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Twx MagazinesCharged without notice

If you shop at FYE or any other similar retailer PLEASE READ AND BEWARE!!! A company called "TWX Magazines" has teamed up with a few retailers. They employees at these retailers are given orders to push the magazine onto customers. From my experience the employees at the retailers make what you're getting seem risk-free. It's even advertised on right on the front page as Risk-Free!!! I'm telling you if you were duped into this not too long ago you can cancel now and it won't be too late. The number I called is this: [protected]. If you don't cancel you could be charged up to $60 or MORE!!! Everyone please take note: THIS IS A SCAM! TWX MAGAZINES IS A SCAM!!! Here's what they do: 1.) They get retailers (like FYE) to help them sell their magazines. 2.)The retailers tell the employees to push the magazines onto people (The owners of these retailers must get a good cut of the profits). 3.) The employees who tell you about the magazines (from my experience) don't ask you if you want to do it, they tell you to pick three magazines. Then they tell you it's free. Then they tell you all you have to do is cancel. In my case, I wasn't even given a number on who to call. (Wait that's not even the best part; Once I got the number from my statement after it already charged me $19.50 for one magazine, they threw every obstacle at me). 4.) When you actually get the number to call you have to do it on an automated machine. Usually these automated machines are pretty good about understanding you. This one... Not so much... In fact it can't understand a damn word you say. And TWX magazines knows that people will just be too lazy and get too frustrated to deal with this so they just forget about the charges. 5.) Once you finally get to your account while on the phone, you can only cancel one magazine at a time. ANd it takes forever. When you cancel each magazine they tell you you will get 12 issues free and you can call to cancel. SAY NO! Once you say know, then it tells you you can cancel FUTURE charges and the magazines will stop. The way they word this is confusing because they say you will be refunded money for future magazines making it seem like you already paid when you didn't. SAY NO to that one too. Then finally it will say you're magazine has been canceled and you will recieve a refund. Then you have to do it for the other magazines you got. (Note: It's easier to just wait for the automated machine to automatically go off so you can talk with an actual person because I accidentally cancelled my People magazine without getting a refund. Then I tried to get a refund and couldn't because the account was deleted.)
I'm pissed. I'm gonna be charged $20 for a year of People magazine and I don't even like People magazine. [censored] IM PISSED!


  • Te
    TexasSouth Jan 07, 2015

    while i can not speak for ALL Bealls associates, and do realize there are people that are a lot less careless than i am, i always make sure the costumers know everything about the magazines. Yes it is true, we are told that we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO ASK EVERY COSTUMER, but associates do not get paid anything for it. this is how I do the process;
    I ask the costumer "would you like to try three magazines for three months?" if they say No I mention that it is free, if they still reply no then i leave it at that. if, however, they do say yes i ask them to pick three magazines, show them the brochure and CIRCLE the number to cancel as i remind them that its only free for three months. thats it! i would only assume that the company gets your credit card information whenever you pay for your items. I hate the entire thing, but im told everyday that i have to do, and if a manager notices you fail to mention it you can get in serious trouble. Im sorry for every who was misinformed or had bad experiences with the magazine company!

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  • Ap
    apena44 Sep 22, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ash0059, I know people here are not idiots, in the first place, the word trial is never mentioned, no pamphlet is given, you get a card in the mail saying your magazines are on the way and you will be charged semi annually for these magazines, but these employees have no business giving your card number to anyone, I never authorized the magazine company to pull money from my acct, I was shocked when I saw the last four of my card # on the letter I received, I will be going to address my issue with the manager very soon, and if I am charged, I will be ### at the manager to give me my money.

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  • [protected]
    Got scammed at Bealls in Texas ..."Three free issues and no risk" and the freakin Bealls transaction enabled them to get my credit card information. $64 charge just showed up. My attorney informed me best to start out by calling them and asking for a refund. I called the number above and the dude said "you signed the agreement" and I asked him to email the agreement. I'm sure it was buried on the receipt for the crap I bought at Beall's (freaking unbelievable how fraudulent these [censored]s are!) Anyway, after telling him my attorney advised me to ask for refund first, he agreed to refund my credit card. Waiting to see. This deserves a class action suit as I'm sure millions of people have been duped!!!

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  • Am
    AmbinoLee Jan 03, 2014

    This is ridiculous. even the automated system tries to hook line you into more "deals" while you are trying to cancel! i should go curse out the manager at FYE!!! THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS HERE SO WE MAY FIND IT!!!

