Toyota Motor Corporationservice department at toyota of orange, california

S Aug 14, 2018

I took my 2011 wheelchair equipped van in yesterday(8/14/18) to have the recall airbag replaced. Yesterday was the 3rd time within approximately 1 year of attempting to have the service completed. The 2 previous times the problem was they didn't have the proper airbag and the other was the airbag was defective and we weren't able to keep the van at the dealership any longer that day to have another installation. The service technician was told we needed the van by 2pm to pick up my disabled daughter but the van was not ready until 3pm(I arrived at 2pm without a phone call saying it was ready).

Secondly, I made yesterday's appointment thru a postcard sent to me by Toyota regarding the airbag safety recall and they made the appointment at Toyota of Orange and told me it would take 1 hour to replace the airbag. The service technician said I authorized an oil change and tire rotation at the time I made the appointment, I told him not to do it as I didn't authorize it and my oil was recently changed. He wanted to know how long ago the oil service was done.

Thirdly, when I picked up the van, he made an off handed remark that the van had moldy air conditioner filters and the fuel injectors needed servicing. Nowhere on the final paperwork given to me under the multi-point inspection does it mention these problems.

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