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Aflac disability short term

I applied for disability went through the forms step by step and told to fax additional information and they still denied me so why tell me fax additional forms. This company is disgusting they do not care they are terrible I could say a thousand things about them. Stay away from this company keep your money stay away from this fraudulent so call company

  • Updated by Beez1029 · Mar 02, 2020

    Aflac is a scam they will always have a reason to know deny there are 2 people I spoke to higher up who had 2 different reasons for my denial then when I said I want my money back they said it had to be reviewed well of course they said no I'm going to reporting this company as long as I'm on disability which is a while. AFLAC IS A SCAM FRAUDULENT COMPANY

  • Updated by Beez1029 · Mar 02, 2020

    Aflac does not provide disability period but they will sign you up and steal your money with ease don't expect anything or anyone to answer !! Terrible the worse company needs to be shut down there are so many lawsuits with this company they won't let me cancel or give me back my money what a shameful company there disgusting!! I'm on disability and there stealing my money

Claim not getting paid in full. Missing ICU and Step Down pay. PV194317

On Feb 7th I submitted a claim for an ICU hospital stay and they only paid the initial benefit and not the ICU and Step Down stay. I have spoken to customer service several times which in return they told me it was forwarded to the claims department and nothing has been done. They have all the paperwork needed obviouly cause they paid part of it only.

hospital and short term policy

I made a claim and was not paid i was in hospital 3 days and out of work for two months and did not get paid im very upset i'd rather have the money i spent these past months for the service that didnt even pay me. The agent that informed was clear that i would get paid. Comes to find out i make claim with every paper they needed and still got refused.

aflac vision policy claim-received very poor service

AFLAC Vision Policy - Submitted a claim under the AFLAC Vision for cataract eye surgery removal on December 2, 2019 for reimbursement of $800 to $1, 200. Customer Service inquiries [protected]). The AFLAC Claims Department continues trying to process the claim as a $75 wellness claim. Each time, I try to get the matter corrected, they set up another claim. I have made 15 telephone calls, submitted repeated inquiries and complaints to AFLAC, and reached a member of the AFLAC Board of Directors, and absolutely nothing gets done. The following are the problems that I have encountered with the AFLAC Vision Policy:
1. AFLAC Claims Officials, telephone representatives, and insurance agents seem not to know or understand the provisions of the AFLAC Vision Policy. Aflac needs to provide training urgently for its employees on the provisions, terms, and conditions of the AFLAC Vision Policy.
2. The AFLAC Vision Form needs to be updated to include a line or box to check for Cataract Eye Surgery as well as other associated information.
3. There is very poor communications between customers and AFLAC telephone representatives with AFLAC's Claims Department and Audit Department. A lot of problems could be solved if there was better communications.
4. AFLAC needs to stop saying that it pays claims within three days, because my AFLAC vision claim has not been paid in seven days.
5. There are some AFLAC telephone representatives who are smacking and eating while communicating with a customer.
6. The AFLAC's Customer Service Department has not helped to resolve my claim.

claims not paid

'm writing this complaint about a claim that I submitted on 11/5/19. I sent the claim ([protected]) in under our Hospital Indemnity policy. We have had the policy for at least 10 years. I sent my claim for a CT Scan in the same way as I have always sent it. I would send in my medical report and the claim would be paid. I sent in the claim and AFLAC sent a letter saying that they needed my claim authorization form updated. I sent that back online. It still wasn't paid. Then I called the automated phone rep and it said I had to have an itemized hospital bill to pay the claim. I sent the itemized hospital bill and it still wasn't paid. Then I received another letter saying that they needed to know the address of the provider, which there was an address on the itemized bill. I thought OK let me send the address of the actual imaging facility, where the procedure was done. Each time they get a piece of information, I'm told there will another 72 hours before anything will be done. Now I sent them the medical report, claims authorization form, itemized hospital bill and the address of the provider of the procedure and now they say they can't pay until they get a diagnosis code. My report tells them that everything was negative, so of course I don't have a diagnosis of what the problem is. The rep told me that the bill can't be paid until the diagnosis code is received. Now I say to you, there is no reason why AFLAC doesn't know that I had a CT Scan. What does my diagnosis have to do with AFLAC knowing whether I have had a CT Scan. AFLAC acts like I'm going to be paid $150, 000, instead of $150, that they owe me. $150 may not be a lot to AFLAC, however you get your premiums, I expect my claims to be paid. On second thought, it must be a lot to AFLAC, since your trying to hold onto it.

