Ulta Beautycustomer service/ shipping

K Aug 13, 2018

As of last night i placed an order and my macbook changed the address on me itself, which i understand is my fault. Immediately when i got the confirmation order i saw the wrong address and attempted to call but the customer service was closed. As of this morning i called and first, i want to complain about the fact that i DID NOT use my ulta account to order and on the phone was forced to give out my information. What if i wouldn't have had an account? would i just not be given any information and second, the email that was on that account wasn't even my email but the man continued to say i had to give him the right email to confirm that to me is so sketchy, i had to give my email first and last name and address to get any help. When transferred to cancel my order, the women was rude and when i asked what my options were she said call usps to change my shipping address. I do not understand how i have no options through them as i just placed this order less than 12 hours ago and spent quite a few hundred on a gift for my mother. i will never use ulta again. Stick to sephora.

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