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connection problems!

Slightly less than a year ago, we had Verizon FIOS Internet service installed. The installation went...

verizon fios is the worst in customer service from 0 to 10, definitely, they have a zero!

Verizon FIOS is the worst in customer Service from 0 to 10, definitely, they have a ZERO. I have had it for almost a year and because of the ISP/Phone/TV it’s great, I keep it.

1- Every time I called, they had a hard time finding my account, they had assigned a number but when the looked at the number they had a different phone number in my account and the real number I have was under another person’s name.
2- I ordered a second line in my house to use it as a dedicated fax, I gave up on it, they could NEVER take me to the right person to get it installed.
3- I have a TV box that did not work properly and has not been used for the last 5 months (it has a MAC address that can prove it has not been used. They have issued several pick up orders, once they called from a nearby city saying they were too busy to come and pick it up. Other times they say they’re coming from 8am to 5pm (what a nice time window ha), they NEVER came to pick it up. I requested to be removed from my account and I am still paying for it. There have been times when they say they will send a UPS prepaid box for me to send it to them, that NEVER happened. I asked if I could drop it any store, they said that either they pick it up or the prepaid UPS like I said, I am still paying for it.
4- The router they provided has broken up 3 times in one year, it took a LONG time for me to talk to the right person and get it replaced. The worst of all, the first time they replaced I was billed like $ 175.00 for it; they credited it to my account later, after hours on the phone.
5- I could not pay for almost 5 months, I was sent to collection after 5 months, I did not receive a paper bill and could never get technical support to go online a modify my online account manager. At long last, they had to DELETE my online account manager to be able to solve the problem.
6- I regretted having FIOS and wanted to go back to DSL, guess what; my account CANNOT go back to DSL, once I became FIOS, NO WAY TO GO BACK, I call it MONOPOLY.
7- I have spent time, long hours on the phone trying to solve problems and it is not easy. I have planned to take action against them, I am working on it. Why Don’t I change??? That’s not the point.

  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Mar 04, 2008

    Dear Mister Soriano:

    If you feel that you are not being treated fairly, how about contacting Verizon Corporate Office in New York? I believe it's listed in their website in the section "contact us". I wish you the best with resolving these issues.


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I recevied an automated telephone call on Sunday, March 2nd, thanking us for ordering FIOS internet service. Here is the problem no one in my home ordered the service. On Monday, March 3rd, upon returning home from work I see painted one-call markings on my yard. I called Verizon immediately and after going through the endless computer prostitute voice prompts i finally got a hold of a real person.

After telling him the situation he looked into the situation but could not answer who ordered this or when it was ordered. He transfered me to another division and after waiting again, that person could not answer any of the questions either. He could only tell me that the order was either placed over the internet or by a door to door salesperson. He assured me though that the order was canceled. Wow, now i am thinking of identity theft. Now is when this gets good.

The one-call dig marks were done on 3/3/08. However, the person from customer service said the scheduled installation was not until 4/12/08. Being in the industry, I know you only have 10 days from the utility mark outs to start the project.

Today, March 4, 2008, a utility company came and tried to mark out my property. After telling them my situation and that i canceled the "order" they informed me that Verizon has been doing this type of thing in our area for some time now. If you do not call and cancel the order, they go ahead and install the FIOS service.

This action is unacceptable!!!

  • Pm
    PMG, Cherry Hill, NJ Jul 11, 2008


    A door to door salesperson convinced us to move FiOS with the promise of the $200 AMEX Gift Card promotion. We called after the installation as instructed about when the card would arrive. In the first call, the Verizon representation said she would take care of it and that we should call back if we didn't receive it in 2 weeks. Two weeks later, we called again because the card did not arrive. This time we were told we didn't qualify for the promotion because it ended May 1st. But I pointed out that we placed the order on April 26th. They came back and said we didn't qualify because our internet speed had to be 20/20. When I objected that it was the not what the salesperson had told us, a manager came on and told us we didn't qualify because it was for new FiOS customers only. We had Verizon phone service - although it was not FiOS.

    I am dumbfounded that Verizon would use deceptive marketing to sign up customers but that is exactly what they are doing. Verizon hired only one company to send out door to door salespeople to sell FiOS. If salespeople are screwing up, that's a problem for Verison to handle. The bottom lime is that Verizon is repsonsible as if these employees were their own.

    I am now seeking Verizon to refund the activiation fee for their Internet service and pay the activiation fee for our moving back to Comcast. I am moving all of my services from Verizon, including our cell phones.

    By the way, Verizon FiOS has very limited HD as compared to Comcast. I'm sure they'll catch up - but at the moment moving to FiOS TV was a step backward, although the picture is a little better.

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scam billing!

I took fios internet and fios telephone service from verizon with two year agreement. I encountered problem one after the another. first one: there are offers going on online orders. I stay in john f kennedy blvd. if I use my address to search and order, my residence will not be listed in verizon site. I came to know that we have to use "jf kennedy blvd" and for jersey city I have to use "j cy".

Because of all this confusion with their system, I asked the customer service for details. the person at service desk also accepted the problem and offered to help me out. but I checked with him, and he confirms that I am eligible for all online offers even if I order thru phone. billing cycle for me is 16th of every month. I took connection on dec 22, 2007.

First month bill came: included all hidden charges. later I called customer service for about 4 times and 20 minutes each time to reverse the charges. this bill included all the charges till feb 16, 2008. I overpaid.

I moved to new location in the same street on jan 28, 2008. they confirmed that there won’t be any moving related charges. I received second bill till mar 16, 2008. summary of the bill is 8 page. erratic billing. I know that reaching verizon customer service is taboo, so I took off for office as I cannot speak for hours in office. billing department and customer service will be available only during weekdays and from morning 8 to 5pm.

For one month charge of $64.99 + taxes, I got bill for $144. later I came to know from customer representative that these are due to charges that I already paid. they charged from the date I moved to new location without considering that I already paid till end of next month.

I waited for 1 hour and 30 minutes to reverse the charges and then I decided to disconnect the service. I cannot spend every month hours to rectify the bill charges. when I connected to customer service, I directly asked for disconnection department. the account manager accepted the charges and reversed the amount totally.

This didn’t ended here, after reversing the charges, they put a note for disconnection to my internet on friday evening. I couldn’t connect to internet at 6:00pm, then when I inquired at customer service, to my surprise, my account is flagged for disconnection...