AFLAC has no problem taking the premiums every month and we rarely put in a claim. Now I put in a claim for $150 and they don't even want to pay it. I have received three letters about this claim asking for a different thing each time. As a good claims' examiner, which I did for 13 years, I know exactly the process for requesting information. I never sent a letter to a customer asking for a piece here and there. I asked what the Claims Authorization form was used for, because when I was an examiner I called the facility to request information, told them I had an authorization for patient information and I received the information after I faxed or emailed them the authorization. She told me that it takes too long to get information that way. It can't take longer than it has taken me to try to get the claim paid. She told me that the auditors won't pay it without a diagnosis code. What happened to the HIPPA law???

AFLAC is sounding really shady to me. They collect more from most customer than they ever pay them. AFLAC's TV commercial advertises that your claim is paid in 1day. It's also advertises that if received by phone, fax or mail, it usually takes 4 days. Your advertisement is false. Well it has been 24 days and my claim is still in pending status, after everything that I have sent. This is real disappointing.

claims customer service

HOSPITAL ACCOUNT: (P0N122F8) DATE OF INCIDENT: MARCH 8, 2019 ISSUE: Inconsistency in knowing if i sent proper documentation after a month! When 10 days ago they said i sent all...

unethical behavior

My dentist submitted a dental claim on 8/7/2019 assigned claim # [protected] for an oral exam dental xray and a prophylaxis cleaning. I got paid for the oral exam which was le...

does not want to pay my wellness plan

I enrolled with Aflac in 2017, the agent that enrolled me made a mistake and did not add the wellness part into the plan. SO when I applied for it in the Beginning of March it was denied and I have been fighting ever since, they had the audacity to charge my company the different in the rate in order for me to get the benefit, and then to just say that they were not going to pay me at all. I have worked with 4 different agents and they all have the same attitude to ignore my emails and stop answering my calls. I guess everyone is trained by the same person, to be [censored] in customer service. if some one can help my Last agent is Roy Brewster if that even helps someone will probably will not get a hold of me.


I had a very large kidney stone 13 mm. I was in hospital 3 different times. So obviously I was unable to work. I could barely get out of bed. Aflac paid my hospalization right away but not my disability they did not. My pcp and surgeon both filled out their paperwork. My surgeon refused to fill out anymore. I filed everything when I was
All done and able to go back to work. Here I am 4 months after I filed and still arguing with them. I talk to manager 1 time and they say they r seeing all paper work even from my surgeon and sending it to Aflac. Then I call next week they tell me it's not listed as me talking to anyone last week and it wasn't sent to autitor and don't see paperwork from surgeon. I flipped out told them they r a worthless company and I paid every month to have this coverage for nothing I told them I am going to tell everyone I know how worthless they r and I will post how worthless they r on every site possible and I said I quit u worthless company and hung up on them

injury payments

I had one claim that was denied because Aflac said I was injured at work. I had another claim Aflac said was denied due to an existing condition. Even though my doctors stated it was not.
I have found Aflac to be worthless. Basically I paid premiums for a service they never provided. These claims were submitted between 2018-19. I worked for NHK Seating in Murfreesboro Tennessee

short term disability/ accident

so I tore my tendon completely off my elbow had to have surgery to get it repaired, but because I cant say exactly what day or time I did hurt the tendon Aflac has completely denied the accident claim wont pay anything not even the xray or MRI I had, out of work for 6-8 weeks and now after submitting papers for short term 2 weeks ago im told it was filed wrong and under accident. also that it will be another week before I hear if im getting paid for the short term disability or not. and its possible that if they denied the accident claim they more than likely wont pay short term for an accident they would have to see if it qualified as a sickness, I already know its not going to be covered under sickness because its not a sickness. so I just decided to cancel all the policies I had since they want to Wiesel out of paying anything why would I want to pay someone for insurance that's not going to pay me what a ridiculous company.

