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Received a letter from TRS Recovery Services on April 9, 2007. They told me that I had wrote a bad check for $380.00 to a Wal Mart store number 5494. Wrote a letter to TRS, BBB and California Association of Collectors. Tried to call TRS. All I got was their computers.

Told them that I live in Tucson, AZ. The store in question #5494 is in Idaho Falls, Idaho.They would not give me the banks name but check number was 5004. I have just written check number 1043. Told them that I have never been in Idaho. That I can prove that I was in Tucson on that date.

On May 7, 2007 received a call from a TELCHECK. Returned call at [protected] ext 5441. Talked to a man named Jerry. Told him the same thing that the letters said. All he wanted was my checking account number and my bank routing number. Told him that I would not give him that info. He still wanted it.

Today May 9, 2007 I got a letter from the Law Officers of Bennett & DeLoney, PO Box 190, Midvale, UT [protected]. Telcheck turned this over to them. Called their number [protected]. The women started to tell me how to make payment. I told her that I am not the person that you are looking for.She asked me if I bank at, can't remember the bank. Told her that I bank at Compass here in Tucson. Nothing else was said by me. She than told me that they had made a mistake and to just forget it.

This makes me wonder. She did not ask me for any more info. Why was she in such a hurry to forget it. Why did she say that they made a mistake.

Ask her if she wanted me to send copies of letters to her. She told me that would not be needed. I told her that I wanted to. To prove that I am innocent. That I would send the letters out on the 10th. She really does not want me to do it.

Name on check Schierloch. My name is Schierloh. Close.

Thank you,

  • Updated by Donna Arculis · Jul 30, 2017

    These people insist on cancelling all my orders through Amazon. Ive not a had a check not go through in 30 years! Everything I've ordered they sign the cancelling order letter the amazon team, LIARS!!! Then they tell me that my bank has given them permission not to accept my debit! I will get them in the way ever!!!


  • Sa
    Sandra Bailey Sep 22, 2007

    I have a collection notice : Dated 07/13/2007 a check on a account that was closed due to ID theft they stole my check books and credit cards in a home robbery. Now what do I do I have collection agents like this one sending letters and calling none stop. My credit is being destroyed by theft.


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  • Re
    Rebecca Smith Oct 05, 2007

    This company TRS RECOVERY SYSTEMS withdrew $25.00 from my checking account yesterday and my bank doesn't have any phone # or anything on this company. I let them know that I never authorized this electronic check transaction and after they investigate I will be reimbersed the $25.00.

    After looking up this company on Google it seems like they are somehow related to writing checks at Walmart which I was doing 3 weeks ago prior to receiving my visa debit card. When I was waiting for my visa debit card I wrote 2 checks at Walmart and was denied writing the 3rd check; for the reason (CODE 3) TeleCheck said after I called the phone # on the receipt Walmart gave me of writing too many checks in a week. I had over a $1,000 dollars in the account and have never bounced a check.

    My bank suggested opening a new account because this is the second time they did this, and not writing any more checks for Walmart or any TeleCheck company. It's probably safer to only use your credit or debit cards.

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  • Ag
    Agitated Fraud Victim Dec 27, 2007

    It is ironic to hear other folk's testimony on TRS. I too am getting threatening letters from TRS stating that I wrote checks (2) at Walmart. Obviously I did not write the checks; they are not against my accounts, are not in the correct name and to stores I have not visited. However, TRS continues to send letters. As stated in other people's discussion you can not get a person at TRS, the Law Firm or anyone else for that matter... All a series of phone trees... Next step for me is to report TRS to the Better Business Bureau. This is unacceptable harassment. Additionally, TRS or Walmart have never produced any documents showing the purchase, the accounts, the checks themselves etc….

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  • Si
    sickandtiredofTRS Feb 19, 2008

    TRS has sent me 9 letters in the past month all to Walmart stores about checks "they claim" I've written. I explained to them that I am a victim of identity theft, the checks were stolen 5 years ago being presented in my maiden name and being mailed to my mothers address. They faxed over the affidavit, I filled it out and faxed it back to them only to receive a call from one of their represntatives a week later requesting payment.

