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Yard care

TruGreen is horrible... you cannot speak to a direct person in Chattanooga and Judy does not help, just patronizes you. We have Bermuda grass on about a quarter acre with weeds EVERYWHERE in the dead of winter. In good faith we have tried them for over a year and they don't care. How can their techs be here 3 to 4 minutes and get a yard my size covered. OH and it doesn't matter who the tech is... they are in a huge rush. We plan to cancel our service and will post in our neighborhood website NOT TO USE TRUGREEN. GOOD LUCK trying to get through the companies structure and barriers to connect with LOCAL support. This only letting me send two pics...

Yard care
Yard care

  • TruGreen's response · Mar 09, 2020

    Hello customer,

    Thank you so much for communicating to us about your concerns and issues with your property. We apologize that you are not seeing the results expected and we know that's frustrating.

    We would love an opportunity to address the lack of results you are noting and get someone out to see what we are missing even as well as opposed to losing your business today.

    If you would email us at cust[email protected] with your account information such as your address and customer number if you have that, we can get this to management to address further.

    We look forward seeing what we can do to resolve your concerns as your satisfaction is important to us.

    Thanks you in advance for this opportunity.

    Rudy K, TruGreen Corporate Customer Service.

unethical behaviour

I prepaid for my service then get a bill from collections 6 months later stating I owe more. The bill does not have a number to call to dispute. I called the customer service 3 times and the manager jason #23265 was extremely unhelpful. He told me the collection agency was simply a division of trugreen, but would not even try to provide a number to direct me to a person who could.

The collection company is called system.

Extremely unethical and what a horrible way to treat customers.

general service

This is such a scam, they did 6 applications so far with no progress at all, I keep asking to meet the service rep when they come in for several times that was requested and they never confirmed an appointment, they just keep showing up while we're not present.
After several complaints, they asked to do a free application to make it up and after they did I was still charged for it.

Requested to cancel this scam service, they started to speak very rude and didn't accept to refund the charge for the free application and didn't send any confirmation for my cancel request.

I need a full refund for all charges been deducted from my card for 6 months now.

keep coming when told not to

Company automatically renews service and ignores customer request to stop service! Their product is a waste of money and does nothing for the lawn and costs 4x what is available in the lawn center of Walmart.
The when you don't pay them they send your bill for service never requested to a collections agency within 90 days. Awful customer service and will not waive the charges. Further on they bug the hellnout of you for the money!

billing and service without consent or contract

Called and phoned Trugreen to stop services. Never signed contract. Still the company came for initial service. Lawn has suffered over past few years. Many bills. Called Trugreen...

my bill

My bill - I told Trugreen associate that I was making a $100 payment and she said it was okay. I made the payment online and later found out that they fraudulently took out the entire bill which has caused my account to explode. They are scammers, they will constantly call you to get your services - I cancelled them one time before but went back again - this is it!!! When a company acts fraudulently, after I spoke with an associate are criminal!!

I have had to have my bank listed them as fraudulent, I am going to the BBB and I cannot say enough that this company is fraudulent and stay away from this company. My lawn never changed from the way it was!!

yard service

I started with TruGreen and my first initial treatment was on time and fine. My second scheduled treatment day they cancelled 10 minutes before 6pm. I called and they rescheduled for a week later! On that day, they didn't show up again!! I complained! They offered me me 50% off. They did not show up on rescheduled day again! They gave me free service and finally showed up. On my 3rd scheduled service, they didn't show up and rescheduled again! Offered me 25% off. On the rescheduled day at 4pm they said tech

couldn't come out! This is only third service, by the way, they offered me 25% off. They reschedule for 2 days later on Friday. They cancelled again! I called and they offered me 50% off. I said I was cancelling and they offered me 50%!off 2 services. I just said no and cancelled all together!!!
To stressful do deal with this terrible company!!!
Don't use them!!!

lawn spraying

My neighbors had spraying done by TruGreen and I approached the spray tech to ask about the chemicals in their product, he asked if I had any neurological issues, I told him I...


Called and spoke to two different TruGreen employees who said it would be $40 for a tick treatment for the lawn. The next day my credit card had been billed for $350. I called and they said i ordered a full year lawn treatment. Which was definitely a lie. The guy kept trying to sell me on it and i kept resisting. Then they told me the $40 tick treatment was a misquote even though two other employees said that was the cost. The new price was $80. I told them forget everything and just refund my bill. Has been over a week now and they have not refunded anything.

They have provided no service, and won't give me a refund.

Stay away from TruGreen.

customer service, billing, charging me when I said to hold off with the service.

