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Trip Mate - Refund

Dear TripMate:
On May 5th, 2019 at 3:16pm I purchased your travel insurance as part of a reservation with Atlantis Not one hour later on same day at 4:10pm i cancelled my reservation. It was then that i was informed your travel insurance was non-refundable.

I was vascillating whether or not to purchase the travel insurance with the agent i was placing the reservation with (Charmaine?) and she never once shared the information that it would be non-refundable. When i brought that non provided info to the attention of the agent who took my cancellation request she pretty much said it ddnt matter and "everyone knows" travel insurance is non-refundable.

well, as a 70 year old woman who's experience in travelling is deminimus...i sure as heck ddnt know!

So, I'm requesting a refund. I cant believe you dont have a "cool down" period of at least 3 days like any other contract. Please advise.

Thankyou in advance for your efforts on my behalf.

vty, thomas s. dubowik
booking #3003377
credit card: #8123 Barclay

Trip Mate - Trip mate

We went on a family vacation in early march of 2019. We traveled by norwegian air on an overseas trip. Midway through our trip, every country grounded boeing 737 max 8 airliners. Our return trip was to be on one of those jets and so our return flight was altered. Two of our group were rerouted to fly out of london rather than edinburgh and were to fly into jfk rather that stewart (where our car was parked). Two were only rerouted to jfk. (same problem) although the airline agreed to provide vouchers for hotel and food, they did not provide the ground transportation to london from edinburgh nor did they provide the transportation necessary to get from jfk to stewart to retrieve our cars.
We submitted documentation to trip mate for those expenses and were told that this trip interruption was not a covered expense. If not this, what would be a covered expense?! Well, things like hijackings, medical emergencies, zombie apocalypse! The things that you do cover are so unlikely as to be ridiculous.
Claim numbers 6670026 and 6669999.
You have plenty of documentation on file for these claim numbers

Trip Mate - Travel insurance

-I submitted all my documents on Nov. 22, 2018
-They love to say "Goal processing time is 30 days" but they know it will take longer
-TripMate keeps pushing date back with new random documents needed from the airline which they get within 12 hours of request (which they can then claim they restart the 30 days of processing)
-Try to call for updates but keep getting waitlisted or put on callback list (all automated, never can get a human on the line initially)
-Callbacks take 24 hours before they actually return calls (if they even return it)
-I finally get an echeck with a partial refund in March 2019.

Do not use this company!!! Its a scam! No customer service! They just wait to see how long they can drag you along before you give up

Trip Mate - Worst travel insurance ever!!!

A TripMate claim starts with the assumption that I am a liar and trying to extort money from them. Good luck! I spent over 46 hours of my life I will never get back in trying to complete their complicated, ridiculous claim process. Ten of us went on a Viking cruise of a lifetime with our mother who was turning 80 during the trip. We bought the travel insurance. We thought we were covered when our trip started out delayed in Atlanta due to storms. Missed our connection to London, an extra 2 days we added to our trip then on to Paris for a river cruise. The extra 2 days was a "deviation" by Viking terms and was therefore "not covered". We lost over $1000/couple for hotel, transfers, and train from London to Paris. If you call TripMate prepare to wait for upwards of 20-30 minutes or if you leave a message for them to call you back (within 24 hours) and you're not available you have to start all over. Prepare to send in ALL your documentation, then resend and possibly re-resend a third time. Oh and each time you resend something, they restart the 30 day review for processing your claim. We sent in documentation for over $1600/couple for what we lost by not going to London plus the added expenses of an unplanned stay in Atlanta and trying to get to Paris. After 90 days they only paid $168/couple. Their business practices are very deceptive and unethical at the least. We were led to believe that our entire trip was covered by their exorbitant insurance premium. I honestly think they make the process so complex so you will just give up and say it's not worth it. Customer service and customer satisfaction are obviously not part of their vision statement or any guiding principles of their business.

Bottom line: DO NOT use TripMate!

Trip Mate - Travel insurance

Buyer Beware! This is a scam. We canceled our insurance 4 months in advance because of the Kilauea volcano daily eruptions. There are toxic fumes, vog and poisonous gases that you'd have to contend with. The company not only takes 120 days to investigate they deny your claim indicating that you'd have to live in uninhabitable areas. Their call center is always busy, callbacks are ridiculous and agents pass the buck. They are thieves to keep our money. Do not use this company.

Trip Mate - travel insurance

We purchased travel insurance on a ticket for my daughter for coming home to visit after deployment. We used Cheap o Air to book the ticket and purchased travel insurance as things can change in the Navy.
They did change and we scheduled a flight for a little later due to her responsibilities at her job. We filed her claim with all requested documentation. The ticket was purchased 5/9, it is now 8/18 and no word until I called to find out it was denied. They needed specifics of why...the US Navy gave them a letter saying it was work related. They are not going to give detailed specifics. So my 23 year old, serving our country, coming home from her 5th deployment was scammed.
Don't purchase Trip Mate, ask which company it will be through first. We didn't ask...lesson learned. Check Consumer complaints and reviews on Trip Mate. They are legendary.