Later for the whole weekend, I left in house with our internet connection and as usual I called customer service on monday morning as usual, I was there in call for almost an hour in morning and get that resolved after creating new order.

I am very confident about verizon billing system that this is going to continue for coming months.

  • Ge
    Gerald Vadas Aug 02, 2008

    Experian refuses to investigate my inacccurate information to the highest standard. They have no signature on file, nor no proof of document on file. I am very distress since the have this item on my credit report. I am planning a class act action law suit. They ignore my complaint everytime I file a complaint.

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terrible everything!

I have been dealing with customer service for months now, they never call you back when they promise to, you...

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poor customer service and tech support!

This is a copy of a letter I sent...

I ordered a bundle service package from verizon on 12/27/07. directtv came out immediately and set up my cable service. as of today, march 3, 2008 I still do not have internet service and phone service. I have called numerous times and have been put on hold for up to 32 minutes without one person picking up to ask me to hold. I have requested tech support and service calls which none have been useful. the techs say that the phone is fine but I see the phone line hanging off the outside wall and it shows that it is cut. I requested for a technician to come out and the tech called and told me he would be out on a saturday. now 3 saturdays in a row he has not shown, and when I call he says that he is sorry, that he forgot.

I do not see it fit to be billed for services that as of today still do not work. I will be more than happy to pay the bill for my cable and keep that service going. as for the verizon internet and verizon phone service I am requesting immediate cancellation of service. I cannot continue to be treated so poorly and put off so many times. I have never experienced such poor service in my life. this has been a very disappointing experience with your company.

  • Sh
    sharon Apr 08, 2008

    I agree. My Verizon phone and internet has been out for 5 days. I was told someone would be here no later than today at 7:00 pm. It is now 7:02 pm and I now have serious doubts that they will keep their word. I have made numerous calls to repair to try to speed things up. No luck. I did find out that they do not have enough technicians to handle the fious and their regular customer repair looad. Do they want to make a name for themselves that Comcast has made with their extremely poor customer service and support? Seems to me like both companies don't mind spending loads of money on their advertising that says that they work hard for their great customer service that they provide. There should be a law for companies this big lying to the public about falsly representing themselves as dependable and offering great customer care when in fact they don't.

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terrible customer service!

I switched to FIOS a few months ago. Verizon has the WORST customer service of any company I've ever...

false advertizement - poor service

To make it simple - first they offered a free TV - almost 2 months have gone by since I had the service installed - no TV no confirmation letter.
2nd - numerous issuse with the setup, when I called is was a joke, like talking to a wall. No wonder this contry is going down the toilet. Big Companies always sell the sizzle, but 9 out of 10 times have noting in the frying pan, they can say ad do what ever they want with no liability, the Goverment can not or will not do anything to ensure they deliver what they say, and the Consumer has no recorse.

  • Br
    Brett Roberts Mar 25, 2008

    I worked for Verizon completely in the rebate department. I have since quit because I could not deal with lying to customers day in and day out. They told us to lie to the customers and say that we had taken their information down and forward it to our supervisors which we did take the info down, but we never gave it to anybody. The information sit in a database that never gets touched by verizon. Oh yeah I actually didn't work for verizon I worked for a stupid staffing agency that worked for a third party call center that works for Verizon so really your talking to a fourth party company that can do nothing for you. I suggest everybody cancel service. Unfortunately this is rather difficult because once you are locked in you have to pay a stupid canncelation fee. In the long run you will be happier to have gotten out of your contract because verizon has the worst customer service out of any company i've ever known.

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  • El
    elaine falini Apr 01, 2008

    this makes me so agry Dec 2007 I was promised a 19" TV no mention of a letter. January--Febuary - March I have made at least 15 attempts to get this offer I am so agry I am going to scream I hang up after I have given them my full info knowing the TV is coming it is so funny I am a jerk to believe this I was really looking forward to this offer////I will not give up HELP HLP

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  • Sa
    Sam Kaiser Apr 07, 2008

    I too signed up for Verizon Fios and was promised a $200 Best Buy Gift card. First I did not get a confirmation letter and had to call for that. I called the number supplied and got a confirmation number for my gift card and guess what? My 2-4 weeks has passed and I called and was told "the cards are on back order" and it will be another 2-4 weeks. This is absolutely unacceptable for a company the size of Verizon to offer a promotion theat they cannot deliver. How friggin hard can it be for an employee to go to Best Buy and pick up the promised cards. I think they are hoping that people forget or give up. I will not do either.

    I am very unhappy.

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  • Li
    lisa May 13, 2008

    I ordered my verizon fios nov of 07 it is May 08 and still no tv. They give me the run around every time. i am canceling and switching back to Cablevision. they said they would pay my cancelation fee if i switch back to them. They are better with customer service anyhow. just contacted 7 on your side, and they have heard from a lot of people regarding this. I bet a class action lawsuit will be in the near future. Just wait people..u will see.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Dahlin May 31, 2008

    Welcome to the world of the promise of a free TV and not getting one. I ordered my bundle package in February 2008 with the promise of a free 19" HD TV. I also never received a letter and when I checked on it, found out I had not registered online. The agent took care of this for me and promised everything was okay and I would receive my new TV in 4-6 weeks. I just checked on the status of my new TV and was told it has been escalated to a camcorder because there are NO TVs left. My order was placed on 5/21 which is not my fault and the promotions department no longer has any TVs left. I protested and was rudely told in so many words to live with it. I threatened to cancel my service and was promptly told I would be charged an early termination fee. I said I was not getting the service I was paying for. She said I was being sent a comparable product and was being given service even if it was not the service I was expecting, I was being serviced.

    The second part of this story is that I have a set-top DVR box that I am being charged for that was mailed to me well over a month ago with an HD cable. I cannot hook that box up to my current TV because it is NOT an HD TV. So I have been patiently waiting on the new TV. I have been told I could go to Radio Shack and purchase a cable, which I tried and they did not have, but I should not have to purchase the stupid cable. Tech support tried to get the order department to mail me the cable but they couldn't do that either for some crazy reason. So I just decided to wait on the TV. Well now that the TV is now not coming I called tech support to set up an appointment to have someone come out and hook up the DVR box to my old TV. Well, after 45 minutes on hold, and a half hour with the technician, the department that sets up the orders for technicians to go out to the homes could not do it because I had the set-top box for more than a month. I thought I was going to scream at someone at this point. I had now been on the phone for over 3 hours. The technician then decided to transfer me to the complaints department as there was nothing more he could do. I was on hold for another 20 minutes, the phone rang and got disconnected.

