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I was once a former employee of Heartland Inc. I worked there for two years. This is a company that continues to stay in business due to the thriving on a business of fraud. This company contacts who are receiving or who have received magazines within the last five years. The goal for this company is to lead you in believing that they are calling from "with the publishers" who are sending out your magazine. This is not your actual publishing company that you have a contract with. Heartland is leading you to believe that they are giving you a better offer on renewing your current magazine subscription. What they do not tell you is, you are signing up for yet another magazine subscription on top of the pre-existing subscription you already have with the original publisher. The difficult part in getting our money back is that the conversations are recorded. In the initial "renewal process" of your magazine order, they are recording the conversation leading you to believe you are simply getting a lower price on your existing magazine subscription. They are not telling you that you will get duplicates from what you are already getting. The recorded converstaion is a script in which these "representatives" are reading to the unfortunate ones to get the scam of a phone call, is worded just right to avoid any major detection of a fraudulent transaction. With the unfortuante buyer giving the approval for the transaction, it is hard to be refunded. My suggestion, never buy anything over the phone. Never renew anything over the phone. Always check to make sure companies are reputable before giving your banking information.
Ex-Employee of Heartland, Inc. that was badly mistreated

  • Ir
    irishcatnap Mar 06, 2010

    They withdrew a payment of $119.70 out of my checking account without my authorization.
    I called the bank because I didn't recognise the business, they referred me to the fraud department. This is Saturday so I have to wait til Monday to speak with them. Also I will be calling the Better Business Bureau on monday also.

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telemarketing and employee treatment

I worked at heartland inc. for two years. I have witnessed a lot of things they did to their...

took my money eventhough I cancelled. they've taken two debits and I still haven't recieved anything

I have had two debit transactions taken from my bank account of $59.85 from heartland Inc. They called me a couple months ago to sell magazines, I did order them for one payment of $12.99 or so I thought that is what was told to me when I ordered them. I received a letter from heartland about two months ago stating that I have to pay the $59.85 monthly unless I cancel with in ten days, I sent the letter to cancel my order for the magazines before my ten days were up. I received a bank statement that showed the two payments made that I didn't make or give them permission to take out of my bank which they have been doing. I called them to see what was going on and why were they taking money out of my account when I canceled my order and they told me that they never received a letter in the mail from me to cancel that they would get their manager to call me back. Their manager called me back thirty minutes later and I explained to them the situation and she told me that they couldn't cancel my order because I had a time limit to cancel and failed to do so, I told her that I sent in that letter to cancel it and she told me that they have never had a problem in receiving their mail before, I commented back and said that they have a problem with their mail now because I did send that letter and she said thank you have a nice day and hung up on me. So they haven't canceled my order and are still taking money out of my account with out my knowledge or permission. I haven't even received any magazines from them at all.


I, too, was duped by Heartland, Inc. I had actually agreed to magazine subscriptions from another company and...

unwanted subscription

A representative of Heartland calls asking if you want to renew your subscription to a magazine you are presently receiving. They don't tell you that they aren't the company through which you are presently ordering your subscriptions. If you're in the practice of renewing over the phone, this seems like a reasonable request. You're then sent a subscription to more magazines than you want and are told your payment plan is only $59.85 over the next 19 months for a total order value of $1197.
I tried to talk to a representative of the company, but they wouldn't talk to me. It's their company policy to only talk to the person who has the account. Heartland will not even honor the request of the account holder to speak to another person. Today my wife talked to a manager (Brandy) who was rude to, and raised her voice at, my wife, arguing with my wife. Brandy wouldn't listen to what my wife had to say. Heartland's tactic is to bully the account holder into paying for magazines that they don't want, at prices that aren't in align with the value of the magazines.
We've been trying to get this subscription issue resolved for over two months. One manager canceled it. Then two months later someone calls and tells us we still owe. They advertise 24/7 service and give an 866 number to call, but never answer the phone (how convenient for them.) That allows them to call back when they want to talk, not when you want to talk.
DO NOT deal with this company.

  • Ke
    kephart Feb 25, 2009

    Ihave just been through a lot of hardship with this company and have gotten nowhere. I did not agree to additional mags. I agreed to change the ones i had. I was promptly told that there was a tape and i listened to it. I continued to inform her that i was told this was in place of the other magazines and that i do not want an additional account. I was told there were no options except to extend payments to make it easier. What can i do because i can't afford to pay this?

