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lawn care

Came three times after I told them not to. Fried my lawn while I was on vacation. El Paso manager...

terrible service/ruined my lawn

Trugreen actually ruined my lawn. We had a healthy lawn with a few small bald spot. They claimed that with...



That for 6 years I had to deal with numerous amounts of trugreen chemlawn employee's in my personal...

current employee... run!!!

I am currently an employee and all I can say is run!!! I work in customer service and when you call you speak to me. I try my best to assist the customers. It's very hard when you're working for a company that's very unethical. No one returns the customers call, we get a lot of unauthorized service complaints and people have their credit card info on file, scheduling issues, techs claiming they treated the lawn when they didn't, customers entire lawns are dead and they have chemical burns. I have to deal with pissed off customers all day and to be honest there's nothing I can really do to assist them because no one at their local branches care about the customers. I am constantly reprimanded for speaking out and voicing my opinions. The reason why the customers can't talk to their local branch is because they don't want to hear the complaints because they know they are watering down their products. I'm tired of customers calling in pissed off at the call center employees, it's not our fault because we're consumers too. It's your local branch who you need to be pissed off at. Do yourself a favor and get some Scott's products from you local home depot and do it yourself and run!!! The most exciting part about my job is when a customer calls in to cancel. You don't have to believe me...seeing is believing. Why not google it or look at the worst lawn in your neighborhood, you know the lawn that looks abandoned and there you have "Truegreen, where your lawn means more" and run!!! as far away as you can. When we tell you that are sytems are down they are truly down all the time. The billing, scheduling, websites, products, and service is messed up. So when you call in and ask to speak with a manager and we call the local branch, they tell us at your local branch they aren't available. We actually get in trouble for calling your local branch. We get in trouble for trying to be customer focused and centric. It's not about customer service. That's why they outsourced the work to a call center. We put your information into the system and we can only hope that the people at your local branch will print it out and give it to the right person, but this rarely happens. We deal with trugreen customers all over the US, from Cali to NJ. So the next time you think about yelling at the agent just nicely request to cancel your service please.

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    Ray V Apr 20, 2011

    absolutely the WORST lawn service in Massachusetts...they DO NOT care about anyone but themselves...very bad service

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  • Ra
    Ray V Apr 20, 2011


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    Ray V Apr 20, 2011

    the s

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    Rick Dear May 11, 2011

    I agree with unfortunate situations happening to any customers lawn.
    First thing for this customer service rep to do is "run"...NOBODY should be representing a company they have little faith in. The complaint the customer rep has, is a direct refection of lack of knowledge, wrong person for the position...when you take on a job such as this, it's the employees responsibility to educate themselves beyond the average consumer...above and beyond the training you're given by your employer. We all just read the results of a customer service representative that was not prepared...and as we all know 'fail to prepare - prepare to fail' this rep. did FAIL the company and the customer. TruGreen is the largest lawn service provider in the nation...using great products. Just as with any large company, complaints will come...I also know that TruGreen will go above and beyond the call of duty...for the price per services and free service visits, they fortunately service such a large part of our country, enabling them to give a customer service unlike any other service provider...especially Scotts Lawn Service. With that said, I hope to have answered the customer that complained...if you follow the TruGreen Instructions provided after every service...I guarantee you will have the best possible lawn you can have with the lawn you have...keep in mind that all lawns are different...let me say that again...ALL lawns are different and need special attention in different areas...if you agree to pay to have the best lawn...YOU WILL have the BEST LAWN. With the service that most people are taking, they are getting results...If not and the service was done incorrectly, then I highly recommend requesting being put on a route with a more qualified technician...TruGreen nor any other Lawn Service provider, wants to see a customer unhappy. Thank you all for reading what I have to say and best wishes for the future success of your lawn results. As far as the complaint goes...Educate yourself so you are better qualified to assist a customer. Always under promise and over deliver...Cancelling services should NEVER be an option...all customers deserve what they pay for. Make it a great year for beautiful lawns across the country, providing a better environment for everyone. A five thousand square foot lawn will provide enough oxygen for a family of four...just like having to one hundred foot trees in the yard. LOVE what YOU have to Do!!!

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dead lawn & bad customer service!

TruGreen is a terrible company! They lie and make promises to get your business then treat you like crap. I...