life insurance

We sighned up for the life insurance in February and he had a massive heart attack in April . The autopsy report shows the heart attack was not from a preexisting condition. My name is latasha i am a disabled mother of 6 children. I called in and made a life features claim after the sudden death of my children's father I am the beneficiary. He was my care giver and the bread winner I am unable to work. The claims adjuster said they need the certified death certificate only what turned into the autopsy report after the autopsy report that turn into a office note record for one day that changed into 5 years worth of medical notes because the physician statement said prediabetic. The notes showed he was not diabetic they did show his smoking history and they asked if he smoked and he told them he quit and when he was a smoker it was two black and miles a day . I received a phone call saying that the claim was sent to upper management for a improper application. This lady tried everything she could not to pay this claim . I am ready to reach out the media me and my children are homeless in a hotel waiting on this aflac claim. I really hope someone in upper management approves this claim. Or else I will do the media a disabled parent and young children left homeless due to shady insurance practices.

service sucks

I put in a clam when my wife had to have surgery I called and asked questions they said they would handle it time and time again then they said need to look at and sign more forms and I did and still no answers to anything I got pissed off this happened in 2012 and I still get calls because I canceled the service why pay over 50 dollars a week for nothing aflac is bull [censored] it is 2019 now and still nothing all they do Is take your money from you.

right of conversion a7564794

On May of 2019 I submitted a letter requesting an individual policy be issued resulting from a dissolution of marriage (per section 3 of current policy). it has been four months and multiple calls where I spoke with David, Kira, Trina, Latrice, Kathy, and Tanika; and yet no resolution has been reached to date. Through the calls I've also been issued multiple reference numbers: J06LK61, F148KN9, and G141VLI. I was put on hold to speak to Angela in the back office and she never came to the phone, What else can be done to get this matter resolved?
I can be reached at [protected].

[Resolved] unknowingly paying for st disability coverage that isn't based on my current income

I have been paying for ST Disability Coverage through Aflac since December 2012. I was never told that I needed to change my policy so I would have the correct coverage for my current income level. As a result, I have been paying for a policy that didn't meet my expectations. If I knew that information, I would have cancelled the policy years ago. I've asked about this before but it took submitting the question online to get an honest answer. My agent didn't ever make this clear and I'm frustrated that I wasted thousands of dollars over the years. I'm better off using paid leave through my employer than trying to pay for and submit a claim through Aflac. I still haven't received the policy cancellation forms I requested. I want them now so I can get refunded my prepaid insurance premiums. The longer I have to wait, the less of my payment I will be able to get back.

  • Resolution Statement

    A partial premium has been refunded and the policy is now cancelled. I still can't undo what already happened but at least I got my prepayment back for the rest of the quarter. I know I had asked about my coverage before but it wasn't adequately explained by my contact person at any given point in time. Hopefully they are better about informing people they need to ask to have the policy modified as needed in order to maintain relevant coverage for their current income level.

claim service

Policy holder name - Dolores Martin Hinkle
DOB - 09/21/1932
Policy # - A0572896
Claim # - [protected]

Providing as much information as possible is virtually impossible. I have been dealing with AFLAC for my 86 year old Mom who is fighting Stage III B lung cancer since April 2019. After a minimum of 12 separate calls and submitting information on several occasions...(there was a time during all my calls, it was determined additional information was not received and after an additional call by me to AFLAC in June is was determined that the information was filed away and no one sent information back to the doctor requesting what was needed.) I then requested a supervisor and she confirmed the issue was indeed in AFLAC's hands and they had still not sent anything to the doctor and it had then been 2-3 weeks just sitting with no activity!!! Additional information was sent on that date all the dates of infusion treatments for her cancer. Finally today, August 16th I called once again to find out the claim had been paid!!! Amazing!!! Yes, a check for $100.00 was sent to my Mom. This is the most amazing part, documentation of treatment dates from 7/6/18 through 3/25/19 and AFLAC only paid $100 for the first date of 7/6/18 treatment. Once I spoke with the AFLAC employee, she looks through the numerous documents in the file and said it appears all that has been paid us for her initial infusion from 7/6/18 and nothing else!!!
I was advised by the AFLAC individual that she would send documentation that the claim information needs to be reviewed again for the missing infusion dates of 7/30/18, 8/20/18, 1/14/19, 3/5/19 and 3/25/19 for payment consideration.
Again, back in AFLAC's corner that all information has been there for review of these dates, and these were missed...!!! I was advised it will now take an additional 15 days for this to be reviewed for consideration of payment. AFLAC Missed this again and put the policy holder waiting again for possibly as long as a month. Please keep in mind, all of my information started on 3/25/19, and it is now 5 months later and we have received $100.

