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rip off consumers

Verizon Wireless is the most expensive cell phone company out there. They are also the biggest crooks too. They will change their plans and services without notifying customers. Check your bill every month and you will see that it is never the same amount even if you don't go over minutes, use any data, or purchase any games or ringtones. To check your voicemail it counts against your minutes, but wait isn't your number in the so called IN network? The 250 text plan which runs an extra $5 per month doesn't give you unlimited text to any other Verizon Wireless number it counts against the 250 text. If you want to text to another Verizon customers without it counting against your text you havt to go with the 500 text plan which an extra $10 per month. Be careful if you terminate your contract early, the will try to stick you with an extra month of service, even if you cancel on are before the montly billing cycle date. Ask the rep about this before hanging up. Verizon Wireless will nickel and dime you, because they cater to businesses instead of consumers.

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    john h harris Mar 24, 2010
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    Verified customer

    verizon is a complete rip off, they changed my plan from $69.99 for two lines with unlimited text to $99.99 with out my knowledge or consent, then say i owe an ETF if i switch carriers. i can only say if they can use underhanded stunts any subscriber should have the same priviledge. they are the ones that breached contract first not me

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  • Ha
    HatHat Mar 31, 2010

    Every company has an ETF and of course the 250 text package isn't unlimited its clearly stated as such if you wanted unlimited you should have gone with unlimited its not Verizons fault you're ignorant.

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  • Mo
    montreyj Apr 01, 2010

    HatHat, I was stating that Verizon changed their 250 text package to not be unlimited to other Verizon Wireless numbers without notifying me. And I am pretty sure they did not notify anyone else. BTW are you currently a Verizon Wireless customer?

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  • Ha
    HatHat Apr 01, 2010

    HatHat is currently a Verizon customer and has been for almost 4 years without any problem.

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  • Mo
    montreyj Apr 02, 2010

    I was a Verizon Wireless customer for 4 years too. But I know someone that works for a contract company that handles some of Verizon Wireless customer service calls. This person opened my eyes on what Verizon does and don't notify their customers about. I have been with just about every wireless carrier; AT&T, Cingular, MetroPCS, Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, and Boost Mobile. And each one has their flaws. AT&T charges people for minutes they don't use and coverage is horrible. MetroPCS has poor coverage. Sprint/Nextel phones are too expensive and their coverage area doesn't work in rural areas. Verizon has the best coverage but I rather not deal with the headaches. I will just use Google Voice and get a prepaid phone with tracfone or straighttalk.

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my email account was suspended/disabled during the move

I am experiencing the this problem with my verizon email account since March 10th. I moved to a new address and asked Verizon to move my Phone+DSL service to the new address. I was waiting for the completion of my DSL activation at my new address. Meanwhile I had a travel plan overseas and did not mind the delay in DSL activation since I had my webmail access. 4 days ago I was surprised to see that my email account (aysel.[protected] was suspended/disabled. I tried to escalate it to their management after being a ping-pong ball between the Tech Support and Billing departments. I spent hours in front of the computer for live chats and on the phone with the Verizon Technical Support and billing department while being transferred from one person to another (each time repeating the same information). All my emails sent to my Verizon account are bouncing back (unable to deliver). I wasn't even able to forward my emails to an alternate email account since my email account was disabled without any prior notice. At the end of the 4th day, I started looking for the ways of escalation. I found this web site and saw that other people had almost the same experience like me. I will appreciate if you can guide me on what to the next to solve this problem. I am tired of contacting Verizon to report this issue. It is very difficult especially when you are abroad. Since my email account at Verizon is disabled, I am using now "[protected]" as a temporary solution. <br />
Thank you. <br />
Best regards, <br />
Aysel Toprakli<br />
Cell Phone: [protected]<br />
PS: I am currently outside of the US and will be back on March 21st.

my email account was suspended/disabled during the move

  • Fr
    FredD4u Jul 01, 2011

    A friend of mine had exactly the same run around from Verizon technical support.

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regarding common customer complaints

I have been reading many common complaints on here regarding Verizon Wireless as well as other cellular companies and would like to respond to a few:

1. Complaints regarding loss of ringtones purchased through VZW when switching devices.
When you purchase a ringtone, you do not "own" it. You are purchasing a licensed tone that is licensed to the serial number associated with your device. This is a federal regulation that is in place to prevent fraud. Lets be honest, folks. If you could buy a ringtone for $1.99 and then send it to other devices, you would. This is illegal. If you get upset about it, complain to the FCC. It's not VZW's fault. In other words, yeah it sucks that you cant transfer tones, but its a license issue, not a greed one. Another option that is available to you is called "My Media Retrival" through your My Verizon account. This is a free service that allows you to retrieve licensed material on warranty replacement devices. This is only available for tones purchased in the last 90 days, again, due to licensing restrictions. Which brings me to my second point...

