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Issue dated May 11, 2020 (received Friday May 1, 2020)

I have never had an issue with so many pages affected by background color (I think) that extended over the whole page, so dark the pages couldn't be read. Pages in this issue affected were: 38, 40 (too dark to read), 42, 44, 45 (top article gets by but the lower article is totally blurry blue, 47 (too dark to read), 49 (too dark to read), and 51.

I always look forward to receiving this magazine and it was such a let down. I would like another copy of this issue, please!

My email is: [protected]

My label: #346700 ; #PPL1885984029/0#

Thank you for your attention.

Celebrities helping with covid

I am an avid reader, for years and years, and just finished the article about celebrities and how they are helping with covid with concerts, social media, etc. Dave matthews was the first artist to sing in his home for pay it forward live and was not mentioned at all. Huge oversight that should be corrected. Since dave has played in his living room, many other artists have followed in his footsteps and he should be mentioned if not honored.

Too many fake stories about Meghan Markle

I am ready to cancel my subscription due to the millions of fluff pieces you have been including on Meghan Markle. You are not allowing people to do their own research. Some of her followers are criminal, stealing identities and really hurting people. They are following people and make threats. Please stop. You have been including positive stories about Meghan by distorting the facts. Do you really believe that Meghan needs people to care about her when she cares about no one else. That Africa video was disgusting and you felt bad for Meghan. There are so many other people in the world doing wonderful things who don't ask for people to feel sorry for them. Meghan is a poor actress at best and is using her title to try to get jobs. I'm hoping that Disney is done with her and that she has made an enemy with Meryl Streep as Meryl was the original narrator. But you won't include that info as you probably have an exclusive with the just plain couple. I thought that you, as a Magazine, were above this. At least the dirt magazines are there to find the ugly stories that you WON'T write. At least for now my 80 year old alzheimer patient mother can read your magazine because it doesn't matter to her.

  • No
    NotGonnaHappen1989 Apr 21, 2020

    How are they not allowing people to do their own research? Just because you read one article doesn't mean you can't read others or do other research.

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I did not receive the current issue

I did not receive last weeks issue this is the 2nd time this has happened. Could you please look into it for me . I look forward to this magazine every week n am very disappointed that I did not receive it. One of my favorite magazines. If this keeps up I will cancel my subscription. Carol Yancey 10934 Helmer Drive 1st floor Philadelphia Pa 19154 acct number PPL256654089/8. Ty

Rude Interruptive Customer Service Rep!! Couldn't understand them!

Since I moved I haven't received People Magazine in over a week and I been at this address for a 3 months! I called them and the rep I couldn't understand as usual and was interrupting me in the middle of me explaining my issue plus rushing me off the phone and then when I told her what magazine I last got she told me the next one that I missed and I couldn't understand her! I ask again and she disregarded my request and tried to rush me by asking me a totally unrelated question and told me my replacement magazine would take 3 weeks to get to me!!! Then rushed me further and I had to try to talk over her and ask her again to clarify that I wanted to know what issue was missed because I believe she got the issue I missed wrong and I corrected her she then proceeded to babble on and couldn't understand her, I should've requested as I have a right to speak to someone I could understand (english speaking) rep but she made me upset and impossible to request considering her demeanor, when I was finally clarified of what issue I missed I told her I want a credit then told me it will be extended from Nov. 2021 to Dec. 2021 she had the balls to ask me if I wanted a promotional Subscription to Magnolia Magazine!! I told her no! I'm barely getting what I want now but she disregarded me and rushed me off as saying something as I was so disturbed to remember what that was but it was in no way proper to conclude the call!

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spending of public money. on the sussex, s

Spreading rumors about the Royal family of being. Racists, Sexists, Toxic and bullies and making comments about a nation.

There is no evidence to back the stories up as far as I can see. This is abusive behavior for a magazine to discredit a family. Forget that they are the Royal family at the moment would you do it to your family.

You need evidence to backstories like this up.

accuracy of your news articles

Your January 6th publication incorrectly stated that "President Trump is the 3rd President to be impeached".
Fact: The House of Representatives only has the power to RECOMMEND impeachment - which they did. It is now up to the senate whether or not he is ACTUALLY impeached.'
I'm surprised you made such an ignorant, reckless statement. Disappointing that you have become "fake news"!

