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Payment Receipts

Im dealing with Welcome Finance On A Loan Im behind on Ive made numerous payments asking for a receipt each...

Secured Lending

I am writing this as I very annoyed with service provided by Welcome Finance, they are quick to deliver with secured loans and I think the government should intervene and stop this easy credit. When your cirumstances change they dont even acknowledge it but still ring every month requesting payments. We pay our normal contracted amount each month which we struggle with and a bit towards the arrears but they add more costs for letters and phone calls they make so this as made the arrears increase. All our other creditors have been brilliant and sympathetic and have helped but Welcome Finanace have been C##P! We wish we never went with them! SO OUR ADVICE STAY CLEAR as soon as we can remortgage then its bye bye to them!!!

  • We
    weesuz Jul 08, 2010

    hi there . welcome finance do the same thing to me thay will call me a week after thay have been payed asking me for my payment! not sure what they do with my money but my lawer should find out i hope. good luck dont let them get away with it.

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  • Do
    dookey dookes Sep 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we have had the exact same problem - their staff are cocky and arrogant and taking a loan with them has been our biggest mistake and an even bigger regret. After being made redundant we were unable to keep up the full payments on either the loan or mortgage. Our mortgage co were excellent and helped us in every way they could but Welcome seem unable to understand that when people take out these loans they do not have a crystal ball and that their situation could (and probably will) change within 15yrs!!! I have worked for a sister company so I know that their training is centered around "treating the customer fairly" but I think every staff member I have spoken to was absent on that particular training day!!!

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  • Pe
    Peed off.com Oct 23, 2013

    My ex husband left me with debts coming out the yinyang!! Including a brand new £17, 000 welcome finance secured loan. My mortgage company and other creditors were all ver sympathetic and agreed to lower payments etc. welcome harassed me daily with phone calls yet never attempted to contact my ex husband. During the divorce I met my future partner and over the last 2 1/2 years have paid £11, 250 into the loan. Monthly payments of £250.00 with capiitization charges of £218.00 a month. I am in a position to clear the loan and the robbing [email protected]£#€}|s won't take this figure or circumstances into consideration when offering a settlement, wanting £18, 334.10 i offered £15, 000 to clear it. Them responding "we won't even lose the £0.10p love.

    I'm currently trying to find out their recievers details since they went into receivership 2 years ago.

    STAY CLEAR is my advice. Disgusting company.

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Credit reference

I got a laon from this company a few years ago. I lost my job and fell a few months behind with my payments. When I got another job I made an arrangement for them to take double payments until the arrears were cleared. They took the first payment then called me and offered me a settlement figure. They confirmed both verbally and in writing that they would inform the credit reference agencies the account had been paid in full.

A week after paying the settlement sum I recieved an email from equifax saying there had been a " There has been a change to the Caution Flag status on the following account." It was from Welcome Finance and it was indicating I had paid some of my loan and the rest had been written off. That indicates they couldn't get the money and gave up. It's not the same as what was said in the letter they sent to me "On settlement of this account all the relevent credit reference agencies will be notified that this account has been paid in full".

They have been promising for two months to rectify this. This is something that can be done within 24 hours so I am not to pleased. I'm not in need of any credit at the moment but I want this changed ASAP and I get the feeling they have done this on purpose.

lies and decite

i got a loan of £13, 000 ...and payed £250 per month but becouse i have learning difficultys and have trouble reading i asked the woman out of the £250 how much comes off the £13, 000 loan and how much on interest per month ...she said £200 off the loan and £50 intrest so to make it clear to me i asked.. so next month my loan will be at £12, 800 and month after £12, 600 and so on... she said YES so i was happy and signed...also my partner got forced in to signing by the woman saying she must sign becouse she lives with me and if i dint make my payments my partner couldnt say they couldnt take my house ..becouse it wasnt my partnes house she had no problems signing but 2 years down the road ive found out that what she signed was JOINT APPLICANT and my loan was at £13, 300 ...thats 2 very big lies on there part which has made me now loose my house and they are threttaning to take it out of my wages before they have the order 2 do so which is classed as harrasment in a court of law ...im trying my verry best to make them pay for there lies to me and all you who have been robbed

