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Bedroom package

I purchased a bedroom packages in this company four years ago and bought a Full 5yr blanket coverage in my furniture. And two months ago i am claiming for my warranty. Though they are so slow booking an appointment for the technician to see my furniture i patiently wait. And my appointment day came and the technician check all the furniture and even taking picture of it. And even saying to us that this one can't be repair anymore it has to be replace..etc...and keep saying he will keep in touch with us before he left.After two weeks we didn't hear anything from him. so called their office and followed-up regarding my claim. Suddenly i was surprised when i talked to the manager that he didn't put any note in my file and nothing has to be replace and all the peeling is normal. I was so disappointed was so mad that they are us giving me $200 store credit in all the items that has been damage and it say in their warranty that all the peeling finish and moving furniture is covered. I keep insisting that i can't accept the $200 that they are offering me and i want a replacement. But in the end they told me that i have to take it or leave it. This company is too good to be true when you are buying but if you are already claiming they will just hang you there. Just taking your money for the useless warranty that you can't used in the end. Hopefully they will find someone that can really blow them. I'm sorry for the word, but they are making people stupid believing that they can claim something if they buy the product.

Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package
Bedroom package


Purchased a recliner Feb 2016 for $600
Sales and delivery staff were fine but after about 3 days the seat of the recliner sank. Imagine a 2 year old sitting on a toilet seat.
They replaced the recliner without issue. After about 3 days the new recliner seat sank.
I asked for a refund and was told no refunds.I had to spend more money for another recliner or lose what I spent.
I researched the method of manufacture and found one manufactured differently for $100 more.
I didnt want to spend more than that as I was leary but sure wasnt going to spend more.
They delivered the next recliner, it was missing padding on the seat, arms and back.
When I reported it they said they would send The Furniture Medic of Calgary. After about a week I called them and found thy hadnt been notified. There was a Furniture Medic and they had confused the two companies.
After straightening that out, the Furniture Medic of Calgary decided to tell the Brick I had cancelled the appointment.
Obviously I hadnt and I told the Brick, they then sent a furniture repair person from the Brick.
He came and took pics.
The warrenty people called and they offered me another recliner or a $200 store credit.
Feeling I had no choice I took another recliner.
It is missing padding and is "lumpy".
I didnt report it for replacement as I gave up and think they could send another recliner even worse.
My conclusion is that The United Furniture Warehouse and The Brick are selling very low quality product. I feel I have been robbed.
Never again will I buy anything from either.
Really bad experience.

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furniture repair #850020

Non-delivery of order

We ordered a fridge the end of June. I still have the message from them telling me the fridge is scheduled to be delivered the first week of August. I called today, August 12 after calling every day this week - they now say the delivery date is September 16th and I should look on the website to see if we want another fridge. I look on the website and if I ordered the same fridge today, we should see it by September 23rd. They told me on the 10th the fridge is on the truck so we should see it by Wednesday (today). Did they loose it? will we ever see it? From all the experiences of other people on this website, we should cancel the order for this fridge and go somewhere else. If we have to wait another month for this one and then not see it, we should see a fridge from another store before we will ever see one from this place.

Resolved Their Customer Service is for the birds...

On Dec 7, 2014 my husband and I went to United Furniture Warehouse/The Brick in search of a bed. We spent a...

Edmonton Mattresses

Resolved Warranty

I bought a sectional furniture on 2013, by the time the sales person tried to sale the warranty to me because she found out I have 2kids, so she said anything if happen to your furniture I can call for fixing or if I am not satisfied they can replace it with new one, but now I called and report the damage that happen to my furniture they said I only have warranty for food and drink stain witch is completely lie. They lied to me to just just sale the warranty to me and now I don't know what to do. Worse experience with this company and I never ever go back there I just waste my money and now I don't have money to buy new furniture. Worse place to shop.😒😒😒😒😞😞😞😞

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Fraudulent sales / no compensation

