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TruGreen reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 11, 2007. The latest review Lawn Care was posted on Jun 24, 2021. The latest complaint Yard care was resolved on Mar 05, 2020. TruGreen has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 168 reviews. TruGreen has resolved 52 complaints.

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+1 800 464 0171 (New Service)
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+1 401 732 6883 (Head Office)
860 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, Tennessee
United States - 38120

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TruGreen Complaints & Reviews

TruGreenLawn Care

Destroyed my lawn. My lawn looked like carpet and TruGreen came out on Monday June 21, 2021 and sprayed chemicals on the front which turned my lawn brown. Last month they sprayed chemicals in the back which made my lawn turn brown in the back but the front stayed green.

I've called and left several messages with customer service and was advised I would have this matter addressed within 24-48 hours. It's been 4 days and no one will respond to my continued calls!

I'm out of money and my lawn is a mess! I work very hard to have a beautiful lawn and thus company has ruined all of my hard work

I will be filing a complaint against this company in small claims court due to their lack of follow through and destroying of my lawn

Lawn Care

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    TruGreenlawn care

    TruGreen lawn care told me that they would come back and complete a job that I paid for and are refusing to now because I am no longer a customer. I am no longer a customer because of the terrible job they have been doing. I paid for the service they should be completing and they are not. This is a terrible company, their customer service is terrible(if you can get a hold of anyone) and my lawn is now yellow and full of crab grass. I wish I would have read other reviews before signing up for their service and paying for 6 treatments on my lawn.

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      TruGreenunethical and deceptive behavior

      Client #[protected]
      Called on 04/14/2021 and spoke to a male representative and told him exactly what we needed - Flea and Tick control, aeration with treatment to bald and brown spots. They managed to talk me into buying a $900 package!!! TruComplete Lawn Plan and Mosquito Defense + TruShield.

      My puppy has been INFESTED with ticks over the last few weeks (over 20 pulled off of her within the last three days). When we inquired about it, they told us that flea and tick was NOT provided as part of our package but that mosquito services was. Well than we also have another issue because the backyard is FULL of mosquitos and the main concern with the ticks was the main purpose of the call!!! With the mosquito defense, we were told that they only spray the trees for bugs --we have two tiny trees on our property - they are healthy and we dont need them sprayed!!!

      The rep we spoke to did not care about getting the information right, he just wanted to sale. Complete misrepresentation of their services and terrible business ethics. We are extremely irate and feel completely misled, misguided and deceived by their immoral and unethical practices.

      We would like a full refund and for the original problem to be taken care of.

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        TruGreenInitial service was not as ordered

        Signed up w/ Trugreen on 5/21 for initial (dandelion) weed control service on a pay as you go basis. House is being sold and made it very plain that I'd not be in need of product for more than a month or two.

        Received basic weed kill on 5/26 - and another service - grub control - which I had NOT requested.

        I want the grub control refunded - it's not necessary and I did NOT request it.

        Customer number is [protected]
        Amount: 74.50

        Serviced by Milwaukee branch - 5741

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          TruGreenTrugreen gives you one price then doubles it

          I went over the cost of their plan numerous times, even when the guy showed up to do it I was told that the total would be $143. But they charged me $287. When I asked why, they didn't have a reason. So I canceled the card, canceled the account, they lost. I run a business myself and I am very good with my customers. I never lie to them, if we can't repair what they send, we simply don't charge them. Shipping only. People need to start wising up because long-term relationships are always better than one time scams. But unfortunately, You get greedy idiots with a fourth grade education who can't figure out simple math sitting at the top coming up with stupid business decisions which ultimately destroy the company. Shame.

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            TruGreenLawn care service

            I have been waiting for True Green to repair my lawn that is yellow and full of weeds for over a month and half. For the past two years their service has been terrible. My lawn has never looked so bad. They keep promising that they are sending a technician to look at my lawn and offer a program to remedy the situation. No one has arrived at my residence yet. I am attaching several photos to illustrate the poor condition of my lawn.

            Lawn care service
            Lawn care service
            Lawn care service
            Lawn care service

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              TruGreenLawn and Landscaping Care

              Trugreen Disappoints Me Once Again
              We have used TruGreen in IL, TX, GA, and now in TN. I was leery about trying them here but they seemed to be doing ok for my neighbor.

              We got 3/4 of our yard sodded about 15 months ago with Kentucky Bluegrass HT. When Trugreen came out a month after we had it sodded, they came out and applied the fertilizer and weedkiller. Where they "spot" treated, the our new sod died. I called and told them I never wanted the sodded areas spot treated.

              For about a month straight I got notifications TruGreen was getting ready to treat the yard but then they never followed thru. I finally got a notification they were going to come out. I went and talked to Haley the technician and asked if she planned on spot treating the yard or just putting the mixed fertilizer/weedkiller in the yard. She stated the latter. Then late Friday I went and looked on the website and TruGreen was showing I had received my bush/tree fertilizer treatment. I then got notification on Friday that Trugreen would be out again on Monday for treating the yard. I called and talked to whoever answered the 1-800 and told them that they had just treated the yard and hopefully whoever was coming out would be fertilizing the landscaping vs the lawn. He said they would contact the technicians and made sure they did not do the lawn service again. I was there when they pulled up and noticed they were starting to treat the lawn again. I told them that had just been done and asked them had they not rec'd a call and they said "No". I then said it looked to me like they were not in the right truck to do the bush/trees. They said that was correct and they would call their supervisor. The supervisor told them to put out fertilizer under the trees that normally would go in a spreader to put out in the lawn. I was leery about letting them do that but I let them proceed. I did cancel our services since the left hand does not appear to be talking to the right hand at this company. I watered it the best I could 48 hours later since it did not rain.