    After speaking on the phone to a "SUPERVISOR" today, she expalained to me that once checks are returned they can no longer be accepted at the store. When I asked her house could that be when 3 were written on December 28, 2007 , 3 on January 17th and the others 4 on February 8th she stated to me that it must have taken them that long to come back returned from the bank.

    As of today 02/19, she is faxing me yet another affidavit to fill out because they did not receive that portion of the fax but they still recevied the police report. SURE.

    Has anyone come up with a solution to this?

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  • Lo
    lori Feb 25, 2008

    After reading these testimonies I am feeling very sick at my stomach. Today I experienced the same thing. I went by my house on my luch break and checked the mail to find a letter from TRS Recovery Systems stating I have a returned electronic transfer in the amount of 285.21 Then they add acharge of 25.00 to that. First of all I live in a tiny town in Texas and apparently the bank is out of California TAft Bank which I never heard of before, and surprise, they never heard of me either. But they did say I am the second person from Texas to call in three months with the same problem. So at this minute they are verifying that I have not had an account with them ever, and when I called Walmart I spoke with the accounting dept and she tracked down the info and found the receipt was signed by and ME Woods far from my name, and the Walmart number 331 is in Sulpher LA which I have never been to before. The lady at walmart said to have Telecheck call her and she would confirm that this is a mistake, oh yeah whoever this is or the cashier or whoever the reference is my correct Drivers license number. That scares me. Anyway, when I called Telecheck they said they couldnt call out to Walmart or anywhere else to verify info. I would need to show this is not me, feel out a forgery affadavidt which they were gonna fax, but hasnt got here yet, and then send a copy of the receipt signed by someone else, all to them and they would take 10 days to get it off. I am hoping this is only a cashier mistake that my DL was entered wrong, and hopefully someone does not have my info and writing more checks. How do they get your correct address? is it that they pull your drivers license number and your name pops up with your correct address or what???

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  • Ja
    Jackie Jul 08, 2008

    I have had over twenty fraudulent checks totaling over $20, 000 written in my name and TRS or Telecheck keeps harassing me for payment. TRS needs a better system. Why do they keep authorizing these checks? TRS has a bad phone system, rude representatives, and always wants more information (affidavits should be enough with police reports). They enable the identity theft victims to write these bad checks. We need a class action suit against TRS to change their system to stop these criminals from using our stolen identities to write bad checks.

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  • Ed
    Edana Aug 28, 2008

    I received a notice on 8/27/08 from TRS Recovery or Telecheck and I had not received any notice from my bank. I contacted my bank and was informed I didn't have any insufficient funds on my account from the timeframe TRS claims nor from the customer/company listed on statement. Bank suggested I contact Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ls
    LS Oct 06, 2008

    I just received two letters this weekend to my home address, one letter was in my name and one was in someone else’s name. The letters were from TRS Recovery Services, INC. The one in my name indicated that I owed 100.00 (even amount) to Wal-Mart for a check I wrote on 9/22/08 and even referenced a check number. Here's the kicker... I don't write checks, I use my debt card for everything. I knew instantly something was not right.

    I called my bank (my only bank). After confirming that there was no such transaction made by my bank, the bank representative was smart enough to look up TRS Recovery Services, INC. on the internet. She advised me that the company TRS Recovery Services, INC. is a fraud! There are so many sites referencing the scams made by this company. My bank representative asked me not to contact this company or to give them any information at all. She also asked me to fax her the letters that I received as I’m not the first customer to call in regards to the letters. I told her I wanted to file a complaint against the company. I sent her the fax this morning.

    I was really furious about the letters as they looked very real and at first I thought I was going to have to pay for something I didn't owe. In addition to that I felt for so many other people who have probably already been scammed by this company.

    I immediately submitted a complaint on line to the Better Business Bureau. My complaint was assigned to someone one in Huston, TX. This is where the company’s corporate offices are located.

