Vayama / airline ticket cancellation

I bought a ticket on this website, and the company's irresponsible behavior made me very angry. Because of my mom's special reasons we need to cancel our ticket. We have informed them of the refund request 7 days in advance of the flight departure. But VAYAMA.COM did not help us at all. Every time I contacted them, the company refused to help us with the refund, and I also asked them to contact the South China company to refund the ticket, but I have called the customer service many times and no one really helped me to communicate with the airline. They said that I personally need to contact the airline because the airline changed my ticket and they could not help me. I also contacted the South China Company for my refund procedure. The airline said that they can help me with the refund procedure, but this refund must be submitted through the website where the ticket was originally purchased. I then contacted the site and they said they could not submit any application or form for me. They let me contact the airline. Their behavior is really irresponsible. When I purchased the ticket, they directly charged my money instead of aviation. Now I want to refund the ticket and I have to go through it myself? If the refund is successful, the money will be returned to their company's account. How can I get my money back? Now my problem has not been solved. They are the agent websites for ticket purchases, and they should be obliged to communicate with airlines to get their customers back for the money. But the company's customer service is too bad. This is my worst ticketing experience, I decided not to recommend this site to others. I will advise them to stay away from this website. Please help me follow up this matter。

Sep 11, 2019

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