Trend Microthe different pricing on email and the website.

A Aug 11, 2018

Customer number: [protected]
Order number: [protected]
Order date: august 11, 2018
Email address: [protected]
Product qty amount
Trend micro internet security 2018, 1 device 12 month with auto-renew - renewal 1 myr 59.00
Serial number: prmd-[protected]

I just renew my internet security for 12 month with rm59.00 on 12 aug 2018. I have 2 issue that I very unsatisfying with your product information and website for renewal.

1st issue

On 08 aug 2018 I receive an email from your company asking me to renew my internet security anti virus software. The email showing for renew I only need to pay rm39.50, after I click on the link provided the for renewal I need to pay rm59.00. Regarding the issue I have spoke to your agent online. The 1st agent I spoke with on 09 aug 2018 I cannot remember the time, the agent say that they can extend my protection till 16 month with the rm59.00. Then I process with the renewal of the license but unfortunately I facing the 2nd issue that on hold my renewal. 2nd issue will be explain as below.

On 12 aug 2018 I process with the renewal but I only get 12 month protection for my internet security. I hope that you looking into this issue and have a solution for me.

2nd issue
When I try to renew online on 09 aug 2018, I off the auto renewal function, but the website came back with error, I not able to process to billing page. I need to turn on the auto renewal function then it allow me to process with payment.

Regarding this issue I also spoke with one of your agent online. She give few link to try but all the link given me the same error code.

Your agent asking me to process with renewal after that email to your company asking to cancel the auto renewal function.

I would like you to cancel the auto renewal function for me. I will renew next year myself if I feel the price is suitable.

Hope you can look into my complain and provide me with solution.

Many thanks.

Adrian chua

the different pricing on email and the website.

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