    I took two Kava Kava capsules, calmed down and made another call to tech support. The next tech support person, David, great help, listened to my story, which I had to go all over again, then put me on hold while he told my story to his supervisor and the two of them got an appointment set up to get the box installed. Thank you David and thank your supervisor.

    The other issue I have had with Verizon is that I received a phone call within the first month of a notice to disconnect. I called and asked why. They said I hadn't paid my bill. I said I did not receive a bill and would be more than happy to pay the bill if I had it in my possession. I offered to pay it over the phone but there was a fee. They said I could go out online and pay it without extra charge. I went online to pay it but could not get registered because my account was set up via my phone number and I needed a password from customer service. Of course they were closed. So I had to pay over the phone and it cost $3.50 just to get the stupid bill paid so I would not get disconnected and suffer a reconnect fee.

    It has taken numerous phones calls, many hours waiting on hold, many requests over and over again for a hard copy phone bill and I am finally getting a phone bill in the mail. I just got a copy of March's phone bill on 5/21. Can you believe that. They claimed I was set up for online billing but when I checked with tech support they said I was NEVER set up for online billing and still am NOT. I just don't understand.

    Yes, I would like to see a class action lawsuit against Verizon. They just don't give a darn about their customers and kick us around like dogs. Good customer service is just not a part of Verizon (except for tech support) and Customer Service does not deliver what they promise. I think they tell you "yes we will" just to get you off their backs.

    I am stuck with this contract for two years and it burns me up. They have me in a corner. They don't have to do a thing to make me happy customer but I cannot do a thing when they don't deliver. It's unethical and they should be called on it. I am not the only customer that feels this way. When I talk to people about Verizon they all have a story that is not pleasant.

    Thank you all for listening...

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  • St
    Steve Jun 18, 2008

    I went for the Verizon deal last December of receiving FIOS internet, cable and landline service for $100/month with the added incentive of receiving a free 19” Sharp LCD TV.

    It then took 4 months and repeated phone calls with interminable wait times before we finally received the TV, only to find the set was defective (distorted picture and inoperable DVD player). I contacted Sharp since it has a 1 year warranty and they said they’d repair it and ship it back to me but I must pay for shipping to them.

    Pay $40-50 to UPS a “free gift” that's defective? No thanks, this should be their problem, not mine.

    After spending almost two hours on the phone being given the runaround from one department to another, each time waiting listening to muzac for a half hour, I finally go through to what seemed a reasonable person looking to help out. “Chris” took down the info on the TV model, its defects, and my email address and said I’d receive an email on how and where to ship the TV for a free replacement.

    Well, 2 ½ weeks later and no email, so I called “Chris” again at the number he left me. Instead I got another rep at a call center who on checking my file found only a note “complaint on TV” and then proceeded to say there was nothing Verizon could do, I must take it up with Sharp. I again told her this should not be Verizon’s customer’s problem, but rather their’s to remedy and there was no reason I should be paying out of pocket for a defective “free gift”.

    After being put on hold numerous times (I swear this is their strategy to get rid of people) she again said nothing they could do. I told her this struck me as a major scam as the TV model number cannot be found on any internet site and my guess is their built to lower quality or are seconds.

    Their final solution to my complaint on the defective TV was to offer to help me cancel my service (which I so far haven’t done). Clearly they value their customers!

    Another Verizon item: for the first several bills they overcharged me for their service and it took several calls, again with the dread hold time (all part of the plan) to get this right. Talking with other members of my church and they also had this experience.

    Great company. They should not be allowed to get away with this cheating game they have going just because their a large faceless company.

    Google “Verizon free TV scam and numerous message boards of complaints pop up. We're hardly alone and I will post this wherever possible to do my little part to bring these clowns into the light of day.

    Verizon, do you hear me now?

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  • Ma
    Matthew Sep 09, 2008

    On March 15, 2008 I had FiOS service installed in conjunction with Verizon's promotional offer of a free 19" HDTV. The installation went smoothly and the service to date has been excellent including technical support. The 19" HDTV, though, is nowhere to be found. I have repeatedly contacted Verizon, getting the initial excuse of supplier shortages, followed each time now by "it will be a few weeks." I recently received calls from its awards department wanting to confirm my address and my choice of the HDTV. When I asked if it's scheduled for delivery I'm told "it will be a few weeks." Well a few more weeks have passed and I'm convinced Verizon, in its attempt to usurp its rivals in broadband marketshare in the New York metropolitan area, willing perpetrated a fraudulent marketing campaign on the public. This is well documented by the numerous complaints found on this and other websites. My suggestion is to do as I have done and file consumer complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau and your State's Office of Consumer Affairs. There is also a law firm in New York that is currently investigating complaints from consumers who signed up for Verizon's "Blitz" promotions but have yet to receive their promotional gifts. That website is With no other recourse against a giant like Verizon I urge you to take the above steps to at least let them know they are being scrutinized.

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  • Ke
    Kerry Sep 11, 2008

    Same story!! Sadly I ordered Fios 3/3/08. It was installed only 3 weeks later with the $100 servcie offer with the free LCD TV.. I ended up making about 10 calls to the customer service (escalation dept.) they are nice but cant get me the TV. I did finally after 180 days receive a $200 gift card to Best Buy. I was also offered a $100 gift card additional for my trouble. (they "forgot" to give me an HD receiver for 3 mos) I asked the 3 or 4th rep point blank, "If I didnt make these calls would I have gotten the gift card or TV?" they both admitted "No"
    WOW...thats class action lawsuit.. Never did get the $100 additional card either
    They need to be hammered hard on this.. Its absolutely unfair and I will be first in line to ### slap this company for bait and switch B/S!

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  • La
    Lawrence Obern Oct 08, 2008

    Don't forget if you get the DVR box you will get unauthorized charges. I had somethingl ike $600.00 of unauthorized charges when I finally pulled the plug on Verizon. They refuse to refund the cahrges. And when I keep trying to get it cleared up, they keep stone walling me and then sending me to three or four different sections. So I say we file a class action lawsuit. By the by I found out from a prior Verizon technician that the DVR boxes will attempt to get a signal from a pay per view channel (supposedly at random but since the boxes are recycled it often ends up being an adult on demand channel) and will charge you for it if it doesn't get a "clear signal" from the movie.

    This happens when your DVR box resets itself.

