Trivagohotel booking


On 24th May 2017, I thought I had found a good deal, through Trivago, for 3 nights bed and breakfast at Golden Sands, Rhyl, North Wales. So I confidently paid £151.49 to a company called to book the room.

On arrival at Golden Sands Caravan Park, in Rhyl, on Saturday 27th May 2017, my husband and I were informed that the booking I had made was not for a room with them but for a hotel in Greece. So we were unable to stay there.

A gentleman with a similar booking confirmation had come into the Caravan Park, earlier that day, only to have it refused and the receptionists had found out, through Google, that the booking was for a hotel in Karfas Bay, Greece.

We had planned to stay on the North Wales Coast for a few days, so had no other option but to find another place to stay - on a busy Bank Holiday Weekend! And of course, we had to pay again - over the odds this time!

On the Trivago website, the deal definitely came up under a search for Rhyl, with the filters, pool and breakfast. So something was not quite right - especially as it happened to at least 2 customers on the same day.

I feel I should be reimbursed for the £151.49 by Trivago, as this was an error/scam on their site.

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