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stay away

TruGreen did not make my lawn better at all even though in all their progress reports they marked the box 'improving'. I had an issue with what I thought was crabgrass in a certain area. One technician came out and stated it was quack grass and that nothing could be done about it unless I wanted to kill it all and replant grass. Two days later a different technician came out and wrote on the review that he sprayed the crabgrass in my backyard. So what was it? Crabgrass or Quackgrass? Then it killed everything around it and I was left with patches of yellow dead grass in my backyard. When we complained they said they'd drop off a bag of grass seed so we could replant but that never came. Needless to say I just called and cancelled my service with them and I will never use them again.

cancelled service

We had Army worms in our front yard. My husband went out trying to find pesticides but wasn't successful due to the outbreak we had in our county. I called Trugreen, scheduled an treatment appointment which was supposed to happen the following day. I was put in touch with the Marietta office. I asked if we can cancel if we are able to find a pesticide and the guy told me to just give them a call. Not even an hour later I received a confirmation call for Saturday, Aug. 14 between 8 and 1300 I believe it was. My husbands search was successful, our lawn treated the same day we've noticed those worms and the appointment cancelled. Well we had to leave a voice mail, since nobody picked up to physically take the call.
Trugreen didn't show up the following day, so we figured they got the message. 3 days later, I was out and about in the afternoon, getting home late I noticed a sign in our backyard. Our lawn was treated against Army worms that were already gone. I called their customer service, explained, that this must have been a mistake, since we had cancelled the appointment. The kid was trying to tell me, that a left message wasn't a cancellation. I told him, that when prompted to leave a message, there was nothing stated, that in case of a cancellation call 1-800-cancel me, so therefor we figured that we had cancelled the appointment. Besides that they showed up 3 days after the original appointment was supposed be and if we would have waited for Trugreen, we wouldn't have no more grass left to treat. I was told that a manager will call within the next 2 business days.
That never happened! A week later we received a bill. I got on the phone explained the situation and Mr. Customer Service told me that our account will be credited. "Cool, that was easy" I thought. Today we received another invoice and back on the phone I was explaining the whole thing again. This Mr. Customer Service told me, that the last Mr. Customer Service had plugged into the computer for a manager to call, which of course wasn't what he had told me and the manager had never called either.
Now I am waiting again for some manager to call, because the guy I talked to is not authorized to credit accounts. This is getting pretty annoying! I tried the contact us form on trugreen, but of course got a message error two times. I finally found an email address and we'll see what happens next. One thing is for sure! I will not use trugreen again!! I rather give a local company my business and pay a few dollars more!

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    Sammamish-WA May 11, 2011

    I prepaind TruGrenn service in 2010. I called Trugreen in November 2010 and tell them to cancel my service. They representative said ok and handed the phone off. However, the TruGreen worked appeared at my property in Jan and done some serive again without my permission. The company charged me for $50. I payed this service this time and forget about them. They came to my property again in Feb and done some service while I was not home (w/o my permission). They charged me $130 for unwanted service. I called they service phone number. The service representative told me that there is no a record of my previous cancelation. She also said that she will take care of it this time.
    In April they called me again and said that I own them $130 for the service. I told them that I cancel this service back on Nov 2010 and another time in Feb 2011. They also said that there is no any record from previous conversations. I called thier manager, but Teresa (hope the spelling is correct), the Redmon area regional manager, does not want to talk at all. She is alsways busy. The was awesome!!! This company is making money of fooling their customers!
    Finally, they offered to pay 50% of this price as a discount. Paying for what? For unwanted service, 6 months after the service was canceled?
    They have voice recording system that track all conversation. When they say they there is no a record - this is pure BS. This is the way they are making money

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  • Ju
    justrippedoff Nov 09, 2012

    Wondering...was this ever resolved as to the bill? We have a similar situation now in 2012

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TruGreen in Augusta failed to get rid of weeds from my yard and could not get rid of brown spots. I followed their recommendations and watered the yard regularly and never cut the grass more than a third down. It didn't matter. My yard is overrun with weeds and the brown spots continue. TruGreen is not worth the money. You are better off doing it yourself. Do not use TruGreen.

hazardous billing practices, poor lawn service

If my lawn was a glowing green jewel of a lawn, I might forgive the multiple billing issues. Alas, it ha...

constant calls

I need to start a who hates Tru Green Site... Tru Green Lawn Gestapo calls every day sometimes more than once a day...trying to sell me something else... who wants to call them a harrass back...[protected] then hit 1... Please give them a taste of their own medicine

I have asked them to quit calling...I have spoken to supervisors...still they call...I have asked to be put on the Do Not Call List for the last 2 months...yet they keep calling...