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  • Jo
    Josh Nov 04, 2008

    Verizon gave me the run around about the 200.00 Best Buy card for months. Finally I got it and I went to Best Buy to buy something and the card is no good. Best Buy rep called and after 1 hour on the phone talking to different people found out the Verizon had cancelled it 2 days after it was issued and before I got it in the mail. I have had nothing but problems from the installation until today and all you get is told it will be resolved or hung up on. I called today and told them I want this resolved right away or I will cancel my service and I was told if I cancel I will be charged an early termination fee.

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very bad fios cable internet service

I have phoned I have written this company... It is insulated against any and all attempts to have meaningful contacts to resolve any issues. If you have time warner cable or cablevision or directtv or dish network... Keep it you are better off... I have tried all but dish network but a friend is very satisfied with the price and quality of the image... I can live with any of the other services (especially cable) but not fios. Firstly the picture quality was not visibly better... Same as cable. The fios internet... Vs. And the verizon dsl is

Just as fast for web browsing (I have both macs... Always fast and the best and pcs... Always a good bit slower whether fios or dsl) yes fios is somewhat faster on downloads but unless unless you are an itunes junkie... Who downloads all the time... Mostly you surf and blog and e-mail (and $17.99 for dsl vs. About $50 (or more) for fios is a waste of money. Now the verizon freedom phone service through the large fios box now permanently screwed to the outside of my garage wall (I thank you and my religious wooden shingles thank you... Well now they are holy holy holy... Thanks a lot!!).. My old phone service with verizon was fine... This new fios box phone service has all sorts of crackle and pops in the line and an annoying low rhythmic rumble... (proximity to electrical service??) if you look at the bright side this is a plus... This way you will only make very important calls... You know like my house is on fire... All of that disaster is nearly meaningless... You can't believe how bad the fios tv is they take 4 hours to drill holes in your garage and attach several electrical devices and backs ups... Which you have to bear the energy cost on... For what... For nothing beneficial. The man and his drill works right next to the main breaker and lipa electrical service to your entire home... If they miss with the drill you are without electricity.. No big deal right??

The young salesman who went door to door told me my activation costs (about $50) and would be reimbursed either through a $200 gift certificate at best buy or they would give me a sharp hd tv... My choice of bonus... That will be 5 months ago in march 2008... And they just about don't acknowledge I even exist as a customer when it comes to a bonus... They do however acknowledge that I am to pay for fios service monthly. Originally, the the young door to door salesman (who has nothing except a name tag... A sales ledger and a laminated photocopy of the basic channel lineup... Which you can't keep... There is no proof or paperwork provided about the sign up bonus... Just his big mouth.. Be smart... Slam the door in his face!). He told me that my cost for 2 years would be $94 a month. Plus $10 for the 2 extras boxes I ordered. My bills have been out of sight for the past several months about $162 for february... $270 for january... And $140 for december (apparently before they really got the "sir charge" ball fully rolling)... Unlike vonage phone service or cable phone service... You have about $35 dollars in extra fcc line charge etc. Etc... Taxes minimum each month. Now as to the fios picture... Because it is optics as opposed to good old copper cable... There are momentary picture and sound delivery because of the either tinny motorola cable box can't keep up with the optic cable or the optic cable has small imperfections along the route.. Which cause sound to break up (words to be lost) and pictures to glitch out (as if you had a defect or scratch on a dvd

You were watching.) this almost never happens with cable.

Now I have saved the best to the last... And believe me... You better be reading this far!!!. Effective april 2008 fios tv will be eliminating all the basic broadcast channels and every other channel from their tv system unless you have a box.. That's right the 40 channels I get on all my tvs dvd recorders vcr hdtv digital sets... As well as the older analogue tv sets... Get will all be eliminated...3 months after I signed up and they promised me I would have them... This seems to violate the very contracts we fios subscribers signed... I would hope it opens up a class action against them. Every set whether new hdtv or not will not work without a stinking little energy wasting hot to the touch motorola box... They won't even display what channel you are one... And gets hot as hell to fry an egg on... I currently have to turn my motorola 2500 box and the 6200 box off at night because they get so hot during the day of usage... (and it is winter in ny state!!!)... You can't even keep your hand on top of the 6200... (I can only imagine what a hazard they will present in july!!!). If you are unlucky enough to have a motorola 6416 hd/dvr unit that box is so hot it can almost replace your ronco chicken fryer... The 80 gig hard drive is constantly grinding away and the fan always on to dissipate the heat but it is nearly useless.. Except for the motor noises it makes. Unlucky friend of mine has one and his rental rate has gone up from $12.99 a month to over $15.99 now a month... Just since nov 2007 to february 2008!!! How do you spell rip off... Oh yeah v-e-r-i-z-o-n and the hard drive frequently jams or does not record when it is more than half full. Yes sir. Now every tv set will need a frying energy sucking hot cable box so that will be...6 boxes for 6 sets in my home and each box is drawing energy. Friends three of my tv sets are less than a year old... Two are less than 3 months old... Yet they are incompatible with verizon starting in april 2008. A new 32 inch hdtv sony bravia... No good... A new 27 inch samsung hdtv no good... A 12 month old 37 inch sylvania hdtv no good... According to the new rules laid down by verizon., all will need boxes in order to get even a local channel. Know that before you are an idiot like me and sign up.

Oh yes, all the motorola boxes (every make and model) work on the same remote control signal... So if your are watching something on abc and want to dvd record something on cbs at the same time you are screwed... The same remote controls all 6 boxes... It will shut every box off and change every channel... God help you if you push one of the 38 incorrect buttons in the dark or by accident. It is over... Recording screwed. Don't think for one second you can switch over during a commercial on abc to see how your show on cbs is recording... You just changed the channel on both boxes... Or shut both boxes off... And you screwed up the dvd of the show you were recording... Nice... Really smart folks at verizon. Remember these stupid little motorola vt 700 boxes don't even have a clock or led channel display to know where you are actually on.

P. S. It should go without saying I never order pay-per-view... Or any verizon on demand services... I have only the basic channels usa tnt turner classic movies etc... No hbo or even encore or starz. Oh yes.. More good news... Starting in april 2008... I am going to have to re-cable most of my house when I switch back to cablevision basic tv services for under $15 bucks a month... So I can provide non-box service to 4 older tvs and 3 dvd recorders and 3 vcr... And also basic tv to my 3 new hdtv sets for pbs local news and network broadcasts.. At times when I don't need cable stations (usa whatever) and want to cool down my 3 boxes...

