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So, one day I get an email from, supposedly, saying that a payment made by check did not go through and has been reported to TRS Recovery Systems, Inc. I had no idea what order this was in reference to, and there was no reference number. I contacted directly to verify the validity of such a claim, because it sounded fishy to me. First of all, I rarely use checks, and when I do, they are never for online purchases. This email arrived 6 months after I had made a purchase on and received my items.

My order had been split because one of the items I ordered was on backorder and arrived 6 months after I had placed the order. I talked to a customer service rep at and they said that they had no qualms with me-everything was paid for. However, they told me to call TRS to clear this up. So I called TRS and they had no idea what I was talking about. They wanted my bank account number and full routing number. I gave it to them, but they said it wasn't the right number, and asked if I was certain that I gave the full routing number, including the check number at the end.

Since I did not use a check, there was no check number to give. I told them I used a debit card for my transaction, and they said they don't work with credit card or debit card transactions-only checks. They said they couldn't help me unless I could give them an order number, reference number or full bank account information and to call I already called them and they didn't have any information about this. So I thought it was over - since I didn't use a check and I was good with, I didn't have to worry about this anymore. I was wrong. A week later I get an invoice saying I owe TRS for the amount of $10.68 for the order plus a $20 service fee that they imposed for 'helping me out' and getting rid of this debt that I didn't have.

Even though they have my bank account number, I don't care, because that account has been closed for the past 3 months, so if they try to collect from that, they won't get anything out of it. I sent them a letter telling them I am not going to pay because I don't owe them or anything.

TRS didn't like my response and rebutted by sending another letter saying the debt was valid and that if I didn't pay it would affect my credit score and I would never be able to place another order at until the debt was settled and I better pay or else. I have since ordered from several times in the past few months with no problems whatsoever.

In addition to the threatening letters, they started calling my cell phone night and day. I screen all my calls and don't pick up for 'unknown' numbers or numbers I don't recognize. They never left a message, but I knew it was them. If it's important enough, they will leave a message and I will call them back. (Well, maybe not them, but other people).

I sent them another letter, demanding them to cease and desist immediately. I told them forthright that I would not talk to them over the phone. They still call me night & day, however now they leave a prerecorded message, with my name and some 14-digit number after it.

They ignored my initial order to cease and desist, so now I have to send them a second cease and desist letter. I have logged every call I've received from them and reported them to the FTC, my cell phone carrier, the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, the BBB, and have an attorney on standby.

I don't know if that will be enough to stop them from continuing to call me. If they do not stop, they will be seeing me in court (For a $10.68 so-called debt, it is hardly worth it, however, I am confident that I will win and I will sue the pants off these bas***ds, just for the sheer inconvenience it has caused me).


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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I will NEVER use again!
Long story short. I purchased $140ish of Christmas presents got them and and the bank. For some reason took the payment back. So amazon continued to make this attempt for payment and each tome cost me fees. I incruid over $125 in fees. I was then sent to their debt collection agency. TRS recovery and my amazon account was locked so I couldn’t use it. I had to pay that service $170 to settle my original payment of $140. Fine. Done.

Well over the last few days Amazon has been trying to use my Christmas savings account;which now has $0 (as I am done with holiday shopping) so no money was there to take. I incurred an additional $75 in NSF fees. Contacted amazon they verified this was resolved and should of never happened and gave me $75 giftcard 🙄.
Woke up today (payday) and my bank took all the mosny I owed $140 plus the fees from my checking and as a courtesy moved it to cover everything. Total $270 because I resolved some of the. Issues.
So what was originally a $140 order has now cost me $400.
The bank refuses to refund me
Amazon refuses to refund me
And the”debt” company does do that or even have the capability.

I have been on the phone since $800 this morning

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Jul 30, 2021 4:10 pm EDT
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I have a similar issue in receiving numerous emails from about a debt owed. There was no reference number on the email, n nor any information about the items ordered or not showing in my order history for that matter. I called TRS and was told that they don't see any debt owing, and I was redirected back to Amazon's non existing SPCS team.
The customer service personnel went so far as to tell me that I can't be transferred to the "accounts personnel" but they would send an email and have them contact me. Since this is the second time that I have gotten that response, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was

Oh and did I mention that I worked at Amazon?

Sep 17, 2017 7:41 am EDT

Does anyone else find it odd that on the Amazon app in your messages they keep referencing Telecheck? And it always says some bs about telecheck that makes no sense, then Not one single mention of the so called TRS Recovery Service until I'm off amazon and into my personal email... Not to mention I purchased two items and have received them and they suddenly claim that my payments are being denied as well as claiming I owe Amazon or TRS payment in full whilst never stating what I owe or where it came from. These people have no clue wth their job consist of honestly... if enough people file official complaints something gotta give

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Sep 26, 2009 11:12 am EDT

C & B-
I am Debbie, and am having similar issues with these people. My problem is that they are withdrawing $$ from my account without asking. This AM they tried to get $100 for "service fees" from bounced checks 2 months ago; I did not have the $$, so now I have $70 worth of NSF charges from my bank.
I am worried, because they have my bank account number, and I gave the "supervisor" this morning my license number. I asked why he needed it, he said it was part of the identification process. This was before i found this site.
Besides BBB and my state's(VA) attorney general's office, who else can I contact? (besides a lawyer) I am very angry also, and am willing to pursue this thing...They cannot do this to people!
Maybe I should call Dateline or something...

Sep 09, 2009 6:57 pm EDT

They erroneously contacted me today looking for someone else who I had never met but had previously owned the phone number that now belongs to me. When I tried to explain I was not the person they sought they insisted on obtaining the last four digits of my SS # in order to 'remove me from the calling list' and future harrassments- this coming from the mouth of a supervisor. I suggested they could simply verify their error by calling 'information' and matching the phone number with my name, which I had provided them. Giving any personal/ confidential information sounds like a scam and case for the Texas State Atty. Generals office; I will also try consulting the agencies you listed as well because I am so ticked off right now I am willing to make a huge issue of it. Thanks for your warning.
Look out for these snakes; sounds like a scam to me. They were probably part of the bad ccredit collectors on " Dateline.'"
P.S. If anyone knows a Tina Woods tell her I am gunning for her. She is the alleged debtor/ fraudulent check writer who puts me in this postion of fending off her collection calls!


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