2. "VZW didnt tell me/ call me/text me/send me a message in a bottle to let me know I was over my minutes"
There is a website. Its called My Verizon. Its located at When you sign your contract/upgrade a phone, you are given detailed literature on how to sign up for this website. It is likely that you rep mentioned it to you as well. Here, you can view your usage, your detailed bill, suspend/reconnect service, upgrade your phone, view/change your plan and basically manage every angle of your service. You are given many tools in order to make sure that you are always up to date on your account. In addition to My Verizon, your phone is pre loaded with the contact #MIN, which, when dialed, will send you a free text message notifying you of how many minutes you have used.

3. "This phone is junk. You should give me a new one"
This is probably the biggest complaint of all, and partly the fault of the cellular industry. In the 90's, VZW along with other companies handed consumers free phones in order to get consumers to sign up for service. In the decade since, not only has the industry changed, so have devices. Due to consumer demand, cell phones now are slicker, more advanced, and capable of amazing features such as touch screens, MP3 players, full qwerty keyboards, etc., all of which allow the consumer to do all of the "cool" things they want to do. These phones are expensive! The profit margin on phones, quite frankly, doesnt exist for the carriers. Carriers make their money on the monthly access charges. When you look at the price tag on a phone in a retail store, you will see the two year promo sales price, and the full retail price. Allow me to break this down for you: An advanced touch screen device retails for $449.99. Your two year promo price may be $49.99 after $50 mail-in rebate. This is a savings of $400. That phone likely cost the carrier $400 to purchase through the manufacturer. The reason that they are subsidizing the cost of the phone is that they will recoup the loss though the $60+ you are spending per month on your monthly access. Therefore, you are given this subsidy every 2 years when you fulfill your agreement and are agreeing to another 2 year contract. (New Every Two). So, as you can see, this is why you arent given a free phone whenever you want one. In addition, the company (probably due to tiring of so many near sighted customers), is now giving you this subsidy every 20 months...FOUR months prior to the end of your contract!
Now, on to the whole "this phone is junk" theory. As someone who deals with this issue in the store constantly, I can tell you with certainty that there is a pattern involved with people who constantly have problems with their phones. Many, many times, it is user error. NO one wants to hear this, but it is simply true. Two thirds of phones that go back to the manufacturer for "technical problems" are found to be functioning properly. What I see much of the time is that consumers have had their phone replaced under warranty multiple times and yet still think it is the phone and not something they are doing. Running their internal memory until it is completely full (which causes intermittent power cycling and sluggish delays in performance), failing to ever turn their phone off (which reduces capacity of running memory), and dropping and tossing their phone around all cause problems which can be passed off as warranty issues, especially for overworked tchnicians and store employees who are stretched to their limits and too busy and stressed to try and explain to yet another bitter and angry consumer that they have ANYTHING TO DO with their phone issues. Honestly, its easier to replace it then argue. This is not to say that there arent phones out there with technical issues. They are, after all, electronics. What consumers need to remember though is that they are eletronics that are being used 8-12 hours per day, 365 days per year. They are tossed around in purses, pockets, and holsters, sat on and dropped, and touch with dirty, wet, and greasy hands. Add some of those features that consumers like such as touch screens and youre asking for something to go awry. I honestly wish that Samsung, LG and other manufacturers sold their own phones to consumers at cost and then consumers brought them to the carrier for activation. Then consumers would not only realize how much these phones cost but also appreciate the extensive warranty replacement programs that we have in place for them.

These are only a few key complaints, but I felt it might help to address them just to help all of these complaining consumers understand better.

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    connie franklin Mar 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    i'm making a complaint against verizon because i have a prepaid phone where i usually buy a phone card and activate it to use minutes. well all of certain verizon wants to give me a limit or date to order more minutes or else disconnect my service even though i have not already used all my minutes, so i called and talk to a representative who i couldnt get any help from and wouldnt give my minutes back on the phone, i told her i was filing a complaint because if you buy your own minutes you should be able to use them like you want too. what made me so furious is the fact that they cut my phone off knowing that i had money on there to use, i mean they just took it like they paid for that card. i'm so mad at them i told i'll never do business with them again because thats just not right, its bad business, they need to be reported to the BBB.

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  • Ha
    HatHat Apr 01, 2010

    Best post here.