As for the other 3 vt 700 motorola cable boxes... Which arrived yesterday (and which won't activate... Wait till you see the set of instructions verizon sends you to self-activate these new april fools day 2008 boxes by yourself.. Good-luck.)... Verizon can place these somewhere conveniently to their robust anatomy. So that will push my monthly cable up to about $160.

Oh, I forgot to mention how bad their fios on screen guide is... It is bad... And very jittery... It can skip 10 channels ahead and you won't be able to go back very easy... My wife can't go back at all.. She gave up... It is possible... But you have to me a maestro of the remote and also have a bit of luck... Your fall back position is to get the guide on each channel one channel at a time... When "sir jitters" guide is in use!!! Nice!!! By the time you have done that the show you wanted to see is already on 10 minutes!

We have to keep our internet tv guides listing set to cablevision set up because none of the regular tv listings

Aol, msn, yahoo you name it... None of the regular web tv listings bother to give you the fios cable line up... Check it out.. Perhaps that was their hint not to go with verizon fios? Don't be part of a small minority that is getting screwed with fios. Just because I was stupid don't means you have to be as well. Yes, I am locked into a 2 year contract with tremendous penalties if I try to discontinue fios service... (my local cable does not do that)... The story never ends.. But my letter does... Good-bye. And here for all these years I thought cablevision stank... It may have a slightly moldy smell... But wait till you smell the (metaphorical) rot called fios tv.

Pps: my wife just walked in from work... She told me the house was cold... Sure enough it is..

I had turned off my 6200 cable box and sylvania hdtv late last night when I went to bed... And by god I forgot to turn them on (I have these units on outlet switches... So I don't have to unplug them). Going to power them up now to watch judge judy.. Have a hot cup of tea... And enjoy my verizon fios tv fireplace.

  • Ve
    Verizon Hater Nov 10, 2008

    This comment could not be any closer to the truth than it already is. I have been jerked around and tossed to the side since January 2008. Not only was i promised a $200 gift card to Best Buy but the TV as well. Still have not received it and still no one at Verizon has ANY IDEA WHAT PROMOTION I WAS TALKING ABOUT!! My bill was about $200 - $250 every month when I was told it was going to be no more than $120 INCLUDING TAXES. So what exactly happened?? I called every month when my bill came in. And still they did nothing to help except, " Would you like to make a payment now." And thats not even the best part. Someone had gone into my account and cancelled my internet service. So i was being charged TWO ACTIVATION FEES BECAUSE THEY HAD TO TURN IT ON AGAIN!!! I asked who called or who autorized this and I couldn't get an answer. And when I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor I was kept on hold for almost 30 minutes beofre I hung up. I'm done with this company whether it is cell phone, TV, house phone, or internet. They most reliable company but the most HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are deceiving liars and don't deserve any sort of award for anything. I have already converted many family memebers and friends to TMOBILE AND WE ALL LOVE IT. WE WENT BACK TO COMCAST AND WE LOVE THAT TOO!!. The most reliabe network in the country is now the most least in my book!!

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repeated overbilling

I am in complete shock, although by now I shouldn't be, that yet again this month Verizon has overbilled...

verizon is charging me a school district tax and I don't live in the school district

We switched to Verizon cell service at the end on November. Our first bill showed a charge for a school district tax for a district that is several miles from our residence. I called customer service and the rep agreed to credit my next bill. The following month the the bill showed the credits but also showed a charge for the tax. I called CS again and offered to send in a copy of my school tax bill to prove that I didn't live in the taxing district but was told that it wasn't necessary and they would initiate an investigation. Today I got a call saying that they had contacted my assessor and the tax was correct and I would continue to be charged. That isn't possible because I DON"T LIVE IN THE DISTRICT FOR WHICH I'M BEING TAXED!!!

awful customer service, flaky internet reliability!

I've been a Verizon FIOS subscriber for 18 months now and I absolutely regret it (the only reason...

bad service!

Posted: 2008-02-11 by Elizabeth Schack [send email]
Unfulfilled commitments!

Complaint Rating:

On Feb. 4, two installers came to my home to install FIOS TV, phone and Internet service. They told me they would be working outside for a few hours before coming in to make connections, etc. After a while, I noticed there had been no sounds of activity anyplace. I also noticed the absence of my indoor pet. I went to the basement to check where the men had last been working. They were gone, with my basement door and garage door left wide open to the outdoors. I looked for their truck in back of our house and in front as well, but the truck was gone too. However, I did see my indoor pet outside at the edge of our property. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve him, avoiding a heartbreaking disaster, before he reached the nearby highway. When the men returned, they said they had gone to lunch. Common courtesy would be to tell me and to at least shut the doors behind them. They continued their “installation” , spending the next 1 ½ hours in their truck. When they finally came back inside, they began to connect the TV, DVD player, and the new STB box. They told me that my TV was broken and that the DVD player could not be connected; they said there was “no audio”. They told me I would need to disconnect the wires from the box and transfer them onto the DVD player in order to ever view a DVD. I asked them how this could be, when everything worked fine the night before. They told me to get the TV repaired, or get a new one. I asked them to please try again-maybe it was their wires. They said their wires were just fine, and folded them up and took them away. They used my old red, white, and yellow wires to connect the new box to the TV. I asked them for help setting up my Outlook e-mail and for the phone number for the voice messaging system. They told me they could not help and to call the toll free number. There was no paperwork for me to review or to sign off on, and they left, taking the new wires with them.
Although I waited on hold for one hour that evening and I was given the wrong voicemail phone number, these issues were resolved that evening, for the most part.

The following day, I called to see about the cables the installers had taken away, thinking I might need them if I got the TV repaired, or when I received my new free Fios TV from Verizon. I spoke to Nick Massi, who transferred me to a Ms. Tolliver, who transferred me to Cassandra. Cassandra assured me that, based on the ticket written by Nick, a field supervisor would be contacting me to come out and review the work done. No one contacted me that day or the next.