    I took all the information I had to my company the next day and shared the information with my co-workers. They were also very upset and we did some investigations of our own. If you call information and do a reverse look up, the number listed: 713-567-0499 is unpublished! If you call information and do a search for the company name, there is no such company… you will get two listings in Huston TX, and both are for furniture stores.

    If you call 713-567-0499 to dispute the bill, this number will refer you to other numbers – which will lead you to the TeleCheck Services Company. If you call TeleCheck, they will immediately ask you for your bank account number and routing number! If you tell them you don’t have it, they will ask you for your drivers license number or your SSN!!! UGH!

    There is a local address listed on the back of the letter. If you look this address up and map it on the internet, the business name TRS Recover Services is not found, imagine that!

    My co-worker sent an email out to our department warning them about TRS Recovery Services, which I’m sure, will be forwarded and forwarded and forwarded on. Our company has thousands of employees so hopefully the word will spread like a wild fire.

    We’re also in the process of filing a police report and filing a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. My co-workers and I are so upset we’re even discussing contacting the local press with the letters and our story.

    So here's what I have to say to TRS: Back at you TRS and good luck with your future as a company.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Oct 15, 2008

    Recently began recieving three letters demanding paymnet for 3 bad checks. Letter addressed to UNKNOWN. After a lengthy attempt to get through to a live person they started by asking for personal information to cofirm claim. I did give my name when I called and passed my DL# after much persistance on their part. Seeing all of the comments I am now sure I will be further harrassed. Any suggestions on successful next steps. I want to pre-empt them. They refused to provide me with info yet pushed for mine...

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  • Me
    megrim Mar 26, 2009

    chuck it is possible you have suffered from identity theft. If you are receiving letters by telecheck or trs in regards to debts that you haven't done is because some of your information was used at a telecheck merchant (meaning a store that uses telecheck to process and guarantee their checks) to present a check. The telecheck rep has to verify such information, not to be used against you but to first determine if the debt is really yours and/or determine what information was used to write the check that bounced (such as your your name, address, state issued ids or banking account numbers) from there the rep will provide you with a list of information that would need to be sent to telecheck to update that debt to fraud status. One of the things the recommend you to do is to file in a police report regarding the issue.

    perhaps chuck they did not provide because you were asking for information in regards to a debt unfortunately, they cannot do that if the debt does not belong directly to you (there are laws that forbid this) however you are entitled to dispute any transaction with them or claim yourself victim of fraud and they will help you. i hope this helps

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  • Un
    Unhappy Apr 06, 2009

    I am receiving calls from the company for a person that I do not know. If you believe that this company committing bad acts, or if you have asked them to stop contacting you but they refuse, file a complaint with the FTC. They have a complaint for that you can fill out online. This company is all over the internet for bad practices, they will not stop until legal action is taken. Do every one a favor, file a complaint.

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  • Va
    Vanessa Jun 02, 2009

    I have recently wrote about 4 bad checks to WalMart.I'm not a victm of identity theft.I have a very low income and can't afford to pay the fees for each check.I have recevived phone calls from TRS where they ask for way to much information.I have told the person on the phone I paid the overdraft that I owed my bank and have since closed the bank account.They then become somewhat annoyed with me and ask if I have a credit card.I do have one but don't tell them that. I have explained that I can't pay all the debt off at once.Also received a letter in the mail from them.I know I need to pay the fees that I owe but don't know how to do that when they harass me about money.I am familiar enough with their phone service that I can guess who is calling when the phone wakes me up i the morning.I have bounced checks before and never dealt with TRS before.Since I closed my bank account I don't know if the bank would have been able to pay them.If i had ground for a complaint I would file one

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  • Ar
    Artie Lensh Jul 05, 2009

    Is there any thing else any of you can tell me about TRS because I'm going through the same phone calls at all hours of the day.
    If you can let me know I would be greatful..