I welcome a call from anyone to discuss the possibility of getting this reviewed and managed quicker than 15 plus days!!!

Sibyl Kristine Bunting. POA

reinstating my policy

I canceled my accident policy in July 2019. A month later I called to ask about reinstating the policy. I was told that as long as I paid for the premiums for July and August that there would be no lapse in the policy . It would be as if I never canceled it. I've been calling and on hold for a long time to find out that they changed my effective date and I can't put in any claims for July. I am extremely disappointed after I was told that there would be no problem filing a claim for an accident for end of July. They need to answer questions consistently. I was told different answers from several customer service representatives.

my account in the way of being treated

I've been complaining trying to get Just to straighten out for three years you take my money every month why I was working Through the company I quit the company and found out...


I first received AFLAC at my new job. My employer allowed them to come in to sell their product it is not offered thru work. First issue, the agent sent the wrong amount so payroll made an error and I received a paper for hundreds of dollars now owed to my employer. When I spoke to my agent who was emailing HR but would not answer me, she said, "well is there claims you can put in for some money back"
here is the issue, I put in several claims and they are denied. Also for my husband. Some claims were paid but not completely. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS DISGUSTING POLICY. I know have a broken foot that was an accident went to the ER and because of the break sent me to and Orthopedic Surgeon. He did xrays for himself and gave me an aircast and knee wheeler to use. THEY NOW TELL ME SORRY ITS A VISIT you get $50. REALLY?????????????????? there is nothing that says that he is a different doctor and it is not a follow up its a orthopedic surgeon because there was not one at the hospital the night I went in. My agent and her assist are rude and maybe email back if they feel like it. I said I am contacting the insurance department and want these horrible policies cancelled but noone will help me

claim not being paid in customer service

I have a short term disability policy with Aflac. I have been paying for this for over a year now. When Aflac rep. came into my work, she told me that claims were paid with in 24 48 hrs once the claim is June of 2019 I had surgery for gal bladder removal and hernia repair. I went and looked up reviews for Aflac claims processing. To my surprise There were a lot of complaints about Aflac not paying short term claims. So I figure this was going to be a problem and guess what. I was right. After faxing the same document 4 times because there was always something wrong with it NOT being filled out correctly. The 24 to 28 hrs became 7 to 10 day. I also had to call daily to find out if the forum was filled out correctly because if not I would of had to wait to get something in the mail. Because Aflac does not contact you if there is a problem. They do it by mail. even though they have a email address. I am very disappointed. I paid for something I feel this company never had any intension of ever paying a short term claim/ Save your money don't get aflac

hospital insurance

Uneducated Augusta Agent I've been with Aflac for seven months. Within the last few months, I've experienced incredibly unprofessional customer service and even more an...

short term disability refund request

I was basically scammed out of over 900+ dollars for a policy that I can not use. And will never be able to use due to me not planning on returning to work ever. Basically I was advised by not 1 but 2 Aflac affiliates that I could keep the policy and use the policy but in fact im not. I requested a refund request from the day I stopped working in Jan 2018 as I have not used or filed any claims and was advised by phone today they sent me a check for $125. This request took over a month and still had not been completed the day I called over the 30 day mark that I was advised it would take. The customer service rep said she pushed it through but I'm not sure how they decided to only give me 125 out 900. It just doesn't seem right that their own ppl don't know their policy rules and can give incorrect information and basically scam ppl out of money. I specifically scheduled a meeting when I was leaving my job with the rep to ensure something like this happened and was advised I could keep the policy for future use and that it would just b based off of my current pay. I then was advised again by their customer service that I could keep this policy but couldn't keep my other policy. I made it very clear I was leaving to my employer to stay at home with my baby. I was looking forward to that money to take care of my child's necessities that I could not afford and instead of telling me I could keep it the policy but wouldn't b able to use it and give me the option of giving them money I could have saved for my child they took it. Sound like a scam to me and now I'm stuck with no claim money and premiums down the drain. I really can't believe this I really truly thought this company was honorable.

lied to by your agent.