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  • Si
    Singlemama9 Jan 07, 2010

    I have been getting calls non stop, all hours of the day & night. When I answered the phone, the guy was very ride! He knew all sorts of info about me and started yelling at me. He was making fun of me also. He kept asking questions after I asked a question, not answering my questions. Telling me that I am a teacher? Is this how i talk to my students? then he hung up on me. About a minute later he called me back, "private Number, Private Name" asking me my age and then when I wouldn't tell him any info about myself he started back up saying "Thank God you were not my teacher" and such. He was very rude and wouldn't let me talk. I told him to refund me my money and he said no. I asked him what the name of the account was that was taking the money out of my account, and he said " i'm not going to give you some body else's info". How is that giving me some body else's info? I was looking in my bank account to see the withdrawals from them, and he wouldn't tell me the name. I want y money back, and some answers or I WILL be connecting the District Attorney's office immediatly. I would like a reasonable explaination and my money back into my account by the end of the week or I will be in contact with the District Attorney.

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  • Je
    jean g. Feb 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was scammed by this company. When I realized what had happened, within the very short 10 day cancelation time I sent a certified letter cancelling everything! I had tried to cancel over the phone and was met with rudeness and the run around at every turn. I went on line to my Indiana State Atorney General's site and filed an unsolicitated phone call/fraud complaint. Several weeks later I received a letter stating that my complaint was investigated and found grossly at fault. They were fined several thousand dollars. I urge you to file a complaint as I did. Good Luck. I now hang up on anyone selling or wanting to renew anything over the phone. Before you hang up tell them to take you off their call list and that if you ever get a call again from them that you will sic the Attorney General on them. It works!

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  • Fr
    fred podesta Apr 25, 2011

    calling every 2 to 3 weeks, different co. calling, saying they bought them out. for over 6 monthes.

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  • Vi
    vicnlizclark Aug 02, 2016

    These people call saying they are my magazine company and that they want to better my subscription and I told them that I haven't recieved a magazine in 4 years because I canceled my subscription and they deny that saying I still recieve them, yet I have moved three times since then knowing theres no way I have recieve a magazine. They have hung up on me twice and will not let me talk to a manager and I haven't found a way to contact them. (They always call me.) I am sick and tired of these people. And I am going to try everything in my power to shut them down. Signed ex-customer.

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  • Ma
    Mary in Virginia Aug 02, 2016

    I have read the other complaints and it sounds like my story. They call, impersonate they are your magazine company, you have ordered 60 months of magazines you did not order at 49.95 per month, and what is your credit card number. I put them off for weeks and then they called the house four times a day for a week! They said they were sending me to collections, were going to pull $1400 out of my account if I did not set up payments. There tape I listened to was me saying uh uh and I really nice . They had to have doctored the conversation from when I did not realize what a rip-off company they are. I finally gave in to 30 a month for 19 months because we can't afford to have our credit screwed up. As soon as I finish here I contacting the BBB. I hope everone learns from this

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over billing

Heartland Mag I have been tring to reach you for day's and without any responce you still as of date not called back my complaint is I gave you the right to use a Debt Card to pay my Two Accounts Once on the 1st of each month and the other in the 15th of each month and then to my suprise you Took out another amount out on the 21st of Dec 2009 without my agreeing I have tried to call Ive left messages and No return calls What do you say this is I would call it Stelling As of this morning I have called 7 Times leaving message after message I hope that writting this I might get a reture call so those who have had this same problem please stand up to these people who makes a living off of people who try to pay our bills not stelling from others

scam pros and plain crooks

Let me tell you a story about a bunch of crooks. Here goes ... Memo dated December 15, 2009 On July 22 of...

con artists

A company called Heartland Inc. has been conning my elderly mother for months. Several different callers reach her and confuse her. My mother ordered one magazine from one company. I'm starting now to put two and two together. Heartland "representatives" refuse to talk to anyone other than my mother, who didn't realize she was being charged 2 to 3 times a month in the amount of $59.85, until she got a call about identity theft. She then carefully reviewed her bank statements and didn't recognize Heartland. Heartland has two to three so-called reps calling my mother up to 7 times a day with different messages.

Message one - Your payment isn't going through and we need you to pay your bill (no kidding, we made sure we stopped payments)

Message two - I'm Josh (with a heavy accent, and blocked number on caller ID). We are trying to send you money we owe you, but need your new credit card number. (not gonna happen)

Message three- You owe us $1000.00 for your magazine subscription and we need you to pay now.

Then, there's this other company... called Unique Readers Service. The "representative" there has the same name as the "representative" used in the recorded conversation with my mother. Both company's are double billing my mother.

The latter, Unique, told my mother to tell the other subscription company to "stop calling her and that the subscription is already taken care of, " as if this would stop the harassment. I'm taking the route as the other person who posted a complaint on this site and contacting the BBB, and the Attorney Generals Office. This is absurd. These folk need to be jailed.

