TracFone Wirelesstracfone airtime issue

M Jul 10, 2019

Bought an airtime card from a dollar general store where you don't get a card you get a receipt with pin number on it. Phone declined the pin and said to call the company. After talking to the first person who said I could only add my airtime to a new update phone i ask for a manager. Manager gave me the same line that I would have to purchase a new phone or take my receipt back and buy another card that the store does not carry. After explaining the fact that I am disabled in a wheelchair and would have to drive miles back to town and from there 30 miles to a Walmart to purchase a green tracfone card this guy telling me to buy an update phone. So I asked for a person higher up then him. Got the same bull from the third person I talked to. They could not simply add the equal amount of airtime to my phone unless I buy a new phone. My situation was never addressed and they took my airtime if my phone for the call to THEM. Loading and unloading my wheelchair, my time and gasoline to drive back into town and to a Walmart was my problem, and totally unable to fix this situation without it costing me time, gasoline, energy, and the undo anxiety was all them trying to buy a new phone has me feeling forced into something I couldn't afford and did not want.

  • Updated by Mad at phone · Jul 10, 2019

    You took the darn minutes off my phone that you would not add minutes to. What poor business practice

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