I was able to connect all three devices, TV, DVD player, and STB box together so that they worked. The problem now was that the DVD only played in black and white- no color. By Wednesday, Feb. 6, there was still no call. I called again and spoke to Michelle. She assured me repeatedly that the field supervisor would absolutely be calling me by 10 AM the next day. By 11 AM the next day, Feb. 7, the only call I got was one regarding voicemail, stating the problem seemed to be fixed. The repair person who left this message said there was no alternate number at which to reach me, even though I had given my cell phone number three times. However, there was still no call from the supervisor and no cables from Verizon. I called and spoke to Maggie. She had me hold while she was on hold waiting for a supervisor in DRC. We both were on hold for 35 minutes. She came back on to say she would connect me with her supervisor, Scott R. Scott told me he’d call me back in 30 minutes or less, while he contacted DRC. After 45 minutes, he called to tell me that a field supervisor would definitely contact me in the next “couple of hours”. This was at 12:43 PM. Scott had told me I’d be able to reach him at the toll free number by just asking for Scott R. By 11 AM the next day, Feb. 8, when there was still no call, I tried to reach Scott and nobody had heard of him. I spoke to Andrew. He checked and told me a field tech would be calling me and coming here in one hour. This time the tech Dan Bartkowicz, KO1, did call, but did not have the cables on his truck, nor was he familiar with video. He said he’d call me back. After waiting 30 minutes, I called him back and he said maybe a different tech would get this assignment and he was waiting to hear. At that point, I insisted to be connected to the field supervisor. He had me hold on again. When he came back on, he told me that he and another tech would be over in a few minutes. Brian May, OD3, was the other tech. They brought in the same wires the first installers took away, and connected everything successfully in minutes, including color on the DVD player. These two techs were gracious and knowledgeable and should be commended for their quick response and customer service. They were patient and asked me more than once of I had any other questions.

I realize this letter may take a while to read, as it took me a while to write. Each time I phoned Verizon, the wait time was long and each time I had to repeat this whole story. The experience was horrendous!
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  • Bi
    Bill May 02, 2008

    ALSO!!! I was assured that if I get FIOS then I still can use my copper-wired phone line. The fiber optic cannot go through the conduit that protects the phone line from damage by a possible burglar. Guess what..Whoop-Dee Doo! Now I can only get DSL tech support. That's in India. I was specifically told that I would get USA tech help with FIOS. That is the primary reason that I switched. Tierd of out sourcing to untrained personel that do not peak english. DSL cannot assis with FIOS. Therefore NO TECH SUPPORT. The FIOS is slower than my former DSL. Now I have all my emils listed at Hopeless situation.

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scam and fraud!

I will start off by saying that I have seen first hand the unorganized mess that Verizon calls "Fios". This will be long, but believe me, it is very factual and worth reading if you are considering Fios or already have it. First off, Verizon hires 3rd party workers to do their installs. They cause tons of damage to homes and property and never want to take responsibility for it. These "technicians" are not licensed to do the work they are doing. Verizons equipment is extremely unreliable. The set top boxes for Fios TV are complete junk. They have more problems with pixelation, loss of the TV guide, and DVR's going bad then any other company I have ever seen. Verizon uses the existing coax cabling within your house for their service. The problem is, the signal coming in from their fiber box is much hotter than a signal coming from the cable company or other providers. This causes the pixelation problems. When this problem occurs, they want to charge you $95 per coax cable run to replace them. This is not legal! Once they put their signal on those lines, the lines become their responsibility to not have signal loss. The remote controls they offer are garbage and they will charge you to replace them when they break. The "new" TV guide that Verizon has released is extremely un-friendly to any user of it. It is archaic and extremely hard to use. If you have to reset the box, which you will do at least once a week, you will lose all of your settings, favorites etc... from within the guide. The browse by page function does not work in the guide. You have to go channel by channel. You might as well not have a guide at this point. When it comes to Fios Internet, there are many problems here as well. Verizon uses the coax cable in your house for the internet as well. They run a line to a splitter and to your broadband router. This method is proprietary and does not allow you to ever get a different router. Using this "MoCA" technology also does not allow VPN connections. VPN's need a constant streaming of bits for security. MoCA compresses these into blocks of bits and sends them sporadically. Therefore, your VPN will never connect due to the security timing out while trying to establish the secure connection. The only way to fix this is to have Verizon change out your cable run from coax to Ethernet from the fiber box. And for this they will want to charge you. The router they provide (ActionTec MI424WR) is complete junk. They only support basic connectivity on this router. The router is not compatible with any gaming consoles via wireless connection (PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, PSP etc...). You can open up all the ports that you want and it still wont work. For the third piece of trash service, the phone over fiber, again there are numerous issues. Once you get Fios, your copper lines (standard phone lines or POTS) are decommissioned. Verizon will not switch you back to copper once you have moved to Fios. The phone over the fiber line is incredibly unreliable. It constantly drops, has noise on the line, loses dial tone completely and worst of all, if you lose power and the battery backup on the fiber box dies, you have no phone. Not true with good old copper lines. The battery backup on the fiber unit is supposed to last 8 hours. Good luck getting 1 hour out of it. And when the battery within that unit dies, good luck getting it replaced. Verizon will charge you for a replacement after one year. Now that you know about the services themselves, now listen about the customer service. If you call to get help, you will be on hold anywhere from 2 minutes to 4 hours. Usually the ladder of the time frame. Once you get a hold of someone, it might not be the right person and you may start the agonizing process of being transferred around. Expect to spend half of your day on the phone for the majority of times that you call for support. Once you get through this headache, if you schedule for a technician to come out for repair, beware of what they tell you for time frames. They will tell you between the hours of so and so which means absolutely nothing. If the tech finishes a job early or late, he may arrive 4 hours early or 4 hours late. You basically have to take the whole day off of work and sit and wait. Then you may be part of the majority where the technician doesn't show at all. No phone call, no nothing! You waste your whole day and lose pay for the day for nothing. This may happen one time or it may happen 3-4 times before you actually see a technician. Believe me, this does happen! And more often then it should. And if you try to get some kind of credit for the lost day of pay, they will give you a measly $50 credit. Even if you have waited for a tech numerous times where they haven't shown up. Once the tech does arrive, its a crap shoot. He could be a great tech or someone who has no knowledge of how to troubleshoot or install this equipment. You may have more of a mess after he leaves than originally reported before he arrived. All in all, when it comes to their customer service, you will feel like you are constantly chasing them trying to get answers, trying to get service and you will get nothing but the run around. I hope this explanation is useful to many who are considering this terrible service. If you value your time and hard earned money, you should avoid this service at all costs. Stick with the guys who at least have reliable service and good techs available.

