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Deckers Outdoor Corporation

1325 Avenue of the Americas, Floor 21
New York
New York
United States - 10019

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 844 665(Australia) 1 0
+1 888 432 8530(United States) 2 1
+44 808 189 0015(United Kingdom & Rest Of Europe) 1 1
+43 800 802 579(Austria) 1 0
+33 805 080 115(France) 1 0
+49 800 724 4573(Germany) 1 0
+39 800 596 837(Italy) 1 0
+31 800 360 0000(Netherlands) 1 0
+86 400 019 9177(China) 1 0
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Jan 06, 2019 / Deckers Outdoor CorporationI bought a pair of gloves whilst on holiday in Sydney as a gift for my sister. When I arrived back in the UK I realised they were faulty. I emailed and asked how I could get them replaced. I had one very unhelpful email back and my emails are now being ignored. I would like either a refund... / Deckers Outdoor Corporation / ugg amie boots

Dec 13, 2018

I received my order without a shipping slip/order form, therefore I am unable to return or exchange the boots. The boots are counterfeit and it is obvious in many areas. I have attempted to contact Deckers by email multiple times with no response. I will be canceling my payment and sending... / Deckers Outdoor Corporation / poor customer service

Oct 10, 2018

I purchased shoes from UGG store in New Jersey and not even a year passed they were ripped. Hence I took it to the store and they told me to contact customer support. I called them and they gave me the credit after 2 months. Now when I have to purchase another shoes using the same store... / Deckers Outdoor Corporation / unprofessional staff

Dec 08, 2017

If you're hoping to be served professionally, this website is not the right place. I didn't receive my uggs within the estimated time and contacted them for getting their help. As a result, I talked to 4 or 5 representatives and no one wanted to take this responsibility. I...

UGG Australia / boots

Mar 03, 2017

I purchased a pair of Ugg boots from London shoe store near Covent Garden. They're one year old, so the warranty has expired. They were expensive: £170, but I thought I was buying something lasting. But after this short time, it turns out that the 'leather stacked heel' is actually some kind... / product not as described

Dec 07, 2016

The boots were described as Genuine leather and Sheepskin and has it on the label inside as well. But the boots are not leather they are "fake suede" and very hard. The lining that is supposed to be sheepskin is also fake probably polyester fur. They are hard and everything about them i...

[Resolved] / liars!

May 27, 2016

I have ordered three pair of ugg boots from and when I received the package I saw only two pairs. I immediately contacted their customer service team and asked about the missing pair. The rep I was talking to seemed like a nice person and promised that they'll ship me...

UGG Australia / customer service

Jan 20, 2016

email to uggs - I was on hold waiting on customer service for over 2 hours. i called at 8:47 est and at 11:04 the person i was connected to (after talking to her for aprox 20 minutes) said the people who could help me closed at 11 pm and i need to call back tomorrow. this wait time i... / horribly poor customer service

Jan 06, 2016

I would never have purchased anything from this company ever again! I wish I knew how horribly they treat their customers before ordering. I purchased a pair of shoes with two day shipping. Later received a confirmation email, but there was nothing about two day shipping. I called the...

UGG Australia / customer service

Dec 18, 2014

Horrible customer service! Don't count on being able to speak to a customer service representative. I held for 45 min only to be disconnected. This was after waiting 35 min. this morning and giving up and utilizing the option they have to enter your phone number to have a cust. service rep contact me. That was 4 hours ago, .

Ugg Boots / poor quality

Apr 09, 2014

Was given a pair of UGG boots as a Christmas gift. Loved my boots and took very good care of them. 4 months after receiving the boots (brand new), they ripped along the seam above the heel. The rip is 3 inches in length. Was not impressed, as these are extremely expensive boots - they...

Uggs / boots

Jan 19, 2014

On Dec.26th 2013 I placed an order with the uggs company for two sets of uggs 3 button boots in size 8. On Dec. 27th 6. I placed an order with the same company for the same boot but in grey in a size 6. I received 1 pair of the size 8 black boots and my order for the size 6 grey boots the...

Ugg originals / won't honour 15 day money back guarantee

Dec 03, 2013

I already have a pair of genuine ugg boots these from Ugg original are of a much inferior quality and although I ordered the largest size which fits me in the genuine Uggs these are too small so I can't order a larger size. It says on the site 15 day full refund but they will not...

Uggs / poor quality

Feb 19, 2013


Jan 23, 2013

Hi I would like to complain about the above company, on January 5th I ordered a pair of Authentic Kensington Toast Ugg boots for £120 on the 11th of January I received my delivery. As soon as I opened my parcel I knew things were not quite right!! The box was completley battered with...

Ugg like Boots / never received


I ordered ugg-like boots on november 26th. And on december 12th and december 18th, when I called, my order was still processing. Their customer service pretended to escalate. On december 23rd, I reported them, the nomorerack page, to facebook as a scam which is where I found these sorry...

UGG LLC / fraud website


I received an email regarding 1-day only 60% off UGG boots. Looked like it was from UGG Austrailia Directly. I went to website and actually put 2-items in my shopping card and paid throught paypal. When I saw the transaction ID confirmation it said " You sent a payment of $99.00 USD to [protected]"...

Ugg Boots / scam company


This is a scam company selling fake ugg boots. They are also the same company as I ordered boots then did, y research the web site had no contact info, etc. I contacted paypal thank god I got, y monies back into my bank account, at which point I started recieving threating e...

UGG Australia / missing consignment


Ugg Australia dispatched me several pairs of slippers in November of last year 2011, the parcel was worth apprx £350.00. It was tracked and sent through TNT Melbourne Australia, the parcel made it through customs at Heathrow England at a cost of £58.00 only to get as far a the...