Aug 2018 looking for insures to help if I cannot go to work after I have my baby, I was trying to get pregnant. I found you the liars aflac. Your agent called we asked first thing if we could not be covered no deal. I found out I was pregnant. Liars aflac agent still looking in to it, said yes I promise you can be covered. I said I am pregnant are you sure yes. We meet with the liar; my mom and husband and I all got the aflac increase threw the business. That day we where on are way to the 3d ultrasound the agent knew this. We asked are you sure I samantha will be covered after having the baby if the doctor said I need to be off for any reason from having the baby??? Yes, he said. March 2019 getting ready to have the baby the lier calls and ask how everything is good i'm read any day. Lier agent asked do you need to be off yet? I said no feel-good doing hair, let me know I said ok. 3/14/19 I had my baby. Called the agent liar on monday after the doctor's visit I got a not to be home un till may 2019. It has been heelll ever after with you liars. Can't get the form to lode from my phone laptop nothing worked. To agent "o I can help do it" "o I am so posted to do the form??" he did it with my husband name I had filled out the form wrong he did not catch it??? This all took 1 week?? Re did the form with my name form done. Wrong need to re do it I didn't change the # on it?? You agent did not catch that?? 1 more week later ok I know the 8-day grace time!! So, we redo the clam form my name my # doctors not all good?? Not good can you give us your taxes for 2 years ok, so we did that. Week 4 april 2019 we need this tax form 2 tax form??? Ok we did that week 5??? Boss of agent lies calls me asked me why the doctor has me off work I told him I had a baby and he want me off my feet?? New letter 2day after talking to him!!! No not covered preexisting no pay??? What called the liar agent that singed us up knew I was have a baby before we singed up!!! No not paying me why last week you said in and email it was good I should get paid out soon!!!??? Now I am looking for a lawyer and filling an appeal??? I feel lied to and used, I got the run around then this you aflac are liars and do what ever to get the money???!!!

dental and accident double charged

I went to my credit union account and I paid my dental insurance and accident insurance April 5, 2019. I look they trying to take more money on April the 12th


OverviewAccount Access
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Available Balance:
$ 59.36
Actual Balance:
$ 157.19
YTD Dividend:
$ 0.00
Previous Year Dividend:
$ 0.00
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History for *0800=90 (Apr 1, 2019, through Apr 30, 2019)
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Apr 12
Transfer To Share 20800-00-Online Banking Transfer

$ -80.00
$ 0.00
$ 157.19
Apr 12
Transfer From Share 20800-00-Online Banking Transfer

$ 80.00
$ 0.00
$ 237.19
Apr 10

$ -19.95
$ 0.00
$ 157.19
Apr 06

$ -17.46
$ 0.00
$ 177.14
Apr 06

$ -6.00
$ 0.00
$ 194.60
Apr 06
AT&T *PAYMENT [protected] TXUS

$ -85.30
$ 0.00
$ 200.60
Apr 06

$ -39.95
$ 0.00
$ 285.90
Apr 05

$ -36.90
$ 0.00
$ 325.85
Apr 05

$ -38.10
$ 0.00
$ 362.75
Apr 04

$ -555.00
$ 0.00
$ 400.85
Apr 04

$ -25.23
$ 0.00
$ 955.85
Apr 03

$ 25.00
$ 0.00
$ 981.08
Apr 03

$ -25.00
$ 0.00
$ 956.08
Apr 03
GCS [protected] -DepositTrn

$ -100.00
$ 0.00
$ 981.08
Apr 02

$ 937.00
$ 0.00
$ 1, 081.08
Apr 01

$ -8.34
$ 0.00
$ 144.08
Apr 01

$ -9.41
$ 0.00
$ 152.42

Member Service Support: 305.545.0744 or 877.595.0744
Monday - Wednesday: 8:00am to 3:00pm
Thursday and Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

I would like a refund 38.10 plus 38.10 and 30.90 plus 30.90 equal.


