Unlimited Vacation Clubhorrible travel agency service

This past March, I contacted UVC to help me with a trip I was planning to Greece.
It was the first time I was using their services after shelling out more than 10K for a supposedly amazing membership with them.
I was told that booking with them will not only save me money but I would get a discount too.

The agent that helped me with my plans, suggested the hotels for our stays in Antiparos and in Paros:
The first hotel in Antiparos was Soros Beach and we reserved and paid for it.
A day before we were to fly out from JFK, I get a call from UVC saying that Soros Beach cancelled our reservation and that they were willing to give us another hotel on another island (!)10 minutes away by ferry from Antiparos even though
I repeatedly said that we had a wedding to attend on the island of Antiparos and that's why we needed to be there.
When that agent couldn't accommodate us with another hotel in Antiparos, I booked my own hotel via Expedia and for much cheaper.
When I contacted Soros Beach directly in Greece, the manager assured me that they had sent a notice to the travel agency two weeks prior to the date I was contacted !!

As for our second stop after that island, the agent booked us a hotel called "Despinas Mare" on the island of Paros for 4 nights and for a total of $459.08 but
I was told that I got a discount of $39.00 which brought the total to $420.08.
We arrived at that hotel on September 30th after paying 35 Euros for the cab and it was not the right hotel booked. The reservation stated the right name of "Despinas Mare" but with a completely different phone number. When the hotel clerk at Despinas was kind enough to call that number, it turned out it was another hotel called Adonis and they did have our reservation.
When we got to Adonis Hotel, yes, they did have our reservation and they gave us a receipt for the amount that was paid for our room which was for 263.32 Euros equivalent to $288.89; I have that receipt and this means we overpaid UVC $131.00 more than we should have paid if we hadn't gone through them!
I have attached a copy of the reservation we had with the wrong hotel plus the receipt of the hotel we stayed at to show the difference in amounts !

I tried contacting UVC twice since we came back but they don't even bother to find out what the issue is or to apologize about what happened.
I don't think I will use their services for any of my next trips as I can do a much better job myself via Expedia or

I have read many negattive reviews that this UVC is all a scam and yes they do overcharge for everything and make you think that you're saving money...
I regret that we fell for this whole membership thing when we were in Punta Cana last year but I would make sure to tell everyone about our experience so far with this membership club!

- A very dissatisfied and disappointed member

Unlimited Vacation Club

  • Unlimited Vacation Club Customer Care's Response, Oct 09, 2019

    Thank you for writing us. We are sorry about the experience. Please send us your member ID through email: [protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

    If you prefer, log into and select your country of residence from de box on the left, type your telephone number suitable time you wish to be called by one agent.

Oct 09, 2019

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