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  • Va
    Vanessa Jul 05, 2009

    I still get phone calls. They call very early in the morning.The will never leave a message on voicemail or answering machines.Don't tell them about other family members or if you have any credit cards.I will say that it's been a month since I posted and the they seem to call less often.They make it sound like they will big time mess up your credit but I have heard that it really won't.My debit card that I use still has good credit.I no longer write checks.I do know that people have had problems if they write another check at the store they wrote a bad check at.Also I think TRS is used by mainly large retail stores.I wrote bad checks at Walmart and Rite Aid.Got calls about them.However During the time frame that I wrote checks I also wrote one at a local small grocery store.They never called about that one.Ever.So I think small stores don't use them.It has slowly gotten better.

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  • Ar
    Artie Lensh Jul 06, 2009

    Is it possible that eletric companies use this TRS system? And this may seem silly are money orders at all like checks?

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  • Br
    BrownBomber Jul 10, 2009

    Yes, this TRS is lousy. My wife was overdrawn on her account and paid the checks. TRS called and my wife explained to them that the checks were paid. TRS kept calling, first thing in the morning (9AM - legal time), regarding payment. Types of companies of the nature, of some, only exist to scam you out of your hard-earned dollars. Anyone, with a small investment can start a company like this and then terrorize the nation. My advice, don't ever deal with a bill collector, only the original creditor. As long as you can make viable arrangements to repay them, (IF OWED), then go ahead and resolve your issue. But, collectors are the vultures who search out primarily dead accounts and try to rip you apart from your money.

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  • Me
    MemphianMike Jul 23, 2009

    I received about 5 letters trying to collect debts for unpaid checks and electronic transfers. My vehicle was broken into last year and they got personal info and opened up a bogus checking account with my name and address. I am clearing it up with TRS as of today...My frauds were committed at Walmart...TRS told me Walmart is bad about not checking ID for checks and it is happening more frequently.. If you need a number call this lady Denise Hossler 713-331-7730. She is helping me thru this...otherwise the number on the letters you get takes you to automated recordings which was frustrating. Good Luck to all.

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  • Ro
    roxz Dec 04, 2010

    TRS Recoveryhas been calling me constantly and I immediately felt this company is a scam. They said I wrote a check to K Mart for like 70 dollars and had insufficient funds. I told them I was not at the store on that date and never write checks out at stores so I immediately thought it was a mistake. Then they insisted that I signed it and my licesnse number was on the check. I asked them for the number and they said they could only give the last 4 digits. It wasn't my licesnse #. Then they proceded to try to get me to give mine to look up info and finally the girl said she needed to look more into their system by using my bank router number and account #. I told them absolutely no way. I checked my accounts and their fine...this company is definately up to no good dont give any info to them they should have that info if the are legit.

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  • Sh
    Shazi_0143 Mar 02, 2011

    TRS is diffently up to no good..they have teens it sounds like calling my home asking personal questions.. wanting private information as well, which i certainly won't give out on the phone. Can anyone stop theses folks for calling and if so, share it..Please...There has to be a way to BLOCK them...

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  • Do
    Dolly LaMaPP Mar 15, 2011

