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Unauthorized use of my credit card

Looking at my credit card statement on line today I found an amount of $35.00 for TWX Magazine (Bird Talk) which I did not order. I do take a watered down version of Bird Talk which I paid for by personal check several months ago. Before disputing the claim I called this service and told them I did not authorize payment, nor did I order the new subscription since I already had one for two years. The gentleman (?) told me I must have forgotten, I told him I didn't forget just a matter of one week ago. We argued some what. He then said the service would credit my account but it would take two months? What? He claimed I was sent an email by another magazine I had ordered. I am not sure how this service got my Credit Card number but am glad it's not a debit card. I believe it give Bird Talk Magazine a black eye and any other magazine for that matter. I would think it would be illegal for other magazines to sell credit card numbers.

  • Do
    Don Zant Mar 24, 2011

    More of the same here. Had a strange charge on my credit card yesterday 3/23/2011. I did buy a years subscription as a gift for a friend, but only one year. I was never contacted to renew and since it was a gift I'm sure I would not have signed up for auto renew. DO NOT buy from this company. Now I have to deal with fighting the charge.

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  • Je
    jeremyb Oct 18, 2011

    I had charges on my account from this retailer but it was very easy to get the mags canceled and the charges refunded. Phone number 877 645 6818. Getting to a real person takes awhile (keep pressing # or 0) but once you get through, just decline all other offers (unless you really want them) and get your refund. Simple...

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unauthorized withdrawal

KUDOS TO LISA, who had the number to contact a person to take cake of this mess. i was charged $32.oo to my...


What a ripoff !!!

beware !... Do not fall for this scam. my wife and i have a shared credit card account with seperate card #"s. my wife ordered some
magazine's last year, came time to renew she filled out cancle card sent to us with last magazine, we have not recieved any more magazine's however last week alot of my auto pays for gas, elect, phone etc. were declined for nsf i called my credit card company and was told several charges were made for opera, maxium, cosmo, womens day magazine's and was advised i must call twx for refund, called twx and found out they charged my card# not my wife's (?) i canceled anything they had on me twx said it would take 72 hrs for credit to be issued back on card... we'll see.

In regards to free subscriptions, notice your expiration date to avoid charges

I noticed a pending charge of $2.09 from TWX Magazine posted to my bank account this morning. A year ago I had subscribed to and was offered a free promotion to receive a magazine of my choice. I choose InStyle. Here is what you need to know if you choose a free magazine:

When the magazine is delivered to you, notice the expiration date on the upper right-hand corner of the address label. Mine says DEC09. TWX will post $2.09 to your account three months before the expiration date to make sure your account is still active/valid. This money will absolutely be deducted from your account! If you take no action, your account with TWX will automatically renew and you will be charged the full amount of the magazine.

When you notice the $2.09 charge to your account, simply call [protected]. Tell the person who answers the phone that you noticed the charge, would like to cancel your subscription and reimbursed the $2.09.

I hope this helps!

Unable to cancel free subscription

Through entering a running race I was elegible to sign up for 3 free months of 4 magazines, which I did. I was given a cancellation number which I was informed could be called to cancel all magazines. Upon calling the number, instead I was taking to, in effect, a phone sweepstakes and the "chance to win money". There was no way to ghet to a live person and therefore actually cancel the magazines.

One by one I was able to track down the individual magazines and cancel subscriptions but obviously hadn't cancelled them all as I was just charged $25 to my account for "TWX Magazines"

It's just not worth the hassel for 3 months of magazines.

  • Pa
    Patricia Fuss Sep 15, 2009

    I would not order any magazines from TWX. I paid for a renewall and a gift subscription and they only paid the magazine company part of the money. I did not get my order and they had no record of were I paid. I payed with my pal pal account, and the woman on the phone did not understand what Paypal stupid. NOw I have to wait for them to find out where my money went...I paid in July and it is now Sept. I would have never known but my magazine kept sending me bills. They are a rip off. I would not waist my time or money with TWX

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free subscription - unfamiliar credit card charge

I just spoke with a rep at TWX Magazine (I used the 800 number found here) who explained to me the nature of...

How to Reach Real Live Person!!!

I have been receiving $2.01 charges on my account from this company a few times over the past few month...

Unauthorized Charge to My Bank Account

Today I noticed a series of charges on my bank account totaling $115 for magazines. I never ordered magazines and am outraged that these charges could be pushed through my account without consent!!!

  • An
    Annoyedrightnow Aug 17, 2011

    This happened to me today as well, charges for 27.27 showed up on my statement due to a trip to ULTA months ago. I called the number listed on my statement 866-730-8324, and after about 5 minutes I got a rep on the line who gave me no trouble about getting a refund, probably because they receive calls all day long about this crap. I don't find ULTA to be anything special and do not need to go back but I probably would have dropped in once in a while prior to this. They've lost a customer for good because they misrepresented this magazine offer as being FREE and that I would get invoiced via mail in regards to receiving more than the 2 free magazines offered at checkout.