  • Sa
    SamPoly15 Feb 07, 2020

    You have a fundamental misunderstanding what "impeachment" means. Impeachment is the act of bringing charges against the President. To be removed from office requires a super-majority vote of the Senate. This was the "trial" that came after the President's impeachment. He will always and forever remain an impeached President.

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Bought a People Magazine at my local grocery store. The November 18, 2019 issue with Chip and Joanna Gaines on the cover. It was The Kindness Issue. It wasn't very kind to discover that pages 3, 4 and 5 were not attached to the spine of the magazine. It pulled away with the turning of the page. Well it's not just that but I read it cover to cover to find that at the end some of the pages were missing specifically 87, 88, 89 and 90 which included the crossword Puzzler. I was disappointed to say the least. This magazine cost me $5.99, which is expensive and I don't buy them very often. Just thought I would be kind and let you know that this is unacceptable and that it will be a long time before I purchase another copy. Thank you for the ability to vent my frustration. Very kindly yours. Carol Schwahl

wow what liberals people magazine has become, actually disgusting!!!

I have subscribed to People magazine for many many years and I will Not renew my subscription after this one! I am so sick of seeing Michelle Obama and now the Oct. 14, 2019 issue has several pages and photos of Crooked Hillary and her daughter (again!) bashing Trump. It's to the point the media is sickening! What did the Clinton's do for the US, oh it's ok that Bill Clinton had many many affairs and Hillary tried to blame it on those ladies and destroy them. What about the guys she left to die in Benghazi, etc., etc., etc.? What about the Obama's dividing this country so bad that now you hear of shootings all of the time in schools and our police are being shot every day. Where's the respect? Wake up People! President Donald Trump has done more for the people than any President in US history. He's upset everyone's apple cart since he's uncovered all of the corruption in government. Yah they want everyone to get free everything so they can control the people, while they all live there lavish lifestyles! Do you think any of them would have the same insurance they want the people to have? No they don't. Absolutely mind blowing! Like another lady said in a comment...there are 2 sides People Magazine and those of us that are not liberal (thank God we see the light!) our First Lady and our President Deserve to be on the cover of your magazine and inside it as well. Shame On You!!! Trump 2020!!!


I have not received any magazines since I renewed my subscription a month ago. I have had to buy the last 3 issues (since the first of October). I love your magazine but am getting really pissed off having to had to BUY the last 3 issues. It was renewed in plenty of time for it to be continued without missing an issue. Please respond. Looks like I need to add more, but why? You would think you would have enough people in customer complaint to resolve this issue no matter how short or long the complaint is. article "universal studios actor caught flashing white power symbol"

In response to the 10/03/19 article titled, "Universal Studios Actor Caught Flashing White Power Symbol While Posing with 2 Biracial Children, " most likely the symbol that the character used is in relation to the Circle Game that teenagers play. A quick Google search would have taken you to which states, "The goal is to trick another person into looking at his hand. If the Victim looks at the hand, he has lost the game, and is subsequently hit on the bicep with a closed fist, by the offensive player." I've seen well-intended children and teenagers play it, and it never had any racist connotation to it. I've seen people who are far from racist flash this symbol in pictures. It's the modern day version of Punch Buggy. should do some research before jumping on the racist bandwagon.

coverage of dancing with the star

I am appalled at your article this week about Sean Spicer. You degrade the man because he happened to work for Donald Trump calling him a liar yet nothing about Lamar Odom overdosing in a brothel and Ray Lewis accused of participating in two murders. Your magazine is becoming political and though I find many of your stories bad this was extremely ill advised. Let me see, Sean Spicer who worked for Donald Trump and is a family man, compared to Odom, a drug using abuser and Lewis, accused in the murder of two men. What is wrong with this picture ? because your writer doesn't like Trump, you omit the disgusting illegal things these two have done and instead call Spicer bad. I remember once seeing an article about Sean Hannity and someone complaining so you bent and apologized. That's when I stopped buying your magazine. I started again hoping that maybe now your magazine would just be about celebrities and such. I was wrong again. Shame on you and your writers. Becoming a political left wing rag.