    I want to make sure my own story gets heard in every forum possible: this company is [censor], and I have told them as much.
    December 2010 I was robbed at gunpoint in front of my house in broad daylight. It was a horrible experience, both emotionally (I don't see my lovely, friendly neighborhood in the same light; I'm constantly looking over my shoulder; trouble sleeping, etc.) and logistically (I'm in law school and lost my laptop during final exam period, ended up having to withdraw from all my classes that semester). Telecheck/TRS has been the roughest salt on the wound.
    I lost checks in the robbery. The cop who arrived in response to my 911 call immediately had me call my credit union, which is located in Michigan. The agent canceled my debit card, but told me I had to go to a member branch in person to deal with the checks. I told her that was impossible, I was at school in DC, there had to be another way...after some back and forth, the cop got so understandably frustrated (he was still trying to get the details of the crime) that he took the phone and told the agent: "this is Office _, badge #xx. This lady has just been the victim of an armed robbery, including some checks. I trust that you will take care of this." He hung up, I assumed she took care of it. Until a couple days later, when I saw three checks were written in one day (ranging from $50-80) at a local Giant supermarket. I eventually got through to a sympathetic rep at my CU who was able to stop payment on the checks, at least until I visited Michigan over Christmas break, at which point I visited a branch office, closed that account, and was refunded for the forged checks. Within a week, I awoke (pretty sure it was before 9AM) to calls from an unknown number, no voice mail. After the 3rd call in one morning, I realized I had to answer. The caller asked, "is this Jane Doe?" I asked who was calling, she repeated her question. Eventually she said "TRS, " and as soon as I acknowledged that I was Jane Doe, the caller said angrily: "You wrote three checks at Giant and then put a stop payment on them." I thought I would seriously burst a blood vessel, I was so enraged at the accusation. I explained what had happened with the checks. Without softening her tone, she snapped that I would need to provide them with a bunch of documentation, including a notarized affidavit. Bewildered at how I had ANY responsibility to this company--like many of you, I only write checks for rent and to family members, certainly not to Giant (I hadn't even been there in months), and apparently THEIR (Telecheck's) lovely system facilitated a criminal in using my checks as a debit card with no photo ID/ DL #, in fishy circumstances (3 checks at the same store in a day didn't raise a red flag? I feel like I got punished for having such good credit that they extended trust I NEVER wanted! I always appreciate when stores ask for ID, or my CC company puts a hold on my account after unusual circumstances.) I asked if the detective who was working on my case could handle this matter; TRS refused. Since my bank had refunded ME the money, I asked what would happen if I didn't comply with their demands. The caller threatened that I would "never be able to get credit anywhere again." When I returned home after the holidays, I had collections letters waiting for me. I obtained the police report along with a signed letter from my PD saying that they had evidence from store video that I hadn't written the checks. I faxed all that information to TRS, but I did not complete the notarized signature portion. When a (much more polite) TRS person called to remind me that I had omitted that section, I informed her I had jumped through enough hoops for them and drew the line at anything that required me to spend money (the notary). She eventually conceded that I should just fax the signed form. I told her I would do so when I had access to a free fax machine. I haven't done so yet, and I keep getting collections letters. I know that I could make things much easier by just doing what they required in the first place, but I chafe at caving to their bullying tactics. They cannot possibly doubt the clear police documentation requesting that TRS leave me alone? What a racket this company has got going. I don't doubt they'll go down eventually, when they hit some critical mass of egregious behaviour, and have to go up against a tough class action lawyer. But in the meantime, this really, really sucks for consumers who unknowingly are forced to participate in their system (the 1st Telecheck rep told me I couldn't get a list of participating merchants, because EVERYBODY used them), even though it will never help the consumer...but as all our stories show, that system can hurt us plenty.

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  • Jo
    john massey Mar 25, 2011

    TRS debted my bank account for $32.48 for a returned check. The check had been resubmitted to my bank and was paid. I never authorized this withdrawl. What can I do about it?

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  • Pi
    pisces62 May 02, 2011

    I have a better one for all of you. I recently ordered furniture and sent a check along with the order. After two weeks, this company could find nothing in their files. No order, nothing. Since the check was written for almost $2, 000.00, I spoke with my credit union and they advised me to stop/pay the check. Wll lo and behold, I get a letter from this place threee weeks later for that bounced check. I called the retailer and they said they would straighten it out but it could take a while because it's how they operate. I worked at it on my end and could not talk to a soul. Had to FAX the information which could take up to ten days. It's been that and some and nothing. I owe nothing. I asked them for the proof of services, order, receipt of order, bill of laden and signature upon it's receipt, a sofa and reclinder. Nothing. I do not have this merchandise and the retailer agrees with me.

