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TRS Recovery Services review: fraud 6

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I received a letter from TRS Recovery Services stating that I had written bouced checks, but I do not receive checks from my bank. So far they have sent me 4 different letters for different amounts of money that I had supposed to have written the checks for. I called the number that was listed if I wanted to dispute this letter. I dialed [protected], it was a recording that told me to write to the p.o. box number. I never could talk to a live person. I am getting me an attorney to do a full investigation on this company for Identity theft and calling the better business bureau of Investingation to make sure this company is put out of business.

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Kim Lowry
, US
Jun 27, 2022 3:05 pm EDT

I received my 3rd letter from TRS recovery services

Stating non sufficient funds to Amazon Market place

I called Amazon they state I am in good standing also I have no items around the date I was told I did by TRS . I was told by Amazon to call TRS and find out what it was for .I talked to a live person they gave me the number to Amazon. I called Amazon to remove the charge . Amazon said they can not remove a charge that’s not there . I was told if it’s not there and it is not seen on any of my bank accounts then don’t worrie about it .. It tells me that TRS are scamming people . Thank God I was able to call Amazon first and make sure I didn’t owe them .

Kris Crow
, US
Dec 18, 2015 1:27 am EST

I also received a letter stating I owed money for a check that was bad. Well first and formally I don't write checks, don't even own any just a debit card. I'm going to do a little investigation of these people myself and heaven forbid they take money out of my account

Jun 06, 2008 6:31 pm EDT

These people, TRS Recovery Services, not only rip off people from who a debt is trying to be collected, they prey on innocent people!. They make withdrawals from people's checking accounts over the phone and falsify the verification process to TAKE MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Stay alert of the activity on your accounts!

, US
May 10, 2011 11:22 am EDT

I received calls saying I had a check returned from Sam's Club and I needed to make arrangements to send them the cost of the check plus a fee. Well 1st off, the check had been paid, 2ndly when I tried to call these people all I could ever get was press 1, press2 again, never a human.

I called Sam's Club about this and they were so upset. They tried to call the number and got the same thing. Finally they were able to get on their system and my check had cleared the bank and I owed no one anything.

These people still call me all the time and I have blocked the number on the phone and turned them over to local law enforcement.

Deborah M Vann
Strasburg, US
Sep 26, 2009 11:19 am EDT

Call this number--
This is the number for "disputing a claim", or something like that. Talk directly to a supervisor. Don't even explain the problem to an operator.
Good luck.

Concerned in Washingtone State
, US
Apr 08, 2009 6:19 pm EDT

I have just received two letters from TRS Recovery Services Inc. There are two amounts, (fairly small) But definitely not mine. I have called the same number you have listed and cannot speak to a real person. They have asked for information about me that is none of their business. If it was a real claim, they would have all that information. I do not write checks to pay bills, I use a debit card or online banking.
I cannot see how this company can continue in such a fraudulent manor.
Thank You
Concerned in Washington State