subscription is in spanish

I have been receiving my People magazine in Spanish for a few months now- I keep thinking you'll correct this- but I just received one again. I don't know where you got this notion, but either cancel my subscription or send an English version please.
I would appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you.
Debbie Freeman
5444 E Atherton Rd
Burton, MI [protected]
Aug. 5, 2019


I was reading your magazine and could not find to comment on articles. Why do you people (no pun intended) make it so difficult to respond to articles??? That said...will you stop putting that Meghan chick on the cover of your magazine. I am sick of seeing that family every issue. We really don't care about the Royal family. My son-in-law is from England...and he flat out said...we don't care about those people!!!

-Jeff Harris
Folsom, CA

incorrect info on website

In this article "" it says "And last but not least: Johansson led the cast of the standalone Scarlet Witch film, which is set for a May 1, 2020, release." Scarlet Johansson plays BLACK WIDOW.

So this should say "And last but not least: Johansson led the cast of the standalone BLACK WIDOW film, which is set for a May 1, 2020, release."


I am done with People Magazine. I've been a loyal reader for over 10 years. I received my magazine this week to find JFK jr. on the cover. My God! That's the only thing you guys can find to feature on your cover? TIRED OLD NEWS?
May I try to suggest a topic? That more than half of the country would likely buy a copy of out of real interest? The FLOTUS! The First Lady is so lovely, intelligent, well dressed, and involved in so many worthwhile projects. Are you incapable of being objective as the press should be? Try to help bring us together rather than divide? The only reference I found in this week's magazine about the POTUS was to pass on a personal accusation. If the whole liberal left couldn't pin the Russian election interference on Trump, after trying with endless funds for 18mo, then maybe you shouldn't report personal accusations either. Get the FACTS first!

  • Ph
    Phyllis Hall Nov 23, 2019

    Your current issue has John Lehend listed as the sexiest man alive. Yuck yuck and triple yuck! The man is not even good looking and that whiny ass voice of his makes me want to throat punch him. Sexiest man alive? Hell...I might have to go gay if he's what you consider sexy.

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I read a recent article written on a dispute between taylor swift and scooter braun in people magazine. I don't think i've ever read such one sided and buyist reporting in my life. the article offered no counter arguments or background story on the side of scooter braun at all, I think you should stop worrying about pleasing liberals and feminists and actually report stories as they are, not some reinterpretation that's purely constructed to cater to angry hateful feminists

  • SubSquirrel Jul 02, 2019


    Buyist? I can’t stop laughing?

    The word is biased. From bias. B I A S E D.

    My sides hurt from laughing and I’ll be laughing over this for years!!

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snapchat account

I recently subscribed to People Magazine on Snapchat. I have not had an issue until today. When tapping through their story I came across a little (game). Based on what month you were born you are attributed a celebrity "bae". Now I looked through, just for fun, to find my month which happens to be November...and I noticed that every celeb listed was male. Now, it's 2019, the LGBTQ+ community is not unheard of and queer relationships are just as common as hetero relationship. That being said I was shocked to see only male celebrities listed on an "article" mainly targeted at women. To me, this feels rather homophobic and narrow-minded. Maybe next time you could try and be a little more inclusive of the rest of mankind not just your hetero bubble. I know it's just a "bit of fun" but your "bit of fun" is one of the reasons why homophobia is still rife today. "Hate" has to start somewhere and sometimes it looks like omission but in the wrong hands *Trumps America COUGH* it can quickly escalate to physical attacks.

snapchat account

People Magazine

last payment for subscription

I sent a check to People Magazine for my last payment of $39.42 and as of today 5/4/19 my check still hasn't cleared. I paid the first three (3) payment according to each statement and the check cleared within a week. This last payment was made in April 2019. I need someone to look into this and contact me via email @ [protected]

Thank you for your help.

Sharon Hargrove

lovely at every age

Here we go again. You have omitted our First Lady, Melanie Trump, from your list. And of course you have...

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