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READ THIS--instructions on how to get your money back

i'm skipping the complaint because i'm assuming you already know from the others available. this is to help you get most of your money back. i got their CONTACT INFO by asking my bank. their phone number is [protected]. customer service is a machine. ask for information on your order, because they do these things in packs. that first charge may be just the first to come. if you cancel just the FIRST charged magazine, another charge for another magazine will pop up later. get the names of ALL the magazines they're charging you by asking for information on your particular charge, then asking for 'more details.' cancel one magazine first. STAY ON THE LINE. MAKE SURE when they ask, "do you want to receive the magazines you've already paid for?" SAY NO!!! DON'T RECEIVE THE MAGAZINES ALREADY PAID FOR!!! saying 'no' gets you your refund for whatever magazines you haven't received yet. you can't take it back once you say 'yes' to receiving the magazines you've paid for and forever forfeit the possibility of a refund. if you say 'no' they say they'll process your refund but that the money won't show back up in your account for a month or two. once you've gotten your cancellation number and refund promise, you have to repeat the whole process to cancel each magazine. i hung up and called back because of the offers they try to sell you as you cancel. GOOD LUCK!

  • He
    Helpful Hint Jul 15, 2009

    I just called today and was able to speak to a live person and cancel my order. When you call to cancel, DO NOT agree to receive the remaining free issues or they will automatically bill you again for another year, if you don't call back again.

    1. Call 800-773-3142
    2. DO NOT RESPOND OR MAKE A SOUND and you will eventually be put through to a live person
    3. Make sure you cancel all your magazines and get the CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION #


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Co. charge credit card w/o authorization

After my free trial magazine subscription...I recived my last 3 mags with a big card stateing LAST issue. A...

False charges against my credit card

To the "obviously thorough" people who keep writing in suggesting that people are not paying attention. Not...

Scam - Rip Off

IF YOU WANT TO CONTAC THESE PEOPLE, THE PHONE NUMBER IS: [protected]. They have another number but it i...

unauthorized charges

On November 26th, I received two charges from twx magazine on my Visa account: one in the amount of $71.00...

unauthorized credit card charge

Unauthorized charges to my credit card. Called 800 no. and given a cancellation and cnx no. Charges never credited to my CC

Fraud, Unauthorized Charging of Credit card

This morning I got a call from my credit card company saying they had declined a $2.18 charge to my card from TWX Magazine and asked me to confirm if this was an authorized transaction. I told them it was not and I was told that the only reason it was declined was because the company did not have the expiration date on the card. It was a close shave. I have no idea how they got my credit card number but obviously I have never authorized them to charge me for anything. Why doesn't someone jail them for fraud and such obvious scams?

  • Ca
    Cali Man Dec 25, 2008

    I was checking my account to be sure I had enough to subscribe to Blue Mountain e cards so I could send out cards to friends for Christmas, when I saw a charge that I have no idea how this was done. This is who charged me: TWX*ENTERTAINMENT WKLY
    800-828-6882 NY. I have not been offered any subscription. Nor have I received any magazines. I have not called anyone yet, as it is Christmas Eve. Great way to start Christmas though. At 1:32 am. No more Best Buy for me, even though I didn't buy anything there. At least not this year. And time warner? If I know it's a time warner product, unless I have NO choice, I want nothing to do with it. I hope I'm not held up to long on this. And I'll be looking for the class action suit.

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unauthorized purchase

Looked at bank statement today and saw an unauthorize purchase from TWX Magazine in the amount of $2.01. I never bought any magazine subscription. I googled TWX magazine and all that came up was scam after scam of unauthorized purchases. Rather than call the magazine, I called the bank to report it and the cusomer service rep advised we close the card and issue a new one as the purchase was done against my check card. Before it got any worse, I agreed and closed card for a new one. It is an inconvenience to do this, but better safe than sorry. Stupid scammers. UGH.

  • Me
    Melody Caron Sep 16, 2008

    I noticed 2 charges for $1 each three days ago and then this morning I had 2 charges of $18.99 with some TWX Magazine, I got nothing but automated answers until I pushed the button that asked if I had an order to place, finally they put me through and then the guy told me some horse**** story that he was updating and couldn't help me, gave me a bull**** number and I never got another human to talk to. I have NO idea how to fix this problem, but the charges are coming off a visa that contains the account for my child support...this is not good for me.

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  • An
    Angie R. Nov 29, 2010

    I just checked my bank account and I have a $1.00 charge from this TWX magazine. I haven't ever ordered anything from this place and just like KJ, I google it and this is what came up. Now I know it's only a dollar, but I'm afraid that there will be future charges to my account. I'm calling my bank first thing tomorrow about this crap.

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I purchased a used CD at a local FYE store and paid with my debit card. The clerk informed me that since I...