              Then today I noticed that sod under/around our Leland Cypress trees was turning yellow. I then realized it was yellow in the places where the fertilizer had been dumped.

              One of my neighbors is also cancelling the service as they have not been happy with the way that haven't showed up as scheduled.

              I am selling my house and I will make sure that whoever buys the house does not use Trugreen. Maybe I would have thought differently if someone had followed up to apologize for the mixup or to make sure that what they did in place of spraying the bush/tree fertilizer worked...that never happened.

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                May 12, 2021

                Truegreen Lawn Service — Behavior of the onsite staff

                On 5/12/2021 @approximately 7:00 am, I let my dog out and I saw a man with his hose to start my neighbor...

                TruGreenLawn Service

                Good results. ABYSMAL customer service. Truck will come early in the season, unannounced, whether you have paid for the year or not. If the first application doesn't happen then, it will be TWO MONTHS before the next application. When you call ANY numbers associated with TruGreen, [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]...etc.you will get the SAME customer service number where you will be put in purgatory for 1-2 hours. So you leave a call back number NEVER to be called back. PAID 3-25-21. First scheduled service was 4-26, then 5-3, then 5-5. Now the service date says "nothing scheduled". And like a fool I prepaid for the entire season earlier this year. It's interesting that if you press "new customer inquiries, they will pick up immediately. This company has a SERIOUS customer service problem.

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                  TruGreenGrass treatment

                  Came out last July temperatures when in mid nineties us the sprayer on the grass which should of used the spreader so the grass burnt from the soaring temps . I told true green they sent the technician to look he agree with what he seen but never contacted me about the problem. I had to reseed in twelve area .so I'm at work my son calls me at work and told me they came out gonna be honest I were pissed off at the time so I called them and told them don't touch my yard again. Look like the customer should be first priority.

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                    TruGreenNot able to ever make contact via phone with trugreen agent

                    TruGreen, I want to know when my $186.00 AERATION & LIME SERVICE IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE? I am tired of not getting thru on the phone and being told to wait 45 minutes or more each time I call. SERVICE?
                    customer# [protected] branch# 5798 ... March2021 signed up Now may 2021... BEST acknowledge my concerns by may 5th 2021 ...HC Griffin [protected] Cell
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                    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
                    are there enough letters?

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                      TruGreenLawn maintenance

                      Bill no. [protected] amount 56.95
                      This is to let you know that we sold our house located at 112 savoy lane, cary, illinois 60013 on march 22, 2021. We tried to telephone true green that we will not need their service but their phone is always busy and here is that number which we tried two times: [protected]. We wrote them and the bill processing service sent us that same bill at our new address. We do not own that property anymore therefore we should not receive any bill for any service truegreed does at that property.
                      We are sending a copy of that bill to our property lawyer so that they can settle this matter.
                      George david [protected].
                      Ps: if the matter is not cleared by true green we will file a complain with better business bureau and other consumer protection agencies.

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                        Apr 29, 2021

                        TruGreen — Lawn services

                        Date of incident : March 2021 We were customer with TrueGreen on one year contract (2020) unfortunately...

                        TruGreenLawn care

                        I have been trying to cancel my account #[protected] because TruGreen's service has not been responsive and the service has been poor. TruGreen's website does not allow this to be done on line. You have to call a customer service number, but you get put into a voicemail queue that tells you to hold for 1 - 2 hours. The voicemail says that you can ask TruGreen to call you back, which I tried, but no one has called me back. My credit card has changed, but I will not be updating my payment information or making a final payment until TruGreen confirms my cancellation. If TruGreen does not respond to this complaint within 7 days, I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, and the DC Attorney General's office.

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                          TruGreenI have tried to discontinue service, both online and phone. Please note that customer [protected] no longer needs service

                          Customer andrew rio {[protected]} no longer wants service.I have called several of numbers listed and the same response is 2 to 4hour wait time.

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                            TruGreenCustomer Service

                            Customer Service for TruGreen is ridiculous. I paid for two applications in 2020 for the 2021 season. It is April 12 and my first pre- emergent service has not been applied. It took a month and a half and 7 phone calls and an email to get through to someone. The lawn service personnel that apply the product are great, but the company is horrible. They are a nuisance with sale calls, twice a week, and rude. Done with them after this year.

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                              Mar 29, 2021

                              TruGreen — Josh at Bradenton headquarters

                              Notified my manager that the battery on my new Isuzu truck was dead. It died at the shop. Manager Josh wa...

                              TruGreenNot doing what was promised

                              Trugreen was supposed to spray our 5000 sq ft yard as well as docan aeration. The 1st worker sprayed from his truck to the door, left a flyer that was not accurate to our yard (he never looked at the yard)c then packed up and left. After the 1st complaint they had another worker spread seed in the back yard even though he was supposed to spray all the yard. After another complaint a 3rd worked sprayed a tiny section of yard and nothing else. I now have more weeds than I ever have and am still waiting for the actual service I payed for. The boss was just happy they showed up.

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                                Jan 06, 2021

                                TruGreen — Lawn care contract

                                I spent 700.00 on a Trugreen contract to take of my lawn. Fertilizing, weed killing, chinch bug killing and...

                                Dec 08, 2020

                                TruGreen — Lawn service doesn't kill weeds & their customer service is joke

                                Starting in July through October of this year, I have called & spoken to various customer service reps to...

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