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  • He
    Hell_NO! Nov 21, 2013

    First off I never fall for these magazine/CD trial things - these scams have been going on for as long as I can remember
    Of course that does not stop my Husband for falling for it, using my card, and $97 of my hard earned dollars
    1.) Called [protected] automated system found my account and magazines
    2.) Hit NO! 3 times and despite their purposefully confusing options to reel you back in at the end of it
    I got a confirmation number that all 4 mags were cancelled, that no more charges would occur, and I will be refunded
    3.) After that I hit 0 two times to get an operator/live person
    4.) Had them send a request to erase any of my credit card information they have on file (operator says that takes 1 - 5 business days)
    5.) Had the operator verify the amount of money that I showed as being refunded for...he said the refund showed as pending and named off each of the 4 amounts I would be refunded for which all added up to $97

    So now I anxiously wait to be refunded, and I definitely will be getting a new ATM Card Number from my bank

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  • Gd
    G.Davis Jul 29, 2013

    My daughter was duped into this 'free magazines for a month' deal whilst shopping at FYE. The sales clerk failed to tell her that she would be billed for future issues unless she cancelled. She was under the impression that after a month the magazines would just stop coming. Not so, and with no heads up notice or warning! Anyway, just called the number that Tiffany posted (thanks Tiffany)!
    and the rep not only cancelled the magazines, but also told my daughter she would be getting a full refund.
    I have had TERRIBLE experience with magazine service companies in the past, so please everyone, avoid them like the plague!

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  • Ba
    BAH!C Apr 25, 2013

    Just to update...

    I actually received my credit within less than 48 hours!

    Call the [protected] number from xStillDollx above and speak with t a real person. Keep restating that you want them to cancel, not bill you in the future and that you want a REFUND of the money that they charged you.

    It worked for me! Good luck to all!!

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  • Ba
    BAH!C Apr 23, 2013

    I got this offer through a web site and the original offer was that it would be for a free year of up to three magazines with only a $2.00 per magazine processing charge.

    I read through the offer several times and made sure that there wasn't any fine print that I could make out that would bait and switch the offer. It said that if I didn't cancel before the year was over I would be charged a renewal next year, but I figured that I would call and cancel before that. So I signed up for two titles.

    After three months, I was charged $29.00 and $49.00 for the two titles!

    I called the phone number on my credit card statement and got an automated voice system that had no option for speaking with a person.

    I found my copy of the terms that I had copied into notepad and saved and it had a different number, but that went to the same voice system.

    I found this page after searching for a while and tried the phone number in the first message and got the voice system again. I tried waiting without responding and had no option of getting to speak with a person.

    Then I tried the [protected] number from xStillDollx above and I got a real person! She had me explain what I wanted and I told her that I wanted a refund because it was supposed to be free for a year and I was changed in three months.

    She said that the offer that I was given was for three months and I said that I had read it carefully and it had said that it was for a year and I wanted a refund. She offered me that they would refund my money and also give me 60 days free of the magazines and I said no thank you I will get them somewhere else. Then she offered that they would refund my money and give me 90 days of the magazines for free and I explained that I wanted a refund of the money. She asked if I wanted to cancel the subscriptions and make sure that I wasn't charged in the future and I stated again that I wanted to cancel and have a refund of the money that I had already been charged.

    Then she said that she processed the refund and it would be showing up within one to two billing cycles and was there anything else she could do for me. I asked her for a transaction or cancellation number and she gave me one.

    If you call and speak to them, keep restating that you want a refund, because they seem to try to work around that.

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  • Li
    liesandlovenotes Feb 21, 2013

    Its not a scam ive been doing it for over 2 years not once have I been charged and if they do charge you within a 6 month period they pay you back that day. And its not fyes fault that you didnt get a notice thats the mag company and next time you circle the pamphlet read the text.

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  • As
    Ash0059 Jan 14, 2013

    Also if the associate lied to your face when you specifically asked about being charged afterwards, and they said 'No' - than Go to the store, and ask for the district manager's # -or any higher up that does NOT work in that store. Don't disclose why, You need to report when a store lies about the Trial program.
    No one should be saying it continues to be free after the Trial and you will not be charged.

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  • As
    Ash0059 Jan 14, 2013

    Key word here is 'Trial'
    You guys are absolute idiots.
    1. The owners do not make 'a cut' of what is sold, but they are graded as a store.
    2 . The ONLY way for you to get it is if you pay by card, makes sense right? They need to bill you after the 'trial' period is over.
    3. They have to ask you your personal info like say, your address in order for you to get it. No they do not give a way your credit info to any one other than the magazine company.
    4.some stores are shady(due to the pressure of having to get them) so they don't tell you details about the Trial. BUT you are the one saying yes to this-a simple question like what happens after the Trial will help answer your questions.
    But in the store I use to work at we specifically told everyone you have x amount of days to cancel by calling this # here and even give them a reminder on a piece of paper as well as the magazine brochure(which includes the # as well)

    There is a good saying here,
    A fool and his money are easily parted.
    Nothing in life is ever really for free now is it?

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  • Ch
    ChelseaLois07 Nov 08, 2012

    I am extremely upset about what FYE is doing. I went into the store just to buy a movie months ago, and circled the magazines for the free trial that I wanted to receive. Never received any notice before charges, and never did I give them my information / debit card number for that purpose. It disgusting that they gave my information to a 3rd party without my consent. And the worst part is I have been unemployed for the past 2 months, and this is money that I needed for groceries. The number to call is such a waste of time because it is nothing but the automated system that tries to push you into getting more magazines. I cancelled everything but have no idea when or even IF I am going to get that money back. So upset with this whole thing. What they are doing has got to be illegal, and I hope they plan on giving me back my overdraft fees.

