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TrueCreditFraud and scam!

I am trying to refi. So I thought the $15.95/month deal from (aka transunion) would be great, it allows me nearly unlimited access to my credit reports from all three agencies and my scores from all three agencies. But the scores are not real FICO scores. They are some normalized estimate based on an unknown secret recipe of truecredit. FICO scores are also secret recipes but each of the 3 reporting agencies has a repeatable way of calculating its FICO product, for instance Equifax can provide a BEACON 5 FICO score, Experian can provide a Fair Isaac V2, and TransUnion can provide a FICO Classic 2004.

Which of these scores do you get when you order your 'credit score' from None of them. So the scores that you bought from TransUnion (truecredit) do not even reflect the same scores that TransUnion will report to possible lenders.

To illustrate my experience, on the exact same day, a lender queried TransUnion for my 3 scores, and there was a 28 point difference between the lowest score that truecredit reported to me and the lowest score that TransUnion reported to the querying lender. Additionally, none of the three scores matched. 28 points is a huge difference in the credit score market.

They do have a disclaimer: 'the credit score provided here is not a so-called FICO score. The credit scores of TransUnion may not be identical in every respect to any consumer credit scores produced by any other company.' But then what is 'the credit score' that they provide? It is a guess and not too accurate at that, and even the TransUnion score was not identical to the TransUnion score reported to the possible lender (on the same exact day). So truecredit is misleading and possibly downright lying to their customers with these numbers.


  • Ms
    Ms.hall May 15, 2018

    They, said that it was free, on website and doesnt show any trial saying they would bill me 21.00 I only received, 1 score not three I received the one for transunion, and then they billed me a week later I called yelling telling them look they told me on the website that it was a dollar, to get your scores, I told her the woman did have a foreign accent, she knew I was upset I told her I want my money back, that it never even showed or said anything about a trial term, I then asked her did this company get alot of complaints, she asked why I wanted to know that, I had to ask her the question twice before she answered, I told her that they way the website poped up when i was, on another website, it was vague and misleading and asked am I the only one complaining, she might felt sorry for me, I said to to her I want my money bk at first she tried saying she wd cancel service then I said yeah, but I want my money bk you cant just run my card and just take my money I suggest, that all of you guys call your banks and tell them to give you new debit cards because all these people want is your money, and from all the complaints Ive' read every last one was wrong do give them another dine call your bank or go down to local bank get a temp. Atm card and then your bank will send you a new one aleast you"ll have a atm card to get money out when you need it dont support them fake comp. Someone should call transuion and tell them break ties with them tranuion probaley now whats going on I sure im sure, its all about the money these days,

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  • St
    Steve Panama Jun 30, 2013

    I made a major life decision to relocate to a new job based on my cedit score from Zendough, only to findout that I can't get a loan due to the huge discrepany in my credit scores. As much as 140 point difference has me unable to buy a home and in jepardy of not even being able to rent an apartment. While I had some financial trouble in the past, I have paid my debt, but now my REAL scores are too low because I don't owe any money and haven't used my credit for to long. Pretty stupid that I can't borrow money because I don't owe enough. I will be cancelling my membership immediately.

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  • Ge
    geminiman7 Aug 02, 2011

    Signed up 6 days ago for 7 day trial, only to discover hundreds of complaints online about this service. After reading I promptly tried to cancel today and must say the process was difficult.

    First of all, for being affiliated with "TransUnion" I am shocked at practices being inacted on the TrueCredit website:

    1) There is no account cancellation link ANYWHERE in the website (when you're logged in.
    2) There is no account cancellation info on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page
    3) The "Contact Us" link is burried under several pages, and finding it took some time. Websites & companies with GOOD PRACTICES will put a "Contact" link/button in a main navigation bar and/or at the bottom of every web page. NOT They purposely hide the Contact link under several pages making people work to try to find a contact phone #.
    4) I called the phone # to cancel, and felt uncomfortable giving a lady that I could barely understand my full social security #. I grew very frustrated as I could not understand what the heck she was saying, monstly. But she did say that my account was cancelled immediately, but it was not. I called back an hour later and spoke to another rep (also foreign, but could understand him a little better). He apologized and said he would "file a complaint" on my behalf (yeah right) and cancelled my account. I asked him why I didn't receive a confirmation email and he said "it would take 24-48 hours to receive notification that the account was cancelled today. 1-2 days? So then my 7 day trial will be up and my card will be charged. Great.

    Fortunately I read a tip here that someone updated their credit card inforamtion to an old card #. Fortunately I had an old/cancelled credit card stored away and updated my TrueCredit account with the old CC info. So if they do try to charge me, it won't go through.

    What a friggin pain. And they're assocated with TransUnion??? TRUE CREDIT IS AWEFUL!!!

