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we were informed today that this company is closing there office in my area, We can mail in our payment to there cal office but I have been told from the start never mail in my payment because you can send it in weeks in advance but they always come in late at least in there hands but I can give them access to my bank account so they can take out the payment when they want BAD IDEA, so I can call in my payment or use the Internet and the charge is 15 dollars this fee was never in my contract been with this company three years never late and this is how they screw us I juess just because we have some bad credit all medical bills they can treat us any way they want guess what we can fight back if there is enough of us it is called a class action


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 18, 2011 8:29 pm EST
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I've had a car loan through them for 8 months now. $325/month. Originally financed 8, 500, and the current payoff is 8, 100. What a way to "teach a bad creditor a lesson" by holding them in debt for the rest of their lives. I'm in. I work for a legal services company, and am very good friend with an established attorney here in Phoenix, AZ

Feb 24, 2010 1:00 pm EST

I live in NH... I've had a loan with them for the past 3 years & I agree that they are a horrible place to have a loan through. The only reason I got a loan from them was because I had little to no credit & I had a hard time getting a loan through anyone else. I am paying 24 percent interest rate! Yuck! And after paying ontime for the past 3 years I called to see if they refinance or to see if I can get my interest lowered & they said no, we don't refinance! We're a high risk loan company! Plus, if they don't have payment by the last few days of the month they are calling me asking me for payment! I tell them to call me when it's the last day of the month! I only have a few more months on payments & I'm done with them!

Jan 06, 2010 7:26 am EST

I live in PA. Having been paying on my car for three years. I called them up last month to say I will be paying my car off in February, amount of 3000.00. They then told me I owe 6700.00. I said you are [email protected]#$ing nuts. I already paid 14000.00 for a 2003 caviler they wanted an extra 3700.00 yah right. Well as of Saturday they came and repossed my car. I would like some help on how I can get them stopped in my state for loaning anyone else money.

Oct 16, 2009 12:50 pm EDT

I hear ya! They closed ALL the branches in Georgia as well. Makes me wonder if someone didn't fight this all the way to the top and they are no longer allowed to offer loans in our states. I'm all for a class action suit. The fees are exorbant. The personnel is rude and they start calling ONE day after the payment is due and up to 6 times a day. (if I mail it 7 days in advance and they are understaffed and don't have it processed is that MY fault?) I get these rude voicemails that start on the 16th (today) at 10:00 a.m. and so far they have called 3 more times. I refuse to answer these idiots!

Jun 11, 2009 5:02 am EDT

I totally agree...I credit wasn't perfect, but I could have done better...Originally I was told They had one set rate, but after making payments on time for a year they would refinance my vehicle...Now, a year has come and I requested to refinance...Called the Nashville office because they closed the Memphis location...They stated they don't refinance at all, I would have to go to another financial institution to get refinancing...Had I known this would be the answer, I would have refinanced somewhere else much sooner and saved a ton of financing fees...Rate was over 20%. I would be more than happy to be a part of anything against this company...Don Triplett, Memphis, TN


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