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United Healthcare's website is out dated. The list of physicians is not at all updated. The patient ends up calling each phone number listed in the website only to find that "THE NUMBER IS NOT IN SERVICE"

And after hours if not days of trying you eventually find a doctor and get the treatment. Then comes the worst part. They reject the cliams and have you pay the entire amount. They have tons of reasons to reject your claim. Completely disorganized.



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    lisa kirk Feb 23, 2009

    united health care customer service dept is in india. I work for a billing company and when I call to follow up on outstanding bills I reach Alice, Kate or Rocky in India. This is a disgrace and this is what is wrong with our country. In the United States unemploloyment is at its highest. The people of the US are what keep the insurance companies in business paying high insurance preiums and they farm the jobs to other countries so the CEO's can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. When will the people of this country do something. Write to congress, write to the president, make a stand.

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  • Br
    Brooke Pittman Nov 19, 2009

    Please see attached letter

    2nd Request!!!

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  • Br
    Brooke Pittman Nov 19, 2009

    Please see attachment...

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  • Ag
    agardner Sep 03, 2010

    UnitedHealthcare has denied for a third time my daughter's emergency, life-saving surgery that was necessary while we were out of town. We were also out of network, but the surgery was necessary to save her life. We took her to the nearest hospital. UHC denies the multiple charges, saying we don't have coverage when out of network, except for emergencies. We had the surgeon write them a letter explaining the emergency nature (which is blatantly obvious from all the medical records). The expenses are catastrophic and life changing, and yet, we have heard today, it was denied AGAIN. The hospital is threatening to send us to collections. We will lose everything: savings, house, etc. We have caught UnitedHealthcare in a variety of lies and deceptive business practices. The plan is administered under ERISA, which means we have no power whatsoever (unlike normal insurance policies, which are governed by state law.)

    United Healthcare has essentially ruined our lives. Thank goodness at least I have my daughter to hold; and she is alive. I know the pain of losing a child already.

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  • Sh
    Shirley Haywood Nov 06, 2017

    @agardner Call your employers, it is ultimately their fiduciary responsibility to pay the claim. It only takes one call from them and UHC will jump to it. In an emergency situation, you may have what they call a gap exception, meaning you had no choice on the facility or provider as you were more than 50 miles from your home. Ask them to process the claim using your gap exception. Don't call them while you are upset, calmly ask for their assistance and use the verbiage provided (gap exception) and ask them to make sure that the claim is paid immediately. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the payor to process the claims in the best interest of the patient. If you lose your home that would not be int he best interest of the patient. if you should need additional information please google fiduciary responsibilities of the United Healthcare insurance

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  • Je
    Jeff Mitchell Apr 08, 2013

    I have met my yearly deductable for medical coverage and I went into the doctors office to have some of the packing from the procedure removed. The Doctors office didn't charge for a visit because they view the procedure as part of the surjury. The Insurance company requires I pay for a doctors visit since the procedure was done in his office. This seems to be an abuse of the of insurance company. They should be required for paying for the whole procedure once my deductable has been met.

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  • No
    no medicare Aug 23, 2013

    I signed up with UnitedHealthCare in June, 2013 and to this date, which is August 23rd, I still do not have a medicare card from them. I have called, called and called them. Finally, I just wen to another company for my medicare. Now I'm being told that I need a letter from UnitedHealthCare stating that I want to be disenrolled in their plan. They refuse to send one! Now I am at a loss. Please do not sign up with this horrible company!!!

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  • Ri
    Richard D. Rosier Jul 19, 2019

    I was sold a bill of goods when I signed up for United . I'm on their member sight found a chiropractor at first I did not know anything about referral for then I had my Dr refer me to this great chiropractor that was on their list. The list that was on my member site. I wrote and appeal letter and they still won't pay this is the short of it. United AARP are weasels absolutely no good come October I changing. So what they are saying is no matter who is on my member site that is in network I can't use them. What good is this BS company anyway if I can't use the doctors that are referred to me on my member list.

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