  • No
    northwest bob Mar 05, 2008

    I installed fios 10/07. I will address each of your issues as I have seen them. The phone line has been perfect with no degredation at all. I moved over from Vonage because I couldn't stand the "echoing" from the Vonage connection. This line is 100% perfect.
    The Fios internet has been the most impressive part of the package. I purchased a brand new laptop with with Vista and an X-Box 360 soon after the instal. Both have worked completely perfect with no issues at all. I have the same router and find it to be awesome because when I had my cable provide be my isp, I had to have their router and then buy a WAP to go wireless. The router Verizon provides does it all in one device.

    It sounds to me like you have a poorly wired home with issues on the coaxle. I have no such issues that you have mentioned at all.

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  • De
    dee basdeo Aug 01, 2018

    @northwest bob some of the comments are true. The battery and remote charges for starters. As for the router, got a letter telling me that my router is outdated and if I continue to use it will receive a monthly charge from Verizon to keep it. BTW it worked just fine. Never bothered replacing the battery because I have cell. Third, yes you cannot revert back once you upgrade. Third, customer service wait time and transferring around is frustrating and could take hours. When you call for one service, technician walk around and tell you no problem just checking, next thing you get a hefty bill for something you didn't call for.

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  • Pc
    PCavs Mar 07, 2010

    They came into our store and installed DirecTV without us knowing. We still don't have FIOS for our internet as promised. We tried getting DirecTV to repair our office walls and remove the wires and other crap from our business office. We don't even have a TV in our store. They installed a satellite dish without us or our landlord's permission.
    These guys are CROOKS and should be arrested. I have now started to charge DirecTV $200/week until they get their crap out of my store.
    Please warn your employees to watch out for this SCAM and not let them into your store.

    Swindled in NJ

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  • La
    Lady Rivadeneyra Dec 06, 2010

    I tried getting verizon fios tonight. Cablevision's tripple play expired on me this month so i was looking for another affordable provider. Verizon is charging their new customers $100 per receiver (money that you will never get back). This $100 fee per hd receiver is explained by a employee of theirs as a "RENT". Which meas, verizon does not only charge for the services they provide but they also charge a rent fee on their receivers. Where am I going to get a verizon fios receiver so I don't have to pay this "rent". Does that even make any sense at all?? I rather continue my service with cablevision than to change over to fios and throw my money away.

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Well it has been almost 6 days and Verizon still cannot figure out how to turn my DSL email accounts over to FIOS accounts. I cannot access my sub accounts and every night I call and they update the ticket. The OCS group then tells them it is working and nothing.

Plus the on hold time is nuts. The fron line people at the fios are very nice but their hands are tied the say because they cannot even talk to the national email support people at verizon. All they can and are allowed to do is update the ticket. And they are good people they have tried everything. But the freaks at the national level... not sure. maybe I will post the double billing for the DSL and Fios situation next with verizon.

scam and cheating!

Verizon fios - customer service is horrible!!! like many i'm jumping into the fios tv/internet/phone package not because the 19" tv is so enticing but the single dvr being controlled throughout the house and some other cool features.

I was scheduled for today 29 january, 08 - the sales person said if I would get home install on tuesday or wednesday I get a free cable top box. sounds good and it was quicker then waiting for a saturday install. my widow was from 8 am. - 11 am... well it's now 5:55 p. m. and not tech yet!!!

After five phone calls I finally got some kid who told me that a tech had picked up my ticket again. the person who called me back said they had overbooked, blah, blah, they automatically booked me for tomorrow. no way am I going to baby sit these clowns one more day, I work for a living if I didn't I could not afford cable and would have to steal it from the neighbors, hey that's an idea we should all share cable signals via wifi...

  • Ja
    Jaima Gadeaun Jan 12, 2008

    To make this as short as possible. I ordered Verizon FIOS and disconnected Roadrunner. I was suppose to get a promotional rate of 29.99 per month for the first year and the first month free. They told me I had to have a credit or debit card to setup the account. So, got it all setup the technician came in and installed it and everything was fine. Though he did not give me any paperwork or anything I thought I will get one in the mail right? No, nothing in the mail and $49.99 was taken out of my bank account from them. Wasn't I suppose to get the first month free and free installation not to mention a target gift card that never showed up!

    So, I call wanting an account # and to check why I was charged more. Well, apparently it is common to not have an account # if you are a new customer. Then, the rest of the money was suppose to be credited back to me and an account created. Next month comes around and surprise guess what. They take 49.99 out again!!! So, I call angry this time I want an account# or an itemized bill to see exactly what I am paying for. Nobody knew what was going on and kept getting put on hold. Then all of a sudden I get transferred to 1-800-ruhorny or something like that!!! I can't believe what kind of company is this that you don't even have the right to see a statement, bill or nothing. So, I call my bank account and change my debit card number. So, I don't have an account# yet they send me an email needing a credit card update since they can't take money anymore!

    Now, I get a letter from them in the mail stating my service has been disconnected and they are turning me over to collections. I will not be turned into collections. I tried repeatedly to get this issue resolved and I couldn't. There is not even a verizon center I could go into to take their stupid verizon FIOS box back to them. When I received the collections notice I had not been using their service for 2 months. I went back to Roadrunner through Brighthouse. Oh, on top of all that I did not mention how I would lose service everyday for at least 4 hrs a day through Verizon! We can't keep letting this company get away with this. They are stealing money right out of our bank accounts. You have horrible connections... so what, you don't know what you are paying for... so what!

    As long as they have your credit card or bank account# they don't care!

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  • Ju
    Judy Robinson May 18, 2008

    It took me four months to get the original order installed in my home. Each attempt, installing (a) segment of the original order. Since then, Verizon has responded to my request for the procurement of the incentive (namely the HDTV advertised on TV) by reissuing, each time I called in reference to this matter, as if it is a new request for installation. Finally completed, the last of the installation of February 8th, 2008. I have now been dealing with this issue for seven months, and have not yet seen the coupon, which was suppose to be mailed to my residence within three weeks of the last phone call. This segment of this mess happening three separate times. I have had three separate conversions with your company, all ending with the supposed goal of upon the HDTV coupon. I will join any class action suit against your company, if this matter is not rectified. I'm done being nice, you have a great product, works well, never down, but your customer service leaves me furious. And your company could be brought up on false advertising charges, as is my hope. I am not going to let this matter be swept under the rug.