  • Te
    terry13 Apr 30, 2012

    Im dealing with Welcome Finance In Waynesville N.C. They have me paying on a loan i got behind on . The Manager has never told me the exact amount im behind on. Shes taken me to small claims court Ive asked Repeatedly for a receipt with the amount ive paid to them . I have gotten no response. Ive paid several payments but i dont know how much ive paid because they will not send any receipts with balance owed. Ive spoken to an attorney hes advising me to sue them. Im being Harrassed with phone calls from the Manager. Im tired of the harrassment I dont know the exact Dollar Amount I owe them. Ive talked to the CEO but he evidently doesnt know the amount i owe I think Im Being Ripped Off By THE WAYNESVILLE N. C. OFFICE Take my advice DONT DEAL WITH THE WAYNESVILLE N.C. OFFICE THEY ARE RUDE SMART ELLICS DONT TELL THE TRUTH.

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lies and dicite

i applied for a 13, 000 loan an a repesentative came round to my house to finalise it, as i have reading difficultys i asked her some finantial questions about what i was signing with the loan, i asked out of the 250 per month i had to pay, what will come off the 13, 000 loan and the intrest . she said 200 will come off the 13, 000 loan and 50 intrest per month, so to make it clear to me i said so after the first month of me paying 250 my loan will be at 12, 800 and i would of [aid 50 interest and the next month 2, 600 and so on and she said yes...so i signed!!! big mistace...tomake matters worce i had a x girlfriend living with me at the time and she was on my council tax so the loan woman said she neded to sign a form aswell, i said that is nothing to do with th loan is it? she replied noooo its just becouse shes on thecouncil tax and if i dint pay my loan she couldnt say she owns half my house so she signed!!!big mistaceagain after 2 years of me paying 250 per month off a 13, 000 loan im now at... wait for it 13, 500 plus my ex is joint applicant on yhe loan so she offishally ows half which i and the x did not want ... this woman lied and connedus decouse she probbley gets extra cash to geta loan going i think this is wrong ...now ive lost my home due tothis and im not paying them another penny they thretten to take it out of my wages but if they do i will not work please dont make the same mistake i did dont trust no loan companys and read everything over and over ...thank u

  • Ha
    Hazel Cunliffe Mar 07, 2011

    I took a car loan out with welcome finance in march 2007 on the understanding that work was carried out on the car i was purchasing from there liverpool branch .this included body work, spare key to be provided and passsenger wing mirror loose .up until today march 2011 i have still not had a spare key and wing mirror still not fixed ..in 2008 i asked welcome to reclaim the car from me as i was struggling to make the payments of £212. amonth due to splitting from partner .they refused to take the car back but said they could lower my payments to £88.74 a month but i needed to go to the stockport branch to sign for for this new payment .on the new paper work overall loan amount was for £4579.82 but the last statement i received from them said i still owed £9860.92 .I did ring them but did not get any clear answers to why this was they said it was because of the agreed lower payments ..I did manage to claim ppi's back from welcome due to being mis sold insurance but i still feel they are over charging me as the total they said to pay off was £10648.85 which is more than the car is worth ford focus 1.8 diesel on a 53 plate .I am not happy with this company and would erge people never to deal with them .i have found their service to misleading and not ver helpful.