My spouse and I had opted to prepay for a season of Trugreen's service when we first moved into our home. After the first season we were unsure if we wanted to continue with their service. We randomly got a bill in the mail from them after our "prepaid season" had been complete. They wanted us to pay 50 something dollars for a service they had done. Trugreen called and I informed them that I would pay the 50 dollar balance, but needed to talk to my spouse before we continued on.
After the phone call they came out 3 MORE times to do a mosquito treatment.
They now want us to pay 200 plus dollars because they continued a treatment that I DIDN'T ASK FOR!!!
Their management team has not resolved the issue. The regional GM wanted to split the difference instead of admitting they had made a mistake.
They will hound you on the phone stating that it is a service that will be continued no matter what, unless you call them to cancel.
Their customer service reps are terribly rude and will talk over you continually and will not listen to what you are trying to tell them. I have had them tell me they "had no notes on the account" when I had asked to talk to a manager previously.
Kasey employee number 41691 was one of the reps that would continue to talk over me when I was trying to ask questions or explain things.
All in all, the customer service is absolute trash. The management team does not care about you "the customer" and will continue to hound you and twist everything to where it is the customer's fault.
If i could give zero stars I would.
There are plenty of other lawn treatment companies that will treat you, the customer, as you should be treated.

lawn service

Last Winter, I signed a contract with True Green for weed killing, fertilizing and grass seeding my lawn with $573.60. I was guaranteed that in Spring there will be no weeds. However, from the beginning of Spring this year, my lawn is full of same weeds as before. I callled True Green at [protected] and described the whole thing to them. They said that for no weeds I need to have weed killer treatment for the whole year. Otherwise, they will take no responsibility.
It seems to be a breach of trust. They are not willing to refund any money. True Green seems to be a fraud company and can not be trusted.

staff and management

9008 I witnessed a Tru Green employee, Dan Buck, drive a large aerating-type machine along my sidewalk. As the machine was too wide to fit, it was crushing the landscaping brick...

condition of lawn

On 4/8/17, I paid TruGreen $378.31 for lawn care for the upcoming summer. (Fertilization and weed control.)They were able to control the weeds, although I had to call them for...

lawn care

I have documented my Lawn Service with Trugreen since signing on with them in the Spring May 2018. They promised a healthy green and weed free lawn with their techs providing...

aeration and overseeding service

First part of September 2018 we had TruGreen come do our areation and over seedin. The individual that came out spent 23 minutes, only did half of our entire yard, failed to do the over seed and took fruit off our tree without our permission. I called the customer service number and was referred over to the local area manager. He talked a good line told me that he will get the money refunded and set up a new appointment for me to weeks later this is on 10 September. As of the date of this posting I still have not received the refund. He called me after I sent an email saying that I had lost faith and trust in the company and him. I told him to cancel the service and he still wanted to come out to weeks after and inspect my yard funny that he didn't want to come out immediately so he could see the actual work done.

lawn service

We have been TruGreen customers for 4-5 years, and the lawn has looked great up until this past season. TruGreen has killed most of our lawn and charged us for treatments that we...

lawn care service

We made a pre-payment in March 2018 for TruGreen's Lawncare plan covering the rest of the year. The plan included a Fall Slit Seeding. When we called in August to schedule our fall seeding we discovered that this part of the subscription was canceled without our knowledge. Nobody could tell us who had canceled nor did we receive any refund. After a lot of back and forth, a sales lady told us that they will reinstate the fall seeding to our plan at a higher price. We obviously did not agree. Eventually, she said "okay, we will just put it back in the plan". No apologies or anything was offered for the random cancellation.

To add further injury, after the fall seeding service was completed last week, we got a bill today charging for the service, which was already pre-paid back in March 2018. Looks like not only their service is poor but their accounting is screwed up as well.

let my dog out of my yard!

I have been using True Green for at least a year now. Overall, I have no issues with the lawn service. However, A technician propped open my gate the other day to perform my lawn service and left it that way. Needless to say my large dog got out of my yard while I was not home and my 70 some year old Father-in-law had to tackle my dog in the front yard in order to catch him. Thank goodness the dog didn't get hit by a car! I called the company and they sounded concerned and said someone would call me but I have yet to hear from them...

terrible service

I have been with TruGreen for 3 years, and it seems that they are getting worse and worse every day. I have cameras around my house so I can see all the tech serviced my lawn. 3 times they skip my backyard and bills me for the whole property. I Kept callings customers service and ask to speak to the manager but no one called back. One times the service tech came and spot spray (I swear) several spot in the front yard and left.

I just wonder is upper management read these complaints and do any about it? My house area are in Dacula, Georgia.