By the way, none of the numbers for Heartland are operable. You get a voicemail for one, and some kind of error message for the other number. Additionally, the so-called web address belongs to some other company.. has nothing to do with magazine subscriptions.

My advice... when subscribing to a magazine service, go directly to the magazine!

over charging

I was told on the phone I had to renew the magazines, the rest of the contract I had agreed on. The gentleman had the list of the 4 magazines my husband gets & he had my credit card number. I just had to verify the experation date. He said it would be billed 3 payments of $59.85. When I got the letter in the mail it said I would be billed $59.85 over 18 months, for a total value of $1197.00. I called right away & it was a recording & I left a message.I called twice on Monday, twice on Tues. & finally on Wed I got a call from Heartland. The guy was really rude, laughed at me!! He gave me his name as Ashton.He said I could not cancel & I said I was told on the phone I had 10 days to cancel so is that a lie ? He just laughed & said that I would be hearing from the company & that I would pay it one way or another!! That it would be turned over to a collection company. The letter said I have 10 days to cancel by mail & so I sent a cerrified letter so I'm hoping it will work & get canceled!! This place should be stopped they are stealing from people!!

magazine subscription

This company keeps calling me. As soon as they tell me who they are, I hang up. Yesterday when I hung up on them, they called me right back and ask why I hung up on them. Then he told me I owed them money and were going to turn me over to a collection agency. They said I commited to magazines last May, 2008. I have never received any magazines, they have never tried to bill my credit card. I have received no bill in the mail or any written correspondence from them. There are many complaints about them on who calls directory of unknown callers, etc. All you have to do is search their phone number and hundreds of complaints pop up about them. I am in correspondence with the Better Business Burea about them as well. They are violating the do not call list, and making harrassing phone calls. The man that called last night was really nasty.

fraud and cheating

This report was extremely similar to my experience, but I have been hit twice by these people. The first was a couple years ago, and I just got through paying for that... But yesterday I got the call again, this time they did identify themselves as Heartland, which I now know, and they tried telling me I already agreed to extending AGAIN!!! This time I actually conceptually gave them info as I do like the magazines, and it is a good price, but their approach HAS to be ILLEGAL. Their conversation recordings have to be dubbed. Someone needs to do something about this company.

Origial Post: Back in September, a lady called and told me that she wanted me to write down a security code because my magazine are up for renewal and there had been complaints from other customers getting ripped off from other companies asking to renew when they weren't ready for renewal yet.

I told her that I wasn't sure when my subscriptions were to end, either 3 yrs or 5yrs, but that once they ran out, I did not want any more. Of course, I had gotten all my magazine subscriptions through NME about 3 yrs ago and completed my payment in 4 months.

Yes, I know she told me her name and that she was from Heartland, but at the time with all the FACTS and information she had on me and the magazines I was receiving, I never once questioned this was someone trying to scam me and confirmed my credit card number with her!!

She then told me that I would need to talk to her supervisor just to make sure she was polite and that she confirmed my information correctly.

When the supervisor got on the phone, he started telling me that I would be charged $59 within the next 3 days, I said what for??? Everything is paid for, he then proceeded to tell me about a contract that stated I would renew my magazine for the next 5 yrs.

After about 10 more minutes of arguing with him and telling him he better not charge my card, we hung up. I went to the bank first thing in the am and I already had a pending charge from them for $119!!! So, my bank helped me file a fraud complaint, I got my money back and canceled my card.

It is now Oct. 20, 2008, they just called me at 8:30 at night telling me something was wrong with my card. I told the man they were not getting any money from me and exchanged a few more words and he babbled something about the BBB and their atty... I told him I wanted my recorded conversation and he told me good bye.

If these people call you, hang up and don't even give them a chance!!!

  • Ef
    E. Fendt Dec 22, 2008

    Siince October 2008, the above phone number calls my cellphone up to 8 times a day. The only time I ever spoke to these 2 guys was the first time they called and they told me they were looking for money I owed to them for magazines
    (which I never purchased) and don't owe any money to anyone. They call all hours of the day and night.

    How do I get this stopped? I have been on the "do not call" registry since 2003.

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  • Sa
    SarahMarie Mar 01, 2009

    well did they tell you the name of the person that owes the money or maybe its from the last person having that number!