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Fraud and scam

On the 24 of november i took out a car on HP from welcome finance3 days later i notice a fault with the car so i took it to my local gourage and they diagnose the problem then i call up after sales and they told me to take it to thire mechanics which i did .thier mechanics then call me back to say they touching the car because there is nothing wrong with it i explaine to the mechanic that there is something wrong with the car he said the car is solid so i took it to the main dealer and they told me the same thing as my local gourage that my suspension mount is worn really bad so i let them fix it which cost me £415 i tryed to claim back my money off welcome finance they told me thire mechanic says the job is only worth £149 which they send me a cheque for.Now the parts alone was for £230 how could they fix it for £149.

phone and letter charges

they charge me for phone calls and letters even though am making all payments. the way they speak to you they wont do anythink about my complaint . i had 12 payments left and because of ther charges thy say its at least 18 left. i am going to get lieflets made telling people not to youse welcome finance and why and give them internet site to actualy see how many people have been ripped of i am going to make it my mission in life to let people know what this company is like i intend to vist ther offices an tell people ther why they shouldnt youse welcome finance ther are thousands of people on WELCOME FINANCE - THE CONSUMER FORUMS and i intend to tell as many people i can about these so called humans

  • Da
    Danielle Mckenna Aug 03, 2009

    I have also recieved charges to my account for phone calls and letters I never received! not to mention that when i THOUGHT I was lowering my payments (as I took of the protection) they actually signed me on a new contract without my knowlegde! I was told I needed to sign to agree to the lower payments not a new loan over 6 years! which I have only recieved a copy of recently as I had major complaints about the outstanding balance. I tried for over a year to obtain a statement of my account but was always fobbed of until I said I was taking this further and they happened to make a statement appear?? along with the new loan agreement - which I never recieved, I took a loan for £1, 500 in 2004 and in 2009 I still owe £2, 335.00.

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  • Da
    David Linger Sep 17, 2009

    I am in the exact same situation as Danielle Mckenna i feel trapped by this company and not wanting to pay any more money to them, because whatever i seem to pay my amount does not seem to change i to took out the less payment option by reducing the monthly payments by taking of the payment protection which i did not even no was on there in the first place.My balance to date is approx £1800 they said they would take £1300 as a settlement offer i find this disgusting as i only lent £1000 approx 18 months ago anybody help i want this company of my back...!

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  • We
    Welcome Hater Oct 23, 2009

    Welcome Finance can't do anything right make sure you document every conversation you have and don't speak to anyone unless they are using a recorded line, If you have a secured loan they might tell you they will reposess your property or car but they can't without a Court order and you can't get evicted with them issuing you a warrant for possession from the court PASS THIS ON

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  • Ha
    ha ha ha2005 Oct 26, 2009

    pete watkinson if you are going to do that you may want to take spelling lessons first.

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  • Pe
    pete watkinson Oct 26, 2009

    this ha ha ha2005 thinks its funny were being ripped of

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repayment of overpayments

Myself and my late wife took a loan out of £2000 in 2006 over 2 years, i was informed that i had overpayed 2 months payments which added up to £315, welcome finance sent me a cheque which i put in to my bank, 7 days later the cheque was returned to me by my bank has it was not signed in accordance with the mandate. I took the cheque to my local welcome finance office and explained the problem, they said they would inform head office. Two weeks later i received another cheque which i took to my bank, 7 days later it was returned to me again by my bank. I have now phoned head office 4 times and have been told 4 times that somebody will get back to me but as yet i have had no reply. This has now gone on for 6weeks and being a single father with a 12 year old daughter £315 would help me out a little. i would be gratefull for any help with this problem.


I took out a loan with this company in 2004 after keeping to my repayments i was signed off by the doctor for ligit reasons.I was told i could not claim on my PPI as it did not cover this condition. After I eventually got through to someone I was told that it does cover this. I have written several letters of complaint which seem to get lost. The first person that dealt with it moved office so the complaint was left. When I call the local branch I get rather rude staff. I have been promised callbacks within 48 hrs which have amounted to nothing. It has now been nearly 4 months that I have been trying to sort this out and try and get some of my PPI as i was not wanting this cover in the first place and when I went to claim on it, it ended up with father meeting my repayments.I have went through the financial ombudsman with this complaint now as I do not feel I am getting fairly treated. With working with insurance now, I know the company I work with would not deal with any customer in this way. The buck would not be passed, promises would not be made if they could not be kept. The company seems to be run by a bunch cowboys. In the end I had paid more than double than the loan amount in PPI and charges as I could not keep up with payments when I had been signed off.

