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TruGreen Complaints & Reviews

TruGreen / customer service, services provided

TimberCrest Townhomes on Oct 16, 2017
Where do I begin to complain about the service offered in Council Bluffs, IA? BAD!!! They don't follow through with promises to return calls, they are to call before coming, often times just show up and show up on days when instructed not to come due to conflict with other services. Don't...

TruGreen / lawn

delam3 on Sep 29, 2017
I am deployed with the U.S. military in Afghanistan and contracted with True-Green to provide lawn care. As I am not home to collect my mail, I elected for direct bill and trusted TG to provide services such as weed control. I finally went home on a quick R&R at the end of July and found...

TruGreen / lawn markers

gunner jim on Sep 18, 2017
When your personnel complete their work they usually leave yellow signs in the lawn warning to not use the lawn for 24 hours. These signs have a space to list the date. This space is never filled in. This morning my lawn mowing man arrived about 1/2 hour after your man left. Not knowing...

TruGreen / lawn service

Velma Harris on Aug 9, 2017
On or around the 16th of July I had my lawn fertilized and sprayed for weeds, shortly after my lawn was turning brown. It was a week after my 1st call that someone supposedly came to look at it. However repeated calls to find out what was happening and being told I would get a return call...

TruGreen / all products they sold me plus overcharges

flynaround on Jul 13, 2017
I contacted True Green in February and told them I needed weed control and had several bare spots that I needed St. Augustine plugs for. I have about 3/4 acre of grass. I told them I was hosting a wedding August 15 th and needed my back yard looking nice. My back yard was about 15% weed...

TruGreen / scotts was the best company before true green.

Sonny Chambers on Jun 29, 2017
Scotts was the best company before True Green. Never had an issue. True Green on the other hand is the exact opposite. Worst service ever. Trees under nourished yard dying and I water 3 x a week. I think I am getting water sprayed instead of feed. I have almost nothing but weeds whereas I...

TruGreen / horrible weed control

Benfang on May 30, 2017
I put down new lawn 2 years ago, and have been use Trugreen all the time. At the beginning of this year, I reported weeds out of control several time, and Trugreen came out and did the treatment. However they killed not only the weeds but my St Augustine lawn. Their lawn guy even told me...

TruGreen / lawn

Donna Mort on May 12, 2017
We put a new lawn in May 2016 and your company assured us that they can take care of it. They killed most of our Floratam. The rest is weeds and wild Bermuda. I have sent pictures to the service manager Mike Bianchi. My husband and I are extremely unhappy. We are in a small community and...

TruGreen / contract renewal without authorisation and approval

Joy Anderson on Apr 4, 2017
Tru Green renew 'automatically' each year without contacting and confirming with you. This is a problem I encountered after signing up in 2016 for a full year service and paying up front, the service was automatically renewed in 2017 without notification or approval from me. furthermore the...

TruGreen / lawn spraying killing grass

Edward Trujillo on Mar 14, 2017
I have continuously used TruGreen for years but have noticed that my grass is recently turning brown as if it is about to die. I water it after treatments as requested and have a lawn mowing service. and always pay my bill. Trugreen is not doing something right that is killing my gra...

TruGreen / service

jbmfla22 on Feb 6, 2017
Buyer Beware: I don’t normally write reviews one way or another. I am the type of customer that understands “things happen”. I first was recommended to TruGreen back in the beginning of December 2016 from my landscaper. I had recently replaced my entire front yard with new sod and discovered...

TruGreen / fraudulent charging/incomplete applications/rude staff

Marva Sinclair on Nov 24, 2016
I never consented to resuming the service, two weeks later I was contacted to set up scheduling - 38.00 monthly for 7-9 month. Payment for the August application was promptly paid on the same day. But, after that, an additional double charge appeared(when were that services actually...

TruGreen / lawn service and lack of customer service

Chet Strzelczyk on Nov 15, 2016
Customer number: 7002725140 I have been trying to resolve this issue since August and have gotten the run around from the local office. I have just called today to revisit my issues only to find out that the local office is falsifying information they are putting in notes. They claimed to...

TruGreen / lawn maint

Glenda Antcliff on Jun 3, 2016
Anyone had trouble with tru green, we have had them almost 2 years( we have alot of health issues, My husband is a disabled marine who has had 2 strokes, i have a fracture in my back) we pay this company to get rid of weeds because we can't When calling corp and asking for a supervisor i...

TruGreen / lawn care service

qi shen on Apr 19, 2016
I called TruGreen on May 28, 2015 and subscribed one-year service. I also paid one-year expense in advance during the call. On the call, I emphasized that I only want to try the service for one year as this is the first time that I used the service. Customer service officer is so eager to...

TruGreen / killed my sod after each spray

Mayetjd on Apr 8, 2016
My lawn was newly installed in June before I availed of trugreen for a year of service, paid in advance. After each spray I would call them a few days later as brown/dead spots are appearing each time they spray. There are a lot of weeds that seems to be healthier than my sod. Finally, they...

TruGreen / lawn care

Rebeca Seville on Mar 21, 2016
It has been a nightmare dealing with all levels of TruGreen Personnel. I signed up for lawn service with them. Month after month I called to let them know no changes were happening with my lawn. At first they asked me to wait a few months for me to see the results. After 4-5 months, I...

TruGreen / door to door sales

Kevin999 on Mar 8, 2016
I live in a deed restricted community where door to door sales is not permitted by law. When they came to my door and I told them by brother in law was in the business and I was not interested. He would not take no for an answer. When I told him please do not make me become an ### hole and...

TruGreen / lawn service august, 2015

Denny Crow on Sep 9, 2015
I signed up for a year of service from Trugreen Chemlawn in Las Vegas, NV. They promised me I would have a lush green lawn. A year later I still had brown grass and bare spots in my lawn. I even put down new sod in one area. Then my contract expired and they showed up one day and sprayed...

TruGreen / service

Lisa Rosa on May 28, 2015
They killed my grass with one application (see pictures). On Monday, I had lush, green grass. On Tuesday Trugreen treated my lawn and by Wednesday morning this is what I'm left with. I called customer no service three times and they were supposed to send out the service manager; he...

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