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  • joseph aiken Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    on 04-01-10 i ordered A INTERCOM from heartland there number 3209254 i have the check where this was paid $32.98 what i want to know just what the hell is going on i have not recived this intercom. does this company sell and just put the money in there pocket and forget about it. thank you for your time Joseph Aiken

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I received a phone call from Heartland, Inc this evening telling me that their customers had been receiving calls from other magazine companies claiming to be them. They wanted to reassure me that they were in the process of putting a stop to these scam companies and even gave me a security code for my account. They said that unless the person calling me could provide this security code, then it wasn't them. Having bought magazines (big mistake) several years ago and having recently gotten a phone call from another company claiming that I owed money for an account that I paid off years ago, I actually believed them and thanked them for looking out for me. He then went on to ask me what my favorite two magazines were and if I stilled lived at my current address (they had this information which to me added more legitimacy to the call). He said that I would be receiving the 2009 magazine list in the mail in the next 3 or 4 days. They then asked me which of the major credit cards I preferred best for my transactions, to which I replied Visa.

The person I was talking to then told me that he was new and would I mind speaking to his supervisor to put in a good word for him. I said sure as I was pleased that they were looking out for me. When the supervisor came on, I informed him that the caller was polite and had done a good job and thanked him for looking out for me. Thinking that the call was over, the supervisor then proceeded to ask me a number of questions such as the new expiration date of my credit card. I gave this to him and he said it was validated. He then asked me to confirm my credit card number which started with a "4". I asked him why they needed my credit card number since I had paid off my account years ago. He said that as part of my agreement, I was to receive an additional 60 months of magazines at a reduced price of $10/month. I told him that I did not remember agreeing to that 5 years ago, and he said he had my agreement that clearly stated that. I told him again that I did not owe anything, didn't want anything else and had not agreed to the additional 60 months. Just prior to this I had taken my credit card from my wallet and was about to give them my number, but something made me fill uncomfortable in doing so. The 60 month reduced rate agreement which they said I had agreed to made me even more paranoid and I put my card back into my wallet without confirming the number. I then told them that I had not agreed to that and he said that they would send the magazine list and my agreement in the mail in 3 or 4 days. I asked for a phone number, name and name of the company and they immediately hung up. I try to call back at the [protected] number just to see who would answer and I keep getting an error message saying that the network is having problems and can't connect. I hope I dodged a bullet, but after reading these other complaints, I will definitely be watching my credit account and the mail for anything from these guys.

How can they get away with this and why can't something be done with all of these complaints?

  • Sp
    splaynn Mar 26, 2009

    wow i just got this call today and EVERYTHING from the guy being "new" and the "put in a good word" even the credit card beginning with 4 happened in my call as well!!! this proves that these guys are fake. They even provided me with an address i no longer lived at. how could they be sending me magazines when they dont know my address?! they asked for my account number for my debit card, and thats when i pulled the plug. they got nothing out of me. i got lucky too.

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  • Re
    remington May 26, 2009

    I wish we had been so lucky, My wife received a call from this company and long story short they noiw tell me we owe them 1000 and change at 60 a month... Will be a long fight I'm guessing. They are clever and relentless so beware

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  • Av
    avli_ballot Sep 11, 2009

    the same thing happened to me except that they have taken out money from my account already!!! to make it worse they took out different amounts than agreed and i never got any different magazines for $ 1100 . i had called them back and told them i never agreed to $1100 worth of magazines. i feel like such a fool!!! from now on my husband will take all calls for telemarketers!!!

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  • Ka
    katie82sylmar Dec 15, 2009

    i also fell for there traps. i have been charged twice on my credit card in different dates. and i called today and they told me i have two accounts, how can that be. They told me that one account is 9 more payments to go and the other 18 payments to go. I don't get how they got me twice. I mean if you have a account with a company they should not call you again and sell you another accounts. it does not make sense. i am so angry right now.

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  • Ko
    ko xiong Mar 10, 2010

    so how do i get rid of those ###er

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  • Er
    erick lamm Mar 30, 2010

    Hi, my name is erick and I'm from new york. I dealt with heartland inc. First of all they told me I cannot cancel my sub scription, nor did I get title changes from them which they'd said the new titles will be sent never happened, reps are rude, sometimes no call back. I want to cancel with them. Ithought they were another magazine company too, makes nosense. Don't I have the right to cancel?

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double charging me

I got talked into a subscription and when I was told that I had agreed to buy it again, I was angry. But I...

harassment & coersion

Heartland Inc. has harassed my elderly disabled parents, calling them at all times of the day and night also the Flint Bible Institute, where I am working for a degree. They have told me I owe them $1450.00 for 10 magazines I never ordered. They told me to give them my Master Card numbers and subscribe me to addtional 4 magazines for 20 more months at $49/ MO. They said if I will agree to this they will never bother me again... so I agreed so they will leave me alone... depressed at Christmas with a headache because of this unwelcomed predator after credit card account access


heartland has called me several times saying i was receiving magazines from them. i do not. they are now telling me that i owe for an extended 60 month subscription that was automatically added on to my original subscription. i tried to tell them that idonot receive magazines from them and i will not be responsible for the payments they have threaten to take me to collections. these people are uneal. I have never been sorudely treated . they wouldn't even try to help me get this straightened out.i will never order any magazines ever again. the company i do receive magazines from have said they have received several complaints about heartland pulling this kind of scam. but i will never again order anymore magazines.