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  • Ja
    Jane-oh Jul 28, 2011

    I have had nothing but problems with Truecredit. I think they are misleading to say the least... scamming is more accurate. The report was unnecessarily confusing and had in a flurry of worry all morning (unnecessarily).
    There customer service reps are very "foreign" and difficult to understand (they must be saving a buck or 2 there!)
    AND - They did not cancel my trial membership when they assured me that they had!!!

    I wish that these reviews about them were easier to find - so others do not make the same mistake. I am going to post a complain on Epinions too and I encourage others to do the same.

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  • Tr
    truecreditsucks May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Hu
    Hunter Fitch Mar 16, 2011

    What people need to understand is that TransUnion does not use the FICO scale (which goes up to 850) they use something called the "Vantage Scale" which goes to 990 so it's a very misleading and deceptive tactic and makes your "score" look inflated. The only place to get your true FICO credit scroe is from

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  • Sa
    SAJ3 Feb 07, 2011


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  • Do
    dotts Jan 21, 2011

    Resently applied for refi, and lenders scores were lower than truecredit scores, on the same day! Was told by several lenders that truecredit scores are "consumer" scores, and do not accurately reflect your real scores. So basicly we (my wife and I) have been pissing away $30 a month for about (4) years, to recieve bogus info. We were still able to refi, but I am not at all happy about this scam that truecredit is running, and I intend to report them to the BBB, Texas AG office, and local consumer reporters.

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  • Rw
    rwelsh Jan 05, 2011

    BEWARE -- SCAM ARTIST --- 1/5/2011 9:30 a.m. -- I signed onto True Login went well until I got to a blurred screen fronted with a window asking me to "Click Here To Sign Up" for who knows what and no prices visible. I called the 800 number and spoke with "Noel" (with a a lovely accent) to ask him how to by-pass this screen without signing up for anything because all I wanted was a free credit report. - He put me on hold three times and I began to get suspicious. When I asked him where I was calling, he told me he is not "allowed to discuss that information". I asked if I was calling inside the United States and got the same answer. I then asked him if I was calling OUTside the United States and he said yes, but couldn't way where I was calling. NICE, huh?
    I then asked to speak with a supervisor. I asked him the same question and received the same answer, but this one would not even tell me if I was calling outside the United States.

    The first words out of both their mouths were "Thank you for calling True Credit. What is your social security number?" Thank God I didn't give it to them!! So ... think about it, they are outside the United States, speaking with an accent, they have access to the website where the social secuity numbers of each contact is accessible to them, and when you call to question anything, the first thing they ask you for is your social security number and won't divulge ANY information about the company they work for. BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE !!!

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  • An
    Annoyed735 Dec 22, 2010

    Same here as "Stay Alway". Just went to go get a car, TrueCredit showed my scores as being 711, 713, and 735. Car dealer showed scores lower (in one case 100 points lower) than True Credit. "True" Credit. Been a customer of theirs for over 5 years, never did much with my credit just wanted to watch out for fraud. Now the only fraud I have seen, is by True Credit themselves. Canceling this service, and investigating into seeing if what they are doing is legal.

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  • J0
    J0 B Dec 08, 2010

    I am in the same situation right now. Trying to purchase a house Truecredit show TU 712, EX 663 and EQ 659. When the lender pulled my credit, I was shocked to find out TU is actually 683, Exp 623 and Eq 600. That is way off! I am pissed off right now.

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  • Ke
    kelly901 Oct 31, 2010

    I agree that it is a scam and not useful. I recently got an alert on True Credit saying I had a delinquent account and I called the creditor and worked it all out. I did not pull my credit report but I got another alert yesterday saying it showed up 30 days late again so I pulled my 3 credit reports and there is no information about this derogatory account on there!! I'm cancelling tomorrow whether they like it or not!! They got me worked up for nothing!!!

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  • St
    STAY ALWAY Oct 13, 2010


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  • Hu
    Hunter Fitch Sep 20, 2010

    The bottom line is the FICO scores True Credit reports to you are fraudulent. I was trying to buy a home and there was a 40 point discrepancy in my real numbers and True Credit's (fake) numbers. They are selling consumers a service to make you feel like you can be on top of your credit and know exactly what is going on at all times but it's just false security.

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  • In
    incision Jul 08, 2010

    The service works OK. BE WARNED! When you want to cancel, it will take you hours, and hours of your time, and you will see a very disgusting part of the company. They will squeeze you for every penny, hide their phone number, no way to do it online, no way to do it by email, or fax. You have to find the secret hidden phone number that is only found in your original email confirmation!