Ugg Boots / ugg boots


I purchased a pair of ugg short classic (£180.00) 3 month later a hole appeared on the top. Bowleys head office - Johnsons Shoe Company refused to do anything about it as it was cursed by me wearing the boots!!! Has anyone else experienced this problem and what was done about it

UGG / damaged merchandise


I bought a pair of UGG from a merchant called based in China. The payment was made through! The boots are damaged and the merchant does not indicate any address where to return the boots. Neither nor respond to my mail nor answer on the phone. Be careful with an

Ugg Boots / fake


I ordered a pair of boots from this site and before doing so, I clearly read the return policy (just in case) I was thrilled to think I couod order the boots I want and save about $75. I waited 10 days for them to arrive and when I opened up the box, I immediately knew they were fake. They...

Uggs / diadiad


Okay, I believe additionally you turn into a enthusiast of the Much better Existence and such as other people additionally you wish to view A much better Existence on the internet. This is actually the greatest concept within these types of. Web when the moderate through where one can view...

UGG Store CC / fake uggs


I made the mistake of purchasing one pair of boots from this website. After proceeding to checkout and entering my card details I became concerned about the geniuness of the site as it suggested it would take between 5-20 mins to process my order. I called my credit card company to... / scam


On the 18th march 2009 I ordered a pair ugg boots, the money was taken from my bank on the 20th march 2009, since then I have sent emails and not received a reply also no boots. Tried to phone ([protected]) no answer. receipt no [protected]. These boots were ordered for my grandaughter... / fraud


Was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, purchased ugg boots from, was charged the asking price, no problem there and although delivery took a few weeks, i got the boots, that i paid for on 20/11/09 now on the 17th&18th/12/09 money started to get taken from...

Ugg australia / this company stole money from me!


I ordered a pair of UGG boots from this company, and they sent me fake boots. I had to jump through hoops to find a return address to get a refund. The refund NEVER happened, and it cost me 50 dollars to send them back. The company promised for weeks that a refund was processing. After 2...

UGG Australia / fake boots


I ordered boots suppose to be original Ugg Australia boots in size 5 in Chestnut color with cream color buttons. When I received them they are rust color with brown buttons and very poor craftsmanship. They are not at all as advertised and since they are not the original Ugg boots they are...

Ugg Clearance / Ugg boots / fradulent


I ordered a pair of Ugg boots on this site on 2/13/11 and as of today 3/4/11 I've yet to receive them or receive a response to my inquiry of the status. There is no way to call the supposed company as their site only allows you to submit a question through the website. I...

Ugg Boots / ordered boots and were not delivered


I ordered boots from website on 1/28/2011 was promised delivery in 5-7 business days today is 2/12/2011 i have yet to recive them the customer care website dose not exist [email protected] does not exist they charged my card $123.00 money has been taken fron my card but no merchandise...

UGG OUTLET UGGS / fraudulent website


I ordered ugg boots from this website on jan 11, 2011. They send me an email to confirm my order was paid. I never received and email confirming shipping of my shoes. I emailed this company twice with no response. I tried to call there customer service line [protected] which is disconnected...

Ugg Boots / need to return boots


I purchased a pair off ugg boots from this company. They arrived about a week and a half later and had to be signed for at the post office. They were in a box from shanghai yu swhi li trading china and had shipped unknown to me from the china post office. I brought them home and...

Uggs / Fake UGGS


I ordered a pair of UGGS for my daughter for christmas. When I received them everything seemed ok, well when my daughter opened them, they were two different colors. I have been for a month trying to send them back and get my money. They wont give me their address and they keep trying to...

UGG / fake shoes


I order Ugg boots on the website!!! I get two pairs of Uggs, one ok, but the other just a ugly fake plastic shoes!! I'm writing mails since one week, and now they said to me that if I send the parcel back they will be fired and that they earn only 150$ per month and...

Ugg - Uk - Boots. Co. Uk / ripped off?


Don't use this site..I am sure i have been ripped off..Money taken...Email confirmation saying would send tracking number in 48hrs...No Tracking Number...No web site can I find now...No replys to my emails...No answer to my telephone calls...Informed my bank and they say...

Ugg Boots / inferior quality (very poor)


I ordered a pair of black Bailey button ugg boots on the 8th Dec 2010 they finally arrived yesterday6th Jan 2011 and are a very poor quality, the lining is not sheepskin but a poor nylon fur which comes away in your hand when you touch it, and the suede on the outside is so thin. I have...

Ugg Boots / counterfeit merchandise


I unfortunately ordered TWO pair from different vendors - this was one of them! They are definitely counterfeit! If you have received boots (which I have), you can google "ways" to tell if they're fake. The boots I received failed every test! I tried to get my money back...and they...

Ugg Boots / selling fradulent products... fake


I got scammed from this website...they claim to sell genuine ugg boots and they are clearly not. Also, their customer service dept. is a joke. I think the website is actually shut down now which is a good thing so no one else gets scammed and there money stolen.

Uggs / Scam Artist


I ordered Uggs from this web site on 2 Dec. I immediately realized something was wrong because I did not receive an order acknowledgement/ confirmation. You can't contact the company by phone, so I tried contracting them via email. Low and behold, the email addresses are bogus too! I...

Ugg Boots / multiple false online clearance sites


Tried to purchase Ugg boots only to have a charge submitted on my debit card by TCTechnology Putian CN, This company is in California and is legitimate but does not accept debit cards. Some scam artists in China are processing debit and credit cards under that name. They have created...