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unauthorized billing

Verizon billed us for services from "USA Voicemail" that we did not authorize. Verizon agreed to perpetuate this scam - it appears anyone can authorize charges to anybody's phone number just by saying so -

I searched online and cannot find a website for USA Voicemail - I found but that redirected me to
I found this statement online when you sign up:
"By clicking the "Submit" button I am confirming that I have reviewed and fully agree with the Intelicom Messaging™ Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. In addition, I confirm the information submitted, and my authority to incur charges on the telephone number listed above, and that I am 18 years of age or older."

That's all that's necessary for someone to bill me for services I know nothing about!

In searching online I have come up with complaints going back to 2005 but no company website called "USA Voicemail" so how is it that anybody could conceivably sign up legitimately for services from this company? How can Verizon agree to this?!

  • Mc
    mcarnahan Mar 30, 2010

    My company had this happen as well, but we were able to find a website and it is We too did not authorize any charges and are working to get our money back.

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  • Va
    Valde21 Mar 16, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been charged for months without knowing that I had this charge. I asked Verizon who were this people and what services did they provide. they could not answer. It is a scam and Verizon is most likely on it. I have asked for my money back threatening Verizon with filing charges of mail and wiretap fraud. Apparently, I am getting a refund. Also, I have canceled my account with Verizon and have gone with the competition. I specifically informed Verizon that I was leaving them because of this issue. I believe this will teach them not to scam their customers by willingly servicing scammers.

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long distance charges

Had a Company call me out of the blue one day made a mistake of not writting it down but gave me a spill about how Verizon customers were not happy about there rates on long distance and how they agreed with "Verizon "that they could do better (USBI that is..) and that it would be sooooo much cheaper for me to switch to I told them they would have to call me back so I could talk it over with my husband and next thing I know I was getting charged with a hefty bill the first bill I got was like 40.00 over what I normally pay but the next was like 175.00 more so if you out there are reading this beware of this company...

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poor customer service

I have been a customer of verizon wireless for over 10 years and have 5 phone lines- in the past I have experience quality customer service but have recently found that their customer service is no longer a quality product. Below is a synopsis of what I have experienced- fustrated and fed up I think its time to switch to another carrier, so much for my loyality.
Two weeks ago, I started to experience issues with my Blackberry 8330. I called the 800 customer serivce number and was told that my phone was still under warranty and that I could go to any verizon dealer and get a new phone. After spending the day searching for a dealer that had any 8330 blackberry phones is stock and of course they had to be re-furbished I finally found a place that had one and I was thrilled. Having had experienced numerous issues with downloading my blackberry contact info into the my verizon site in the past I explained to the sales person that I would greatly appreciate it if she could copy my contacts- after being humiliated, insulted and spoken to horribly a mananage finally said ok - I was at that store over 2 1/2 hours.
So I have my phone for two weeks now and I started having issues once again, the phone starts shutting off on its own, dialing numbers on its own and going black - then it comes back for a day or two and the same thing happens. Being a Realtor I need and use my phone each and every day so being without a phone and paying to have the internet on my phone which is an additional $29.99 a month and not being able to use the service is getting on my last nerve.
Last night after my phone went dead again, I called the tech support hotline did the whole battery in and out thing and then she told me that the phone may also have an issue and that she would send me a replacement phone- she asked me to choose between the Blackberry Curve 2 and the Tour. Since I had not personally held any of these two phones she suggested that I go to a store look at both phones and she would call me back today (her shift started at 2:30pm) to see which phone I was interested in.
So I go to the store today, decide that I like the Tour best- wait but there is no call- so I call the 800# as she had told me that in order for me to get a phone by Wed she needed to order it by 6pm so Fed Ex would send it out. Customer service has me on the phone for over an hour, first says they cannot locate the information on the system, then an hour later they find the info and now he proceeds to tell me he cannot offer me either phone and I need to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor gets on the phone and tells me she does not have any re-furbished phones available to send me and if I want a new phone then I have to purchase a new one and it is close to $500 - I lost it.. how can a company tell you one thing and the next day change their tune. I am paying for a service that I cannot use and plan on cancelling all 5 lines, I am sure that AT& T will want my $350 a month ($4200 a year business).
I am livid and am now searching for a new carrier.

  • I0
    i'm me Mar 14, 2010

    verizon is crooked like that...when your phone is under warranty they never want to replace it and usually they tell you to call the insurance company. they are so unhelpful i am so glad i do not have their service.

