UVC Global Panama, S. de R.L. and UVC Sales Panama / unlimited vacation club membership

I've been literally forced to attend 45 min presentation that ended up almost 7! Hours from my vacation time at Secrets Akumal on 09/04/2019. Champagne, 8! Members of UVC was "working" with me. I said 2(two) times of NO, signed a paper for not to be able to participate in any future presentations... and still signed under some alcohol influence and being so tired after long trip, that they used this as advantage. Drago, the name of main manager, " forgot" to include a cancellation time and when I came yesterday to say I want to cancel, the answer : "It is too late". Very convenient also the short memory for telling a client about annual fee?! Zero disclosure!! I want to participate in class action . My direct contact # in USA [protected]. My account ID SAI-003361 Elena.

Sep 11, 2019

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