Trip Mate - Insurance claim

My husband and I are both active duty military members (17 years) who planned and paid for a trip to Israel for 10 days beginning Feb 2018. The trip was fully paid about a year prior. We purchased everything including through the Travel Agent including who used Trip Mate. In Dec 2017, the security heightened Israel after the decision was made in regards to Israel's new capital (Jerusalem). We were denied our leave and restricted travel from the locations on our itinerary. We called and the young lady we spoke to advised us to send in a letter signed by our Commander that stated we could travel to that location but we also sent a copy of an email from the embassy that knew we were coming both states that US Military personnel were restricted from travel to the area. We sent all necessary paperwork in Feb. We've called and emailed at least five times since then and no one was able to find or give us a status of the claim until last week (May 30) we recieved a letter stating they denied the claim of over about $2700 per ticket. When we called and talked to another representative (Jeff) in claims, he said he could not help us at all and that we didn't have enough to make a claim but would not tell us what we needed. He also said that we could take it up with the appeals department and we will. There's no doubt in that but the fact that we have to keep going through the same process that we've been through since Jan/Feb is ridiculous. I won't stop until we find a resolution.

Possible class action:
[email protected]

My daughter was denied her claim too, after months. Her letter from as high up as she could go, on US Dept Of the Navy letterhead, with her name etc, signed. It explaining they had a change of scheduling that caused her to not be able to leave on the scheduled date. Denied, as the need more detail. Ummmm...that is about all she can get you.

Tell ever military website, forum, group to check before buying this bogus insurance. Contact Legal. Get the word out there.

Not going to let this company keep ripping off our military!

Trip Mate - Returning a copa round trip cost; from venezuela to lax due to international mess

I too purchased TripMate insurance thinking that if anything happens I will be covered. The roundtrip ticket was bought with CheapOair from Caracas to Los Angeles (Via Panama), with COPA Airline...

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Trip Mate - trip mate travel insurance

On 8/26/2016 I submitted TripMate Claim ID 6228388 for a Beeches/Sandals trip where one of the four travelers, my Daughter Arielle, became ill in the car just before arriving at the airport to depart...

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Trip Mate - trip insurance

Don't ever buy an insurance plan with tripmate. We booked a trip to barbados thru sandals and bought the "cancel for any reason" insurance thru tripmate. We canceled our trip because of the three hurricanes in a row. Now we're getting the run-around from tripmate. Obviously they have no intention of making good on this insurance.
We have spoken to them so many times only to be told they need more information from us to show we were unable to fly and/or the resort was uninhabitable. We said the plan says "for any reason" so why do you need any information at all?
The reply was "oh, so you want to do the"for any reason"claim?" unbelievable. Do not ever buy this plan from them.
It is a scam!!! Please share this to everyone you know. Everyone needs to know this.
Departure 9/13/17
Trip mate inc
Claim # 6393840

Trip Mate - Payment not received

We booked a trip with Viking Ocean to the Baltic and took their recommendation of Tripmate Travel Insurance for about $2, 000. We were delayed in Atlanta on our return flight from Norway on September 9th due to Hurricane Irma. We submitted our receipts for the 4 days we were stranded in Atlanta until Miami International Airport opened Sept. 13. We were 2 couples traveling together and submitted our paperwork as soon as we had electricity in Miami, September 19th. We have called Tripmate numerous times to see the status of our claim. They finally paid for days 2, 3, & 4 we were in Atlanta but not day 1 which was at the Buckhead Intercontinental which we had booked on route from Norway to Atlanta on Expedia. The invoice for that stay look different as the invoicing is online. We have spoken to numerous Tripmate representatives which agreed they would speak with the Claims Dept to explain. Finally, they sent a partial payment of $110 per person which is incorrect as the statement shows we paid $440 per couple each. The other couple, the [name removed] , received the same payment, $110 each! They evidently divided the $440 into 4 payments which is incorrect as we both paid $440 per room. I have asked for a supervisor to return my call several times and never hear back. I would never use TripMate again and would like a formal complaint issued. I called Viking and they spoke to TripMate for me and said there is an appeal but when I spoke to a representative last week they said that I need to appeal and there was not one pending. They in fact said the claim is finished on their end. I cannot believe we have had to fight tooth and nail for our claim and still not completed. What a terrible company!!!

Very disappointed,

Julie Brady
[phone number removed]

Trip Mate - insurance refund;

I was unable to take a trip I had planed months ahead a time I had to have major surgery I notify trip mate they send forms to be filled out by my doctor and he did it has been 2 months and still...

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Trip Mate - travel insurance

I had put in a request for a claim on August 4th, because my wife was serious ill, from a mental condition, and her psychiatrist wrote a letter informing Trip mate, and the airline, that she was very sick, and I couldn't leave her to travel for at least 2 months.

After I filed the requested documentation, and told it would take 2 - 3 weeks to process, I waited over 2 months to get a decision on it. I had called numerous times, and was always told that "they were busy, but would expedite your complaint". Finally, I requested to speak with a Supervisor. She called the very next day to inform me that the claim had been rejected because my wife had a mental illness, and was not in the hospital at the time.