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overbilling & corrupt fees

Verizons sales rep located inside Costco told me that I have a 30 day return trial if not satisfied with my new 2 year service contract. Nine days later after finding out that when verizon people called my new cell to welcome me, they were charging my minutes. On day nine I returned the phone and had my number transferred back to AT&T. When I spoke to a Verizon phone rep. she told me in anger that because I moved my number back to another carrier there would be a $150.00 penalty, and when I recieved my bill for nine days with 160 minutes used (data plan was unlimited) the bill was over $300.00. I am now planning to disconnect my in house verizon tv, phone and fiber optics internet connection. I would rather have Charter's broadband back.

trap of international calls

I accidently made an international calls using Verizon home phone. And when the bill came, it charges me $66.87 for 23 minutes (almost $3 per minute).

What upsets me most is how arrogant and inflexible Verizon is. I made more than 4 calls to ask to change the rate they charge me to a lower one like $1 per minute. They plainly refused it.

Compared to other companies while I felt treated like a customer, Verizon just doesn't care. Each time the representative repeated "that is the policy, we can't change. You made a mistake, you pay for it".

So here is Verizon: first they set up trap for additional revenue stream. Then they push the sale to you for buying their international plan when you complain. However, if you don't want their international call plan, they are very arrogant to change the rate.

hard to turn on

The main tv with the dvr recorder has no picture every time I turn it on. The extra tv in the other
room seems to work fine. It's getting to be a pain in the but every day. I just want to turn on tv and
get a picture every time. I have to unplug it and turn it to channel 4 with my tv remote. Then I turn
on the dvd player. Then I have to turn off my dvd player, and then I have to push Video 1 on my tv
remote. Then I get a screen that says press menu to watch fios. That's an awful lot of work just to
watch tv. The problem just started a few days ago. Can't figure out why. Please help!

bad service

Directory assistance is definitely not what it used to be - 9 out of 10 times they are unable to find the number needed. In the age of the internet I don't understand how that is possible.

Today I had the worst experience yet - called 411 from my mobile phone at 11:40 today and asked for the number of a Ben Franklin Crafts in Glen Allen, VA. She asked for the street address (I didn't know off the top of my head). I gave her the road that is literally right across the street. The rude woman told me there were 25 locations, none of which had a Glen Allen address and she refused to read me the street names for me to narrow it down. I started to give her more detailed info and that #itch hung up on me.

My 8 year old could find a number better than them.

Horrible service!

extremely difficult to order

I ordered verizon FIOS service online Feb 3, 2010.
It seemed a good deal to get a modem and a wireless router and installation free.
I heard about the screaming fast internet and I want to have one.

It's already March 1st but I still don't have any internet service. I never imagine myself not hooked on the net one day but it's been already 1 month.

They emailed me to ask couple forms of ID. They emailed me and asked me to act within 24 hours. The options are either fax or Us mail. How can anyone make US mail within 24 hours? I've got their email 6 PM on Friday. I thought that was stupid.
I faxed three different ID forms.

Couple days later, I've got the second request for IDs again. I faxed them again. This time I called the 888 number the next day because I didn't get any confirmation email. The representative said they didn't get all pages. So I faxed them(only the missing pages) again. I didn't get the confirmation letter again. I called again. They didn't get any fax but the first time(Feb 8). I called them 4 hours later to make sure they've got the missing page. The representative told me this time they've got everything and transferred me to the installation department.
I had to wait about 14 min to get someone to answer. They asked me phone number. I told them I am ordering internet service but I don't use the home phone. After talking 2 min, she found out I was ordering FIOS not DSL. She said it's different department and transferred me again. I had to wait another 15 min. The representative asked my phone number. When I told me my phone number, he said "this is not verizon number". I told him that it was about FIOS not telephone. Then, he asked me "how may I help you?" I was very frustrated at that moment. I said "I am (really really really) trying to get FIOS installation." He scheduled me for the next day and that was good.
I think people who work for verizon should be get some training instead of making the customers frustrated. If I called the installation department, they should expect that. If they have any general phone number, the person who transfers should explain not the customer.
I've read too many complaints about Verizon but still want to try out. I hope they do better service because that's what they are selling.


  • Sn
    sn7 Jul 20, 2010


    Pardon the grammer but I am too pissed and burnt with Verizon to focus on grammer. You will get the message