We got a four piece furniture set. Each of the four pieces clearly stated "100% GENUINE LEATHER". I had my doubts at the time, but the sales associate assured me that if it says so it has to be, the laws are strict about furniture labelling. Fast forward awhile, well within our warranty period, and as the furniture flakes and peels away at the surface, it's very clear it is in face made with 0% genuine leather.
After several calls with the local store, warranty department and customer care, with every person insisting the set we purchased had a different leather content than the next person we spoke with, we were offered the standard in-store credit for our purchase price for non-sale items only, as the warranty covers for the breakdown of the material. We could not nearly replace our set with any current genuine leather they carry.
I feel since we were FRAUDULENTLY SOLD 100% GENUINE LEATHER FURNITURE, we should get 100% GRNUINE LEATHER FURNITURE FOR THE PRICE WE PAID FOR IT. We were rudely dismissed. Warranty insisted that surely our furniture labels don't actually say that. That their system doesn't state that in the product description. To take it up with the furniture manufacturer. That they were in no way willing to give us what we actually bought.
This is a TERRIBLE COMPANY! Don't ever buy anything there.

Resolved Do not shop here!! Defective Products, Misleading Salespeople, No Refunds!!

What a terrible store! Do yourself a favour and DO NOT shop here, no matter how cheap their prices are.I...

Customer Service

The UFWExperience

Don't ever shop there unless you it something they can't possibly mess up. Pay a few extra dollars somewhere else if possible and save yourself the headache!

Here is my experience and it is ongoing, I reserached a few other reviews and they are terrible:

• Bought a bed and delivery people had to come back three times as each time packages were opened items were damaged. The drawers that came with it were also damaged but I negotiated a discount vs. replacing. This outlet is now closed and I can see why.

• 1 year later bed broke so I called to replace parts under warranty
• Sorted out what was needed and assured I would be called back to finalize a maximum of two days later
• Two weeks pass and I have to call back. Apparently it should have been done but wasn’t says new person.
• Transferred three times and explained story three times until I was assured delivery the following Tuesday by Kayla.
• Called as it was getting late on Tuesday and there is no record of any delivery whatsoever. How does that happen? Kayla assured me time and again that everything was set up.
• Now have spoken to Susan in deliveries and she has assured me that I will get a call Thursday November 22, 2012 to set up a delivery time for Friday.
• Gave my story to customer complaints but I’m unsure what they plan to do about anything now except humor me

• 2pm Thursday and no call regarding delivery tomorrow

• Time spent on the phone
• Time spent sleeping elsewhere
• No meetings booked on the supposed day of delivery. Tuesday and now on Friday. Two days of business costs.

I don't normally review companies but this is a comon theme so just trying to warn people before they go through the same thing. just awful.

Resolved Reneged on deal

We (me, wife and daughter-17 yr old) bought a pub set dinning room table and two chairs. Sold to us as a package. Was delivered without the two chairs. I called the salesman and he said it was a mistake and would have them sent. He called back later that day and said he made a mistake and the chairs were not part of the deal. We ended up having to pay an extra $200 to get the two chairs delivered. Slim is what United Furniture is. Deceitful. They don't care. Manager would not budge. Despicable company. Do not deal with them as they are dishonest and don't care. I will take them to small claims court on principle.

Rip Off Warranty

I will write out word for word the compalaint filed online which is supposedly direct to the VP, yeah and I just won two lotteries.

