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The most unprofessional and pathetic travel agency you can come across, the moment you pay the full amount you are doomed, all you will have to do is follow-ups, the best part is for packages these overconfident and undertrained staff don't know what an itinerary is and didn't have the courtesy to send one as a result had no idea when the sightseeing would be and what time would the pickup and drop be to the airport.
I had a tough time requesting the local tour agency to provide me the itinerary of the tour and the best part was she was laughing and saying how come you arrived in thailand without the details and itinerary.

I request the general public not to trust this agency by the cheap and mouth watering offers, believe me all you will realise is that your hard earned money is gone for waste and trusting them is inviting trouble for yourself.

Invest in other travel portals as these guys will take ages to learn the trade. Highly and extremely unprofessional travel website.


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      Sep 19, 2018

    Not only this but most other travel booking companies, which have sprung up during last few years (Do we call these startups?), behave similarly. After getting the money the response is horrible and very erratic.

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