Travelocityflight reservation

V Aug 02, 2018

We were travelling from Boston to Rome and back, when showing the deal, they showed us the tickets for premium economy class, we reached at the airport and found out we don't have reservations.
Nightmare of 5 hrs on the call, we had to miss the flight and they booked us on another flight for another day. Kept us hanging, every time we have to go through stupid chain of commands and agents are not knowledgeable at all. They will ask you stupid questions . We got the deal as it was special fare for upper class and finally ended up in another class.

Special Fare
Delta logo
FCO 3:05pm
Terminal 1
Airport check-in with Alitalia
flying to
BOS 6:25pm
Terminal E
9 h 20 m
4, 090 mi
Delta 6587 Operated by ALITALIA S.P.A. IN A.S.
First (G) | Seat 08D, 08E

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