My husband purchased two recliner chairs at your 99Str. store in Edmonton on Jan/22/10.)n May/14/10 one of the chairs broke, a board underneath had come off ar one end. Also some of the front stitching on the fabric was unravelling. I phoned the store for warranty(my husband was assured it was in home repair when the five year warranty was purchased)but I was told no that was wrong I had to take it back to the store.I phoned back May/18/10 and talked to manager Rob A. who said the salesman was wrong even thpugh both my adult son & my husband were told it was in store warranty only. On may/22/10 I made arrangements to take the chair back to the store and even though Rob A. as there nI had to deal with another Rob.He looked at the chair and said it wasn't broken even though there was a board hanging down.He finally said it was just a quick fix- a statement he made at least five times"well if it wasn't broken what is there to fix? He finally consulted Rob A who said just to replace the chair as Rob A. had said he would."Rob" then roughly shoved the chair in the vehicle and snottily said "yuu have no more warranty even though five years had been paid for. I told him I didn't think it was legal and he said it was in the warranty agreement whick everyone got. I told him we had not got one to which he replied it was impossible as every customer got one.We did not have one and after "Rob" gave us one he went back in the store slamming the door as he went.In conclusion Rob was rude, obnoxious and devoid of any customer skills.My family has been a customer in the past but with the treatment I received from this employee-it has insured you have lost us as customers forever. I feel your "warranty is a money grab and nothing else-one use & no warranty left even though we paid for five years-what would you call it?

No we never heard from the company nor do we expect to just please learn from our expierience & shop elsewhere.

  • Ln
    LNG Jun 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It should read in home warranty service-I cannot get the site to edit it

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  • Un
    Unhappy Customer 10,000,000 Oct 12, 2010

    United Furniture Warehouse, owned by The Brick. I have a similar situation. Can't contact anyone at either company. I want a refund or at least functional furniture. Purchased within last month. No one will help.

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  • Ln
    LNG Feb 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your perhaps only option is try BBB in your area. I tryed contacting their complaint system-nothing

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  • No
    NotaUFCfan May 10, 2013

    I also received poor service from UFC. they basically lied to me to make the sale. When I called to talk to the manager, I was told that I was at fault. When I went to cancel my delivery and demand a refund, I was insulted by the manager "Rob". I tried to contact their district and head office but got no reply. I sent in a complaint to the BBB. UFC's response was, "that didn't happen" and BBB accepted their side of the story and I never got an apology. Needless to say, I am telling everyone I know how poorly they treat their customers. The manager, Rob, would have been fired from most places the way he talked to me.

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Resolved Misleading Shipping Dates

We went to United Furniture Warehouse in Winnipeg in late August, 2009 to look for a couch.

They had advertised a sectional sofa for a good price, and we decided to purchase it. The salesman assured us that it would be "2 weeks, at most" before the sofa would be delivered to our home, and we thought that it was reasonable considering that they would have to order it, so we went ahead and paid the entire cost.

Two weeks passed and we heard nothing, so I made a phone call to the store to see what the status of the sofa was. I was told that it was not store policy to make promises about a shipping date, and that if our salesman did this (the lady on the phone sounded skeptical) he was wrong to have done so.

Customer service informed me that there was no stock of the sofa in the entire county, and that the sofa would arrive during the middle of October, at the earliest. She also mentioned that someone had ordered the same sofa in June and they still had not received theirs.

This week, I called back to check up on the sofa and to see if they knew of an estimated shipping date. The lady on the phone told me not to expect the sofa until middle of December, 2009 at the earliest, and that anything earlier would require a "miracle."

At this point, I was pretty annoyed and asked if the store kept ANY furniture in stock, and the lady actually said that she couldn't answer that question.

I don't understand why a company would ADVERTISE A PRODUCT for sale, and then not have any in stock, and then not even have any on order for an indeterminate amount of time after the sale. I am also angry that we were mislead as to the shipping time, as there is no way we would have bought a sofa that we couldn't receive for a minimum of 4 months after the purchase.

Refused to change the receipt to my name

I went into United Furniture in Edmonton to purchase a brown leather sofa and 2 chairs. I purchase them and...

