Toyotaunethical behavior


Purchased a new truck from Toyota Clermont in Florida 11/09/17. I was led to believe that all vehicle documentation and keys were with the vehicle at the time the financial papers were signed. Truck was picked up the following morning, but then was informed the documents and 2nd set of keys were missing and had to be ordered. Toyota of Clermont stated the missing items had to be ordered, would take 4 days to get, and promised to FedEx to my residence. The 4 days passed and no items. Called the financial dept. several times and no help so a bad customer review was given. On the 7th day, the General Mgr (Nick) of the dealership called, but not to inquire about the problem, but rather about the bad review. Never heard back from the GM even after he promised he would call back. On the 10th day after picking up the car, called the Toyota 1-800 Customer care and complained and all they did was put me in contact with the customer manager at the dealer. Dealer called back and said a new key was ready, but that documents had to be ordered and that it would take an additional 10 days to get. They wanted me to travel over 100 miles to get my new key because it had to be reprogrammed with the original (this key must be a replacement from the parts Dept since it has to be programmed). After I told them why did I have to travel, spend fuel, time, money, and put miles on the truck for a mistake they had caused, then said they would call back and as of the end business day, no call. ALL personnel at Toyota of Clermont from the GM on down have lied and broken all promised to deliver what I have already paid for. It was not my mistake nor did I loose the keys or documents. They have done nothing except give me the run-around and Toyota North America is washing their hands of everything with their answer being that it is a dealer issue. What Toyota of N.A. is forgetting is that Toyota of Clermont represents them and is their image who they are tarnishing. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALER -DO NOT BUY FROM TOYOTA - PLAIN & SIMPLE THEY JUST DON'T CARE or give a [censor] after they sell the vehicle. 10 days after the fact, only 1 key and no documents on the vehicle have been provided. Numerous telephone calls have been made, numerous hours spent on the phone, lost time, and worst of all, they don't want to be inconvenienced and if I want the 2nd key or documents, then I have to travel to pick them up at my expense fixing their mistake, lies, and broken promises.

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