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  • Nm
    n.marieee Oct 09, 2012

    for anyone that didnt know same thing happened to me i called and was able to get a person, and ripped that poor girl a new one. anyway [protected] and just press 0 youll get an operator

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  • Me
    Mechie01 Sep 01, 2012

    I just checked my statement and saw charge and was like what is this magazine charge when I try to call the line is all static like so pissed right now.

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  • Na
    NaniDH Jul 14, 2012

    I have a question!! I just saw that it was charged on my bank 6
    $62 dollars and I read this article. It just put it there yesterday on my account so I called the number at the top. The machine said that if I would like to cancel the magazine people and the charge will be dropped. But will it really be dropped or do I have to still pay $62? They told me the magazines were free! Help please

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  • Xs
    xStillDollx Jun 25, 2012

    Okay, my last message was kinda skew-iffy with the whole... amp thing.
    But I have been on 's website, and looked at the number provided; and go to the Free Magazines link. Click it, and scroll down right to the bottom.
    There, you guys should see this number; [protected]. Call that and you will speak to someone in person. The gentleman I spoke to sounded exceedingly nervous, and stated that the systems were down. He asked for my information, and I gave it to him. He told me he will refund my account and cancel any and all future transactions, and I will receive a call in 3 - 5 business days.
    If it works for you guys too, do let the rest of us know.
    Can't believe I was scammed like this...

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  • Xs
    xStillDollx Jun 25, 2012

    I had this exact same thing! I didn't even want the magazines, I said I don't read them, and the guy said "well it's pretty good, you get free magazines", and I was like... whatever. But as long as I'm not charged. He said I shouldn't be. I've had like... 12 magazines come to my house so far, and I haven't even looked at the front pages. I don't read them.
    Turns out, I checked my bank account and I'm missing $24.50 from my account. I looked at the transaction number and it made NO sense. So I copied the phone number I could see in there and I clicked THIS link just now.
    If I have to talk on the phone to an automated message... ugh... I'm going to be so mad. I don't make the money to spend on stupid magazines... -_- Thanks for posting the awareness of this you guys!

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  • Me
    metta worldpeace May 30, 2012

    What a ###ing scam..Ive never felt soo dumb and cheated in my life

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  • Ke
    Keitilen May 23, 2012

    I went online to check my balance yesterday to make sure I had money in my account to cover for my doctor's appointment and find a $42 charge from the TWX*blahblahblah. I bought something from FYE in February - all I wanted was the card, the magazines would've been delivered and then dropped in the trash can. I was told they would be free for 12 months. Well, I'm missing $42 now! The associate never asked for my card information, either, she just used my card for all of my information. I am BEYOND pissed right now!

    Also, I am going to copy this page and attach it to the fraudulent charge paperwork. It is now going to take a couple months for me to see that money again. WONDERFUL.

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  • Di
    DianaIsVeryMad Apr 06, 2012

    OMG! the same thing is happening to me right now! i went to FYE and asked me if i wanted to try out magazines for free and the [censored] that i am agreed. but then i called them and told them that i wanted to cancel everything and the lady said okay but some articles are still gonna come but they're going to be free so i said okay. I just checked my bank account and the same TWX MAGAZINES was charging me 22$. im soooo pissed right now

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  • Re
    reapaholic Mar 27, 2012

    One more thing! When FYE did this whole thing, they didn't even ask me for any information. They used my credit card number after it was swiped. Can a retailer eally give another company my credit card info without my permission? Not like the guy asked me for anything. He simply said, "Pick 3 magazines"

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  • Ka
    Katluv Mar 06, 2010

    I was charges 4 times ranging from $29-32 for magazines I did not order. This is the first time I've ever experienced this and I'm mad!

    I called my credit card company, told them what happened and they cancelled that account. I am not responsible for the charges but I'm still irritated!

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  • De
    Deanna Sicilia Jan 31, 2010

    I've had around 6 charges to not one of my credit cards but several. On one I got charged for over limit fees.

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  • Lo
    Lorraine Shea May 07, 2009

    I never ordered these magazines, and they keep charging my checking accoutn and when I call its never a live person...

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  • As
    ASHLEYYYDAWN Jan 21, 2009


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  • Ac
    Ace Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They do not list the phone by which to cancel all the charges!

    It's a real pain and if you don't notice, it automatically gets billed each period.

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  • Ri
    richard calevro Sep 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they took money out of my bank with no permission

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  • Gl
    glenda sabo Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sick of calling and trying to get my money back they take out and don't ask me to do so. I get one more and I am closing my account. How did they get my account number? And why doesn't someone shut this scam down?

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  • Le
    Leigh Hampton May 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was charged without my permission.

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