  • Sh
    Shannon35 Aug 14, 2010

    Next time they call, just say no thanks to any sales pitch and hang up.

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  • Gh
    Ghombi Aug 24, 2010

    I work at Trugreen and we do call for a variety of reasons. If they are not hounding you for solicitation it is in regards to a past due balance. Even if you are late by 31 days it is a possibility they will call several times in regards to the balance. Best thing to do is set up auto pay or prepay to avoid those calls As far as them not complying with the Do Not Call that is something else. Usually sales people do not have access to make changes to customer accounts So when you tell them to stop calling they say OK but never relay the message to the customer service rep to take care of I would suggest calling into the office yourself ensure you are speaking with a customer service rep and they should fill out the form and add you to do not solicit and do not upsell If this is still an ongoing problem request Corp number and lodge your complaint with them

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service attitude

I had previously talked to a Cliff at TruGreen Kansas about a crab grass problem that has existed in my yard for several years. He promised me that at the time the crab grass showed signs of turning green to give him a call which I did and he would take care of the problem. I did tell him that the crab grass problem was showing itself again. Later on I was told that the problem area was not crab grass but it was orchard grass. I believed the individual for a while until one of your people and the internet proved that it was crab grass. Cliff never returned my call and today I was called by a James from TruGreen and his considered opinion that I didn't really know what I was talking about and that he believed the people working at TruGreen was correct. He has never seen the problem area and automatically assumed that his people were right and I was wrong. He suggested that I dig up the crab grass and replant which I wouldn't need to if the promise made had been kept. James is not customer oriented he is too combative and I will move my lawn need away from TruGreen. Hopefully you have better representatives.

  • Hi
    Hider May 20, 2012

    There are some Trugreen Sales people that do mean well and will tell you correct information. However, most will shove information they know nothing about down your throat. If you get a sales person that is yelling and constantly saying 'OK!?" then hang up and call back. The ones that listen to you and sound like they are human and down to earth are the people you want to speak with. They try and use "push tactics" and try to get the people "who can't say no". I feel bad for my customers when i want to offer them great services, but i never know if i can back them up.

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destroyed lawn and bad customer service!

Trugreen has constantly destroyed my lawn they use horrible products that are unnatural. If you complain they constantly come up with lies like they will fix the lawn as soon as possible. Trugreen is nothing but a scam! do not trust them they only care about money. They told me they would constantly fix the problem and it was never done and all year my lawn was horrible and the worse in the whole nieghborhood. customers pay a lot of money and do not get anything in return!.

If you are thinking about using Trugreen then dont! and if you have it and have any type of problem just cancel you will be better off!

Once again this company is nothing but a big scam!

  • Tr
    trugreen complaint Jul 19, 2010

    Instead of using tru-green use what I have for 14 yrs to a beautiful lawn from thorny weeds only.

    It will green up in less than a year. Now, add 1 cup of: epsom salts, dishwashing fluid, ammonia, listerine, 1 beer, . Put in a miracle grow spreader and turn hose on and spread.

    this fall; about oct. or after first frost: same recipe only add 2 tsp of baking powder and steamed tobacco making it into tobacco juice. Kills winter mold.

    Also buy a very large amt. of only Kentucky Blue grass and scatter it everywhere. Should be very cheap in cost by then.
    Also put a bag of gypsum on your lawn if you have a pet.

    spring: same tonic as before at the beginning of this article. Also lay down weed and feed. that is it. You should have a wonderful lawn...guaranteed. questions? email me and I will answer at: [email protected]

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  • Cr
    Crys Aug 10, 2010