Edmonton Furniture

Customer service/delivery

My boyfriend and I purchased some furniture in August. We bought a leather couch, an entertainment unit, coffee table, rug, bed side tables with the matching dresser and bed. They had 2 phone numbers and addresses for us as my boyfriends mom purchased the furniture but we gave them our information and they had it added as the primary contact info. It is stated on our invoice as such. We were supposed to have the furniture(except the couch it was on back order till late Sept) delivered on Sept 1st as we were going on holidays the day after that and didnt want to wait.
We didnt hear from them and didnt think much of it. So we came back from vacation and went to the store the following weekend Sept 15th. We set up a delivery for the following weekend and found out our couch would now be coming in late October. Saturday rolls around and we spend all day getting rid of our old furniture so we have room for the new stuff. At around 3 we call to find out when they should be as we have been waiting all day. They went to my boyfriends parents house to deliver the furniture and didnt call me because apparently our address and phone number wasnt there for them to see. So I complained and the woman said they would change the delivery day to Tuesday evening and that my boyfriends mom could come in at anytime and have the delivery charge reversed onto her credit card, she didnt have to bring anything with her.
Tuesday comes and so does our furniture after 10pm. The moving guys were very good in fact we tipped them for their work. They finished close to 11pm. We went to bed after trying to assemble furniture till 1am. The next day we tried to finish and discover that 2 of the pieces for the entertainment unit are quite damaged.
Later my boyfriend calls UFW and they tell him they will send it a technician to fix the pieces(which never happened).
We eventually go in on a weekend and ask about the replacements as we would like our new furniture and he says maybe end of Nov which is when our couch should be in. Fabulous. My boyfirends mom is with us and tried to get the delivery charge refunded, the girl sees no message about it and says no. After dealing with her for 15 minutes I check with the manager and he approves it remembering the conversation that took place over the phone. Her money is refunded. We leave after I make sure again that they have my phone number and address on file to contact me when these items are in.
Weekends go by and my boyfriends mom gets a voice message at her home that our couch is in. They called her. Again. So we call this past weekend to get our couch delivered. My boyfriend asks about our replacements for the entertainment unit and she claims it is not anywhere on her computer and she doesnt know what he is talking about. He talks to her for a while and gets her to ask the manager and sure enough they figure it out and they are in. He sets up delivery for the following tuesday which is today. He tells them we work until 4pm each and could they be delivered later in the evening. On my way home that day I get a phone call from my boyfriend saying we wont be getting our furniture today because they tried to deliver it a 4pm! That evening my boyfriend calls again and goes over the same thing again. Next day the delivery guy shows up at 2:30! So I call the store and get some girl that transfers me to the manager before I barely say anything. I ask him about getting the stuff delivered later in the evening and he tells me that they dont do such a thing!? So how did we get the furniture the first time? Doesn't matter, he says it can't be done and I have to call back the next day as our stuff is in limbo and can't be set up for delivery. So I call on Thursday and the girl who barely speaks english just transfers me to the Assistant manager before trying to help me. So now I have delivery set up for Saturday afternoon. Which sucks because we are housesitting in the suburbs and now have to drive back to sit around and wait for furniture that Im just not too faithful in anymore. So here I am with no couch as we had to get friends to come over and move it Monday night(Remembrance Day). And my pieces to the entertainment unit in the middle of my living room ready to be moved.
What an experience let me tell you olmost 3 months of waiting on bought and paid for furniture. This is the first time in my life that I have ever taken the time to write out a complaint about a company. Oh and none of the email adresses on the website seem to work. They were all returned as address "not found". I even tried to send them from work and I work at a bank so it should have gone through!

  • Rh
    Rhonda Jul 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well...I wish I investigated this company BEFORE I purchased. My story is a little more "damaging"

    This morning I received a call from someone saying that my couch would be delivered between 10:00 and 1:00...

    Well the delivery guys decided that the space was a "little" tight. But if the banister was removed...they would have more than enough room! So one guy asked if I had a drill, I said no but I have a screwdriver. So I removed ONE screw and they removed the other five problem right?

    BIG that there is no banister they force the couch down leaving major holes in my wall one guys arm went right through my wall! And they say it is not their problem! I will NEVER deal with this company again! If I can save one person from pain and suffering and's worth it! Please be careful ad most of all read the "FINE PRINT"!!!