    1. 13 Jul 2010 I ordered for Verizon FIOS Double Play (Order Number MD00065996251).
    2. 14Jul 2010 I spoke with a customer rep to cancel this order as I wanted to place an order for a triple play. He cancelled the order
    3. 14Jul2010 I placed the triple play order (order number MD00065912765).
    a. This is a triple play which carries my existing phone number to the new service
    b. Usee the welcome20 link for moving center rebate
    c. Is scheduled for 22nd so that I can get the house security via FIOS phone line.
    4. After that I keep getting emails about previous order and not the new order! I get concerned and so call them to inform that.
    5. I spend a total 6 hrs with 8 different customer reps and waiting! - trying to get this fixed.
    6. I sent them pdf copies of my order and they say they can not find and they can not cancel.
    7. Over the email, I always get emails that they can not help due to technical difficulties. And they are supposed to be a technical company?
    8. Everytime I call these are completely confused and each time tell me that you can not find the new order and that the old order was not cancelled. Infact, on 16th I spend hrs, missed an important meeting trying to get it fixed and the customer rep said she will fix it and inform be be the end of business day - obviously - it was not done!
    9. 17th July - still kept trying- once again today the customer rep said the old order is not cancelled but she has gone ahead and cancelled it. However, I have received no confirmation and online order status still says it is active. She has no clue of what order I placed or order numbers in her system. It was a weekend and I had to go to work (different city) because that is where my order number was. She told me she will call me at 4 pm to so that I could get that number by then and will work on the other order which is not showing up - but once again no call!!!
    10. I kept calling after 4:30 and kept getting bumped around or disconnected. Finally they closed at 5 so had to wait until next day.
    11. Kept trying on 18th - no use
    12. Kept trying on 19th. Finally one of the emails worked and I got this response:
    Dear ********
    Thank you for contacting the Verizon eCenter. My name is Ebony, and I will be responding for Patricia. I apologize for the troubles you have experienced with locating your order. Regrettably, we are unable to assist you via email. In order to provide you with the best customer service, please contact our Consumer Sales and Solutions Center directly at (800) VERIZON or (800) 837-4966 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Local Time. You will be prompted for your telephone number by our Voice Response Unit. To ensure protection of your personal account information and expedite the handling of your request, please have your Verizon account number or bill available. Our representatives will be happy to help you with your inquiry. The department to which we have referred you will be able to assist you. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, Ebony
    13. I call - goes to wait for usual 15 mins... after abt 25 mins I reach the right person, and while she is working - she puts me on hold and after another 15mins is disconnected.
    14. After that I keep trying to call and the procedure is:
    a. Call them
    b. Wade through the million options to reach your person
    c. Wait again
    d. They take your order information a million times
    e. They they look into it
    f. Then it either gets disconnected or they fwd your call to another person and you are again on step 13c.
    g. They will not solve the problem.
    15. Finally after more calls and emails they managed to cancel the order and get my triple play order in.
    16. I get an email for order verification - which I checked and was scheduled for 22nd.
    17. So, i apply for a leave, which gets approved and move things so that I am at home on 22nd for these guys
    18. Then I receive an email saying that have on their own changed the installation date to 28th July2010
    a. What happens to my leave - Is Verizon going to pay for my salary?
    b. What happens to home security which needs the FIOS line and is scheduled for that 22nd because of FIOS installation date - Is Verizon going to be responsible?
    c. They mess up simple things - hwo would they handle number transfer?

    After wasting days and days trying to get a connection and all this stress and discomfort - it is official - VERIZON is a highly unprofessional company.

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  • So
    sosdogs Jul 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I won't go into specifics. Suficit to say I tried online, I tried going to a store, I tried by calling to BECOME A CUSTOMER! I tried ELEVEN times, and every single time they go the order wrong! Sometimes I was on hold or 1/2 hour while they confirmed, and they STILL got it wrong! How can any company be so incompetent? I would call to straighten it out and they would either put me on hold on literally (twice) hand up on me!!! I would call back to cancel and the "retention" department would sweet talk me into how they could fix it. One time she said it was so screwed up it couldn't be fixed and we would do another order.OK, One more time (was this #9 or #10?) Everything perfect on the phone, then THREE TIMES that it was perfect talking to them, they got it wrong on the written confirmation (which is what counts). Always charging me more than they quoted of course. I finally was so frustrated I was in tears and cancelled. I will stay with comcast and endure the pixelations and blips. At least their customer service is decent.

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After reading several other complaints about Verizon, I couldn't help but add my experiences. Every...

new monthly data fee

Knew phone I wanted; visited store to switch from AT&T. As of 1/18/10 Verizon GOUGES CUSTOMERS to add monthly $10 data fee for middle of road cell phones. I do not need data service as I have a blackberry from work & never access the internet anyway. My first & last trip to the Verizon Wireless store encountered employees who didn't listen, had to be prompted to get to the next step (even to look at phones). Employees were less than professional; one customer service rep blamed sales rep (to me, the customer) when a mistake was made. I told them they'd have a sale if someone in authority could waive the data fee that I do not need. Employee acted helpless (said "computer" was programmed to do it). Manager simply shrugged shoulders & blamed corporate. Horrible policy; poor service. Verizon lost a customer due to this ridiculous policy & money grab. And I'm telling everyone unless something's done about it.