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  • Da
    darryl austin May 19, 2008


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  • Ma
    Maria Jul 04, 2008

    I keep reading same things on boards --- same things that I experienced: the promise of free installation, a free Circuit City gift card (never came), waiting a long time on phone for help with customer service -- I hung up after they ate through 30 min of my cel phone minutes of being on hold, and IF you finally do get someone in customer service, they are not well-trained. Funny how you seem to get a live person immediately when you want to add services! Additionally, I got an email asking for my CREDIT CARD number -- I thought it was a phishing scam. When I called, they said they needed it for their files. I refused to give it to them and they suspended my online features. I paid my Verizon bill in full like I usually do (from a check), and they reinstated my account. I have since gone back to Bright House -- too many underhanded games Verizon is playing -- I am going to file a complaint with the FCC. Not a way to do business.

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  • Ma
    Maria Jul 04, 2008

    Addendum to above complaint -- I find it interesting how their customer service department is only available during daytime hours, yet their sales office is open til midnight. They seem to have spent a lot of mony on sales and marketing, but very little on customer service. They even send people door to door in the neighborhood once FIOS has been installed. These ### also try to get their customers to share personal info on friends and family, with the promise of a big discount if one of these people sign up for service. I told them I wouldn't wish their service on my worst enemy!

    I find it ironic that this web page is littered with their banners.

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  • Jc
    Jcysneiros Aug 15, 2008

    On January 31 2008 I signed up with Verizon for its triple-bundle promotion that entitled me to get a free 19’’ HDTV by obtaining Verizon’s Internet, Phone and TV services. The service would require a two-year contract in which I’m still honoring.

    Not familiar with all the new Verizon TV services (there are quite a few) I decided to optimize my bill to something equivalent to what I had prior signing up with Verizon. I made some changes to my services by increasing my TV package and reducing my Internet speed to keep things under a reasonable amount. My total bill was still above and beyond the initial agreed service of $99.

    After 12 weeks (suggested was 6 to 10 weeks wait period) I started calling Verizon about the status of the promotion gift. As you will see in my log (up to item #5) Verizon never explain that my eligibility jeopardized because I changed my service before a 30-day must-maintain-service required period. I was never aware, nor was I ever informed by Verizon that by downgrading my internet services I would become illegible for the promotional gift.

    From April, 9 2008 (Item #5 from the log) to July, 29 2008 (Item #6) I waited in vain for Verizon to send me my promotional gift as they said they would. I even discussed with a Verizon manager that I was concerned that the changes I had made to my Internet services were affecting my eligibility. That employee told me that it should not since my established services more than compensated for the internet downgrade. After calling Verizon on Aug 4, 2008 I basically was told that I lost my eligibility for the promotional gift and that Verizon would not honor the free gift in any way.

    Form poor TV quality to an unbearable customer service, I’m discussed with Verizon lack of character and commitment to its loyal customers. I should have been told that I would lose my promotional eligibility if I changed services within the 30 day period. It’s like they hid that information so they could easily make customers illegible for the service. I deserve the TV as promised because on the grand scale I am more than paying for the original agreed service of $99. Plus now I am locked in a 2-year contract and I cannot break my services unless I pay a $199 early termination fee.

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  • An
    Anon11 Nov 02, 2009

    Absolutely right, FiOS is full of ... When I ordered my services, there was a promotion offer; a free Mini computer worth $300 so i ordered the bundle package. Now after 4 months when i asked for my FREE gift, they made up the stories that the offer was valid if u subscribed 3 or more services. As far as i know, it was an offer for a bundle package. So, the bottom line is that Verizon is a CHEAT company.

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what a disappointment!

Let me preface this by saying that I am very pleased with my phone and internet service provided by Verizon...

overcharging, based on their employees fake information!

I spoke to a verizon operator who said a long distance call would cost $.25 a minute and she gave me number...

destroys peoples credit

Verizon horror story I need to warn people about verizon landline service/fios/dsl service. they will bill...

charges for unmade text messages!

I am being charged for almost 5000 incoming/outgoing text messages over a 30 day period that we did not make!! Alltel does not have any records of the incoming messages nor can they provide a copy of the number to where the alleged outgoing messages were sent. By Alltel's Technical Assistance own records, the most incoming messages ever received over a month's billing cycle for that phone is 7. Their records also show that no replies were made to those incoming messages. Suddenly in December 2007 the messages for that one phone jumped to almost 5000!!!

They will not admit that there is a problem and they are threatening to terminate my service if fI do not pay the bill of over $1100 immediately. Also if service is terminated, they will charge me $200/phone extra for not fulfilling my contract. (I have 3 cell phones.)

They will not let me speak to a supervisor in the Customer Service Department. In fact, one CS rep. claimed that they do not have supervisors!!! The Technical Service Department told me that a supervisor would call me back. (No call back yet!!)

The nature of my work requires that I am available via phone 24 hours per day, no matter where I am. I am at a complete loss as to what recourse I have other than to hire an expensive lawyer. (Which I can't afford.)

What more can I do? Please advise smb!

Thank You,
David E. Channell.

  • To
    Toni Feb 19, 2008

    I am having the exact same issue. Ours is a little less at 2600 messages. We have a package for 1500 messages and rarely go over that so this is almost double. I have explained to them that I need them to prove this is valid, if it is that is fine we can accept it, if not then we need that proof so we can get a credit. They have lied to me and said it is not possible to obtain and no one will give it to me. This is outrageous. I worked for a wireless company for 3 years and my husband still does, we provide this on the bill to every customer. I also know that T.Mobile does, Verizon does, AT&T does, so why are they doing this? They cannot legally bill us for something they cannot prove is valid. I will not stop fighting until this is resolved. I have already filed a complaint with the FCC and I suggest you do the same. That is the only way this will get changed. Here is the site you need to view to file the complaint.

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  • Ke
    Kerri Nov 22, 2008

    I cannot believe this either. I don't have a problem on my bill with extra text, but this lunatic girl is insisting that I have texted her boyfriend, I was going to send her a copy of the bill to prove I did not, no such thing with Alltel, I will be glad when they switch to verizon, I have reported this to Alltel incase our phones have been spammed or something, but from the looks of this, it won't matter. I can't even figre out if text show up as minutes used on the regular bill part, I have checked when I KNOW I sent texts, and it's not there.

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  • Sa
    Sassie Apr 10, 2009

    The same thing happened to me years ago. Thankfully mine was only for about 10 texts at 10 cents per text but at that time we didnt even have texting at all. I don't even think the phone we had at that time was text enabled it was so long ago. I called CS to tell them this was not right but they told me that they could not remove the charges. Lucky for them it was only a dollar worth of charges so I let it go and it never happened again.

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