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  • De
    Deborah Lee Miller Dec 01, 2009

    I bought a loveseat. I paid for the special package to protect the fabric. The delivery came after 7:00p.m., which was very late. Then as they carried it in they snagged it on a picture hanging in the hall. My husband heard them say something. Later we looked and they had snagged it making 3 holes and pulling out 3 strings. that was in Sept. I have called repeatedly asking for an upholstery person to come and repair. Every time I am told the manager is out but he will call you. This is December. I am still calling, I am asking for my money back now. We'll see.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Customer 10,000,000 Oct 12, 2010

    United Furniture Warehouse - owned by The Brick.
    Let me know if and how you ever get a refund.
    I can't even find anyone to contact accept the store
    manager. She says nothing wrong with recliner,
    no refund, no service. I have nowhere to go with this.

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  • Na
    natasha Oct 23, 2010

    Hi am having the most funny mad experience ever in ufw in Sydney, Rose bay.. !!!
    I purchased a matrass that is to firm. I am trying to exchange it according to return policy on web..
    Two sale assistans lie and lie to me several times making compleat nonsense.. trully, it is hysterika... :)

    Here it is...

    (Just to note, the policy about return is obviously created to attract customers.. right or wrong, that is the information on their web : if your not happy with the matrass and if it is in its original condition and packaging it is ok to exchange)

    The person that i have been dealing with in first place, after hearing my story, trying very hard to avoid me. His partner keeps telling me on phone that this person is no longer in store, that he is absent forever, as he dealing with deliveries from now on only .. suspicious i am entering the store in 15 min, as i live near by. Both of them are standing in a store, looking at me with their breath bated..

    Ok i said, never mind, noticing that one of them around 20 years of age and the other around 60 :) perfectly fine in that conspiracy together regardless of the age difference..
    So as one of them going away to a delivery duties forever, i am talking to the other.. he is trying to justify by relocating guilty part on me, bring to my acknowledge, that the matrass, that i wish to change, they no longer can resell for original price.. that they have to loose money by reselling it.. than he added that it is a shame on me for trying to change it.. as i am starting to feel really bad, he adds, by asking me about my feelings if i am though have buy a matrass after somebody else.. :) :) :)

    Well i said, it is not my rules. It is your company rules, that are clearly stated on a web agreement about returns.. Yes, he said it is a rule, but what if everyone try follow that rule. As he looking at me with anger, i am leaving him, and moving with hope catch the other gay, that still trying to run away from me.. The 20 year old gay..

    As i am reaching him and talking to him, i am rediscovering that all returned matrasses get send back to warehouse, that it is ok to change a matrass .. than he added that he has to check with the owner of the store prior my exchange...

    ok i said.. but who is the owner???? Isn't he is in Canada.. ? Maybe a manager i am asking?. No, replaying the younger gay.. a big boss..! the owner..!

    As we finished agreement about asking permission to exchange my matrass from his majesty "big boss", the older gay catching up with us proclaiming with importance on his face, that he can do a big favour for me, exactly, taking my matrass under store shelter and resell it for a lesser price, precisely he said for what ever price it can be sold as a second hand...

    ba ha ha ha ah...

    I meeeeeen come on!!! Dont you think it is the worse ever.. ! :) :) :) :)

    So there is the new return policy for ufw : if your not happy with our product, we not only can exchange it, but we will accompany it with a cirque du soleil...

    The story follows..

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  • Km
    K Mackenzie Jan 20, 2014

    The warranty is a waste of money the customer service is not service at all. Buyer beware never buy from united or the brick.

    I bought the extended warranty in Oct of this year. Figured we'd never use it we'll I was wrong my cat ended up with diabetes and peed on the couch on a Thursday I called on the sat and was told they were not open call back Monday so I called Monday oh it's been over 72 hrs it's not covered, I asked for a manager I got hung up on. I called back angry now and got hung up on I called back yelling now and got hung up on. I called back spoke to a different lady who took my info as she put me on hold I checked me couch where it was damaged turned out the cat peed on it again, found a fresh pile. I told her this when she picked back up. The coverage got turned down because the original stain was over 72 hrs old and the new stain makes two stained they don't cover multiple stains. I was told today a manager would call me in 48hrs.
    I called the store I bought it from the sales lady was confused why it wasn't covered and told me to keep calling till I get a manager after writing this warning that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to call till I get a manager today! And as for my cat he has a dr appointment to see if we need to euthanize what a bad day. If united or the brick would like me to recommend them they can correct it. Here's my email [email protected] If not too bad I am buying a new house and liked the sales guy I was gonna purchase a new house full! Which is a lot as we have two toddlers who need big girl rooms and I want a new bed set.