  • Cs
    CSWv1 Mar 08, 2010

    This is an ongoing problem. I found a blogger who is writing about his expereience with this issue - to the point of contacting the BBB. Visit the following link:

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  • well were glad your not a customer. as far as the data plan it cant be waive for one single person what r u special. you want special treatment.thats not gonna happen. or you could just get a basic phone if you want to complain

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  • Ha
    HatHat Apr 01, 2010

    What are you five?

    Im gonna run and tell everyone that Verizon was mean and wouldn't give me what i wanted, jesus your whole rant makes you sound like one big child and yet you wanted to be taken seriously i can just picture you crying and throwing a tantrum in the store for not getting your way. Little advice to you, you can't always get what you want and you need to eventually grow up and realize you're not the center of attention and just cause you don't get your way doesn't mean you should lower your mental stage to child like capacity.

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  • Yo
    youngboi85 May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, I think its great that we have Verizon employees that do show their true colors on here. They don't care on the phone, and they act like they are god when it comes to your bill, and when they screw up and you catch them, they still don't want to fix it. I have switched service providers due to the lack of customer respect, and the lies that they tell you on the phone. Why is it that this is the only company that forces you to have a data package on a multimedia CAPABLE phone? AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, they all allow you to pick your phone and options. This is why corporate giants that think they have an edge on the market need to be taught a lesson. And as far as acting like a child, ball is in their court. The customer service reps act as if they have to take it out of their check to do a credit. I highly doubt that it is in anyway going to affect you, so man up to the mistake, and do the credit. Or go run and play in your sandbox.

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deceptive practices

February 23, 2010

In Dec. 09 I decided that I had enough of my black berry and went into the local verizon store to see about a new phone. I explained to the employee that I am very water active and am interested in a water proof phone. She told me that they do have them in the store but if I where to call or go directly to verizons web site I could get a better deal. I went to the web site- not sure exactly which phones were water proof, I decided to call and make sure I got the right one. Verizon sales person new exactly which phone was best for me, after I explained how much time I spend on the water, she set me up with the water proof phone. I asked her a number of times to verify that it is water proof and her answer was yes. I then decided to add an additional line and get two of the phones and change my calling plan. Then I was transferred to an authority figure whom disclosed that this part of the call was recorded asked if I did approve all the changes and if I wanted any additional changes. I again asked him if the phones were water proof and his response was yes. I told him that was all I needed. About two weeks ago after kayaking my phone was broke and appeared to have water damage (phone got splashed but not submerged) I was surprised and called verizon that night. They informed me to call my insurance company but I felt that paying $39.00 for a manufactures defect wasn't right. The sales man informed me that he didn't think the phone was water proof, then read some spec's to me about the phone being able to go 112 meters underwater and that he will send a new phone out. I received the new phone yesterday and today it broke. I went kayaking but placed the phone in a zip lock bag due to recent experience. Got out of the water to discover it too got splashed and broke. Being very upset about this defective water proof phone I went into the store. There I discovered that verizon originally did not sale me a water proof phone and since 30 days have past I was stuck with what I have or I could buy a water proof phone. This is not acceptable. I feel that I was deceived during the original purchase. I feel that now the customer has to record all conversations with verizon in preparations of a dispute and to have accessible legal recordings for up coming law suits. I should be sent the two phones I had originally purchased, the car power chargers, a financial credit to my billing, and an apology. Thus far verizon representatives 3 sales people and 2 bogus managers have given me the run around and basically informed me that I am stuck with what I have and if I don't like it go elsewhere. Currently searching for pending lawsuits against verizon with similar issues, will contact better business bureau, attorney generals office, post internet add, local paper adds, and contact the local news stations, unless this is rectified with in 48 hours.
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customer service

Verizon's Billing Department and Custoner Service really Sucks. I have had Verizon FIOS for almost 12...

fcc and atty general complaint against verizon wireless

The following is an active complaint with the NC Atty General and the FCC regarding Verizon Wireless deliberately crippling the connectivity of customers who elected to stay on Alltel data plans. This would mostly affect people in fringe areas (though advertised as full coverage areas) An update to this complaint is that Verizon is retaliating by removing credits that we had been given because of previous service failures. Please spread this information around, especially to any Verizon customers you know who may be having connectivity problems. It COULD be deliberate.

FTC complaint # [protected] NCDOJ Complaint # 1001670 FCC complaint 10-C00194123

This may need a technical person to understand the details.

Verizon Wireless bought Alltel and the Alltel customers could remain on Alltel plans. Verizon is now deliberately crippling the connectivity of smart phones that are on the Alltel plan instead of the more expensive Verizon plan.

