Toyota Motor Corporation / the employees are highly not professional

On Tuesday, my brother went to Toyota klang showroom to apply for sales advisor job and seek whether have the chance to enter job or not. Therefore, one of the female senior employees ask my bro age and why come to apply. My brother just answered he likes car much so he able to gain more knowledge and combine sales and cars into interest. But the female senior employees start to talk something that affect my brother emotion. She start to tell anyone in the toyota showroom includes customers that my bro come to apply for job and say something really ridiculous to other people like " he likes car, that later on he cincai drive our customer car untill got problem how?" it like humiliating people in the first place. Hello, my bro has a valid driving license and drive so many years already. She also tell other people "like the car so what? must sell ma. Eh common sense la, if one person really interest in something, they will 100 percent willing to learn and think out many ways to sell ma. WTF, the female like think she the only have achieve high sales. Why imy brother cant apply? my brother is young i know. but he wants to try then just let him try. NOT call the person to go out and dont apply for this job. Is really make me so angry about their employees standards and professionalism.

Second, once my brother had already fill up the employees registration form, one of the male employees come beside my brother and use that kind of eye sight to see my brother and using really bad tone to talk to my brother. WTF la toyota klang, treating new interviewers like that, who wants to work at there after had the job. after finish fill up, one of the staff politely ask my bro go up to see the branch manager and the worst thing comes up, the male employees that come besides my brother and shout my bro "BALIK LA BALIK", call my brother go home. Luckily my brother just patience and just ignore it. But this kind of employees with this kind of action will highly impact the new comers or interviewers. I strictly said that THE TOYOTA KLANG NEAR MAYBANK BRANCH HAVE THE MOST WORST EMPLOYEES STANDARDS AND PROFESSIONALISM.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Sep 10, 2019

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