  • skintmumofone Mar 29, 2009

    I took a loan out with WF and asked for an unsecured loan and then realised it was actually secured once the paperwork was signed and I received the cheque - also the PPI on this was quite high. Am trying at the mo to get this back. ALso fell into arrears 3 months and agreed to go on a payment plan to pay and extra £60 a month I changed my dd and on Friday I got a call saying they would be charging me if I didnt pay this months bill I told them I had changed banks but they were so rude to me and she actually put the phone down on me - I was not intending to bump them so to speak and am really angry they also called me on Saturday morning to say the same thing and I put the phone down this time - I am waitingon my new bank card coming and have told them as soon as I get this I will pay the months payment god has anyone else had problems with them?

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  • Di
    disgruntald Oct 18, 2009

    Have just been informed that despite both my wife and myself requesting payment protection and both signing the agreement for it, the cover only covers one person.
    As my wife has just been made redundant this is the first we knew about this, we were never informen of this when we signed the loan agreement or on previous times when we have had welcome loans.
    Obviously if we had known about this we would have put the loan in my wife's name as the major wage earner and not in mine as welcome seem to have done despite knowing my wife was the major wage earner and that I am self employed and hardly likely to be made redundant

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accepted for loan then nothing

I went through an online loan company which searches for loans and passes on details etc. I received a phone call from Welcome finance which after a lengthy discussion was told i had been approved. They sent out a pack for me to fill in and send back with bank statements and a copy of my passport etc.
Was told the money would be in my back within 10 days.
That was nearly 3 months ago and despite sending them numerous emails and letters, and faxes have heard nothing back from them.
I am now in financial difficulty as a result of spending money i couldn't afford as i thought i would have £2, 000 in my bank within 10 days.

  • Pi
    Pincat85 Feb 04, 2009

    I am now having the same problem, I already have a loan with them and upgraded to another loan now 4 weeks on I have not recieved any funding and they claim it is an IT fault yet on one is able to identify the issue and rectify it.
    Can I ask how yours went and weather you got the loan? as I have made a complaint but no response and continue to beat around the bush.

    [email protected]

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  • skintmumofone Mar 29, 2009

    If I had known what I know now I wouldnt have taken a loan out with WF they are just a shower of cheating and arrogant swines.

    PLease dont go near them if you are in difficulty speak to the CCCS they are great or Think Money Group they are fab.

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  • Sa
    sallie Apr 28, 2009

    Oh my wod I have never had so much trouble with anyone in my life like I have with Welcome Finance. We applied for a consolidation loan in November and they sent us the forms and we sent them back but then we had a call saying they were no longer doing loans due to the current "credit crunch" climate. OK we thought we'll leave it til after Christmas and apply elsewhere but we got a call in Feb asking us if we were still interested in having a loan and we said yes! we were (brill!) so we' were sent out some forms again and started the ball rolling again only to have the forms get sent back after not sighing something then there was another form which we scanned and emailed back which we apparently hadnt signed either fair enough, easy mistake to make seeing as they send out so much crap to sign.. Then we waited and waited and were told that on the 9th of April we were "ok to pay" after that you are supposed to recieve the cheque. We didnt then I got told they dont send chqs they use bacs then they said no you do get a chq and it'll be in next couple of days.. They said this (and are still saying this) everyday for the last week or two. As per THEIR database the chq was DISPERSED on the 22nd April (nearly a week ago!) meanwhile the people we owe money too are getting quite peeved with us and think we are fobbing them off all because WF cant send out a chuffing cheque!!! whats the problem???!!! Anyway, still no cheque and I'm about to collate all my telephone call conversations I have had with them and complain - unsure what this will actually achieve to be honest but it'll make me feel better to get it off my chest and it'll let them know how ### they are as a company. Wish I could go elsewhere but theyre only loan co we could find that would lend us the amount we need :-(

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Scam and cheating!

I recently applied for a loan from welcome finance, I was told that I had been accepted and the final...

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