USDirect Expressdirect express fraud investigation

H Sep 06, 2018

So about April my son graduated High School. He turned 18 while still receiving SSI Death Benefits..was still in school so SSI diverted his portion to him. My daughter is 16. Her SSI death benefit from her tied up now. Direct Express says info on account is not what I say it is so am guessing I was hacked. My identity was stolen and since I have an idea of who did it and said so...they now accuse me of being basically the one committing fraud.. anyway SSI uses that card..requires it even because my child is a minor and I am a Payee. But they laughed at me..told me it was "their money now" they had all my info..sent multiple emails and faxes..and was then told by a rather alarmed CSR that she was very sorry but they did not accept faxed documentation anymore...when they did just the day I just want the money on the card. I got evicted because of this..16 yr old had to go live with 18 yr old on his own completely cus he has to be. I have pretty severe medical issues that are exacerbated because of stress. I can't get them to talk to me. So what can I do..I feel like I need a lawyer..or a consumer advocate's getting ridiculous. I owe I owe and too sick to I could use some advice.

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