    I called the company on 6/10 to cancel my account. I opened the account in March for seven lawn care treatments throughout the Summer. The first time that they came out to do the service after my sign up in March was 4/15/10. This was after I had called three times to complain that no one has come to my home to treat my lawn. After my first treatment passed I was told that they would return every 4-5 weeks. This never happened. Someone from Trugreen finally called June 2nd, his name is Kieran K. he apologized and told me that they were behind/backlogged, what I have been hearing since late March. He explained to me that Trugreen would come out to my property free of charge (a service call) and treat my lawn since it had been almost two months since my first treatment. He explained that it would take 24 - 48 hours. He also sold me a grub package which was $100 and he said that they would come out and complete the Grub service 1-2 weeks later. I waited and waited. I waited an entire week. I called Kieran on the 9th of June to yet again complain and he told me that it would take 24 - 48 hours. I told him that it had already been 7 days. He apologized and I told him to cancel my account. He asked if there was anything that he could do to keep me as a customer and I explained that I should not have a dry looking, dead, weed infested lawn with a lawn service so no. On 6/29 TruGreen came to my house and treated my lawn for the service call and the grub treatment which was not supposed to happen since its too many chemicals at one time, and the simple fact that I canceled my account. I called on 7/1 to get a refund for the service and I was told that the service manager Jessica would take care of it and call me. That did not happen. I have yet to hear from a Jessica and every time I call to speak to her she is either busy on the phone or on vacation. I have called twice a week every week since. I do not think Jessica even exists!
    It is now 8/10/10 and I have yet to receive my funds back in my account. This company should not have a B rating on the BBB. They should have a F- for their horrible customer service and refund or lack there is practice.

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bad service

To anyone who will listen please do not use tru green

I am a person who does not usually do these types of things but I have to tell all of you that tru green does nothing to help your lawn .They never call you back after the first year .It feels like a scam so listen if you want because my lawn is destoyed . The first year they called 1time a month now I've called 5times twice to corporate and they all say somene will call u asap I finally had to cancel my contract . They are the worst company I have ever dealt with


Last summer, 2009, I prepaid in full for services from a local lawn care service provider. TRUGREEN bought...

terrible management

My first year with trugreen satisfied due to the good field agent. There are good techs out there, but this is the luck of the draw. However second year has been ridculous! Lucky didn't sign a contract, after no one showed up after being reassured for over 4 weeks by manager area named drew, demanded service in spring and found out from other sources they had no one for my area and so they send out a guy who stops at 7am, waking everyone, since he needn't to do it on the way to his area. Poor guy, why couldn't the manager be honest and say we don't have a tech for you. Alright, still patient, need to seed bad, need new sod planted from last year to get fertilizer, keep calling only to have the most void of personality, manager drew, tell me someone will be out. Ok. Now past the time for the preemergence second treatment due to heat, no - sorry for your inconvenience ever came out of that boys mouth. He needs to go to some "how to deal with people" seminar. I get happier and more affable people at the walmart store than this guy.

Well, still no one, thought I should have to call and track people down every time the grass needs it's treatment, now I have a yard that is two different colors since the timing for the treatments is so off. No one calls you like they promise since I have two dogs I need to worry about, maybe this drew is so tired of hearing complaints he just takes this blanked out attitude. I thought I was patient enough, calling every week, being nice to continue but just canceled yesterday since hubby was right and said if they want your business they should be calling you. Called scotts and they were out in a heartbeat, actually talked to me rather than scribble something on a slip of paper that I never could read. What ever you do don't sign a contract, in the long run, if you get this treatment you want to walk away without losing money since I am sure they would hold up and take their good old time giving me anything back since drew seems to like cricket land. I did want to mention that last year I guess when they had someone fill in near then end since I must have lost my originally tech then, I have security cameras, and watching back the tape see the guy spending more time trying to find a place to pee way in the back yard then he did fertilize. He didn't even get 1/3 of the property just ignoring it and getting back into the truck. Thank goodness he left his coffee cup for me to throw away. Research your area guys before committing, and don't be as patient hoping they would change as I did.

good product, terrible service

They worked wonders for my yard, i just said no when they would try to sell me additional products and features. The problem I had is that they burned up a few areas in my yard when putting down fertilizer. They sprayed to much in one area. This happened in July, so they came out acknowledged it was their fault and said that they would seed at the middle to end of August, so I waited until the first of Sept. and called and they said they would be out in the next day or two, they would never show up, so this happened 5 or 6 times over the next month. They finally seeded in the middle of October and the seed didn't have time to come in before an early frost. So I told them about it, they said they would come back in the spring and seed, so then they came out and put down the first treatment which kills weeds and won't allow seeds to germinate. So they said I would have to wait until the fall. At that point I cancelled because I pay them $75 a month to have a nice yard and for 7 months had to deal with dead spots from where they killed it. Again their product is great, it did wonders for my yard. I question all of the treatments, I think I would probably get the same results with 4 treatments compared to the 7 but it worked. I was with them for 3 years and it went from the worst yard in the neighborhood to the best but I won't be treated like they were treating me so I am trying another company now.