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  • Be
    bettyLouWhowho Mar 16, 2013

    On 1/18/13 I had a stop payment placed on an payment of $94.76 and it bounced the payment, so I got a letter saying I owed $119.76 which is $94.76 for the amount and $25.00 for NSF fees from TRS RECOVER SERVICES INC, the reference#44130244425621 so I went and paid it through bill pay with my bank on 2/28/13 the total of $119.76, reference#1050280 which is a check # basically. Anyhow, TRS RECOVERY SERVICES CASHED IT. On 3/10/13 I get another letter demanding payment for the same amount and reference #. I'm going ahead and filing a complaint with the MN ATTORNEY GENERAL TODAY, I also faxed proof of my payment and the information to TRS on 3/13/13 and before that date one other time -- no response. They're a scam company trying to collect debts you don't even owe now!! come on!

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  • No
    novelistoo Nov 08, 2013

    TRS is threatening to send me to a collection agency for an item that I ordered from that was never received. They claim that between them and amazon, neither party is at fault but it's my fault for not having item in my account. My account was in the negative and stayed negative until my next check came. Then, I was back in the black, but now TRS is saying that I still owe the funds, even though they tried to collect funds three times. I will not use them or again.

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  • Rh
    rhondaNfl Aug 12, 2014

    Ive also gotten letters from them, , stating a bad check at a walmart, ( how, when Ive used my debit card for all my shopping??)
    Ive asked them to send me a copy of the check to verify, , I just keep getting the same letter, wanting me to pay them, , until I see my signature on a bad check, they can eat it ...
    Rhonda Murphy, Florida

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  • Ma
    Matt Ferrari Jan 29, 2016

    I had a check bounce at my local Walmart In december. I make no denial about that. How ever when my bank returned the check TRS sent a collection letter to my brothers girlfriend who has nothing to do with my checking account and is not on my account. I can only guess they got her info because she has sent me money in the past. How lame that these clowns didnt even send me a letter requesting payment but chose to try and extort her at her out of state address for my debt. I called telecheck to explain their mistake and was told it was taken care of only to find out trs contacted the other person again harrassing them

    I will pay the bill trs, how about you send it to me? clowns

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  • Re
    Rebeccah3 Feb 22, 2016

    I have repeatedly received letters from TRS stating that I have bad checks out that I know I have not written to merchants mainly being Walmart my accounts have been compromised and I have proven that they have been compromised I've changed my account but I still receive notices that I have bad checks and they are trying to recover payment on them they constantly want all my information and I have not yet paid them nor giving my information to them I don't know if I should because I did not write these checks I am just as concerned as everybody else on this website I do believe there needs to be a class action lawsuit and if one is ever we can I hope that they include me in it I will provide all my information my name is R Hewitt I'm from Oklahoma City and I'm easily found by my email address and this website should have it. I'm hoping that a class action lawsuit is soon filed against TRS for I believe they are total scam artist and are screwing people as hard as they can my credit is so screwed up right now it's ridiculous I'm a single mother doing my best to survive and with people like this trying to tear me down I want nothing more to do with them or any merchants that deal with them. I hope that you are someone reading this thinking about paying TRS that you think twice and that you put your story on here even if you just summarize as I have it's not going to stop and tell him that I was do it

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  • Pa
    Patricia Groshomg Jul 22, 2016

    Who are these people? Yes, they were rude. Condescending, unhelpful. I see they've a good amount of complaints, yet they have been in business for years! They are dunning me over a $5.02 bill on Amazon, which the fee they want is $25.00. I've contacted the vendor I bought from and Amazon.
    When I called TRS...the woman was awful, AWFUL!!! Then the call dropped. Called them back and they were closed. I can't believe all this effort over 5 bucks. Which I always pay the day I buy. There was a gift coupon offered and they took a buck, 67 off. That's the only thing I can see that may have caused the problem. Still it wasn't from anything I did. Like not pay. So frustrating. I'm going to take this to hell and back to fix it. TRS does not use legitimate business practices and they should be investigated. Maybe I can make that happen. Pat Groshong on the hunt for justice! C:

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  • Cm
    CMAnderson Sep 15, 2017

    Add my story to the list.

    I was at a Walmart today getting a few things and realized I had a cheap watch ($11.48) in the car that I bought for my three-year old to play with. I thought it had links so that he could wear it and think it was cool. It did not, so it was too big and it had sat in my car waiting for an opportunity to return it. I thought this was a great time.