138.00. which would be double charged

supplemental insurance / I am getting the runaround

I had short term disability insurance with Aflac and had back surgery six months ago, and have been denied coverage for lack of supporting documents from the doctors. I have have been very active in getting these documents from the doctors office for them for the last three months (the doctors office is getting tired of my calls, they have more important things to do. Thanks Aflac.) Everytime they get them they are posted to the wrong claim, lost, or need more documents. Yesterday they posted on their online message center they need all the same documentation over again. This has gone on so long, several of the agents have called this an old claim.

[Resolved] dental insurance

I was interested in obtaining dental insurance for myself and my daughter since my employer doesn't offer this.
I spoke to aflac and decided to use them for dental. After hearing my options, I decided on a plan, I gave all personal info, debit number for drafts, etc...
I was curious as to what other customers thought so read many reviews and was overwhelmed by feeling I made a mistake so I called back and spoke to two separate reps to make sure this would be cancelled immediately and my account not be drafted. Mind you, this was all in a matter of a few hours after setting up the policy. I got an email at 2:14pm confirming the cancellation. They still took money out of my account!!! Upon contacting customer service they told me the policy was still active!!! A refund is only given through regular mail which they said can take up 7-10 days.

  • Aflac's response · Mar 14, 2019

    Hi alcrock, I'm Aflac Phyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. I would like for our Contact Center to look into your concerns.
    Please email us at [protected] so we can assist you with your concerns. When you email us, please include the following in the subject line of your email: alcrock March 13, 2019,
    Aflac policyholders should provide at least two of the following: Address, Claim number, Claim Check number, Date of Birth, or Name of Employer.
    Thank you,
    Aflac Phyllis

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] telephone helper

I need to know what specifically has been paid for, and what will be paid for given my current treatment plan. All she kept saying was basically tautology - "you get your benefits that are the benefits you get." - Could not tell me how much money I could expect _ I need to make some real decisions about whether or not I can afford to take time off from work- that's the whole purpose of this policy, and she could not tell me.

Later, when she gave me her registration number, she said " k as in [censored]" !
And she resisted giving me a supervisor. How quickly do you think I can get this onto social media.

  • Updated by lailaz · Feb 08, 2019

    I'm still holding for the supervisor...Why does the local representative listed on my policy never call me back?
    Why would you not have your phone people trained to narrow down what the caller is asking if they are not expressing it in the technical terms you like? Why would you not understand that if I am asking fro help understanding my benefits, and that I need to know how much money I am getting, you don't have a list of questions to ask me to get the info you need: you know what treatments are being planned for you?
    2. how many days/ sessions?
    3. You have xyz covered. Are you going to be getting that?
    And how about the tiniest bit of fake humanity- " I'm sorry to hear that " rather than " on October 3 you had a left breast- what was that?"

  • Aflac's response · Feb 11, 2019

    Hi lailaz, I'm Aflac Phyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. Aflac's Contact Center is happy to address your concerns. Please email [email protected] for assistance you with your concerns. Please include the following in the subject line of your email: lailaz February 8, 2019.
    Aflac policyholders should provide at least two of the following: Address, Claim number, Claim Check number, Date of Birth, or Name of Employer.
    Thank you,
    Aflac Phyllis

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

disability insurance - broker

Hello, I started with my company in October 2017 where we are immediately given disability. I have been reaching out to William Verbrugge since my hire date and he has not been...

[Resolved] accident policy

Their polices are misrepresented and oversold at point of sale. Aflac causes unnecessary delays in processing claims. They say if you get in an accident and go to the doctor they pay you. Aflac claims say day pay. I have been waiting almost a moth on a simple claim. I was in a car accident, went to the doctor, provided police report and proof of Dr visit. and they still want more information such as the "doctors notes and codes" seriously?? I have filed a complaint with the department of insurance in Georgia and would suggest anyone with a problem do the same. I would also file with the sate that you are in as well. Hold then accountable!!

  • Aflac's response · Mar 14, 2019

    Hi Trueblue19, I'm Aflac Phyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. I would like for our Contact Center to look into your concerns.
    Please email us at [protected] so we can assist you with your concerns. When you email us, please include the following in the subject line of your email: Trueblue19 January 15, 2019,
    Aflac policyholders should provide at least two of the following: Address, Claim number, Claim Check number, Date of Birth, or Name of Employer.
    Thank you,
    Aflac Phyllis

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] short term disability

The duck commercials are very entertaining but not completely truthful. I guess I am guilty of not reading the fine print but I think an 8 yr policy holder deserves better. I...

