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S Sep 13, 2018

Good Morning! from Cleveland, Ohio. I wanted to let this airline know that we had a problem when landing in Boston from Istanbul we took flight TK-081 on August 20, 2018 at 2:35pm got to Boston, MA USA August 20, 2018 at 6:30pm. When we got to Boston our baggage was supposed to be checked and sent back to our final destination. We had 5 big baggages in the late evening with 3 children all under 7 years old my little one is 4 years old and you can imagine 10 hour 55 minute flight can be. My husband asked very kind to a man working there he said there was nothing he can. He was very rude man he didnt want to help he was suppose to check our bags and send it back to our final destination. My husband ask a lady and the rude man comes back and tell him and I quote "I told you one time already pick up your baggage and take it to terminal 2" "Are You Deaf" My husband was very disappointed I was waiting with my 3 children and the baggage my husband comes over and said well he can't do anything. So we grab our 5 big luggages plus our carry ons. We was lost with 3 kids, kids was exhausted we was exhausted! The rude man told my husband take bus 11 go to terminal 2. he said We was done with turkish airline very rude. My husband told him what was his name he covered his badge and didn't want to tell us his name. I mean come on he saw me and my children plus the luggage. He didn't have compassion he seem to hate his job. Our luggage was suppose to be checked and transferred to our final destination that man was supposed to take our baggage. Our ticket that they put us in Romania our departure he said our baggage was to be checked and back to our final destination.

My husband told the rude man he had 3 small children and that guy haves the nerves to tell him "that's your problem buddy' WHAT!!! WHAT KIND OF HUMAN KIND IS HE! Oh MY GOD! My husband didn't want to make a seen due to respect. For his family.

Our experience on the flight was phenomenal we was treated awesome. Food, flight attendants very good. The service a gentleman had with me and my family was awesome Turkish Airline should hire people that is going to like his job people that works with other people if you're going to be rude other make him work outside cleaning the windows no need to put that rude guy working with other people. Not sure what happen to his but what ever it was he wasn't supposed to take it our with anyone not just us no one really need that kind of rudeness in their life. I hope he change him self or get a different job.

After we landed to Boston 6:30pm passed security check, maybe 8ish pm till 10:30ish stay talking with that guy. Waisting your time sending us to terminal 2 no need to send us there we had a 13 hour layover our plan was to sleep in a hotel that night why don't he just mention sorry guys your flight is 13 hours take a hotel and sorry i can't do nothing from here. That is it no need to talk with attitude with "that's your problem buddy" Come one! I just want to make clean Turkish Airlines services in Boston, MA. Was the worst experience we had experience. In our 3rd time flying with Turkish Airline.
My husband have mention this to our relative and friends they all convince me to write a complaint. I don't like to complain. And don't wish no hard to the rude guy that didn't want to show us his badge just that he finds what he loves in life and becomes happy. The other people around his didn't seem to care. Either because if they did some one would of step up and check the bags themselves but instead they stayed watching us like if we was aliens that don't understand. Just simple if you or anyone in life they don't know tell them "sorry'' can't help or find a way.
My children comes first then the rest when I saw my kids exhausted, frustrated, cranky, crying, complaining all i could say my babies please have a little bit of patience it was to the point they had enough! Once again Turkish Airlines it was a pleasure flying with your crew.

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