We came over to Verizon Wireless when they purchased Alltel. We were/are on a data plan with one "smartphone" and the rest regular phones.

I was expecting to get better phone reception once the transition was done to merge Alltel etc. Instead I found that my phone (the smartphone) would not work well as a phone. I was advised that the smartphones don't get as good of reception (why don't they advertise that, eh?)

I have endured months of poor phone service and have gone through several phone changes (which meant wasting hundreds of dollars in accessories that I had purchased for my original smart phone).

The event that prompted me to change phones and lose my investment in accessories was an event where my wife was desperately trying to call me because our grandson was bleeding and it would not stop. My son was with me and she was able to call him to contact me, but what if he had not been there? (I thought).

For months we would be in the same car and she would be unable to call me but his phone would work just fine (same plan but his is not a data phone).

Verizon tech support suggested going to another brand of phone and one on the Verizon system so that I could get a "hybrid" PRL (preferred roaming list) so that I could get phone reception. After several more phone swaps and wasted time I was finally advised of the cause.

Verizon Wireless is deliberatly crippling the smart phones which are on an Alltel plan instead of the more expensive Verizon plan. This is only the smart phones that are being crippled. My phone has a PRL of 40059 which deliberately limits my connectivity even though I am in the advertised full coverage area. You can imagine my anger at discovering that all these months Verizon had been deliberately crippling my connectivity to try to get me to move to their more expensive plan. The Verizon plan data PRL starts with a 6

I believe that their actions may well be criminal as they are discriminating against former Alltel data phone customers.

It was a tech support manager who revealed this to me because they are very frustrated in trying to give support to people whose phones are being deliberately disabled by a crippled PRL.

This deliberate crippling of smartphones that are still on Alltel plans could cause public safety issues such as the incident when my grandson was bleeding. Imagine when I discovered that my phones failures and poor reception was a DELIBERATE marketing strategy by Verizon.

Update 2/17/2010 I was contacted by one Karen Milbrodt from the Verizon Wireless President's office stating that because I was on an Alltel plan that I was not entitled to the same connectivity that I would have if I was on a Verizon plan. She basically confirmed my allegations. Also she advised me that I was not entitled to the credits that had been applied to my account by an earlier customer service manager and that they were going to remove the credits. I had been concerned about this retaliation by Verizon Wireless.

If you are a smart phone customer who is on an Alltel plan with Verizon wireless and you are having connectivity problems please note the complaint numbers at the beginning.

Steve Winter

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    Verified customer

    This is my reply to Verizon's 2/17/2010 answer to the North Carolina Dept of Justice

    FTC complaint # 25257585 NCDOJ Complaint # 1001670 FCC complaint 10-C00194123
    BBB complaint # 9431389

    I have expanded my complaint to include fraud and false advertising by Verizon Wireless

    Re File # 1001670
    In the Verizon Wireless response they admit my allegation that they are limiting the connectivity of Alltel customers by providing a crippled PRL. That most certainly does limit the connectivity of the phone. Their excuse for their discrimination against Alltel plan customers affirms my allegation.

    We are in a fringe area, BUT this area is advertised by Alltel and Verizon Wireless as being a full coverage area. This amounts to an admission of false advertising by Verizon Wireless.

    The credits given us previously were due to the past trouble that we had been experiencing. I am not privy to how the customer service manager coded the credits but we were promised the credits for many years into the future as incentive to stay with Verizon., and as compensation for past troubles.
    It was my concern that Verizon would retaliate for my filing this complaint by removing the promised credits. I had called Verizon many many times and wasted many hours on the phone with a plethora of problems. The customer service manager was able to see all of the problems we had been having.

    Verizon also admits that the “unlimited free photo, free video etc. plan that we are on does use minutes which is also an admission of false advertising on the part of Alltel

    Verizon is engaged in a pattern of limiting connectivity of Alltel customers, especially those on data plans. The other phones my family members carry have a DIFFERENT PRL from mine that does seem to work. It is my data smart phone that has the deliberate connectivity limitation.

    In summary, in the letter from Karen Milbrodt she admits the following:

    1.Verizon/Alltel continues to advertise full coverage in areas that they KNOW that they do not have full coverage.
    2.Verizon/Alltel are advertising an “unlimited text video and photo family data package” knowing full well that they are charging call minutes for use of those “unlimited” features.
    3.I was promised the credits that she now is removing. The details she provides are just a lame excuse for Verizon's retaliation for my filing this complaint. Obviously credits don't block unwanted features which should establish that she is lying. The credits were given as a culmination of many ongoing problems and trouble tickets etc. I was told that data had to be enabled for the photo and video messaging features to work. The credits were compensation and incentive to stay with Verizon.

