Ubisoftassassin's creed unity

A Oct 10, 2019

I just want to play this game .ya it is the best assissins creed game that i like .
Its parkour and actions are too good.
But in assassins creed unity whenever i just escape the mission of bastile escape a very anger guving glitch comes that mr bellec goes under the floir and for that reason the mission will stay always incomplete.
I uninstall the game min 5 times and tgen install it 10 times thinking that it will be fixed but it never.
I searched it in youtube but i didn't found any result .but when i search this some of the gamers complain about it with some photos.
So plz fix this think or give us a crack to fix this bug...
Please please kindly help me.
Your games are too good. But I want to plah this Assassins creed unity.
Please help us to fix the glitches moreover various glitches are there in this game and if you search about it you will definitely found many.
So kindly solve our problem


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