[Resolved] hospital imemnity

I was a member since 2012 last September I file a claim for my son hospitalization he was 2 week come and go sick and body was hot and skin was dry brittle dehydrated and vomiting...

[Resolved] customer service

I have been a loyal aflac customer since 1996. I've had to file 2 claims during that time and both times had absolutely no problem at all. Dealt with customer service and was extremely happy with the way I was treated. 2013 was the last time I contacted aflac for any type of customer related needs until about 2 weeks ago. I was not attempting to file a claim but actually look into increasing my current coverage and possibly get dental and/or vision insurance. I also wanted to pay my premiums in full for one year. I attempted to contact customer service which is where by concerns have been generated. I called and even emailed customer service and have had little to no help. I attempted to contact the agent who handles my area who coincidentally is also the agent who signed me up in 1996. I am extremely concerned with the current aflac customer service!!! I truly hope things change soon or I will be seeking out a different company for my accidental insurance coverage along with dental/vision

  • Aflac's response · Oct 22, 2018

    Hi CCSO200, I'm Aflac Phyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. I would like for our Contact Center to look into your concerns.

    Please email us at [email protected] so we can assist you with your concerns. When you email us, please include the following in the subject line of your email: ccso200 October 20, 2018.

    Aflac policyholders should provide at least two of the following: Address, Claim number, Claim Check number, Date of Birth, or Name of Employer. Thank you, Aflac Phyllis

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] being denied for anxiety in relation to upcoming surgery

I have been off work for a little over a month now and Aflac has denied my claim ... I am to have an ivc filter removed in November and I have had pain like a heart attack...

[Resolved] cancer policy

Wow where do I begin? I have always been an advocate for Aflac. Encouraging my employees to sign up for their services. I myself had the cancer policy and in 2008 ish we found out...

short term disability

I requested to downgrade my policy due to hardship at this time, i called the customer service to help me on July 2018 and they had me fill up a downgrade request form and i fax...

[Resolved] insurance policy

I asked for whole life imsurance from your agent at open enrollment...I got whole life in addition i got several other insurances that I DID NOT ask for...i am now and have been charges for these things since june 1, 2018...I asked to cancell sent form multiple times but policy still is not cancelled...and i am still being charged for these services that i didnt want never use and and cant seem to cancell...i dont want any dealings with this poolicy..

  • Aflac's response · Sep 04, 2018

    Hello Danyale Graves,
    I'm Aflac Phyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help.
    Please email [email protected] so Aflac's Contact Center can look into this for you. Please include the following in the subject line of your email: August 30, 2018, post and explain your concerns.
    Aflac policyholders must provide their name & AT LEAST 2 of the following: Policy number, Claim number, Claim Check number, Date of Birth, or Name of your employer.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

claim process

I keep seeing commercials for Aflac that state claims are paid in 1 day. What a joke! I have had Aflac for a couple years now, and it's always been a battle to get claims accepted--sometimes taking a couple weeks for processing. The last few hospital claims I've submitted are taking 2 months and counting to be processed! Even with my rep's support!

hospital indemnity

I took this coverage. Thru my workplace june 2018 knowing that this will help my family for hospital pursposes in th elong run, our agent explained that this policy takes effect30days after enrollment, myhusband went to emergency for pancreatitis july 15and was admitted then till july 21, 2018 my policy no is pos7k419 . I filed claimed online submitted all documentations medical physical history itemized bill and discharged paper for the said date of service only to find out that aflac denied it because they said date of service june 19 to june 22, 2018 is not covered... That is is stupid because my cliam specifically said july 15 to july 21, 2018 .. All the documentations says july not june. Im filing a legal complaint with our atty and i want aflac stop their misleading and wrongful denial on legi timate claims.


I had interviewed with Aflac and although I decided not to take the job, I thought they were very professional and really cared about their customers. I was wrong. Aflac was the...

unprofessional agent and poor customer service

I am a policyholder with Aflac and have been for some time now. My monthly fee is automatically debated out of my account, so I'm always in compliance. I'm a person who doesn't...