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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) review: Zelle. Truist responsiveness.

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We moved to Mexico in May of this year. Since then working with Truist has been a nightmare. First you sent our wire transfer, for the closing on our home, to your Atlanta fraud division and didn’t notify anyone. They held it up for days and it likely would have been longer but we called the branch manager of the bank we did business with in Florida and she tracked it down. She was appalled that no one had been notified. It is only because our sellers chose not to execute a clause in our contract that we didn’t have to pay $32,000 because the closing had to be delayed! Honestly, that pales in comparison to the issues we’ve had trying access the funds that are in our accounts. Every Zelle payment I try to make is instantly reversed (in seconds). Truist tells me it’s the other bank’s problem. The other banks say it’s our bank. Zelle says it’s the bank’s problem not Zelle’s. You can imagine our frustration not being able to access our accounts. When I first arrived in Mexico, I inadvertently left my debit card in an ATM. When that happens, they are always retained and destroyed. I contacted Truist for a new debit card. That was almost a month ago. One debit card was apparently returned, but they didn’t say from where. The other one I requested 15 days ago has not yet arrived. I asked Truist customer service if they could FedEx the debit card because without being able to access our accounts, we couldn’t pay people who were working on our house. We had to be limited to places that took American Express, which are few and far between here. No one seemed to be able to find a way to solve a problem. All I heard was “not our policy.”. I’m not easily moved to tears but I certainly was with this. I don’t have a debit card and I can’t use Zelle because I can’t get that problem solved either. You tell me how I am supposed to access our funds.