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sales deal falsely informed

Bought a beautiful dining room set, loveseat and couch...not told that it would have to be assembled...delayed for more than 4 times..when it was finally delivered was a little upset had asked movers if they could help move other older furniture out on the lawn, said no, said fine was little short with them, instead of continuing to do their job what do they do they take off!!! Is that the most insane delivery you've ever heard of? Albeit i shouldn't have gotten frustrated. No furniture after being promised it would be delivered over the duration of 2 months. Then!!! They come back and that's it had to unwrap the whole enchilada. Soon after a bill comes in for finance charges which I'd been told would be do not pay for 1 year...what a crock!!! Needless to say the credit card company will do a little reminder call and at the best times, dinner, at 7 a.m. not even awake yet on a saturday to boot, this evening they called well over 8 times when I'd asked who they were and why they were calling..half the time they don't even leave messages they just call and then hang up.

So the actual store leaves a message the other day to say hey after it beiong delayed again for two busted chairs and delivery was supposed to be done oct.25/07 misinformed by their supposed system. This company i tell you is the absolute WORST, they're manager when asking for a head office address this evening hung up on me over 6 times. All I want is a nice smooth sale no hangs up no delays no problem. I also work in the service industry and if I treated my customers this way I wold be promptly fired.

Well i'm sure that this complaint will go no where fast

  • Ja
    ja Apr 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are actually a great company

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  • Ch
    Chappy Aug 23, 2008
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    Verified customer



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  • Ba
    BarrieOntario Nov 12, 2010

    I recently purchased a bedroom set from united furniture warehouse and its been nothin gshort of a pain in the a**!
    The set was $1980.00 (at this price it should be flawless!) but after the delivery guys left I noticed the end table had a crushed corner and a deep scratch of 2 and a half inched long, and the dressed had a chip of wood off the top aswell as TWO of the legs were broken/chipped and damaged! I called and they offered to refund me $100! haaahaaa seriously, a nearly $2000 set and they wanna give me back a hundred bucks! I demanded it be replaced. they agreed but it has been two weeks now and after 15-20 phone calls with the store I still only have the damaged set! I have taken two days off work and waited for my set to be exchanged thi swk and BOTH times the delivery had been cancelled . the first time noone called to notify me and the secone time I did recieve a call (halfway through the day) telling me the truck wouldnt have timE TO STOP AT MY END OF THE CITY AND i HAD TO REBOOK... I have made many calls to the manager of the store and still have gotten nowhere. If you are redaing this DO NOT buy from this store! the location of this one is Barrie oNt. do yourself a favour ANYWHERE else! lol even kijiji has better service then this

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  • Ex
    exUFWcustomer Aug 11, 2011

    Just took home what I thought would be a nice decorative plate retailing at $139...but got for a decent price on sale. Needless to say when i got the item home and tried to remove the price tag which they had placed in the center of the plate, all the paint peeled off with the sticker. I called the store to return the item...its a sale item, no returns. The clerk proceeded to tell me that the sticker needs to be removed with rubbing alcohol and I should have been told that prior to leaving the store. I was not told to remove the sticker in this manner. The sales clerk was of NO help. So now i have 2 options, display the decortive plate withthe price tag in the center, as i did not remove it completely, or deplay it with no paint in the center...completely useless to me now. I will never buy anything from United Furniture Warehouse and will pass this on the co-workers, family and friends.

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Worst company ever!

I promised myself to post on all possible websites this experience of mine. I went to United Furniture...