  • Ma
    matt Sep 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same run around, they called and i told them i wanted off their calling list then a few days later i received a letter saying my subscription would start and i would be billed for $60 a month for something like 14 months! wtf! how has the consumer advocacy board not closed these scammers down.

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didn't authorize charges for magazines

I received a call stating they were a magzine company, and they wanted me to know that another company was calling their customers pretending to be them. I didn't catch their name, and now I question if they ever gave it to me. Since I was receiving magazines from a company, I assumed it was a legitimate call. They verified my name, address and credit card number. Since they had my information, I thought it was the company I had ordered from before.
They never told me it was a sales call. They asked me what magazines I liked to read. They said they were going to send me a list of magazines for me to chose from. I kept asking if I was committing to anything. They kept stating they were going to send a list for me to look at.
Four days later I received a list of magazines along with a letter stating I had agreed to automatic billing with my credit card for the 10th of each month for $49.90 for 19 months. They never mentioned or asked anything pertaining to that in the phone conversation. They had that I had agreed to 60 issues of Ladies Home Journal and Redbook (the ones I stated I like to read when they asked). There was also 36 issues of ELLE and 48 issues of SPIN. These last two magazines was never mention by either party.
The guy who was supposed to be a supervisor gave me his name and phone number and told me to call him if I had any problems. I have called numerous times and left messages, but he has never called back.
As of now May 9, I have filed a dispute with my credit card company over these charges.After that I plan to file a complaint with the BBB.

  • Br
    Brenda Collins Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have agree to the magazine but I have to clue that the book cost the much money. I was send a list ask if I want to continue the service I check no. Don't need these magazine don't want the book cost to much money.

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  • Th
    Thomas Feb 20, 2009

    The exact same thing happened to my wife and charges started to show-up on her credit card. The card company expunged the first but on the 2nd call they called Heartland and we both spoke to the Company. We were told there was an oral contract that we could not break and that we owed them 600 + dollars. I asked them to record my cancelling of the contract since they reportedly recorded her committment. I told them I was next going to cancel the credit card so they would have no place to send the charges and they could turn us over to the credit reporting agency if they liked. We'll see.

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  • Ta
    tarheel rage Jul 28, 2009

    Same thing happened to my 72 year old mother. The horrible thing is that she suff ers from dementia and actually thought she was my 36 year old sister. You see my mother gets a T.V. Guide magazine at her home in my sisters name. When these people called her, she could'nt remember her name... how could she know that she made an oral contract for new magazines for 19 months!!My sister handles my mothers financial matters and noticed that she was getting charged 49.90 a month on her bank statements. Stop payments were started immediately and my sister contacted the company. The rep she spoke to stated that my mothers conversation had been recorded and she agreed to the subscription. My sister stressed the fact that the recorded voice was of a 72 year old woman suffering from dementia. The rep tells my sister no, the voice on the recording is your your voice. My sister at this point is dumbfounded. She has called this company to tell them that she never ordered magazines, that it was our mother who was manipulated and she wants this contract cancelled!The rep once again tells my sister that the voice on the recording was hers and not my mother. We have contacted a lawyer and filed a complaint with the BBB.

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  • Ne
    Nelson - Minnesota Jan 22, 2010

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Heartland, Inc
    Des Moines, Iowa
    United States
    Phone: 866-2924882
    didn't list one

    Same thing happened to me and they just called on my cell phone telling that I was obligated and this would be sent to a credit agency. I actually ended up with 3 magizine companies and I have gotten the 2 to cancel all subcriptions. Heartland says they can't. They needed me to tell them within 10 days to cancel, but how can you in 10 days when you never get a letter.

    This is all a scam. I think something should happen to the Hearthland Inc. They are not friendly and I can't believe they are doing this to many, many people.

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  • Rh
    rhondameehan May 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i believe this company should be shut down. i am yet another person they have scammed and are constantly harrassing me to pay for all these magazines that i did not order and do not want. they have some attorney calling me to settle cheaper, they say i owe 1103.00 but will settle for 456.00 they are out of their minds!!! SHUT THEM DOWN

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scam and fraud!

First off, I have been registered with the National Do Not Call registry since January of 2003.(I recently...

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