My wife died 3 days later. When I informed the supervisor about this, she asked me to fax a death certificate, which I did immediately. When I called today to see where in process this was, I never received a call back.

Ironically, the other ticket that I had purchased for my wife, with no travel insurance on it. After filling out paperwork and sending the same information as I had sent to Trip Mate, the airlines refunded my money within a week.

It feels like this has been a scam, avoiding to take responsibility by Tripmate, and refunding my money.

Please help. This is ridiculous. I am out over $1600. It is clear that if I never took out the travel insurance, I would have had my refund from the airline within a week.


Trip Mate - travel insurance (reimbursement)

We are going through the same thing with TripMate that 77% of the reviewers on BBB website are experiencing. We filed what we thought was a straightforward claim for a trip we were unable to take due...

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Trip Mate - trip mate does not consider cancer an illness, claim denied

My boyfriend and I purchased tickets from OAT to go to Morocco in February 2017. Unfortunately, in November 2016 he was diagnosed with cancer. He was very saddened to be forced to cancel the trip because he would start treatment that encompassed weekly Erbitux chemotherapy, which left me a painful rash on his face and neck and extremely sensitivity to sunlight, as well as 35 daily radiation treatments that left him unable to eat solid foods. There was also a strong likelihood I would require a feeding tube, which is common for people suffering from head and neck cancer.

He immediately contacted OAT Travel to cancel the trip. They were helpful and offered a voucher towards future travel and refunded the business class airline tickets. He explained he had purchased travel insurance from Trip Mate as recommended by OAT. He paid $1600 for the travel insurance and supplied them with all the lengthy documentation they required for coverage, including a long report completed by his oncologist at Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego, CA.

He started treatment in January 2016 and finished on March 10, 2017 although the side effects of the treatment still continue, and he still cannot eat solid food. If you or a loved one has suffered from cancer, you can imagine how stressful this has been. Unfortunately, Trip Mate has exacerbated the stress as he fights for my life.

In addition to constant demands for more documentation, he waited six months to learn on May 21, 2017 that his claim had been DENIED. Trip Mate said there was no evidence to “document a Sickness (sic)” despite admitting it received documentation from my oncologist stating he had a “malignant neoplasm of the throat” that would require two months of very painful and life altering cancer treatment.

The letter from Trip Mate was extremely poorly written (bad grammar, incorrect use of capitalization, etc.) so I think they said he is eligible for a voucher, the same offer provided from OAT, without having to pay $1600 for Trip Mate's "Cancel for Any Reason" travel insurance. Unfortunately, this is not an acceptable resolution for a cancer patient who may not be able to travel before the voucher expires. Moreover, they have made our lives miserable as we struggle with the effects of the cancer and the treatment only to be out the $8500 we paid for the trip and the $1600 for Trip Mate insurance. I have filled a complaint with the insurance commissioner and will contact the attorney general of my home state and Missouri where Trip Mate is based. It is disgusting to treat a cancer patient this way.

Update by Christine Lesher
May 26, 2017

I realize I accidentally typed the wrong pronouns in a couple of places as I quickly typed this. I meant to say there was a "strong likelihood *he* would require a feeding tube" and while he fights for his life.

Trip Mate - travel insurance

Although I love traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel, they use a company called for travel insurance. Tripmate is a truly evil company, I purchased their cancel for any reason trip...

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Trip Mate - tickets

This company is a big liar and a big shame this company steals your money, and doesn't care. I called a few times and no-one even explained the issue to me. I'm going to report this to the news so people can see how ridiculous this is. I was so sick that I had to go to urgent care, so sick that I had to cancel my trip. I called this company to tell them about my Cancelation and they told me "ok fill out this paper" I filled it out, waited 6 months to find out my claim was denied. I've called a million times and I have complained and complained and still no one seems to care. They stole almost $2000 from me. They will steal money from anyone that's how there business grows. I'm not going to give up for my money and for what is right. Don't be surprised if you hear about this on the news.

Trip Mate - using bad insurance company "tripmate" on the cheapoair website.

On 10/16/2016 I purchase a round trip ticket with insurance New York- Tel Aviv - New York on a web site Cheapoair. Because of El Al strike in Tel Aviv on 11/20/ 2016 my return flight wa...

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Trip Mate - trip insurance claims

This is absolutely the worst company in the world to deal with. Getting them to pay a legitimate claim on a trip insurance policy is pure torture. They service other companies for handling claims; the trick is to know whether your insurance company uses TripMate. No matter how proper your claim, you will get screwed by this company.

Yes, do not buy until you know who the policy will be written through. Do not just purchase trip insurance...ASK who.

Trip Mate

is a scam. I feel a class action coming soon.
Their only goal is to deny the claim.

Trip Mate - travel insurance

I have purchased a travel ticket to India from Cheapoair. And I had even purchased the travel protection during that transaction for the travel on May 15th. I had to cancel my tickets on May 7th a...

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