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Flowplay has no issues taking hard earned real money from people but refuses to deal with issues on the side of the players. The help desk is nothing more then a filter with pat/scripted answers or responses to honest problems and losses the players are experiencing. Twice in 4 months I was given "the gold" tokens = 100 gems.. To play sea of riches. I was able to play the first gold token, but when I went to play the second, I was disconnected before I got a chance to even spin. I had refreshed before I entered the game, and had no choice but to refresh after being disconnected.. My second spin was no longer available. This is just one of the many malfunctions this game refuses to deal with. It matters not what game or party people are in.. They get booted from their own suites while hosting a party, have balances of gifts taken.
This may sound trivial, but the money the guests pay is real, they're not vw trinkets. It's a shame because it could be a fun site with many more spending a lot more... Sadly, that won't be me
Mark aka whatdaheckk on vw

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