I was with TruGreen from 16 August to 23 August 2018. I prepaid $367 for an entire year. It took them several days to send someone out to treat the lawn. I was lied to when they...

lawn care

9008 I have had trugreen for many years but this is the last service I will ever have with them. My lawn has never looked this bad and they claim its water grass and they say it...

poor service

This is my first time signing up for TruGreen, I was looking forward to having green grass and a beautiful lawn. The first three service guys were able to preform the service, but...

lawn and shrub service

For three years I contracted with TruGreen to provide shrub and lawn care. I have dead shrubs and dead grass, bald patches and never a word from this service provider. They just...

lawn service

I fell for it again. Last year my lawn, which was being treated by TRU-GREEN, was affected by a fungus and damaged throughout. I was under the impression I was paying them to keep my lawn GREEN. I called to report the issue and they said it was brown patch fungus and they did not treat for it, so I fired them. They continued to solicit my services by phone for some time after that and each time I mentioned the experience I had and finally I agreed to meet with their supervisor. He assured me they could do a better job so I signed up again. Fast forward to last week in which I called to report brown spots again. They said someone would call me within two days. I have yet to hear from anyone. Tech assures me he reported this on his last visit but did not have fungicide on his truck. Still no one else came still no calls.

lawn service
lawn service

deltagard pcp28791 - application in error??? toxic to my dogs

TruGreen applied an insecticide to my lawn today. I did not order this service. It was intented for my neighbours. The manufacturers label indicates this is harmful to children...

all services

Today I was my service was canceled for a 5 th time in the past five months. I've spoke with someone from corporate office in regards to the manager Jason who services the...

they destroyed my lawn

We hired TruGreen to help our new lawn (seeded last spring) get a good start this season. We purchased one of the most extensive and expensive service packages they offer. Our...

lawn service

I have never written a review before so please bare with me. I made a big mistake, and I would love for somebody to learn from what I did. I was taken in by the great pictures of green grass on the TruGreen web site and the low first time treatment price. I paid up; they came out, and they seemed nice enough. They put something or other on the lawn...a treatment tailored to this time of year (late spring). I don't have a big yard, maybe 50 feet by 25 feet. In about a week after they came the yard developed brown spots - dead grass, about 5 places in all. I called them to come out and see what effect the treatment had had. They readily admitted a mistake had been made, and could not be corrected until fall when I would have to aerate and over-seed. What happened to me was bad enough, but the poison they used had a very negative effect on my neighbor's garden. All and all it was a terrible experience. I have done some research since it happened. Stay away from companies like TruGreen. Check google. You will find people that will tell you all you need do is aerate, over seed and water. With the money I'm going to save you you can take me to dinner.

  • An
    Annie Campbell-St Jean Jul 07, 2018

    this has also happened to us.. lawn is struggling after TruGreen's services.. Clearly someone has sabotaged their chemicals or the company is just a total rip off.. Not sure what to think except that we shelled out a lot of money to see our lawn and the soil be slowly but surely destroyed right before our eyes.

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9008 Oh you should see mine, it's horrible and burnt completely, they came out to see it and admitted they did do it by applying too much product. When I called them and spoke with...

lawn care or lack of

Just as many others have said you end up disappointed. Tried them two different times with the same results. Worse lawn I ever had! They say we'll send someone out to rectify yet nothing ever changes. Got a burnt lawn one time and I was told they didn't know why. I brought it up again and was told they changed chemicals. Truth? When you want to cancel they want to offer discounts. How about offer me that price from the get go! What good is a discount if the product is no good? They won't leave you alone once you cancel. Stay away

customer service, services provided

Where do I begin to complain about the service offered in Council Bluffs, IA? BAD!!! They don't follow through with promises to return calls, they are to call before coming, often...


I am deployed with the U.S. military in Afghanistan and contracted with True-Green to provide lawn care. As I am not home to collect my mail, I elected for direct bill and trusted...

TruGreen, Sterling, VA — lawn care and pest control

I started lawn care and pest control services in Spring, 2017. I had lots of weeds and bare spots in both front and back yards. I also had lots of ants in the yards and when the...

lawn markers

When your personnel complete their work they usually leave yellow signs in the lawn warning to not use the lawn for 24 hours. These signs have a space to list the date. This space...

lawn service

On or around the 16th of July I had my lawn fertilized and sprayed for weeds, shortly after my lawn was turning brown. It was a week after my 1st call that someone supposedly came... — complaint

Bob the service manager is keeping my reimbursement check. Called corporate and complaint departments, but they both keep saying I have to wait on bob to give me my money. I don't...

Truegreen Lawn Service — Treatment

Truegreen sprayed my lawn on July 14, 2017. The next day I noticed the yard looking brown. I watered as instructed but now more than half my lawn is dead. When I called they...

all products they sold me plus overcharges

I contacted True Green in February and told them I needed weed control and had several bare spots that I needed St. Augustine plugs for. I have about 3/4 acre of grass. I told...

scotts was the best company before true green.

Scotts was the best company before True Green. Never had an issue. True Green on the other hand is the exact opposite. Worst service ever. Trees under nourished yard dying and I...

horrible weed control

9008 I put down new lawn 2 years ago, and have been use Trugreen all the time. At the beginning of this year, I reported weeds out of control several time, and Trugreen came out and...