL their questions., there are a lot of things that come in to play and i dont have enough room to type it all.
    And last but not least...ALL CUSTOMERS are always going to ### about anything and everything, no matter how you TRY to help them..they just wont care for the other person on the other side.

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  • Ba
    balistaus Oct 29, 2010

    I been a customer for nearly 3 years now and due to those time, my dsl occasionally down for a couple of times. One of the call i had, the CSR insisted that something wrong with my pc, which is impossible since i have 2 pc and a laptop so i give up and hear what she have to said. She told me the generic stuff you do when your DSL down, like "how to talk/response to customer when they complain about their dsl down" or something like that. The other called i made resulting of i responding to the CSR "i will just wait till it magically work again"(which is that what exactly what happen) and his response is "ok sir". The lesson i learn from them is, they don't know what they doing and they will blame customer's equipment first to get rid of the customer or end the call. When my contract end, i will be so happy lolz and will never EVER get Verizon DSL.

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  • Bs
    BStahl Nov 10, 2010

    I share the same frustrations as most of the people who have posted here. I have spent the past 3 weeks trying to resolve our DSL issues with Verizon and to practically no avail. I certainly do not feel victorious when after 6 hours worth of calls (mostly spent on hold) I have barely been granted a visit from a service technician. Decidedly, the most frustrating part of the whole process is that whenever the incompetent tech support person I was on the line with would transfer me to "someone who can help" the quality of the call got worse and worse so that by the time I was speaking with the "person who could help" I couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear me. When I finally got someone to understand this and physically get their supervisor on the line without transferring the call, they begrudgingly said they would send out an order to dispatch to have a technician come to my house. I have never in my life dealt with a company so inept! And apparently they know it because they provide absolutely no recourse in the form of a complaint bureau or contact phone number to the President's office. Even their link to send an email complaint via the website mysteriously doesn't work from my home. Wow Verizon, if only it were possible to get service from anyone else in this neck of the woods.

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  • Ta
    Tashawhit Dec 07, 2010

    I have been treated better by credit collection companies than Verizons Customer Service. I spent 2 hours on the phone to get someone to take back their modem. You need a phone jack in your home to use their modems, I do not have a phone jack in my home, so you would think this would be simple. THey can put in a phone jack or take back their product...NOOOOO. I was told "to bad for you" and when I asked to speak with a Supervisor I was given the run around and around. I dont think there are any Supervisors at Verizon. I promise to spread the news to everone I know to drop ANY and all Verizon services.

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  • Er
    eric12345nyc Jul 01, 2011

    Verizon DSL has horrible customer service. They cannot resolve simple modem issue after 2 hours on the phone. Gave me a complete run around. I had to call 4 times and the issue is still not resolved. Stay away from Verizon dsl.

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  • Pe
    Pedro Dixon Jul 21, 2011

    Every time My Verizon DSL Becomes Past Due? Why does my DSL have the need to go "Haywire". Why, do I need to re-boot it each time it fails to connect to the Internet! At first I thought it was my DSL malfunctioning. Then my neighbor told me the Verizon switches your service to a Termination Server which causes various interruptions in your service until you pay on your account. If this is true, Verizon this is a disgraced! Causing such horrible service to our customer is enough to force them to another DSL Provider. This may be intentional service harassment to force payment or the customer to speak to Customer Service. I did notice once I bring my account current the DSL B.S. :(

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  • Pi
    pissedgus Jul 22, 2011

    dsl modem bought about 6 months ago gets hot and shuts down until it cools off verizon was to send a replacement to my home address, the towel head i spoke to was told "do not send it to my PO box ups does not and will not deliver there" well guess where they send it, correct my PO box. Now i am screwed as all next week i will be out of state and not home to receive the moden they are going to re-sent to my physical location, i told them i would not be home to receive it, think it made a difference ? it didn't they are shipping it anyways, what a bunch of idiots this extremly large corporation hires to do tech support, billing ect... I'm done with them, i am cancelling dsl, land and cell service all of a sudden they become nice not wanting to loose "ANOTHER" customer and offered the modem at no cost, well i am gonna have them ship it, upon arrival i will refuse so they have to pay return freight and then cancell all services

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