    I feel to add that it was Verizon tech support who first advised me that I needed a better PRL to fix the connectivity issues that I was experiencing. It is my understanding that Verizon has in some areas actually transferred towers FROM Alltel use to exclusive use for Verizon plan customers with the effect of further limiting connectivity of the Alltel customers.

    Today I have very poor connectivity and I am very much within an area that is advertised by Verizon/Alltel as a full coverage area. I ask that my complaint be expanded to include false advertising AND deliberate fraud by Verizon Wireless especially Karen Milbrodt in their retaliation efforts to breach the agreement that I had been given in the $19.95 credit per line to stay with Verizon.

    Steve Winter

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    Your an idiot

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    lol people have waaaayyy to much time on their hands seriously this is LOL worthy.

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    VZW Customer Oct 05, 2010

    Verizon wireless has a way of manipulating whatever conversation you have with them and turning it agaainst you (the customer) Join our fight again VZ W Sign our petition! Thanks

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    Whit12 Dec 28, 2010

    Karen Milbrodt told the FCC they turned the antennas down in my area to better the internet. They had told me is was seasonal even in the winter with no leaves. Karen Milbrodt is a huge liar and took away credits I got and blocked any others because I complained to the FCC about lost calls, no signal, can't text. I ended up paying over $200.00 for network extender and still poor service. I am going to complain again to FCC and Attorney General's Office. Verizon lies for the almighty dollar. I am so close to the tower it's funny.. Verizon commits fraud saying they have full coverage. I had a perfect connection until the merge. I am a verizon customer and never alltel. So it doesn't matter. Verizon just sucks.

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block on ph

I paid a bill over $500 dollars to Verizon to restore my service and they did, so they said. I am now being told by Golbal Tel that Verizon has a block on my phone. So I call Verizon and spoke to 5 different reps on 3 different days who all swear there is no block. Gobal tel keeps saying there is a block. This is outragious because never company seems to care if my phone is blocked or not. I hope God is watching because even when you pay the bill you still dont get sevice from these companies all they want is money and you and your family are at their mercy which they is none.

lied abour rate

Verizon flat out lies about its rates. Do not fall for the offers or the sales persons offering you the greatest deal ever over the phone. They install service and the hit you with a bill full of extra fees. On top that, the rate you were offered over the phone is usually no longer available, none of the people in biling has ever heard of it and you have to pay a $200.00 on top on an outlandsih bill to get out of doing business with them. I had to call them for a bill and when they finally decided to give one, they charged me a late fee! I've been a customer for 2 months, i've spent an obscene amount of time on the phone with their joke of a customer service department and paying $200.00 to be rid of this awful company seems like a good idea now. If you are in the northern va area, do not sign up for fios. It's a joke.

debt not owed $106.40

In June 2008, I cancelled my internet service with Verizon, yet I was billed incorrectly $94.99. I contacted Verizon to prorate bill and the representative told me that I owed $43.32 which I paid on June 27th. The original charge for both phone and internet was $70.00/month.

In August 2008, I contacted Verizon because my home phone was out of service. They said that a repair person would look into the problem within 3-5 days. I waited and called again. Three weeks passed and my phone was still out of service. I called Verizon and cancelled my phone service and requested that my bill be prorated for the amount of time that I was without service. When I received my final bill it was for $106.40. My home phone service was suppose to be $32.00/month plus tax. I called Verizon and the representative said that she would have the bill adjusted minus the internet service fee and prorated for the three weeks of no home phone service. She told me to wait for the next billing cycle for the bill to be adjusted. The next bill that I received from Verizon was for $106.40. I called Verizon again and they told me that I should wait for the next billing cycle to reflect the adjustment. The next bill that I received was from a collection agency AFNI. I contacted Verizon again and they said that the account was already sent to collections and there was nothing that they could do. I contacted AFNI and explained the above communications with Verizon. The representative said that they would research the issue and get back to me. About a week later, I received a message that they had researched the issue and that I did in fact owe $106.40. Now, I am being plagued with calls from the North Shore Collection Agency. They call all times of the day and night and at least 3-6 times per week. I tried explaining my situation to them as well and was met with the same response as AFNI, that I owe the $106.41. To say that I am disgusted is an understatement. Verizon has now jeopardized my very good credit by putting me in a collection agency for such a small debt. I am outraged. Is there anything that you can do to help?

jaclyn creavy

I have been receiving multiple calls and now a letter from pinnacle credit services about a delinquent payment to verizon wireless. I just received a copy of my credit report and there is nothing on there about any delinquent loans or payments. and i have not had verizon wireless in over 4 years
thanks Jaclyn