United Parcel Service of America [UPS]excessive speed in apartment complex

S Aug 02, 2018

8/2/18 around 10:15a
Preserves of brentwood, nashville tn. 37211

Ups driver speeds through our apartment complex and disregards my kind request to please slow down. We have a lot of children that are walking and riding their bikes throughout the day and evening. When I asked him to slow down please, he only complained that we have a lot of speed bumps. (duh!! They're there for a reason!) then in his attempt to brush me off and stop my conversation, he said he had a 10:30 air package to deliver. Off he flew down the hill hitting every speed bump at "break neck speed."

During a previous delivery about a month or so ago, this same guy crashed the back end of his truck into a tree that had large limbs overhanging the parking spot. Breaking off large limbs and splitting others. He got out of his truck, nearly swearing, fussing, and ripping off the limbs (as best he could) and leaving them strewn across the area. He then proceeded to throw the large packages out of the truck and bump them roughly up the stairs to my neighbors door. Total disregard for the contents of the packages. One was very large and heavy. Again, he drove away speeding without regard to anyone's safety. This guy needs to be fired on the spot! I will be more observant as to the license number, his name or truck number next time, and instead of writing a complaint, which i'm sure ups will never see, i'll just call the police. As a matter of fact, our nashville tv station, wsmv asks for stories that would be of interest to report on. This would touch everyone's heart strings and probably stir up a little more than that. We've all seen this behavior too many times.

I have to consider the reason why this guy so blatantly disregards safety. I truly believe it is because the drivers have too many packages to deliver and are expected to do it all in a day or at a given time. They are overloaded with work and evidently their paycheck is dependent on how many packages they can deliver in a day.

Shame on ups! They are the root of the problem.
I will not be using their services in the future.

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