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The San Diego Union-Tribune Complaints & Reviews

The San Diego Union-Tribune — no newspaper

i ordered a vacation stop it was supposed to end several days ago i have not received a newspaper for several days after it was supposed to resume when can i expect delivery to resume? i do not want to be charged for the weeks it was not delivered please resume delivery tomorrow what i...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Aug 17, 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune — price of subscription

My subscription was ending in July and I received a renewal bill for $533.40. Was speaking to a friend 5 minutes away that also receives her paper every day for 20+ years. I told her that I just received my bill for $533.40 she was shocked. She only pays 251.59 for the same 7 days a week...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Jul 18, 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune — daily delivery

More days than not, my newspaper is not delivered. I've asked that it be thrown into the underground garage to be sure it is not being stolen, but no - that doesn't happen. Today there was a newspaper, but for the neighbor down the street (address printed on wrapper). It has become a...

News & Media  · Jun 28, 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune — billing

In December I did not receive the paper 3 days in a row, i called and was told you were going to credit my account. On my January billing I noticed I had been double billed for the month, the rate was higher and I didn't get a credit. I called and spoke to Shel. She informed me they would...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Feb 12, 2019

The San Diego Union-Tribune — newspaper delivered during vacation hold

Since it seems that there is only one avenue to secure a vacation hold with this newspaper, which is through an automated voice, I supplied the date to stop our newspaper (07/12/18) and the date to start again (07/21/18) to this automated voice. There was no confirmation email. While we...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Jul 20, 2018

The San Diego Union-Tribune — paper delivery

we are not getting our papers! The only alternative is to quit taking the paper. If you can't get it here on time--you need to alert your customers that you are experiencing problems and to please understand that you are in the process of getting it resolved. Then say "don't expect a paper...

San Diego Union Tribune — morning delivery and delivery issues

I have been a UT subscriber for over 30 years and I am more than a little angry with your Company...your morning delivery on some days is as late as 9AM...calling to request a call back from the regional Manager is not returned and this week we were missed on delivery COMPLETELY ON...

The San Diego Union-Tribune — billing statement

I received a billing statement around the end of July, notifying me of my future payment -- 13 weeks, 26 weeks, 52 weeks, the amounts were $80.52, $161.44, and $323.68, respectively. As a retiree on fixed income, I called up on Aug 2 to try to negotiate a lower rate. After much negotiating...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Aug 12, 2017

San Diego Union Tribune — Newspaper delivery/account

I have been receiving the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper for 53 + years until today no paper, I called and spoke to the un-customer service regarding the missed paper and they said there was no account at that address and they could start a new service I paid in advance as always for 1...

Jeff Light - The San Diego Union-Tribune — Arrested in California child-trafficking sting

Jeff Light - The San Diego Union-TribuneJeff Light - The San Diego Union-Tribune arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting . 474 people have been arrested in California in a 3 day sting operation called “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.” Over 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces participated in...

San Diego Magazines & Newspapers  · Mar 28, 2017

San Diego Union Tribune — Unwanted free delivery

July 22, 2014 TO: Enlace Publications Called Enlace Publications, [protected] on May31, 2014 at 11:54am to request delivery cancellation. I spoke with representative Sherry and she stated delivery of said publication was to be effective for June 07, 2014 scheduled delivery. A...

San Diego Union Tribune — Renewing subscription without notice

A sad state of affairs for The Union Tribune in San Diego. The Union Tribune is the only large newspaper in San Diego. They have no competition and yet they are barely surviving. The newspaper has to cut back on their staff with a number of them being fired. The VP has replaced these...