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  • Tq
    TQTGA Jun 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    True Credit is worthless. I used them for over five years and now I think I wasted my money. I had only signed up for the basic plan to prevent identity theft. Every week they emailed me to say whether any new credit accounts had been opened in my name, change or address, or any other activity that might point to identity theft. The plan also included $25, 000 of insurance in case my identity was ever stolen (to pay lawyer fees, etc). Sidenote: the insurance was through AIG (5 years before they imploded). The price was only $40 per year, billed to my credit card quarterly ($10 a pop--even I can do that math in my head). Everything was good and every email came in saying "you're in the clear--no changes or new accounts" Four months ago, I opened a store credit card and I noticed that True Credit, based on their emails, seemed to be unaware of it. I thought, I'd give it another few weeks to see if they'd catch it. They didn't. Forty-five days ago, I bought a car and they haven't noticed that either--I still got "you're in the clear--no changes" emails. I was going to call and see what the problem was but today I got an email saying my plan is being phased out and that they will "compensate" me for the inconvenience by giving me a free three-month trial of Zendough which costs $15 per month ($180 per yr {okay I used a calculator on that one}). I will NOT be signing up for Zendough. I'm starting to doubt that True Credit ever did anything to deserve the few hundred dollars they got from me.

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  • Lu
    luxuryagent Jun 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Any improvement on Truecredit. Unfortunately I just signed up today. My scores looked credit on there but we are closing on a house next week and I am wondering how accurate they are.

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  • Ir
    iris wright Jun 05, 2010

    They are now outsourcing their escalations to Guatamala so good luck in every getting a us rep. The calls will either go to Manila or Guatamala!

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  • Ma
    MatthewCT1969 May 19, 2010

    Same experience here...went to refi and was told my credit score was almost 100 points lower than I thought from monitoring on They use the "Vantage" scale which is not the same as the lender scale. Very misleading...criminal!!! WHAT A SCAM!!!

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  • Jd
    JD1929 Apr 19, 2010

    I just cancelled my truecredit account! SAME THING happened to me... We are in the process of buying a home and when my lender asked me if I knew my Credit Score, I logged into true credit and gave him what it said 679... An hour later he called me back and told me besides being approved my credit score was ALOT better than 679, I was actually at 744. So I called true credit to cancel and the customer service agent had the nerve to tell me I had to update my own scores??? WTF!

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  • Ww
    wwww0099 Jan 13, 2010

    I totally agree that Transunion's Truecredit service is a complete scam. In addition to the bogus credit scores, their security practices for their phone support are completely inadequate and they transfer personal information to advertisers!!! The fact that Truecredit has been allowed to operate in this fashion given that Transunion (parent of Truecredit) is entrusted with the safe keeping of the details of my financial information boarders on criminal. I urge anyone with an account to write their congressman / senator (I did) and complain. For those of you who don't already have an account consider the posts on this site as a warning and remember that for every person who posts there are thousands more with similar issues who remain silent.

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  • Je
    jessbldt Nov 17, 2009

    I too have had problems with this company. I have records of canceling mty membership, but they still bill me. No one will help. Stay away!

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  • Good luck trying to cancel. I have been trying for eight months and every month, like clockword, the charge shows up on my statement. Despite 7 phone calls including another 8 today, nothing is resolved. They had my address at one I haven't lived in nine years. They refuse to refund my monthly fee despite trying to cancel since January. I was cut off several times, re-routed and ultimately resolved nothing. I now have phone calls into the President of TransUnion, Bobby Mehta; the VP of Communications and the President of Consumer Relations. Next step are the networks. We'll see if I get a phone call back. Granted it's only $80. but it's the principle. I am a media relations person and if my company treated people like this, I wouldn't blame them for going to the news channels. STAY AWAY FROM TRUE CREDIT AND TRANSUNION UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

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  • Ho
    hoaithuong Jul 04, 2009

    they told my score are [protected]...??? very confused. For the lower score, true credit reported "unknown" status for almost every credit account. I am going to cancel the membership. It is a waste of money.

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  • Ro
    Rod Norris Jan 31, 2009

    I recently cancelled my truecredit membership. I got a alert from them that a new account had appeared on my equifax report, turns out it was an old alert, however when I recieved it I decided to go to equifax directly to check it out, it was an account that was old and paid off and was still correct on my report( on all websites). So I also decided to check my score to find out if it was being reported to me correctly. My score was off by 55 points. Thats right 55 points!!! So I decided to check experian my score was off 34 points. 34 points!!! This is no joke. Truecredit will give you a correct credit report but the score is a total scam. Be aware do not rely on truecredit for a accurate score it is a ripoff

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  • K
    K Jun 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not only the above complaints, but TrueCredit makes it nearly impossible to opt out after the period. You can't do it online, you have to call in. When I called in, the very rude Indian lady who answered told me I would have to fax a drivers license with a request to opt out. She then had the audacity to call me 'Ms. XXX' when I had already told her I was 'Mr. XXX.'

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Find another online credit report!!

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  • Jp
    JP Mar 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This complaint explained for me a very confusing report I received from true credit. My scores were 736, 726, and 676. I think the 676 is completely wrong, and I was about to contact the bureau to dispute it. But now I think it was just a mistake by true credit.

    For the higher two scores, true credit told me those agencies reported a long and positive history for each of my credit accounts. For the lower score, true credit reported "unknown" status for almost every credit account.

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