    I go to the service desk and they start processing a refund for me when they get an error message telling me to call TRS Recovery and that I had "check(s) on file." I asked what that meant, and the lady told me it meant I had written a bad check to Wal-Mart... seeing how I had LITERALLY not written a check in years (I pay all bills online, when a check is needed, my wife writes from her account) and had NEVER written one at Wal-Mart, I needed answers.

    I called right away and the guy who answered, without hesitation, asks for my checking account number and routing number. I tell him that I'm not giving that information up and point out that I DON"T HAVE CHECKS to even give him that information at the time. He demands again and again that I give him the checking account and routing number. Finally it gets through to him that I really don't have that information. And he tells me that I can just give him my driver's license number then.

    Thinking there's really nothing a scammer could do with that, I go for it. I tell him the number and give him my name. He sits in silence for a minute, and then asks, "you said ######### in the state of Virginia and your name is John Smith?!" I said, "yes." And then he tells me that he has nothing on file for me, so he doesn't know why I can't get an $11 refund. I ask why the hell it flagged my license, then, and he just hangs up on me.

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  • Da
    DAnna53 Apr 20, 2018

    Telecheck has too much power. Why doesn't the secretary of state shut them down? They just give me the run around when you can talk to a person who speaks English. They put a flag on a brand new checking account saying I don't have a track record and that it "could" mind you, be a fraudulent situation. Well how to you get a track record when they tell the people you do business with not to cash them? They defy logic. My bank has told them I have more than enough money cover my checks and they have no right to say I am "possibly" a risk. What ever happened to being innocent till proven guilty huh? This company is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I have never cashed a bad check in my life and my credit rating is in top shape. I don't get where they come off saying I could be a possible risk to any business. Someone needs to put all these complaints in front of
    an entity that can make sense of what they are doing without proof of guilt of some sort. It is taking all my time
    and energy at my age of 78 to deal with these fools. They should worry more about their rating then mine...I have top ratings can they say the same? NO!

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  • Sp
    spiritdove Aug 15, 2018

    Beware of TRS Recovery Service. It is a scam to get your information.
    They claim you have an unpaid electronic funds transfer or bad check.It comes to you in a letter via USPS.

    ROAD MARIETTA, GA . 678-255-2828 -800-


    60022 CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA. 91716-0022

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  • Do
    Donna Arculis Oct 22, 2018

    You fucking assholes need to leave my amazon account alone, that's fraud, but I'm sure you assholes know what that is since your notorious for fraud!! I don't use to checks to buy anything and I've not had checks in 30 years. Keep the shit up and I will turn you over the the BBB and my lawyer who will kick your fucking ass, lay off you shysters!!!

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  • Ny
    NYTinaO Mar 02, 2019

    We are a corporate office and have many employees. We just received an invoice for HEB Groceries (first hint - we pay our groceries with company credit cards). I contacted the Store and they informed me they have no system that would generate an invoice like this nor do they work with TRS. SCAM

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  • Cp
    C Perrell Mar 15, 2019

    Anyone.. What can be done about this?? How do I get this resolved?? Never ordered anything that day through Amazon nor for that amp they stated ... No notices from my bank as well or transactions for that what so ever.. Should I contact a lawyer and go after them?? Plus the address is even WRONG!! I do not live in apt either!

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  • Ne
    Nelly331 Oct 31, 2019

    This is obviously a scam between TRS and Amazon! I received a letter saying a check was returned because the checking account was closed. First no order that matches the amount and no checking account had been closed. I called Amazon, only to be told Amazon cares about my security and cannot tell me why they sent it to TRS, but they did! The same day I received the letter from TRS, I ordered something from Amazon and the charge was denied because of Telecheck - who is TRS. The letter says you have 30 days to depute, but they have already turned you over and now my business checking account is effected. Amazon was no help. I just paid it because it was already effecting my business credit. Someone needs to do something! I am not sure what - Big Business taking advantage of the little people!

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