Not even a Tru-Green customer

We are not even Tru-Green customers...our neighbors are. We came home one day to a blue dog. Now, I am sure that he was barking at the Tru-Green guy, but the dog was covered snout to tail in blue (we have pictures). When we called the company to complain and explain that the actual property line is about 15 feet from the chain link fence, they told us that it must have been a result of wind carrying the overspray. We spoke to multiple managers who assured us that the dog was not intentionally sprayed.
They can never seem to stop spraying where the grass ends. It is constantly all over the sidewalk. Our 16 month old son was playing on the sidewalk and got some of the chemical on a toy. He of course put it in his mouth as I made a mad dive to get it away from him.
We immeidately called Tru Green to try to determine what he had just ingested. After 45 minutes of being transferred, insulted, and put on hold by their service reps we were finally told it was "just fertilizer". I was begging, pleading, cursing and crying to get the information. They would not tell us what it was because we were not the customer. (Poison control could not advise us what to do without knowing the substance and compound) On the third call to Tru-Green we finally got someone that was willing to help. My son was fine, but I am convinced that a company that does not care about were they spray their chemicals, will not give away "proprietary" information in a potentially life altering situation and is just plain rude is not worth paying for.
We were promised a call back from the local manager and a corporate manager and by no surprise, have yet to receive one.
Besides that, the neighbors yard does not look that good. They have all sorts of weeds and dead spots.

harrasment after cancelling service

After 1 year with maginal results I decided that did not want to renew my service with Trugreen. That started the telephone harrasment campaign. Starting last August I started getting 2-4 calls a week from Trugreen. After telling them to take me off of their call list the calls became more frequent. I currntly recieve weekly correspondence from the general manager Nick Makris to come back and "they miss my lawn" A Trugreen rep even knocked on my door on saturday for a lawn analysis (he got an earfull). PLEASE avoid this scam and the slime that runs the company, no one deserves the treatment that I have recieved..

  • Lu
    LuluS. Aug 13, 2010

    TruGreen continues to call me 2x a day. I ignore their calls.

    They started calling me BEFORE my bill was due telling me my bill was due. I tried to log onto their website to pay my bill and it was so difficuylt to create an account so that I could PAY MY BILL, that I gave up and called to cancel the whole service. The rep on the phone couldn't believe I would cancel my lawn service over a website - and I toild her it was between that and the harrassing phone calls I get first thing in the morning, at night when I'm putting my kid to bed...I just didn't like the way the company operated and wasn't going to spend my money there. Period.

    Now that my service is cancelled, they still call, after numerous requests to stop calling me. I'm ready to report them!

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  • Ke
    kevinmcl77 Mar 29, 2011

    I have had a simualar experience. I canceled then thats when my calls started. They offed free servive and a discount so I stayed as a costomer. My lawn never improved weeds got worse, I called to cancel again and a few day later the manager called to see why I cancled. I told them my story but they could not take a hint I ended up having to hang up on them. The very next day the service man called saying he he me sceduled for tomorrow. I told him you do all service you want but you will not be paid for anything anymore. So now I will wait for the another call tomarrow. They call at all hours of the day and night distubing my whole whole family waking my newborn. This company is a Joke, you are bdetter off going to Home Depot and doing it yourself

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  • Ha
    hardup Apr 05, 2011

    I also received harrassing phone calls. Then they just came out and treated my lawn without permission. Now they sent me a bill and expect me to pay it. Before I do that I will notify the Better Buisness Bureau. What a scam! I did not renew my subscription and they said I didnt have a confirmation number. WHAT A SCAM!

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do not trust this company

Beware of doing business with this company. Do NOT trust them. I signed up with Trugreen on 8/18/09 and have...

unauthorized services

My husband and I had an agreement with Trugreen in 2009. At the end of the summer, we chose not to renew...